1 Mayıs 2023

Amy’s Merciless Panty Tease Pt. 06


The thought of ten more hours struck me harder than the icy water splashing across my face.

Somehow two torturous weeks were nothing compared to the final moments of my confinement, I thought, staring down at the freshly scrubbed kitchen sink. Morning chores were near impossible after the night I’d had with barely a moment free from thoughts of Amy’s perfect body. My mind tattooed with the image of flawless, tanned skin swallowing up a gleaming golden G-string.

My withered face reflected in the microwave door as I squinted at it’s unfazed clock blinking back at me. I had been counting down the minutes till my father was getting home. Surely I’d earned some relief outside my plastic cage before then.

She thought she was helping me. And maybe she was? Maybe I had been doing the wrong thing all this time… Peeking at my own stepmother getting changed, sneaking a private moment with her high heels or her panties… How many times had I been hard as a rock with her in the room… She must’ve known. She must’ve felt so grossed out. Maybe she wasn’t wrong to take that away from me.


Amy’s voice sent shivers down my spine. I’d made it another whole week tending to every speck of dirt, every inch of laundry, even massaging her pretty feet at the end of each day. Almost the end of another week, almost the hundred points on her brutal scoring system. I couldn’t mess it up now.

Cautiously, I skulked upstairs, running each morning chore through my mind. Nothing was missed, I was sure of it. I both resented her for taking away my freedom and wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. Her sweet round face to shoot me a kind smile of approval.

“In here Pauly,” Amy called, not from her bedroom but mine.

“I cleaned up in there Amy, I knew you’d check!” I argued, hopefully.

Amy’s formidable presence filled my spotless bedroom. She stood over my bed, blanket and duvet tossed to the side. Still in the baggy grey pyjamas I’d laid out for her the night before, she glared sternly at the middle of my fitted sheet, arms folded.

“What do you call this?” she asked, gesturing at a small dark patch on my sheet.

“That? I… ah… oh… maybe got a bit hot under the covers last night…”

Amy lifted the linen half off the mattress, tossing it in my direction.

“I think someone got a bit excited and left a sticky mess for me to find.”

Feeling blood rush to my face and embarrassment hit me in the stomach, I searched for an explanation. My sleepless nights were haunted endlessly by Amy, but I dare not blame her for my mess.

“I’m sorry Amy, I’ll clean it up, I promise… Please don’t take away any points.”

I glanced at the silver light shimmering off the key that dangled from Amy’s anklet above her cute little foot. I’d worked so hard and now I’d let her down. It was her fault that this was so difficult but somehow I still felt guilty.

“No bud I won’t be deducting any points… Your father will be home this evening and we can’t have him knowing about any of this… You’ve done really well all week for your treat, but I won’t have you getting away with leaving little accidents behind.”

Even in baggy clothes, I couldn’t stop myself from admiring her shape. Her grey shorts barely clinging to her hips. She inched closer, laying hands on my arms and looked up at me soothingly.

“I’m sorry Paul but you’ve earned yourself another little kick.”

Air left my body as her words sunk in. She looked almost giddy the last time she did that. Instinctively, I placed my hands over my groin, twisting at my encased manhood.

“It’s for both of us,” she said softly, parting my hands. She stood closer still and cupped her hand between my legs making me jump.

“I hate to see you in pain, but you’ll learn faster this way and then we can be done with this messy stage…” I lost myself in her big brown eyes, beaming with kind gentleness.

“I don’t want to be under the same roof as any of that ugly stroking that boys do and there’s not much point keeping you proper if you’re making a sticky mess each night.”

“I… I’m sorry Amy… I’ll go clean the sheets… I won’t do it again,” I stammered.

“I know,” she reassured, resting her head on my chest. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, encasing her in a hug.

“We’ll get your kicks done this evening bud. I think five should do it this time… Have the teaching heels polished by the end of the day.” Amy headed for the door, starting for her bedroom before turning back.

“And perhaps you should get the ice pack into the freezer. You’ll be quite sore tonight and it might help you sleep.”


All I had ever wanted was to feel empowered. My whole life I’d yearned to see the respect I deserved shining up to me from a man’s eyes. Paul had given me that. He’d given me that for a long time now but the last two weeks to ourselves were like it had been… distilled. Every other distraction boiled away leaving only his syrupy adoration behind.

