22 Mayıs 2023

Amy’s Asian Persuasion


The telephone conversation had been a little awkward, calling someone who had left their number on the remote to your tickling panties. Amy nervously approached the whole thing with some precaution, maybe the Asian women that had found the remote at the nightclub that night was just having some fun? Maybe she did not really want me to contact her at all? Amy thought. To Amy’s relief the conversation flowed smoothly, with Jade being very welcoming, after an hour of small talk the two women agreed to meet.

Amy sat in the coffee shop, she was feeling somewhat uneasy about the meeting, in fact Amy did not know why she had rung Jade, Amy did not know her own intentions, she was attracted to the young Asian women , she knew the feeling of her taking control in the nightclub that night had turned her on. Amy kept telling herself that she just needed to go with the flow and the fact she had not had a sexual encounter with another female before, should not stand in her way of getting to know Jade.

Amy fidgeted at the table constantly twirling her blonde locks and checking the time on her watch every few minutes, as she ordered another coffee a petite young Asian woman approached her table.

“Hi Amy it’s me Jade,” she said and leaned into Amy giving her a moist peck on her cheek. Amy smiled and returned the greeting.

Jade sat opposite Amy and ordered a coffee. Jade looked exactly as Amy had remembered her spiky black hair stiff and cut at criss cross angles, her smooth skin unblemished by makeup; her green eyes sparkled with a tinge of naughtiness. Jade’s petite body hugged the light blue short summer dress she was wearing encapsulating her firm nipples.

The two talked for hours until their conversation whittled to silence. Amy stared deep into Jades dark green eyes they were transfixing, Amy could feel the wetness start to flow between her legs, at first Amy tried to control her desire however the sensuality that radiated from Jades eyes soon took over Amy’s resistance. Amy could feel Jade reaching deep within her soul touching all the scars of past relationships and healing them, a sense of security and warmth filled Amy’s body.

“I need a real drink, how about you?” Jade enquired and motioned to the waiter she would like to place an order.

The waiter returned with the bottle of red wine Jade had ordered and poured it, Jade took a long gulp, ” I needed that, now where were we?” she said.

“You were staring deep into my eyes making me all wet,” Amy replied.

Her answer catching herself off guard it was unlike Amy to be so forthright, Jade smiled.

“I brought Ümraniye Escort you a present, I hope it is not too presumptuous of me,” she said.

Jade pulled out a package wrapped in pink tissue paper from her handbag and handed it to Amy.

“You might want to be a little discreet when you open it,” Jade whispered.

Amy thanked Jade and held the package slightly under the table unwrapping it slowly not to draw any unwanted attention from the other coffee shop patrons, Amy could feel the heat rush to her face as she politely smiled to try to hide her embarrassment.

“I thought you and I could go someplace quiet and try it,” Jade said.

Amy stared at the large strap on cock, she couldn’t help think how big it was and how she wanted to feel it inside of her. Amy pushed the strap on dick into her handbag and took a long swirl from her glass, then looked at Jade.

“There’s no point in hanging around here lets go back to my place,” Amy said, and stood up grabbing Jade by the hand pulling her onto her feet and quickly whisking her into the street, before Jade knew what was happening Amy had hailed a cab and bundled her into it. Amy’s spur of the moment decision was made with deliberate haste she did not want her Dutch courage to disappear.

Amy leaned forward towards the cab driver telling him her address and there would be another ten dollars if he could deliver them there as quick as possible. Amy sat nervously looking out the window not saying a word her hands pushed tight in between her thighs trying to hide her anxiety, she felt Jade’s hand upon hers and she turned to look at Jade.

Jade smiled and looked down towards her lap, Amy’s eyes followed and Jade slowly pulled her skirt up along her sleek thighs exposing more and more smooth skin to Amy. Amy felt the warmth between her legs increase, Jade continued her tease until Amy could see Jades pouting lips; Jade slid a little down on the back seat and opened her legs slightly. Amy looked out the corner of her eye to see if the cab driver could see Jades show; he quickly stopped looking in the rear vision mirror and returned his concentration to the road ahead.

Amy returned her focus back to Jades pussy. Jade licked two fingers and slid them down across her swollen lips gently parting them, her pink pussy glistening from her wetness. Amy leaned into Jade and gave her a long deep kiss her tongue exploring Jades mouth, their passion suddenly interrupted by the jolt of the cab stopping.

“Here you go girls, I get off in another hour maybe I could?”

Before the cabbie Ümraniye Escort Bayan could finish his sentence both Amy and Jade had already left the cab and Amy was hurriedly searching for her keys, once she found them the two women quickly disappeared into the apartment.

