16 Mayıs 2023

Anchors Away!! (Pt. 06)


I stirred from my sleep, then sat bolt upright in bed… SMOKE! I SMELL SMOKE, THE FUCKING SHIP IS ON FIRE!

I spring out of bed, in a panic, rushing toward the rear hatch to investigate! But as I reach the galley area, I stop dead in my tracks.

Ingrid spins around at the stove and says “Sorry! I scorched one of the pancakes”

There on the counter by the stove, was a stack of pancakes, a plate full of sausages patties and a pan full of homemade biscuits.

“Didn’t know which you would prefer, Pancakes and sausage, or biscuits and gravy, so I made both” Ingrid said as she continued to stir the pan of gravy.

“She’s got her heart set on making you fuck a fat chick” Bob mumbles as she shuffled down the hall behind me, “Looks and smells fantastic” she says as she darts into the head.

Tom comes staggering down the hall as well…

“Her Majesty the Queen is currently seated upon her throne” I say, pointing to the closed door of the head. Tom paces back and forth, clutching his junk as he waits his turn…

Bob exits the head, then pitter-pats her bare feet over and plops down in a chair beside me, as Tom springs into the head behind her.

“Did anyone happen to catch the number of that fucking bus that hit me….my head is throbbing!” Bob says as she leans on her elbows and rubs her temples.

“Here, drink this” Ingrid says as she sets a shot glass of brown liquid in front of Bob.

“What the fuck is this?” Bob asks, looking inside the glass.

“Hair of the dog” replies Ingrid “Best way I know of, to cure a hangover… drink another shot of what gave you the hangover”

“Oh, fuck no!” Bob said repulsed by even the smell…

“Drink it” Ingrid implored “My daddy was an alcoholic, drank himself into an early grave. This is one of the few lessons he taught me, seen it work many times. My little brother and I stole some whisky from the liquor cabinet once and tried to prove we was a grown up…got sicker than shit, and daddy beat our asses good when he found out… let us suffer a bad hangover for a while, before he taught us this cure…It worked, but that is why I won’t drink whisky to this day!”

“Just tip your head back and let it slide down your throat…will burn like hell…but you WILL feel better in just a few minutes, promise”

Bob gingerly picked up the glass, placed it to her lips, then quickly threw her head back and tossed the brown liquid down her throat.

She coughed and gagged and made faces for a moment or two as she caught her breath. Sat there quietly for a bit… ” Son-of-a bitch, that really worked, my head don’t hurt no more!”

“Told you” Ingrid said with a knowing grin.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast buffet. Helped Ingrid clear the table, then wash the dishes before going topside to prepare to shove off.

Tom kept looking over at the tin building on the dock, where we fueled up last night.

“Wonder if that is some kind of country store?” he wondered aloud.

“I don’t know, I never went inside….do you need something?” I ask

“Yeah, kinda forgot to pack something important before we left. would not mind checking to see if the old guy has some, before we leave. IF you don’t mind”.

“Easy enough to slip over there in the john boat, we can wait right here till you get back” I say

“Go by myself?” Tom asks hesitantly…

“Sure, boat is easy enough to handle, I’ll show you how to start it, then all you have to do is flip the lever to put it in gear, twist the throttle to rev the engine, and off you go. Just do not forget that boats don’t have any brakes, so slow way down, BEFORE you get to where you want to go, then just putt, putt, putt along…till you can kick it out of gear and float right up to the dock. Tie it to a mooring cleat securely…so that it will still be there when you get back.

Tom gives it some deep thought, then says “Okay, I’ll do it”

I help Tom get into the small boat in the water…he fires the engine up, just as instructed. Puts it in gear and gingerly increases the throttle. Might take him all day to travel that short distance, but I can see him beaming with pride as he operates the small craft by himself.

He returns a brief time later, still smiling from ear to ear.

As he crawls out of the boat, he has a brown paper sack that he hands up to me, to hold.

“Found what you were looking for, I take it”

His grin was even wider as he said “Yes, and the old man just gave me a whole big box for free!”

“What is it? I asked

CONDOMS! Tom replied “144 of them”

“Ingrid won’t hardly let me get near her without I have one on”.

“Old man asked if I was diddling one of those girls on the boat. and when I said yes… He just handed me the whole freaking box, told me to do her one time for him! Wouldn’t take any money for it!”

We set about preparing to head down the river.

