17 Kasım 2022

And You’re Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 04

Big Dicks

Afraid of the dark and of ghosts, Violet asked her father-in-law if she can innocently sleep with him. Yet, with her not as innocent as she appeared to be, she had forbidden, sexual intentions. She was ready to have incestuous sex with her father-in-law.

Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 03:

Something that Violet wasn’t in the habit of doing but something that her FILF of a father-in-law, John, needed to do to relax and help him sleep, they had a drink before bed. He sipped a double, single, malt scotch with water and without ice and she had a glass of red wine. After living together for a week, his one scotch grew to two, double scotches before bed and her one glass of wine increased to two glasses of wine before bed.

With her so shapely thin, after two glasses of wine, unable to pass a breathalyzer test and unable drive if she had to drive, she was a little tipsy. If she dared have a third glass of wine, she’d be sexually vulnerable. She’d show her father-in-law the whore that she had become to be after reading his wife’s, her mother-in-law’s diary detailing the sex that Diana had with her son, Michael. Maybe after she changed into her nightgown, daring herself to flash her father-in-law her nearly, naked tits, her nearly, naked ass, and her nearly, naked pussy, she’d have a third glass of wine.

In the way that she flashed him her bright, white bikini panties while sitting across from him in her short skirt and slowly crossed and seductively uncrossed her long, shapely legs, she did the same thing while wearing her short, nightgown. With her not wearing panties beneath her nightgown, she flashed him her black, trimmed, naked pussy. Doing everything sexual that her mother-in-law did with her son, Violet did everything sexual that she dared to do with her father-in-law.

Perhaps, it was her grief. Perhaps, it was her loneliness. Perhaps, it was her horniness and her sexual frustration but she was ready to become a whore for her father-in-law. In the way that Michael had incestuous sexual, lustful desire for his mother, Violet had incestuous, sexual, lustful desire for her husband’s father. Apparently, with him unable to make the next, incestuous move on his daughter-in-law, she was ready to make the next, incestuous move on her father-in-law. She was ready to sexually seduce him.

With her wearing practically nothing, cold and trembling, before bed, they had already cuddled on the couch while watching a movie. He lightly massaged her shoulder and mindlessly massaged her back. His big, warm, manly hand felt good on her soft, sexy, and shapely body. She only wished he’d touch and feel her where a father-in-law should never touch and feel his daughter-in-law. In the way that Terry Donovan played by Eddie Marsan in Ray Donovan kissed his sister-in-law, Abby Donovan, played by Paula Malcomson, she only wished he’d take her in his arms and kiss her, French kiss her.

With his arm around her shoulder, when she slouched down and cuddled into him, he put his hand on the top of her nightgown clad ass and she rested her hand on his pajama clad thigh. With both of their hands inches away from starting something, forbiddingly sexual, Violet was filled with sexual anticipation. In the way she wished he’d touch, feel, and squeeze her shapely, black ass, she wanted to touch, feel, and stroke his big, white cock. Then, when she slouched down further, knowing that it would, intentionally flashing him her naked breasts, the top of her nightgown fell forward and opened.

Never an exhibitionist until now, with her fingertips nearly in contact with his pajama clad cock, she sexually, incestuously, and unmercifully teased her deceased, husband’s father by flashing him her nearly, naked body. No doubt, with him just as sad, lonely, and horny as she was sad, lonely, and horny, they were easy marks for whatever may sexually and incestuously happen. With her having practiced this move in her mirror while sitting on her bed, she knew he had a good down-nightgown view of her naked breasts. She knew he could see not only her tits but also her erect nipples too.

Even though she couldn’t see him looking, she could feel him staring. With Violet flashing him her naked breasts, her husband’s Dad was staring at her naked breasts. With her so nakedly exposed and with him staring at all that she was showing and all that he could see of her, he was making her so sexually aroused. He was making her so wet. With her having made the first sexual move by wearing this nearly transparent nightgown, she just wished he’d make the next forbidden, sexual move and touch her, feel her, and grope her while kissing her.

With Violet feeling lonely, horny, and sexually frustrated, she wished her husband’s father move his hand beneath her nightgown and feel her naked, black ass, fondle her naked, black ass, and squeeze her naked, black ass. Not stopping there, she wished he’d stick his hand down her open nightgown top and touch, feel, fondle, and grope her naked, black breasts istanbul escort while fingering her erect nipples and French kissing her. If he did, there’d be no telling what she’d sexually do to him and for him.