He Lefkoşa Escort might not have been one to show disrespect, but he was no stranger to sloppiness and a lack of discipline. That was before. The change in his demeanor hadn’t gone unnoticed, I thought proudly, setting my anklet in the bathroom draw and heading toward the light. It was as though he’d finally learnt not to take any freedom for granted.

I breathed in morning air from my open bedroom window and turned to the golden glimmer on my dresser. I needed to know that I could trust him. He had learnt so much, but I couldn’t be expected to keep an eye on him forever.

Fumbling with my messy black bun in the mirror, I thought back to the effort I used to put in for Paul a few weeks back. Such excitement whenever we were alone. Some expertly applied lip liner, a few strategic buttons undone. It reminded me of the first few months of dating someone new.

I’d earned the right to be comfortable. It’s not like he isn’t still getting an eyeful, I assured myself, thumbing through my underwear draw. If only he knew the excitement I felt back in those early days.

After pulling on my red and white panties, I tied my delicate key to the bow at the front and lifted the thick waistband above my hips, now hidden under my short grey pyjama shirt.

“The carrot and the whip…” I whispered to myself, admiring my reflection and glancing at the heels placed neatly by the closet.

I snatched them up, bounced out of the room and downstairs to check on Pauly’s progress. It made me sad to think he could still get his jollies even when he was under lock and key. I knew he wouldn’t want me to feel that way.

A trail of clothes and linen sprawled their way from the laundry to the living area where Paul was kneeling, a bottle of stein remover in one hand, his soiled sheets in the other. The morning light illuminated his innocent silhouette as I strode in confidently.

Tired zombie eyes scanned my half nude shape as I placed my heels on the lounge chair next to him and draped myself over the couch, giving me a nice view of his workspace on the floor.

His scrubs slowed as he nervously eyed the black shoes looming over him.

“Just ignore them buddy, stay focused on your sheets,” I said with a kind smile.

My little heels cast a big symbolic shadow, I thought giddily. I was like a prison guard tapping his baton. Paul’s rustling hastened again, his eyes peeling away from my heels. Déjà vu, I thought, looking distantly through the glass patio doors behind him.

“When I was your age, we had a dog that was always acting up… Ollie, we called him. Barking at the neighbors and stuff. My mom figured a few splashes of water in the face with a spray bottle and Ollie would learn to behave,” my voice trailing off as I reminisced.

I fidgeted with the seam along my underwear, revealing the golden key beneath. Admiring the length the waistband added to my figure, I slowly traced my fingernails down my hip, my fingertips tracing back up again.

“It’s all about positive and negative reinforcement, she used to tell me… Before too long, she didn’t even need to use the spray bottle. She could just place it on the floor and he’d remember his place.”

I watched Paul’s focus shifting back to the heels next to him.

“It was the better part of a year before Ollie learned to be afraid of the bottle… I’m sure it won’t take nearly that long for you to appreciate my teaching heels…”

Biting down hard on my bottom lip, I made sure to supress any glint of excitement spreading across my face. I was so looking forward to using them again… I might even have him thank me after each little kick. How wonderfully devious, I thought, imagining his trembling lips on my toes.

Paul’s weekly treat might have to be crammed into the same evening if I was already getting this heated, I pondered, fiddling with my panties again.

“Do you like these ones buddy? Fancy what I’ve done with the bow at the front?”

His eyes jumped to the colourful material at my crotch and traced up and down each strap at my waist.

“They look real good on you Amy… I… like what you’ve done with them…”

“Thank you, I think so too. Makes us feel a bit closer,” I said with a smile. “Do you like them pulled up extra high like this?” I asked thumbing the stretched material over my hips. “I’ve always felt way sexier when I know my thong’s all high up… Even if no one can see.”

“Yeah… I noticed,” he said with a distant grin.

“Only problem is, they get a bit uncomfortable at the back…”

Unwilling to validate my baiting, Paul made a murmur of agreement and started folding up his now hand laundered linen.

“You don’t seem too bothered? I thought you might want to fix them up for me…” I said in my best pouty schoolgirl tone.

Paul stopped and knelt backward, his stein remover making a soft thump on the carpet below.

“…You want me to…”

I shot him a Girne Escort sassy look of impatience.

“Come on bestie… I’ve got a bit of wedgie and you’re to tend to it please. You’ll be back to your sticky spot in a sec once I’m comfortable again.”