Just as we were getting ready to untie the mooring lines and leave…

I hear my cell phone ringing….so I answer and hear; “GOD DAMMIT DAD, WHERE IN Escort Sarıyer THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

“On the Mississippi about halfway between Memphis and Vicksburg”

“Well, you need to get your wrinkled old ass home, right fucking now! Mom is so pissed I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t cause her to have a stroke!” My son yells angrily

.”So, what has set her off … THIS time? I ask

“You know Goddamn good and well, why she is pissed…You left us all here without any goddamn money! We have NOTHING, understand NOTHING, not a goddamn cent to fucking live on! He screams into the phone”

“I beg to differ Son, I made arrangements with the bank, before I left, to make sure that enough money was transferred into each of your accounts, to cover all of your normal monthly expenses…just like I always do.”

“But it isn’t enough, you old fuckwit, Bank said that all that money went to pay bills and won’t let us have any more till next month. I need more money RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Mom needs more and Sis need more…just what the fuck do you expect us to do?”

“For starters, get a goddamn job! Sell some of that worthless shit you swore you just HAD to have…but have never used! HELL, you could open up a goddamn store with all of the crap you three have hoarded up!”

“Fuck that dad! I have an image to uphold! I am NOT doing fucking retail. I can’t have my people thinking that I do not have money!”

“Well, keep on with the “attitude” and keep talking to me the way that you do, and I will call the bank and tell them to shut everyone’s expense accounts down completely, let you three learn the real meaning of being broke…instead of merely inconvenienced!”

“Fuck you!” he Screamed…then the call ended.

“That sounded very intense” Tom says ” Couldn’t help but overhear, anything I can do to help?”

“Not really” I say “Just giving my family a nice heaping dose of reality; for a change…and they are not liking it one bit!

All they want me around for…is to be their personal; walking talking 24-hour ATM for them. So, I put them all on a budget, without telling them in advance….and they are all livid about it! It is unfortunate, but it is something that I feel, had to be done, and should have been done long ago. Because if I died tomorrow, they would all three, blow through every penny that I have worked so hard to make and be bankrupt in no time!”

“My dad and I started, then built up, a thriving auto parts business” I continue “When dad passed, with me being the only child, I inherited the business. Sure, I could have sold everything then and there and made a large profit. But I chose to expand and grow the business, instead… until eventually, there was a total of twenty-three stores in the chain.”

“I have since sold off all of those stores, one by one but still get paid dividends and residuals from the profits that each store makes.”

“I’m no multi-millionaire by any stretch of the imagination. But I have a nice healthy income stream, coming in every month…and if managed properly, it could take care of my entire family’s needs for the rest of our lives”

“Every month, I invest a portion of that income, then divide up the rest, giving one fourth share to myself, my wife, my son, and my daughter, to do with as we wish.

Invariably, every month the other three will come back to me, begging for more money…and like a dumb ass, I give it to them! So, I’ve been trying to sink as much of my share into this ship as I can…just so that they couldn’t get their hands on it readily.”

“Well, that sucks,” said Tom

“Yeah, what you were saying about family being the worst about fucking you over, certainly rings true with mine!”

We untie the ship…and begin heading back out into open waters, just as we are passing by the fuel dock, the old man comes out and waves to us yelling “Thanks, see you next trip!”

We all wave back, then Bob and Ingrid both slip their bikini tops off….and shake their bare breasts for the old man.

“Yippee!” The old man yells “That’s what I’m talking about!”

Once we are clear of other boat traffic, out into the main channel once again. I call for Bob to come to me.

“What-cha need?” she asks

“Time for you take over the wheel for a while, I’ll stay right here to help guide you along”

” Bet I know what you will be using to guide me with…been this route before” she teased

“Not this time, this is for reals, as you would say”

I step out of the way and let her get comfortable in the captain’s seat. I turn control of the wheel over to her and step back.

Bob sits there rigidly with a look of total concentration on her face.

“Just relax” I tell her “Let the ship do the work, you just tell it what to do. Just keep it in between those red and green channel markers… easy peasy”

“But how do I know if I am staying in the channel?”

“Just remember the saying “Red on Right Returning” …on our way down the river…the green markers will be on the right Silivri escort bayan side of the ship…if we were to decide to return to St Louis… the red markers will be on our right side.”

As we cruise along, she relaxes and looks more comfortable with what she is doing.

