4 Ağustos 2022

Andrea , Jack Ch. 02

Anal Sex

You are laying in your bed with me above you, having just let me cover you with all my cum.

Your eager tongue laps up the first few volleys that reached your lips, savoring the taste and the warm sensation traveling down your throat. More cum is dripping down, around and between your perfect, heaving breasts. Gravity causes it to flow both up and down your torso, coating you from your shoulders to your belly. As you taste me on your lips, your hands begin rubbing the rest into your skin, cupping your breasts and gently caressing them, then pinching your nipples, which are still stiff and sensitive.

I move between your legs, guided by a fragrant and heavy aroma that is drifting up from your wet pussy. It is a sweet smell but with an enticing hint of musk. How pleased I am to see that you have let your pubic hair grow for me and I pause to admire it. It makes you look like a full grown woman. It is not overly long but soft and downy as my fingers rake through it. I lower my face, deeply inhaling your fragrance, much like one would before tasting a fine wine. I nuzzle my cheeks to your mound, my beard and your pubic hair brushing into each other. I begin softly blowing air into your hair, which illicit goosebumps and a sigh of pleasure from you.

My hand drifts down between your legs and I press my palm against you, covering up your labia as my lips softly kiss your hips, your thighs and move closer to your crotch. My palm presses and moves in a circle, stirring your dampness tandoğan escort around. I lift my head slightly for a better view and use my thumb and forefinger to spread you open. How to describe this?… your clitoris begins to bloom and protrude from inside. I blow again, this time directly on it.

When I am ready for a taste, I move your legs further apart and gaze inside of you. It is a lovely shade of pink, glistening with dew and smelling of pure excitement. Along with your unforgettable scent, there is heat radiating from inside, I can feel it on my face. My lips softly kiss you in the same way I would your mouth and your sighs turn to moans. I take turns on each side, first kissing then sucking your vagina lips into my mouth. Sucking gently with a slowly increasing intensity. I place the tip of my tongue at the rear of your pussy and slowly insert it inside of you. Up until now, you have propped yourself up on your elbows, hands still cupping your breasts, so that you could see the sight of my head buried between your legs but the second I make contact your reflexively throw yourself back onto a pillow, your eyes rolling back and your eyelids fluttering. Then I begin with a long, broad stroke of the tongue, licking in an upward motion towards your clit.

I love the taste of your pussy, Andrea…and I could do this all night and all day if you let me.

Every lick makes you pour more of your sweet juice onto my tongue. While I feast tunalı escort on you, I am only teasing your throbbing clit. You are caught between ecstasy and agony. Your tight, curvy ass is writhing against the mattress. Eventually, I feel your sticky fingers move down to tenderly touch my head and stroke my hair. You whisper emphatically, “Baby…don’t stop…”

While I was slowly teasing you before to increase your desire, I am now ready to use more force on you, to give you no doubt that I want you to cum for me. Your response to this show of force is wholehearted. I grasp your legs and place them over my shoulders, so your heels dig into my back. You groan as my tongue leaves your pussy but you moan louder then ever when my lips slip over your clit. Between my saliva and your juice, it is well-coated. Hungrily, I suck your clit into my mouth and once it is inside my tongue runs circles around it, alternated by fierce lashes up and down. It becomes a little harder to breathe but the lack of oxygen actually fuels my own pleasure. It creates the desperation to make you climax sooner, rather than later. As your inner thighs clamp tight around my ears, my hearing is a little impaired but your loud moans are obvious. I cannot help but moan back which has the effect of making my mouth and lips vibrate with your clit trapped inside.

I suck your clit as far into my mouth as possible and then let up on the vacuum, letting you slide back towards my lips without turangüneş escort leaving my mouth. This is done repeatedly and the next step is to use my teeth. Closing them slightly, then sucking again, forcing your clit to squeeze between them. Despite how horny I am, I take great tender care with clenching my teeth around the root of your throbbing clit. The dual attack of my mouth sucking and my tongue rubbing continues and there is no escape for your clit. This is all too much on you. You try to express yourself but the pleasure is making it difficult for you to form coherent words. Your moans have turned to helpless whimpers. You can only manage to squeak out, “So…close…Jack…makemecum….”

You are thrusting your hips up to me in short, violent spasms. I push my face in you as hard as possible, my chin pushing into your pussy and continue pleasuring your clit harder and faster, hoping you will have multiple orgasms. Suddenly I feel your ass rise, your legs clench up and your entire body go stiff and then begin quivering all over as your orgasm hits like a tidal wave.

(I presume your entire body is too sensitive to my touch and you need a minute to recuperate).

I get up to kiss your face, to curl up and cuddle with your warm naked body. On my knees, between your legs, the image of you laying there in the afterglow, panting, with your soaking pussy, wide open, is just too much. I lift your left leg and put your ankle on my shoulder.

Andrea, you are finally going to give your pussy up to me.

I am going to take your virginity right here and now.

We are both going to love it so much.

Grasping my swollen, rock-hard cock in my right hand, I guide it towards your pussy and we gaze, lovingly, into each others’ eyes….

The End.

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