I watched intently as his expression jumped from confused to frustrated and finally excited. Slowly, he ambled up and over to me. Twisting my body forward a fraction, I traced my finger under my right cheek. Brimming with hesitation, his hands nervously made their way closer.

“That’s it… Fix my thong.”

This must be the highlight of his morning, I thought smugly, looking away satisfied. Not so long ago, I was the one scrubbing floors and carrying around laundry, now I needn’t endure so much as a tickle up my backside.

My prideful musings were interrupted by an awkward tug.

“Ah!” I snapped, turning to meet the terrified expression on Paul’s face.

“You… asked me to touch you there??”

“Yes bud, but you’re not digging for gold… Try again. This time start at the top, not the bottom,” I instructed, gesturing at the small of my back.

Paul’s trembling finger looped under the triangular material as I turned to face away again.

“Good. Now gently guide your way down, letting my thong come away as you go.”

Goosebumps jumped over my arms as I felt Paul’s gentle touch down my body. A slow unconscious gasp fell softly from his mouth. Doing this sort of thing earned him the right to savor it, I decided fairly. His lucky little finger made it’s way down till it nearly reached between my legs, giving one last gentle tug before letting go.

“There, see. I’m much comfier.”

Motionless, Paul stood over me, his eyes unable to unstick themselves, eventually nodding agreeably. He was the cutest.

“Do you get how they should sit now?” I asked, running my finger through the waistband again. “Still nice and high but not tugged up and being annoying.”

I couldn’t help but smirk as I watched his jaw drop ever so slightly as he eyeballed my body.


His head dragged itself toward mine well before his gaze could.

“Thankyou for fixing me up, I knew you wouldn’t want me feeling uncomfortable,” I taunted. “Did you like doing that for me?”

Still in a daze, his lost face stared forward.

“Well? Didn’t think it would be much of a chore for my clever guy… Picking a tight thong out from Lamey Amy’s tooshie?”

Paul nodded dismissively.

I knew he’d be feeling cramped downstairs but I was taking the time to teach him some restrained respect. If I enjoyed doing so, that was an extra bonus. He was mine to enjoy.

“Yes Amy. You weren’t comfortable. And I know you should be. I’m glad I can help.”

I giggled, slapping his chest playfully. “I’m only teasing. But I am glad I’ve got a little panty picker to help me out whenever I need now.”

A look of worry shot over him as he turned for the sheets, still half sprawled out in the center of the room.

“Before you do that –“

With one index finger, I beckoned him closer and pat the floor in front. He obliged as I shifted forward and spoke in a near whisper.

“I wonder if you’re feeling a bit tight down there…. Perhaps touching my thong gave you the urge to have a bit of stroke?” I asked compassionately.

Like a lost puppy dog, he nodded with an embarrassed whimper.

“Aww bud, I’m sorry, I know it’s tough,” I soothed, running my hand through his curly hair and pressing my forehead up to his. “Sometimes our bodies have a mind of their own huh? I promise it’ll get easier though once you learn a few tricks.”

Jittering up and down in frustration he let out an exasperated sigh.

“In fact I think there’s something that might help.” His head lifted, our noses nearly touching. “Some of the things you do around here aren’t very exciting but other stuff gets you all riled up… I think you just need to join those wires in your head a bit.”

Feeling his frow furrow, I rubbed the back of his neck.

“You know, like… Taking out the recycling. Next time you start getting excited and things get a bit tight, just think about that? Maybe it might even help to try now?”

His frustrated jitters intensified.

“Oh go on, I’ll do it with you,” I offered leaning back a moment to gauge him. “Now close your eyes.”

I waited for him before doing the same. Pressing my head against his again I spoke with a measured softness.

“Now I’m Paul just lying in my bed trying to drift off… I’ve been good all day, the house looks spotless and I can’t wait to play video games tomorrow.”

He scoffed quietly through his nose.

“Sshh,” I giggled. “I’m trying to get into character… Now… Just as I’m about to fall asleep a naughty thought pops into my curly haired head… Oh no! It’s Amy’s panties again!” My whisper almost breaking.

I peeked out one eye, checking that his were still closed.

“How am I going to get to sleep with Amy’s tiny Magosa Escort thong bouncing around my brain… She sure looked good in those red and white ones today… Did she wear them just for me?”