We pass by a hazard buoy, and I explain what they are for… “See how the water is swirling around near the buoy” I point out ” That means that there is something under the water right there, that is causing turbulence. Might be a sandbar, might be a submerged log, a huge rock or even the remains of a shipwreck, who knows…but no matter what it is, you want to stay clear of any area of swirling water like that area…whether there is a hazard marker or not! Markers just point out the known hazards! Big old tree trunk may fall in the river and sink…with nobody knowing anything about it, until someone hits it! Submerged logs were what caused many of the old steam powered riverboats to sink. Hit a log, which pokes a hole in the bottom and down the ship goes! That is why you have to stay so vigilant when you are at the wheel”

“Yes sir” she replies

” Think I’m going to go see what Tom and Ingrid are up to” I say

“And leave me up here all by myself?” she asks, a look of nervousness washing over her face.

“You will do fine” I say “sometimes the best way to teach someone something… is to give them instructions and then move away and let them do it! If you need anything just yell or hit the foghorn button and I will come right back”

I just barely got to the bottom of the steps when I am startled by a loud blast of the ship’s foghorn! I spun around and bound back up the steps looking over toward Bob to see what the matter is…

“Just testing” she giggles “Something new to play with, just had to see if it works”

“Yes, it works alright, darn near scared the crap out of me in the process! “

“Good!” she exclaims “You are too full of crap as it is!”

I go below deck, into the galley area and see that Ingrid has a fresh pot of Coffee warming on the stove. She has what looks like ground beef thawing in a bowl, as well as a crockery bowl covered in a kitchen towel with bread dough rising in it!

I help myself to a cup of coffee, sit down at the table and take a sip. “Perfect cup of coffee” I say to myself after the first sip

Just as I finish the last dregs in the cup, I hear a muffled giggle coming from the forward cabins and decide to slip back there and surprise Tom and Ingrid.

Turns out, they surprised me!

I quietly creep down the hall toward the cabins, just as I am about to jump out at Tom and Ingrid, to scare them. I notice their reflection in a mirror and freeze right where I am.

Ingrid is laying on her back on the bed, naked, Tom is on top of her, naked as well. Ingrid has both of her legs thrown up over Tom’s shoulders. His hard condom covered cock plunging deep into her pink pussy!

I stayed right where I was, barely even breathing, so as not to make a sound….and watch them enjoying their bodies in a moment of unbridled passion. I cannot help but reach down and slip my own cock out of the leg of my shorts and stand there jacking off as I watch them…

I can hear Ingrid moaning, and Tom grunting as he pounds his cock deep inside of her. His thrusting suddenly becomes very erratic, and his back stiffens as he fills the condom with his hot cum. He grabs the base of his cock to hold the condom on…and slides his wet, rubber covered cock, out of her pussy.

Once freed…he quickly moves down to orally stimulate her….in a head down, ass up position with the heavily laden condom dangling from his softening cock.

Ingrid grabs onto the back of his head and holds him there as she rides out an extraordinarily strong orgasm. When she cries out…I shoot a huge load of cum into the palm of my own hand…and quickly make my escape, before they notice that I have been watching!

I grab a paper towel from the galley, wipe my hands clean and dispose of the “evidence” in the trash. then head back up the stairs to see how well “Captain Bob” is managing.

“Thank god! You DID come back” she exclaims “You can have this back any time you are ready! It is fun… but makes me nervous as fuck!”

I take back control of the wheel as Bob steps away.

She starts to go down the steps, so I say with a grin… “Might want to stay topside for just a bit. let them have some privacy.”

Bob acted surprised and exclaimed “Noooo! Don’t tell me they were down there fucking when you went down!”

“Appeared that way to me.”

“Fuuuuck!” Bob loudly whispers “Little bitch is gonna get herself pregnant! I tried to tell her, I did, I tried to tell her, but she didn’t listen”

“They were using a condom,” I said without thinking…

“Well, that’s a relief, Ingrid told me that she didn’t think he brought any and apparently she ain’t on no pill”

“She was right, He forgot to pack any condoms”

“Then where the fuck did, he Topkapı escort produce one? You give one to him?” she asked, puzzled

“Nope!” I say, “Old man at the fuel dock gave him a box of 144, hopefully that will last them till we at least get to Vicksburg!”

“So, just how the fuck do you know that they were trying out the merchandise?”

