16 Mayıs 2023

Altina , the Older Professor Ch. 02


I floated back to my dorm room that late March evening, returning from Professor Walton’s home. I could still taste him in my mouth and the memory of what had just taken place was reverberating in my head. While slightly disappointed that I had not been allowed my own release, I was buoyed by the knowledge that such a distinguished member of my college’s faculty had achieved such a mammoth orgasm and flooded my mouth with his seed.

I increased my pace as I thought about taking care of my own needs as soon as my dorm room door closed. But then I remembered the Professor’s command to not orgasm until Friday when I returned to see him. I smiled at the thought. This was going to be sweet torture. My panties were soaked, but I’d make good on my promise and wait for the dam to burst on my next visit in two days. The magnitude of what we’d started was overwhelming my thoughts. So I threw myself into my studies the next two days and tried to temper my growing arousal for this man.

Attending his class the next day was an exercise in focus. I needed to listen and take notes; not smile to myself at the fact that out of all the hot young coeds in our class, it was me Professor Walton had chosen as his assistant. He paid no special attention to me in class; he never did. Knowing our secret as he commanded the dais and wove his professorial magic just aroused me all the more. Tomorrow, I thought to myself, he promised to focus on me. The thought went straight to my pussy and I squirmed in my seat through the entire class.

I arose early on Friday for Econ class and as soon as it was over I returned to my dorm to ready myself for my twice weekly visit to the Professor’s office. We had found a balance that allowed for me to continue assisting in editing his book, but also allowed us time to explore our growing needs.

I’d almost forgotten about the small gift he’d given me that I’d stuffed in my bag before leaving him on Wednesday. I fished it out, slid off the bow and opened the box. Inside, folded neatly and wrapped in tissue, was a tiny pair of sheer black panties. They felt so dainty as I held them up and smiled at what must have been going through the Professor’s mind when he purchased them. They were side tie panties in black lace with a small delicate red bow in the middle. I knew exactly how they’d fit me and just what they would showcase. I smiled at his cheekiness.

I spent the early afternoon getting ready and gathering my senses. I showered and shaved, lotioned and primped. I wanted to be totally worthy of his attention. I spent more time than usual trying to look like I was not wearing make-up. As the early afternoon ticked by, I finally arose to get my clothes on and get ready to leave. I donned his gift and admired how they looked in the mirror. Oh, he was going to love these – no wonder he’d purchased them. They clung to my pussy and accentuated the gentle rise of my pubic mound so nicely – as, I was quite sure, was his intention.

I pulled a long wrap-around dress from my closet. It was not something I’d normally wear – it was far too revealing for mass consumption. But it seemed perfect for this occasion. The beauty of the dress was that it was attached in only one spot – a large button over the right hip. All it took was one slip of the button and the dress unfurled and fell away. I chose to wear it without a bra so my nipples would be clearly on display. It had a strategically placed slit that allowed the left leg to protrude to the upper thigh. Although the dress was clingy and vaguely showed the bikini bows on my hips below, I somehow didn’t think the good Professor would mind.

I also noticed that the cut and cling of the dress showed off the way my mound rose from between my thighs and below my tummy. He was going to love this. I had left my heels in his office so I donned sensible walking shoes, put on my long overcoat and left the dorm so to be there at precisely 4pm.

Several people smiled at me as I walked across campus and toward Professor Walton’s home. I finally realized that they were smiling at me because I was absolutely beaming. I did my best to contain my excitement and felt my heart beating rapidly as I ambled down his tree-lined street. The windows in his office glowed warmly as I walked up the brick walk to his stoop. I took a deep breath and entered.

I turned to see him seated at his desk as I closed the door. I noticed his usually cluttered desk was completely cleared off. I smiled at what this might mean as I took off my overcoat and hung it on the coat rack.

“Ms. Beck. Welcome to my humble abode,” he bellowed with considerable glee.

I thanked him and walked over to my workstation to retrieve my heels. I could feel his eyes on me as he surveyed the body-clinging wrap I was wearing for his benefit. As I sat down on his sofa to put on my heels, my dress fell away at the slit and exposed my left leg up to well above mid-thigh. I peeked over and saw the Professor eyeing me carefully Küçükköy escort bayan as I tied the thin straps around the ankle of each heel.