Horny enough to do so, while imagining having her wicked, sexual way with her father-in-law’s stiff prick, if he sexually aroused her enough, she’d remove his cock from his pajama bottoms. She’d stare at his stiff prick while fondling the head of his cock with her fingertips. Then, while staring up at him and teasing him with her big, blue eyes, she’d wrap her manicured fingers around his dick and slowly stroke him.

If she had one more glass of wine, she’d lower her mouth down to his big, erect prick and suck him. If she had one more glass of wine, with her needing to have a sexual orgasm, she’d even allow him to make love to her before fucking her. If she had one more glass of wine, in the way that her husband had incestuous sex with his mother, she’d have incestuous sex with her father-in-law.

‘Fuck me, Daddy. Stick your big, hard cock, in my warm, wet cunt,’ she imagined saying. ‘Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me faster. Daddy don’t stop. Don’t stop, Daddy. Fuck me good. I need to cum, Daddy. I need to cum. Make me cum, Daddy. Make me cum.’

# # #

With him not wearing underwear beneath his pajama bottoms, he was getting an erection from just holding her while resting his hand at the top of her nightgown clad, nearly, naked ass. In the way that she knew he could see her long, line of sexy cleavage and the tops of her meaty, naked breasts down her low-cut nightgown, she could see the side of his flaccid cock peeking out of his pee hole. In the way that she knew he could see her areolas and her erect nipples in a down-nightgown view, she could see his dark, brown pubic hair through his open pajama pee hole.

Horny enough to do so, she was tempted to touch his big, flaccid prick with her fingertips. She wondered what he’d say if she did touch his cock with her fingertips. She wished she could take him in her horny hand and stroke him. She wondered what more he’d do if she dared showed as much interest in his prick as he was obviously showing his interest in her naked breasts.

Enamored with his prick, as if mesmerized by a snake charmer while hoping it would pop out of his pajama pee hole, she stared at what she could see of his flaccid dick. She stared at the side of his naked prick in the way that he focused his stare down her nightgown top at her naked breasts. She wondered if she could sexually tease him enough for him to get an erection. In the way that she’d love to see his flaccid, naked cock, she’d love to see his erect, naked cock even more.

Perhaps, releasing the beast, if his cock grew big enough, hard enough, and stiff enough, it would appear out of his pajama pee hole. As if his prick was a Jack-in-the-Box, she didn’t know what she’d do if his cock suddenly appeared out of his pajamas. In the way that she wished he’d sexually touch her, feel her, fondle her, and grope her, if his stiff prick suddenly appeared in the way of a Cobra being charmed, she couldn’t help herself from touching it, wrapping her fingers around it, and stroking it.

‘Definitely, if his prick popped out of his pajama pee hole, I’d put my hand on it. I’d wrap my long, manicured fingers around it. Definitely, if his cock popped out of his pee hole, I’d put my mouth on it,’ she thought while continuing to make herself even hornier and wetter. ‘If his cock magically appeared, I’d not only stroke his stiff prick but also, I’d suck his hard cock before fucking his big erection.’

With her horny hand mere inches away from his limp prick, she wondered if she could control herself from wrapping her long, manicured fingers around her father-in-law’s, big dick. After the death of his wife and his son, she figured a hand job would help relax him. She’d love to see how big he grew and how hard he got. She figured him shooting a warm, oozy load of sperm would temporarily free his mind from thinking of his deceased wife and son.

She’d love to watch her father-in-law cum. Even better than a hand job, after the death of his wife and his son, she was certain that a blowjob was just what he needed to forget about them for a few minutes. In the way that she’d love to stroke John’s prick, she’d love to suck his prick. In the way that he’d, no doubt, would love her to blow him, she’d love to blow him. In the way that he’d, no doubt, would love to cum in her mouth, she’d love him to cum in her mouth too.

Only, with him obviously afraid to make the next sexual move, she did everything she could do to encourage him to touch her, feel her, fondle her, and grope her by flashing him her naked body. She not only flashed him her panties when sitting across from him in the living room but also, she flashed him her naked cunt after she changed in her nightgown. She even flashed him her naked breasts. If showing him her naked pussy and tits weren’t beşiktaş escort enough to give him an erection and encourage him to touch her and feel her, then she didn’t know what else to do.

