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Subject: Jockboy adventures – Andy chapter 3 Finally getting into some father/son bonding here. Send me an email, let me know what you think – open to suggestions, too. And if you had cool locker room experiences when you were in middle school/high school/college (like I did), I wanna hear all about it. And remember – depends on donations, so if you like reading here, contribute if you can at fty/donate.html Jockboy Adventures – Andy Chapter 3 – Hanging with Big Nick So that became the basic routine – a few times a week, I’d ride my bike over to Nick’s (didn’t have my license yet). Nick would usually already be shirtless and commando in basketball shorts, and I’d strip off my shirt and take off my boxers within a few seconds of arriving. We’d play video games or shoot baskets for a while and then usually end up raiding Big Nick’s porn stash. We’d watch some, and then take out our boners and blow a load. The more times we did it, the less shy we were about watching each other work our cocks. One day I followed Nick upstairs to help pick out a video for our afternoon enjoyment. I couldn’t really fit in the closet with Nick, so I just hovered outside the doorway. I wondered which video was Big Nick’s favorite, and pictured him stroking his meat just like we had. I’d never seen his dick, but he was so manly….it must be huge. While Nick was rummaging through videos on the shelf, all of a sudden something fell and Nick caught it. I’d never seen one in real life, but as soon as I saw it I knew what it was – Nick was holding a giant dildo in his hands. It was a darker brown, with a correspondingly big set of balls attached to it. “Oh my god!” I said in awe. I looked at Nick, both of our eyes wide. I was in shock, but I quickly realized Nick was mortified. “Don’t say anything about this to anybody, okay?” Nick said, in a rare moment of total seriousness. That seriousness was somewhat undercut by the giant dildo in his hands, but I managed to suppress my laughter. “Of course man. I don’t tell anybody about any of this stuff,” I said quickly and reassuringly. And truthfully – it’s not like I was telling anybody else how I came over to Nick’s to watch porn and jerk off. I knew I couldn’t bring it up to Nick, possibly ever again, but my mind started racing. Nick’s parents obviously had a very active sex life. Which could probably explain why the manliness just radiated off of Big Nick. And I guess Nick came by his general ease being naked and jerking off pretty naturally. I wondered what exactly that dildo got used for – was it bigger than Big Nick? Did Nick’s mom use it when Big Nick was away? Today’s porn offered another possibility. We watched a girl suck the guy’s cock while he ate out her pussy. We had seen that kind of thing before, and admitted to each other we had never tried it, and were eager to find out what pussy tastes like. Then the guy started to work a dildo in and out of her. We’d seen girls ride dildos solo, but this was the first time we saw a guy use one on a girl. Once he was hard they started fucking. Then they were in doggy, and the guy asked if she wanted it in the ass. The girl moaned that she did. Sothe guy pulled out of her pussy, his cock soaked in her juices, and slowly pushed into her asshole. “Holy shit!” Nick shouted. I was glad he was just as shocked as I was. “Damn…” was my lame reply. I had never seen that before, and I guess Nick hadn’t either. In the locker room one time, I had overheard Ray talk about fucking a girl’s ass, but the way he said it made me think he just meant he had fucked her. You know…like…regular. We hadn’t gotten over the fact that this girl has a dick in her butthole when she grabbed the dildo, and started fucking her pussy with it while she got pounded. She was moaning like crazy, obviously loving it. “Fuck. That’s hot,” I said, almost overwhelmed by it all. “Yeah it is. Jesus,” Nick moaned. “I’m getting close.” Soon we were both splattering our chests with jizz. As we were cleaning up, we watched the guy cum in her ass. “Well, I guess you don’t have to worry about getting a girl pregnant that way,” Nick said. “Ha, guess not,” I laughed. “Oh, nevermind,” I said as we watched a gob of jizz come out of her ass and flow down into her gash. “Looks like the asshole is tighter, too…or at least on her…” Nick added. “Yeah. Must have felt pretty good, he blew his load,” I said. “And she definitely enjoyed it too,” Nick said. “Yeah. I’ve heard some guys like a finger up their ass while they jerk off, so I guess that makes sense,” I said, carefully hedging around my own experience with fingers in assholes. “Oh really? You ever try that?” Nick was obviously interested. “A finger in my ass while I beat off? No,” I answered honestly. “But I know some guys on the swim team