Satisfied, I stood and straightened myself out before slowly wandering toward him. I knew he’d want to approve my appearance before we got to work – and possibly take my dress off. I felt so exposed in this dress, but could also read approval in his eyes as I approached.

“Very nice, Ms. Beck. How lovely you look on this Friday afternoon.” I felt his eyes wash up and down my body. “Come. Stand closer. Lean against my desk, please.” He rolled his chair back to allow me room as I moved in front of him and leaned my ass back on the edge of his desk, facing him. I put my arms behind me to support myself and tilted my hips forward slightly to accentuate what I knew he wanted to see.

“Oh, Altina. Look, dear girl, at the lovely shape of your breasts,” he crowed, as he peered at my stiff poking nipples. “And, my goodness, how can I possibly resist the subtle rise of your mons Venus?” he exclaimed excitedly. As I expected, this position forced my mound to push out from the tight fabric stretched across my hips and belly. Professor Walton’s eyes were glued to my sex as he rolled slightly closer to inspect. “Just exquisite, young lady. My goodness.”

He reached out his large hands and rested them on my hips. He didn’t touch me directly; he moved his hands around my center and never let his eyes stray from the soft round bulge that he clearly cherished.

“Such a lovely dress, Ms. Beck. It showcases your incredible body so clearly. Excellent choice. But…perhaps removal is in order before you begin your work for the day,” he stated with conviction.

“Of course, Professor. It’s all quite easy…just unbutton right down here,” I said, pointing to the large button on my hip, “and it should all open up for you.”

He looked up at me expectantly and reached down and fumbled sweetly with the button. As it gave way I lifted my body off the desk and he slowly unwrapped me. His eyes were wide and his mouth open as he unveiled my body. I assisted by twisting a little this way and that to free the shift from my body.

As it fell free and dropped to the floor, Professor Walton moved back slightly to admire the end result. I felt totally exposed, yet also quite comfortable. I was now in only my heels and the panties that the Professor had given me at our last meeting. He eyed me hungrily before looking up into my eyes.

“Ah, Ms. Beck. Such pulchritude – you truly are stunning.”

“Such what?” I asked defensively.

“Pulchri…ah me. Never mind,” he replied with a warm smile. “It’s just a fancy way of saying beauty, young lady. Nothing more. Pardon my rambling. Your beauty does seem to scramble my brain,” he joked.

I leaned back against his desk and let him look at me. I’m quite sure I had never – ever – in my life, felt sexier than I did at this moment. Professor Walton eyed me with such unmitigated hunger.

“You know, Altina…it is Friday after all. Perhaps we should rethink our plans. Maybe we should take a break from our routine today and just enjoy this moment. Do you agree?” he asked expectantly.

I nodded in assent. I was definitely not in a work frame of mind at this particular time. I wanted to continue with whatever it was we had started here. I was standing in heels and tiny sexy panties – hardly attire suitable for editing on a computer screen.

“I cleared my desk, as you might have noticed, just for you, young lady. Why don’t you hop up on it for a few minutes?” I slid my bottom up on his thick mahogany desk and awaited instruction. He grabbed the two throw pillows he happened to have close by and gave them to me for elbow rests as before. “Please – lean back and make yourself comfortable.”

I did as he requested and leaned back to watch him admire me. He gently spread my legs wider and I could see his eyes glued to my pussy. From my vantage point my little mound, barely encased in black lace, rose like a small fleshy hillock from the flat plains of my tummy. The professor continued to study me like he might an ancient manuscript – with great care and precision.

His large hands glided over my body – barely touching me – studying my contours. He slid back on his rolling chair and lifted one of my legs. “We shan’t be needing these,” he said, as he took great glee in unstrapping and beginning to remove my heels one at a time.

As he took off my first heel he hoisted my leg up in the air to study.

“Just exquisite form, young Altina. And proof that the sum can be the greater than the parts. Each individual part of your leg is near perfect, but when taken together forms an astonishingly beautiful leg.”

He held my ankle with one hand and brushed along my toes and instep with the other. “Your lovely petite foot,” he exclaimed. I was usually very ticklish, but his touch felt sensuous and erotic

Gently Escort Mecidiyeköy grasping my ankle, he commented on the “gentle turn of my ankle.” He admired and commented on the thin ankle bracelet I was wearing.