Not wanting him to think her a whore, even though she was tempted and horny enough to do so, she wanted to stick her hand inside his pajamas and wrap her fingers around his big dick. She wanted to fondle his prick while stroking his prick. She wanted to lick, kiss, and suck his prick. In the way that she wished he’d finger and lick her pussy, she wanted him to make love to her before fucking her.

Instead, after the movie was over, with John obviously afraid to make a sexual move on his daughter-in-law, they went to bed. Even hornier and more sexually frustrated now than she was before, she went to her room and he went to his room. All Violet could think about was flashing her father-in-law her panties, her naked pussy, and her big, naked breasts. All she could think about was stroking her father-in-law while sucking him before making love to him and fucking him. All she could think about was sex, incestuous sex.

Unable to sleep, she laid there for an hour while wondering if he was sexually thinking about her in the way that she was sexually thinking about him. So very horny and so very sexually frustrated, she needed to masturbate. She needed to cum. Only, tired of masturbating herself, wishing John would masturbate her, she’d wished her father-in-law would give her the sexual pleasure and incestuous satisfaction that she needed to finally have a good night’s sleep.

Chapter 04:

Later that night, unable to sleep, overwhelmed with sadness, grief, and consternation, suddenly afraid to sleep alone, Violet did something boldly daring. She did something she never would have done had her husband and his mother still been alive. Was it not for her loneliness, her horniness, and her sexual frustration, she did something that she never would have done had her husband not had a longtime, incestuous, sexual affair with his mother.

Only, as if she was doing something wrong, she felt so guilty. She was so nervous. As if she was going on a job interview, fearing that she’d be rejected, she was so afraid. What if John wasn’t as sexually interested in her as she was sexually interested in him? What if he wasn’t sexually attracted to a mixed-race woman in the way that his son was? What if he respected the memory of his son and of his wife not to take sexual advantage of his daughter-in-law.

Tempted to tell him, if only he knew they were having sex, what would he do then? Would he make love to her in the way that her dead husband made love to his mother? Would he fuck her in the way that Michael fucked his mother? Would he allow her to suck his cock and cum in her mouth? Would he give her his baby?

‘This is it. I’m going to sexually seduce my father-in-law. This is it, I’m going to have sex with my husband’s father, John,’ she thought while getting out of bed. ‘I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. I can’t believe I want him to make love to me before fucking me. I can’t believe I’m ready to stroke his prick, suck his prick, and fuck his prick while kissing him.’

She turned on her light. It was 1:00 am. She climbed out of bed, brushed her hair, and applied her makeup. She wanted to look good for her father-in-law. She wanted to look good for her sexual seduction of John.

Then, with one last detail to apply, she applied the pieced résistance. She coated her full, soft lips with bright, red lipstick. With her wearing this sexy nightgown without having the modesty to wear a robe over it and with her wearing this sexy, ruby red lipstick, there’d be no mistaking my sexual intentions. She wanted him. She wanted to have sex with him.

‘Lipstick on the dipstick,’ she thought while imagining blowing her father-in-law and leaving lipstick marks all over his erect prick. She’d love to make his big prick red from her full, red, lips.

As if she was a female version of a peeping Tom spying on her Daddy, she walked to her father-in-law’s bedroom. As soon as she ever so quietly opened her bedroom door and walked out of her bedroom, she saw that John’s bedroom door was wide open. She wondered if he was awake.

Undaunted, she was already beyond the point of no return. Whether he was awake or sleeping, she was going to do what she needed to do. Yet, she was as nervous as she was sexually excited. If he wasn’t awake, she wondered if he was sleeping naked. That would be so convenient if he was sleeping naked. She’d love to see her father-in-law’s naked prick. She was as horny as she was sexually frustrated.

With her not having a plan of sexual seduction, playing it all by ear, she didn’t know what she was going to do. She had already showed him her panties in up-skirt flashes. She had already shown him her long, line of sexy cleavage and her low-cut brassiere in down-blouse flashes. She had already showed him her naked beylikdüzü escort pussy in up-nightgown peeks and her naked breasts in down-nightgown views. Other than to put her hand and her mouth on his cock, what else could she do to sexually seduce her father-in-law?

