13 Mayıs 2023

Always Faithful – Chapter Seventeen


Chapter Seventeen – Holidays The compressed schedule in autumn always included family responsibilities. Each year Dan and Laura flew home to spend Thanksgiving dinner with one family, and the Saturday following with the other. Thanksgiving with parents and relatives allowed them to have the Christmas and New Year’s holidays for themselves. Both left out details when answering the perfunctory what’s new in your life questions. Their visits home went well, as they always did. “We really like to have Christmas with each other”, served as an understood excuse to fend off repeat invitations to visit. Not all fall holiday events are children times. Company parties are traditionally for adults. Dan and Laura always made both company parties, and enjoyed going. Some years they made a brief appearance at one because they happened on the same night. Both firms scheduled Christmas parties December 13 this year. “Christmas parties, Baby; how should we handle them this year?” “Yours is the 13th too?” Together they finally agreed that just this once they would each go to their own party, alone. Dan knew, of course, that meant Laura would go with Greg. “Would you help me choose a dress for my party? The red dress is right in color, but I don’t think the style says Santa Claus.” “No, Santa came early when I bought that one for you.” They adjourned to the bedroom to look at dresses. Laura modeled three green dresses; Dan talked her into the most modest as best choice. The dress was fitted on top with a high neck and long sleeves in a dark green fabric. The skirt was full, having the same dark green fabric inlaid with silver filigree threads. Laura wasn’t totally sure this was the one. “It’s right for you and your company party. It is modestly cut, and you should want that modesty, but the skirt is full enough that Greg will have no trouble getting his hands under when the time is right.” “Dan, you are terrible. You sound like all Greg and I do is mess around.” “Well, am I wrong? Do you want me to look for a chastity belt to go under the dress?” “No Baby, no chastity belt. This dress is for me going to my company party though, not for a date with Greg.” “Are you taking one car, or two?” “Makes more sense to take one, doesn’t it?” “Is Greg going to call for you here, or leave from there?” “I don’t know.” “I may not be part of your affair with Greg, but it looks like I have to help with the planning. Let’s drink a glass of wine and talk about the rest of the holidays.” “I haven’t for a while, but I want to have more time with Greg.” Laura opened a subject that must add to holiday stress. “Without your rings you mean?” “Yes!” “Not Christmas!” “No Baby; Christmas is for us, maybe before, maybe after.” Dan finally worked out the compromise. “You can have the few days before your party, and a few after, but I think you should wear your rings to your party. I will find a date for mine.” “Okay, that makes sense”, Laura agreed. “After Christmas, between then and New Year’s eve, go to be with Greg and come back when you are ready. Leave your rings then. I will either find a party with some of my art community friends, or stay here with ESPN and vodka tonic. There are a bunch of football games on TV.” With all of the holiday details settled, Laura and Dan went to bed. She talked Dan into his version of a good hard screw, and it was good. Not as hard and demanding as Greg when he fucks me hard, but my husband is a good Karşıyaka escort bed partner too. I am one lucky girl. Laura’s eyes relaxed in sleep and her breathing followed. Laura only required a simple confirmation with Greg, but she decided stage managing might be fun. That started with a phone call to Business Lady and the young marketing woman who had been her liaison. Laura remembered seeing a skirt at the private fashion show. She thought then, but held her tongue, that she wanted to wear that suit for Greg. Laura chatted with Liaison telling her how all of the women in her office were jealous. They talked office gossip, girl talk and finally when talking about the upcoming holidays Laura asked about that suit; “Could I get one shipped?” Laura expected to give her credit card number; instead, two days later her first Christmas gift arrived. Two of the wrap skirt suits she wanted in different fabrics, and four blouses, including two of the halter blouses she used to first seduce Greg. There was a card enclosed; a personal note from the marketing executive with a thousand dollar gift card for more clothes from Business Lady. “Queen of the support staff.” Her fellow secretaries made