He then ran his hand along the underside of my calf. “The glorious shape and form of your calf,” he said, cupping the smooth skin. He lightly teased behind my knee. “The tight compactness of your knee,” he said, as shivers ran down my spine at his touch.

And, finally, he ran his sturdy hand along the underside of my thigh as it sat suspended in mid-air. “And, of course, the long sleek softness of your pretty thigh. Such nubile magnificence.”

He gently lay that leg on the arm of his chair and lifted the other leg to unstrap the second heel. As he removed it he leaned in to kiss my foot. I gasped as I felt his lips and the scratch of his beard on the arch of my foot. Before I could do anything to respond, he did something no other man had ever done. He put my big toe in his mouth and sucked it for a few seconds. I felt a direct jolt from my toe to my pussy as my manicured fingers clawed at the smooth wood finish of the desk top.

“Oh, Professor!” I exclaimed. He picked up the other leg and did the same thing. Slowly he began to alternate legs – each time kissing up a little further – my ankles, my calves. He spent a little time on the back of my knees and I added those to the list of erogenous zones I didn’t even know I had.

As he arrived at my thighs I could see that he was clearly beginning to enjoy himself – as was I. He kissed and nibbled his way – inch by inch – occasionally pausing to comment on my silky smooth skin and soft, but muscular, flesh. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his worship of my legs. But he was kissing his way toward the end of his journey and as his lips paused only an inch or two from the gift he had sent me home with on Wednesday, he paused, placing both feet on the arms of his chair.

“And now, Ms. Beck, we must unwrap the last part of this treasure.” He gingerly reached up to the left bow and gently pulled one of the ties. As it let go, he turned to the right bow and did the same. Then, as if he were uncovering some rare precious jewel, he pinched a tie between each thumb and forefinger and slowly pulled the dainty panty down toward him. His face glowed with a heated passion that I had never seen in a lover before. I could not recall ever having felt more desired. Ever!

He let go of the ties and bent down low to take in the sight and smell of my now bare pussy. I knew that the arousal I felt was manifesting itself in very wet glistening lips. His face beamed with joy as he surveyed his final goal. My smooth hairless mound rose up to greet him, having been finally freed from the silken confines of his gift.

Other lovers I’d had in the past would have chomped down or dived in head first. Professor Walton took his time. He was going to embrace this moment and take in every scintillating nuance of my pussy. I pulled up on my elbows to closely watch as he leaned forward and closed his eyes – wafting in the scent of my arousal like he was coifing the nose of a fine Burgundy. He blew softly on my exposed wet lips and elicited the first of what would be many earthy groans.

I felt his manly grip on each leg as he leaned down to plant kisses on my inner thighs, all the way up to where they met the outer edge of my labia. He pulled me closer so that my ass and hips were now just off the bullnose edge of his desk. He palmed my cheeks in a sturdy grip as he pulled my lips open. I gasped at how totally and fully exposed I was.

I could not take this anymore and I groaned loudly as my elbows gave way and my head fell back against the desk. Without missing a beat he pushed one throw pillow up my way to support my head. And as I placed it behind me, I felt him lift my hips and slip the other one under my lower back and ass, lifting me up higher and closer to his attention – closer to his face and his mouth.

“Goodness gracious, your sweet young pussy is just as gorgeous as the rest of your body, Ms. Beck. I suppose that should come as no surprise…but what exquisite beauty!” he exclaimed.

I couldn’t talk. My hands went to my breasts and began to squeeze as I closed my eyes. He re-engaged and I felt his tongue begin to gently kiss the bottom of my pussy. I moaned as I felt his pointed tongue probe lower and enter my ass for a few seconds. No one had ever licked me there and I felt a rush of physical and emotional reactions. I’d always thought of it as so taboo and dirty. But, in this context, I felt my body and mind react as one as I gasped.

It was just a teaser, however. I suspected his brief journey there was just a harbinger of things to come. His tongue trailed slowly north before dipping into the nether reaches of my pussy. He slowly, and with an aching tenderness, entered me with his tongue.

I lifted my hips to meet him Merter escort and felt my lower body quiver as his hot tongue trailed along the delicate ridges of my lips. I longed for him to reach my clit, but he always stopped short – teasing me and making me ache for more.