Yet, whatever she’d do was wrong, nasty, and forbidden. Never having done anything like this before, she felt perversely perverted. She suddenly felt as bad as her husband must have felt the first time he had sex with his mother. Yet, she felt as sexually excited as her husband must have felt the first time he not only saw his mother naked but also the first time he touched, felt, and had sex with her naked body.

# # #

As if frozen in place, she stood in the darken hall listening to hear if she could hear his TV, to hear if he was awake, or to hear if he was snoring. She stayed there listening for what seemed like an hour but was only a few minutes. Then, so nervous, as if she was walking a pirate’s plank on a ship, she slowly stepped closer to his room.

Step by step, foot by foot, the closer she was to his bedroom, the more determined she was to have sex with her father-in-law. She didn’t know what she’d do when she got to his room. She didn’t know what he’d do when he saw her standing there should he awaken. Hoping he’d awaken, she stood by his opened bedroom door. She stared at him while watching him sleeping.

With the moonlight lighting up his room in the way of a nightlight, she stared at all that she could see of him. Then, she saw what she had hoped to see and wanted to see. She saw his naked prick. As if imagining it, she couldn’t believe she was seeing John’s naked prick.

With his naked prick out of his pajama bottoms, his hand rested by his flaccid prick. Obviously, he had been fondling himself. She wondered if he had been masturbating himself. She wondered if he had been masturbating over her. Something she never thought she’d ever see when married to his son, she couldn’t believe she was seeing her father-in-law’s, naked prick.

The sight of his cock made her so horny. The sight of his cock made her so wet. It had been a while since she had a cock in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy. In the way that she never needed one before, she needed a big, hard, erect cock now. She wanted and needed her father-in-law’s prick. As much as she needed to blow him, she needed him to fuck her.

# # #

She wondered again if he had been thinking of her while masturbating himself. She wondered if he had imagined her naked and having sex with her naked, black, beautiful body. She wondered he had imagined her stroking him before blowing him. She wondered if he had imagined making love to her before fucking her. She wondered if he had imagined cumming in her mouth before cumming in her cunt. She wondered if he had imagined giving her a cum bath and cumming all over her face, in her hair, and across her naked breasts.

‘God,’ she thought. ‘My way to get back at my dead husband, I’d love to blow my father-in-law. My way to get back at my dead mother-in-law, I’d love for him to cum in my mouth. After he made love to me and fucked me, after he ejaculated his cum in my pussy, I’d love him to ejaculate his cum in my mouth. I’d love him to give me a cum bath. I’d love him to cum all over my face.’

Then, thinking beyond just giving her father-in-law a blowjob, she always wanted a baby. Now, with her husband dead, since he couldn’t give her a baby, maybe his father could impregnate her with his child. No one would know it was her father-in-law’s baby. With her husband’s body still warm in the ground, they’d think that he impregnated her before he had that tragic accident with his mother.

Now, instead of focusing her attention on getting pregnant and having a baby, she thought of John’s cock. In the way that her husband saw his mother’s, naked pussy, she couldn’t believe she was seeing his father’s, naked cock. His flaccid prick was just as big as her husband’s flaccid prick. Suspecting it grew as big and as hard as her husband’s big and hard dick when sexually excited, she wondered how much bigger it grew when he had an erection.

With him obviously sleeping, while he lay sleeping, she was so tempted to climb in bed with him. While he lay sleeping, she was so tempted to go to him and take him in her hand. While he lay sleeping, she so wanted to fondle his prick while slowly stroking his dick. While he lay sleeping, she so wanted to masturbate her father-in-law in the way that her husband masturbated his mother and, in the way, that her mother-in-law masturbated her son. While he lay sleeping, she was so tempted to take him in her hand to stroke him before taking him in her mouth to suck him.

As if haunted by incestuous lust and forbidden, sexual desire, difficult for her to wrap her brain around her forbidden, sexual feelings, she couldn’t believe she wanted to blow her father-in-law. She couldn’t believe that she yearned to have sex with a much older man, a man old enough to be her father. With her not having a father in her life, she looked to John as if he was the Dad that she never had. Now, ready to ruin that image, she was ready to stroke him, suck him, and fuck him. She was ready for him to fill her with his cum.

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