Peeking again, I watched as he began to drift into a distant daze.

“Now I’m picturing her in those sexy black heels she always wears… Her poor little feet must get so sore in those all day… Maybe I should rub them for her… Give each toe a little kiss…”

His breathing hurried faster with each whisper of mine.

“Such high little heels… Such tight little panties…” I spoke only just loud enough to be heard. “I wonder what Amy’s pussy feels like…”

He shuddered, almost reverberating pain toward me.

“Oh no! Now I feel all tight again! I can’t go to sleep like this! What if I have another little accident… I wouldn’t want a sticky mess to clean up in the morning.”

“I know… I’ll change some of the pictures in my head…”

“I can feel Amy’s sexy thong between my fingers… But it’s changing… The delicate material is getting courser… It feels like… Cardboard? It’s a box! I’m outside taking the recycling out! How boring… That feels better.”

I could feel a grin spreading across my face. I truely wanted to help but I was allowed my fun.

“Now I’m thinking about her body again… That gold G-string of hers… Gosh it looks good on her. All tucked up between her cheeks… I worked so hard for her to have something that nice up her bottom. I just love thinking about Amy’s tooshie.”

A disapproving scoff broke our focus for a second.

“Sorry yes, that doesn’t sound like you… Ass? Yes ass,” I said clearing my throat and whispering again.

“I just… I just love thinking about Amy’s sexy ass when I’m in bed… How does she keep it all pert and rosy like that? I simply must give it a squeeze. Wow. Her cheeks feel so good in my hands. But hang on… Why do they feel all soft like that? They’re… pillows? I’m not with Amy at all, I’m making my bed!”

Paul’s jitters turned to a subtle rocking back and forth. I could feel his concentration getting stronger.

“Wow, I nearly felt the need to stroke between my legs but I don’t need to at all anymore!”

Biting down again, I stopped my grin from spreading any further. I was about to be the one in need of some relief in a second just thinking about how hard he was trying.

“I’m so lucky I’m able to control myself better. I know its normal to think about Amy’s body and I’m sure she doesn’t mind… Now I can do all kinds of stuff for her without any pesky tension downstairs!”

I felt his rocking slow.

“I know Amy likes a nice clean pair of panties… I’ll bet I can surprise her in the morning by washing one of her favourites! It’ll be just like washing the dishes… And shining her heels will be just like shining the car.”

I twisted my head as my mind searched for more weak spots.

“And if she says her tooshie is getting a bit — her ass is getting a bit uncomfortable… I’ll bet I can reach back there and unpick the thong from her cheeks without even trying to think about anything naughty.”

Paul pouted and let out a focused whoosh of breath like he’d just lifted something really heavy. My special guy was trying so hard. All for me.

“Now open your eyes.”

Paul did as I asked but kept them firmly fixed on the floor.

“You see how far some mental discipline can go?”

Still not daring to look up, he composed himself.

“I think I understand Amy. I won’t make a mess again.”

“I know you won’t bud,” I said, scruffing his hair before standing and taking a few steps toward the chair behind him. Still in a paralyzed state, he barely noticed as I picked up my black heels and tiptoed back.

“After all, if you did…” I said casually, sliding one foot in, followed by the other.

Paul watched as I sat myself back on the couch in front of him. My shirt just covering the panties he had tended to, I slowly crossed my right leg over my left leaving the shiny black toes of my heel pointing right between his eyes, barely half an inch away.

Pausing a moment, I soaked in his awe before finishing my thought.

“There will have to be consequences.”


My concentration was waning again. I was always slipping into a dream. But it was Amy’s dream.

Like I could picture everything she wanted if there was nothing stopping her. I imagined myself holding her up. But there were ten of me. All two feet tall moving her around on of those beds with carrying poles that ancient kings would lay in.

All the ways we could make her happy. One of me to feed her grapes, another to fan her face and one dedicated to picking the golden panties out from her perfect royal rear.

A black shiny face peered back at me as I lifted the cloth I’d brought up from downstairs. They looked plenty clean to me but Amy would be back any minute and the last thing I needed was for her to be disappointed again.

Another hundred hard earned points, I thought proudly. I wanted her to know she could always count on me to make her happy.

It didn’t seem fair that I was being punished for loosing some control when she wasn’t making it easy but I appreciated not having lost any points. She could be kind when she wanted to be.

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