a bow down production when word got around about the FedEx package. “Do you have a boyfriend on the West coast too?” “No ladies, one is enough. I’ll wear one of these soon.” Soon was Friday; Greg’s hand was under the wrap of her skirt all through lunch at their hideaway restaurant. “If you keep your nose to the grindstone this afternoon, you can leave early. I would say yes if you offered an after work sexual interlude.” A nice feature of wrap skirts is they come off easily. Laura left a trail from front door to bedroom. “Face down or up, how do you want me.” “Hang your head over the edge and let me choke you. I feel like a face fuck.” Greg was hard and ready; he took full strokes from the tip of his cock to his balls. Laura felt her lips mashed at the depth of each stroke. Suddenly cock stayed deep; she choked and gagged. Greg pressed even harder trying to go deeper than possible. Is this the time, choke her completely? Should I? He held just a few seconds longer at full depth; their eyes locked. Greg knew Laura would not fight him off so cock must slowly withdraw. Greg let her kiss and lick his slit before he raised her to fuck. Laura became his pogo stick. He held as hard into her cunt at full stroke as he had into her throat. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, Fuck me . . .” Greg could not believe his control today. He just kept on fucking as Laura chanted. I want her to scream, to scream loud. He bit a nipple hard, going for blood. “AAAaaayyyyyyeeee. Fuuucckkk me I am cum – cum – cuming.” The lovers sat joined like that until their breathing returned to normal; they just stayed together kissing. “God I love you, I really do.” Laura offered her unmarked breast, “Would you do this one at least a little bit?” Greg bit, but not for blood. He sensed her head go up, her breathing quickening. She really gets off on our rough sex. I wonder if she loves me; or the rough sex I give her? I don’t care, I love her. “I just decided darling.” “Decided what?” Laura looked up at her lover with anticipation. “I really do love you.” “I love you too, Baby.” “No ooops?” “You can be my special Baby too. Right now you are my Baby.” Laura broke another vow, this one to herself. “Fuck again bornova escort bayan or dress?” “Fuck, oh yes, fuck again.” Laura didn’t get home until almost seven-thirty, but she did give her husband a cum breath kiss as soon as the front door closed. > > > > – – Refusal and resistance marked Dan’s attempts to make a date for his company party; he thought first of Artsy. “No, I have several good reasons and they all lead to the same answer, No!” “Tell me one of your good reasons.” “You and I are friends, not lovers. You know my terms and accept them. I don’t need to have a reason to say no.” “Point taken, I agree; tell me another.” “I don’t want to appear as your date for the evening because your wife has a date with another man.” “That doesn’t bother you when we are with our art friends.” “When we do things together with them, or when you come to an opening where I am, that isn’t a date. Mostly we are part of a group. Furthermore, they don’t know about you and your wife.” “They are learning, aren’t they?” Dan’s secretary brought him some material while he was on the phone with Artsy. He took a quick look and then asked for another file. Dan admired the retreating view before returning attention to his call. “Okay, no appearance of a date, anything else?” “Yes, you forget I now have a sort of professional relationship with your company. That adds another No in my mind.” “Three noes, I am not doing a good job of convincing you, am I?” His secretary returned with the requested file folder; she leaned over Dan’s desk to set it down. Dan noticed a lace edge of bra as her blouse gapped. He held a finger up for her to wait just so he could look a moment longer. “Give me one more good reason why you won’t come the to the Christmas party with me and then I need to get back to work.” Dan listened to Artsy last reason before asking for special consideration one last time. “Oh, you already have a date. Can’t you break that one for me?” “I see, he has a spectacular dress for you and he is straight. Does that mean you are going to sleep with him?” Dan finally gave up his quest. “Hah, I’ll bet you might do more than sleep. Talk to you later.” Dan finished going over some details with his secretary and once again enjoyed the view as she returned to her desk. She does have a really nice bottom. Dan decided to call the older woman; her part of the conversation finally pushed Dan where his eyes had been leading. “LeeAnne told me about that dress. It sounds