11 Mayıs 2023

An online friend from the USA visits London


Another day of heavy rain in London.  I listened from my bed as the latest storm drove rain into the window. Outside I could hear the wind howling. Without even opening the shutters I knew it was going to be grim.My mood was not improved by the radio news. Coronavirus, Trump and the latest post-Brexit fuck-up from our incompetent government.If all that wasn’t enough I had just been dumped again, by WhatsApp this time, a first for me. I was done with online dating, it was a disaster for me. Liars, frauds & high-maintenance losers, was all I had encountered. I thought the last one might actually work out, she seemed normal compared to the rest. The message on my phone said otherwise.I deleted her message and erased her as a contact. I reached for my laptop, logged onto the dating site I had been using and canceled my subscription. I deleted my profile and de-linked it from my email account. That felt better, but the weather outside was awful. I would not be going walking today. I logged onto a popular porn site and began browsing. I found a star who I liked had uploaded a new video. I pulled down my shorts grabbed Bostancı Escort my cock and masturbated while I watched her have amazing sex. She did everything I wanted to do with a partner. It sounds corny but we came together, I shot a load just as her video finished. I cleaned myself up, did some exercises and stretches and headed for the shower. I lived alone after my divorce but had in fact been alone much longer than that. My ex-wife had lost interest in life and in herself and certainly in our sex life years before. Splitting from her was one of the best things I had done. I had also embarked on a radical fitness programme and had turned my life around. I felt great, looked better, felt positive, began enjoying work again. A total turnaround.The only problem was that with the new me came a renewed libido. I had always been keen on sex and now I was free of a toxic relationship I was ready to get out there. It turned out to be not so simple. I enjoyed a couple of flings, tried online but on the whole, I was very frustrated.I went into my kitchen and made coffee and some Bostancı Escort Bayan healthy porridge. After breakfast, I started to deal with some emails. One was a message from Lush Stories.I logged into my account and saw a message from Tracey. In it, she said that her company was sending her to London for a conference and she wondered whether it would be possible to meet?I had found Lush Stories on one of my many lonely nights. I liked the stories and the honest chats. I had submitted a couple of stories myself and received very generous feedback. Tracey, in particular, had been very supportive.We began chatting and our on-line relationship had developed. At first, it was mildly flirty but became sexier and sexier as our confidence grew. We exchanged ideas and fantasies. I felt I could ask her things that had been a complete no-go area during my marriage. I enquired if she shaved her pussy. She did, sometimes completely, sometimes leaving a little. Tracey asked me how I would feel about tieing her to my bed and blindfolding her before sex. We both masturbated vigorously Escort Bostancı during that chat.As our confidence grew we exchanged pictures. I sent her a gift of a silk camisole from an English lingerie designer I had supported for years. The garment fitted her perfectly and the picture showed her breasts and erect nipples through a see-through lace top. I imagined lifting it up and feeling her wet smooth pussy underneath it. I often masturbated when looking at that shot.I replied at once that I would very definitely be up for a meeting and would enjoy showing her London. I did warn her that it was currently very wet.With the time difference, I didn’t expect a reply.“I hope to be wet quite a lot while I am there,” she replied in her usual sexy confident manner. She explained that she was working very late on a project that needed salvaging from an over-zealous but entirely useless boss. Tracey was up for some more sexy chat but I told her to crack on with the project and then get some sleep. I checked the dates for the conference online and saw that it was to be held in the new but rather sterile Docklands area to the East of London. Everyone had hoped that the 2012 Olympics would act as a catalyst for this part of London. The games had been a success but the area was still cut off and isolated.  I checked my work rota and saw that I still had annual leave to use so I booked time off while Tracey would be here.

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