“Don’t say anything to them, but I watched them through the mirror in their cabin”

“Damn, you really are a pervert aren’t you!” she laughed “Did that make your ole PeePee get hard?”

“For a while” I said

“OOOOOH, don’t tell me you jerked off watching them? You DID, didn’t you!! Well fuck me a running. Here I am, up here slaving my ass off, doing YOUR work…and the rest of you fuckers is down below slinging cum everywhere! Damn my luck anyway!!” she laughs

“Just for that I’m going to sit right over here, and get my own self off, and you ain’t gonna get to do nothing, but steer the boat and watch!”

True to her word, Bob did exactly as she had threatened…. she stripped off her clothes, sat down on the passenger seat. put her feet up on the seat…spreading her legs wide….and began to play with her pussy and squeeze one of her nipples.

I have seen women play with themselves before…but only for very brief periods of time. So, I was feeling privileged, to be allowed to watch as Bob teased and played with her vagina, working herself up into a sexual frenzy. Soon a steady stream of clear fluid was trickling from her…running down over her little brown asshole, forming a puddle on the seat below. As the sexual excitement grew, she became even more aggressive with her actions….at first, she had only been lightly rubbing her clit and her pussy lips, occasionally dipping a finger or two inside. Now, her labia are splayed wide, and she is using the palm of her hand to rub her clit and pubic mound…ramming two fingers deep inside with each stroke, as if she were trying to grab ahold of her orgasm and pull it out from inside her pussy!

Suddenly, she begins to gasp…and her body begins to convulse as a wave of intense pleasure shakes her to her core. She is shaking and moaning so much that I thought for sure, she is going to fall off that seat. But her little butt cheeks are holding on as tight as they can…while the orgasmic spasms slowly dwindle in their intensity.

Bob sat there for a few moments as she catches her breath, then looks over at me and says: “THERE, now we are all even again!”

Shortly before dark, we arrive at Vicksburg. We tie up to a city dock and inquire about a place to moor for the night. Person behind the desk, gives me a slip number, charges me $100 for the night. Which sounds pricey…until he mentions that they have facilities for us to refill the freshwater tanks and to pump out the “black water” as well as fuel pumps…so that when we leave in the morning…the ship will be back to being as ready for the journey ahead.as she was, when she left St Joseph

We find our assigned slip, Bob and Tom throw bumpers over the sides and tie off to the mooring cleats. Once the ship is secured in the slip. We drag the black water hose to the ship, attach it to the tank and switch on the pump. Bob and Tom both gag at the smell coming from the tank.

Bob cannot pass up the opportunity to harass Tom about how if he would quit leaving turds in the head every morning…the size of a watermelon…we would not need to be pumping this tank out.

Once that task was done, we fill the clean water tanks…change the filters on the water filtration system I had installed so that we could use river water for non-potable water uses, such as showers, toilet flushing, general cleaning etc. saving the freshwater tank for drinking and cooking.

As we finish…Ingrid comes topside to inform us that she has an evening meal ready for us Meat loaf, Baked potatoes, coleslaw, and loaves of home-made white bread. Absolutely delicious as always!

“Figured we can use the left-over meatloaf to make sandwiches for tomorrows lunch” she informs us as we were serving ourselves.”

“With the way we all eat, you actually expect for there to be left-overs?” teased Bob.

“If we eat it all, I can always make something else. not a problem” Ingrid replies back.

After we have helped Ingrid clean up…we sit around and talk while drinking tall glasses of “Sweet tea” that Ingrid has made.

“Is it just me, or is it fucking hot in here” Bob calls out

Ingrid says, “It’s hot, sorry…I’ve had the oven on most of the afternoon.”

“Then I think it’s time to get naked” Bob says, as she stands up and begins to remove her clothes. First Tom, then I start taking our clothes off as well. Ingrid sat there for a moment watching the rest of us. then says “in for a penny, in for a pound” then stands up and removes her clothes as well.

As she sits back down, Bob exclaims “MUCH better! I was sweating like a whore in church. So, what do you all want to do…go topside and play a rousing game of naked leapfrog?” She asks

“We are back in civilization now…that would probably get us all arrested” I say

“Guess we are stuck with indoor activities then” Bob says as she slides over next to me. “What do you say Captain, want me to hop up on your lap, so we can talk about the first thing that pops up?” she asks coyly

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