I felt my heart racing and my breathing become audible as he played me like a fine instrument. It was almost like he was tuning me up – getting me ready for a solo concert. My body stiffened as I concentrated on the location of his tongue and its travels.

He stopped at one point and I opened my eyes and turned my head to look down. Why had he stopped? The view at that moment was magical. There, just beyond the fleshy bare rise of my mons pubis was the smiling face of Professor Walton. He was removing his glasses and setting them aside.

“I don’t want to mar your soft silken skin with my spectacles, young lady.”

He then lifted my legs, one at a time, and placed them carefully on each of his shoulders. As his hands returned to my clenched butt cheeks, he cradled and lifted my lower body off of the desk and pillow.

I was now suspended between my upper back on the desk and my legs over his shoulders. I could feel his breath on my open lips as he returned to teasing his way closer and closer to my center – to my very core. He planted wet kisses in a big circle around my pussy, his short beard strafing my smooth skin.

I alternated between closing my eyes and opening them to look into Professor Walton’s intense gaze. I lifted my head and watched him smile at me and tongue me simultaneously as he touched my clit for the very first time. The feel of his tongue was soft and feathery and I groaned in appreciation.

How many guys had I been with who were either not interested in eating pussy or chomped down on it like a hamburger. The professor seemed to know innately to start as gently as possible. I might want a more spirited tonguing as things progressed. But his first foray between my furls was a bullseye.

I knew my body was in a somewhat awkward position, but at that moment all I could feel was his tongue on my clitoris. I felt like I was the center of his focus as his tongue swirled slowly around my small pink nubbin. I could feel his breath on me and his short stubble rubbing the tender skin of my inner thighs.

My body reacted by arching up to meet his tongue as I lay my head back down again, closed my eyes, and let the sensations of his cunnilingus wash over me in waves. When he opened his mouth and covered my entire clit with his mouth, I felt like he was French kissing my lower lips. He seemed to sense how much I loved his gentle approach, so his suck was soft and slow. And as he sucked my pussy, I felt his tongue re-enter the fray with little tiny clit flicks. God, I was losing my mind and knew I was making nonsensical sounds as he sucked my pussy.

I put my hands down between my legs and wove them into his wavy white hair. My fingers grabbed his skull and held him right where he was – letting him know how spot on he was with his tongue and lips.

He showed no signs of letting up and could probably feel my body conveying my impending orgasm. It was his fingers, however, that pushed me over the top. He had this slow sensuous rhythmic sucking thing going on and then had the sheer audacity to casually slide a finger inside my pussy. It wasn’t very far, but it was enough sensual overload to kick me over the edge.

“Oh yes…yes…right there…mmmmf…fuck…more…don’t stop…don’t…”

My expressions above do not come close to conveying the way these words were being spit out in a succession of bursts as my breathing became erratic and I felt my body stiffening with an impending explosion.

“Oh God!” I screamed. “FUCK!”

It hit me like a runaway train – head on. I felt my thighs spasm and clasp onto his head as my ass lifted up and my hands clenched his head. For a few seconds, as the orgasm swept through me like a wave, I could not breathe or utter a sound. All I could hear was the rhythmic juicy licks and soaking wet finger wiggle as Professor Walton saw me through the throes of my very first orgasm with him.

I realized after a few moments that I had the good Professor in a headlock with my thighs, so I slowly relaxed and relieved the pressure of my vice-like grip . We both began to breathe normally again as my body relaxed and I lowered it back onto the desk.

“Well, Ms. Beck. That was one tasty treat for a Friday. I thank you,” he said politely.

“No, Professor. I thank you, sir. That was marvelous.”

He reached for my hands and pulled me up and told me sit on his lap. I did so, wrapping my arms around his neck and sitting sideways. His mouth and lips glistened with me. The kiss that followed seemed like the most natural in the world. It felt good to be naked, sitting on a fully clothed man. The kisses were warm and passionate, but also felt like a good way to ease down from a truly tremendous orgasm. I could taste myself in our kiss. I finally nuzzled in his neck and we just sat holding one another for a few minutes.

Finally, Professor Walton broke the spell

“Perhaps a spot of whiskey would be good right now. If you’d accompany me over to the bar, I’ll set you up,” he said, jokingly.

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