spectacular even for her. I must have a private showing. . . . Sweet of you to consider me Daniel, but no, I don’t think I make a suitable date for your company Christmas party. . . . Really Daniel, I am old enough to be your mother, and a fast rising executive doesn’t want to bring mother as his date. . . . Look for someone younger Daniel; a younger woman would be much more appropriate.” “You are a sweet dear, ta-ta.” Mrs. Patron ended their call with her casual sign off. Dan’s problem was he didn’t know any younger women well enough to ask on a date, why should he? He was sure either Artsy or the older woman would say yes. The only positive advice he got was to look for someone younger. His secretary brought the last folder he would need. “If any of my phone conversation offended you, I apologize. I was talking to a friend about the Christmas party and I didn’t think of you hearing. Escort üçyol I am sorry.” “That’s quite all right, I could tell you weren’t serious about what you said, just joking.” “Are you coming to the party?” “I don’t think so; I will probably pass this year. Going would bring back memories, especially going alone.” “Yes, I am sorry again, this time for opening a personal subject.” “It’s all right; I know I am divorced and now single. I still have memories though. Isn’t your wife coming?” “No, her company party is the same night and she really thinks she needs to go to hers.” “That’s too bad. I better get back to my desk; hope you find a date for the party.” Dan watched once more; he realized he was looking at his secretary’s shapely tush more and more. Was that an extra wiggle, Dan almost whistled, but caught himself. She is younger than I; I’ll think about it. Dan decided to play safe. He asked his VP, explaining that he was stag for the night and she wouldn’t come to the affair unless Dan asked her to be with him. “Not a date, certainly not that; I just want to help her out but with no talking behind her back. What do you think?” “Dan, the reason you are on the way up is your creative solutions that are good for the organization. I’ll take care of any gossip; I know how to handle that stuff.” > > > > – – Wearing a pretty, but conservative, dress to the company party was one thing. Spending three days living with her lover, sleeping in their bed every night, and going to this affair unfucked was carrying conservatism to extremes. Greg was torturing her, torment first class. He had been doing it deliberately for the last three days. Oh, he touched her, many times and almost in the right spots. Then he would stop and say, “Wait until the time comes darling; let your hunger build.” Frustration dominated Laura’s mind as she and Greg began mingling at their Christmas party. Laura smiled at everyone she came upon; inside she steamed with desire. Greg even insisted she wear pantyhose tonight to keep the steam between her legs encased. Laura had really wanted to wear her special jewelry so she could hear her bells ring. Oh well, I will go with the flow. Greg will decide when I get mine. I doubt he will wait too long. He is doing without too. Laura saw Old Jacobs and Mrs.; she decided to sit with them for a while. Brownie points were always useful. Mrs. Jacobs first thanked her again for helping at Halloween, and then complimented her dress. Laura decided on a proper but naughty response. “Thank you so much, I am glad you approve. I will tell my husband; he insisted this one rather than my first choice. Perfect for a company Christmas, he said.” “Your husband has excellent taste in selecting clothes for you, my dear. I recall you saying he picked out that red dress you wore to the country club affair.” “Yes, he does know me well, and he knows how I like to present myself. I will pass on this compliment also.” “I don’t see him tonight, is he here; he normally attends with you?” “Not tonight, his company thing conflicted. I asked Greg to escort me tonight.” “I see.” Laura noticed Greg across the room and decided to join him. He was talking with two of the senor partners and some of the other juniors. Laura took his drink out of his hand as her own. “Thank you darling, this is tasty.” Laura listened in on their conversation, but did not really join in. She gave inconsequential responses when required. Her hands made her point clear if the lawyers were observant as if in court. Whenever she did respond to a question, Laura used a hand tracing on her lover’s sleeve to draw Greg’s attention only to her. She was saying to everyone with body language, Greg is mine and I am his, and we both know that.

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