Amy pushed Jade against the front door uncontrollably kissing her passionately running her hands through Jades spiky black hair, Jade wrapped her leg around Amy pushing her wanting cunt into Amy’s hip, Amy responded by grabbing Jades small firm arse and lifting her closer with each grind. Amy grabbed Jades hand and led her up the stairs to her bedroom.

Amy sat on the edge of her bed and watched Jade undress, Jade lifted her dress exposing her pert tear drop shaped breasts, her nipples pushed upward greeting the fresh warm air, Jade ran her hands through her hair releasing a sigh from her mouth as her wet pussy succumbed to Amy’s tongue. Jade pulled Amy’s head in tight towards her as Amy explored her wet cunt, Amy’s tongue parted Jades puffy lips and glided along with ease tasting Jades juices, her tongue finally coming to rest on Jades hardened clit.

Amy grabbed Jades arse cheeks spreading them pulling Jade closer and as she buried her face deep into Jades hot wet cunt. Jade kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples between her thumbs and fingers pulling at them as Amy’s tongue darted across her aching clit. Jades knees started to tremble as she could feel the intensity building deep within inside her, and as Amy sucked hard on Jades clit her orgasm erupted, Jade bit down on her bottom lip as her body convulsed with each spasm.

Jade pulled Amy up and deep kissed her, running her tongue over Amy’s lips savouring the taste of Amy’s lipstick and her own juices. Jade moved Amy towards the bed and gently laid her onto it, and began to undress her, Jade pulled down Amy’s jeans her panties coming off at the same time, Amy’s hips bucked at the sensation of her soddened cunt naked against the air, her breasts ached and pushed forward as Jade unclasped them from their confines. Jade lay gently on top of Amy the softness of their skin touching each others.

Jade gently caressed Amy’s plentiful breasts cupping each one in her hands as she softly kissed her neck, Jade ran her tongue tenderly along Amy’s skin until she reached her large erect nipples lapping at each nipple with her tongue lightly drawing them into her mouth one at a time and suckling on them, Amy’s back arched from the touch of another women her ache burning inside.

Jade ran her tongue along Amy’s body across her Escort Ümraniye soft taught stomach over her tightly cropped pubic hair and then lovingly along Amy’s waiting pouted pussy lips. Amy let out a whimper as Jades tongue discovered Amy’s protruding clit, her tongue expertly flicking across it , Amy grabbed at her bed sheets her knuckles white from the tension, trying to hold on savouring as much of the moment as she could. Jade sucked Amy’s hard clit with her puckered lips, Amy’ threw her head back as she let out a wild scream as her orgasm exploded through her body her tender thighs locking onto Jades head willing for her to continue the pleasure, ever so slowly Jade released her hold on Amy’s pleasure button and gently kissed Amy’s inner thighs until Amy calmed.

Jade motioned Amy to lie face down on the bed, Amy obliged. Jade placed herself between Amy’s thighs and ran her hands along the back of Amy’s legs the sensation causing little goose bumps to appear, Jade continued with her caress slowly inching her way closer to Amy’s drenched cunt, running her hands along the inside of Amy’s thighs and just before she reached Amy’s pussy circled her hands away and downwards along the outside of her legs. Jade repeated the process until Amy begged for more pleasure..

With one swift motion Jade hooked her hands up under Amy’s thighs lifting Amy’s arse upward exposing her tight pink arse and forcing her pouted lips to part, as Jade did this she rested the large thick strap on cock against the small of Amy’s back. Amy pushed her pussy closer wanting to be filled by the dildo, Jade teasingly slid the strap on over Amy’s arse resting it there for a moment before she continued her tease until she finally rested the tip of the cock against Amy’s hole.

Amy spread her legs as wide as she could and leaned back against the monster cock, Jade leaned in towards Amy sliding the cock slowly into Amy’s tight cunt. Amy wanted to be filled and pushed the cock deep inside her.

“Fuck me hard, I want you to fuck me,” Amy seductively whispered.

Jade responded to Amy’s request, slowly moving back and forth increasing her rhythm with each thrust, she could feel Amy’s body start to tense, Jade slid her fingers down into her pussy pumping them deep inside of her in time with her hips as she pumped the cock into Amy’s wanting tight hole. Jade felt her pussy muscles contract around her fingers as her orgasm erupted forcing her to push the cock fully into Amy, the sensation of Jades body gyrating from her orgasm sent Amy over the top and she furiously pumped her cunt up and down the cock, Amy paused momentarily as if frozen in time as her orgasm crescendo through her body and with one final jerk she let out an almighty scream.

Amy’s collapsed on to her bed, Jade following her motion.

“I have a confession to make, this was my first time with a woman,” Amy declared.

Jade smiled.

“Me too.”

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