have…” “Huh, interesting. Might have to try it sometime,” Nick said as he stood up and pulled his shorts up over his still-hard cock. * * * * * The next Saturday I got over to Nick’s, and saw Big Nick doing some yardwork as I biked up the driveway. Shirtless as always, and commando, I now knew. He was tan, hairy, beefy, and manly as hell. “Howdy Andy,” he greeted me. “Nick’s inside, I think.” “Thanks,” I said as I dismounted. I peeled off my shirt on my way up to the door. “Losing that shirt? Nice. Men weren’t meant to wear shirts,” Big Nick said. “Haha, yep,” I laughed. “Especially in the summer! I don’t know about you, but never wanna wear anything more than I absolutely have to, you know?” Big Nick asked. “Haha, yeah, me too,” I said. I loved how shameless Big Nick was about never wearing a shirt, or underwear. As soon as I stepped inside the house, I toed off my sneakers, and shucked my shorts and boxers. I quickly scrunched up my boxers and put them inside my sneaker – I’d gotten in the habit of doing that after accidentally forgetting mine one day – and then pulled my shorts back on. Nick and I were just hanging in the izmit sınırsız escort bayan kitchen when Big Nick came in from the yard. “Oh! Who’s leaving their underwear all over my mud room?” Big Nick hollered. He came around the corner into the kitchen barefoot in his shorts, just like us, except he was all sweaty, and holding my boxers in his hand. “You lose these, Andy?” he asked with a devilish grin. “Uh…” for a second, I wasn’t sure exactly how to answer. “Well Nick said that the men around here don’t bother with underwear, so I wanted to fit in,” I answered with my own devilish smile. “Ha HA! Well welcome to the club, buddy!” Big Nick said as he clapped me on the shoulder and pulled me in for a quick, sweaty bro-hug. We were all laughing. “I don’t know what the rules are at your house, Andy, but around here, when it’s just us guys, pretty much anything goes!” We all laughed again. “Sounds great to me,” I said. “Woo! I gotta hit the shower,” Big Nick said as he tossed my boxers at me and headed out of the kitchen. Soon enough Big Nick was coming back down the stair, barechested as always and with just a white towel wrapped around his waist. He leaned against the doorframe with one big arm up, exposing his hairy pit. “So Nick, while I was in the shower I was thinking,” he said to his son, “Andy seems like a pretty cool guy, and I think he’s ready for how we’d usually be hanging out around the house on a guys’ weekend. Don’t you, son?” “Yeah, he’s cool,” Nick answered. Then, to me: “You know how I said we were pretty relaxed when it’s just us guys? Dad is actually usually just naked around the house.” “Oh. Cool,” I answered, excited as hell to see Big Nick naked, but trying to stay calm. “Attaboy” Big Nick said, already undoing his towel. “But I’m not the only one…” “Yeah, I’m usually naked too,” Nick admitted. “But I’ll do whatever you wanna do, Andy. We can leave our shorts on or not. Up to you.” “The only rule is that if you’re gonna be naked, you gotta have a clean ass!” Big Nick roared, and we all laughed. “Uh, okay then,” I said. “Let’s get naked!” “All right buddy. You wanna grab a shower quick?” Big Nick asked. “I’m good, showered this morning,” Nick said. I hadn’t showered since yesterday, so I said, “Uh, yeah, a shower would be great. Ya know, just in case.” “All right come on up, I’ll get you a towel,” Big Nick said. As I followed him up the stairs, he took the towel off his waist, giving me an up close and eye-level view of his muscular furry ass. When he turned the corner at the top of the stairs I got a quick peek of a thick cock poking out from a huge bush of hair. “Here, you might as well use mine, everything’s already all wet in there,” Big Nick said as he led me through the master bedroom to the bathroom. The shower was big, but just a glass enclosure. “Go ahead and get the water going while I find a towel,” he said, snapping me out of my reverie as I stared at his dick. It was thick, and though it was soft, looked like it was bigger than mine, and looked manly and meat and heavy. I shucked my shorts and stepped into the shower. “Yep, like I said, I don’t like to wear any more clothes than I absolutely have to,” Nick said while he located a towel and I struggled with the shower controls, “and when it’s just us guys around, I figure we don’t have to wear anything at all. Nothing to be ashamed of, and we’re all used to stripping down in the locker room, right?” “Sure,” I said, leaving out the fact that I was only used to stripping down around teen guys like me, not gods of manliness like him. I glanced down and saw I was almost completely hard. “You need help with that?” Big Nick asked. I had a fleeting fantasy that he meant my boner, but then I realized he meant the shower controls. “Uh yeah I can’t really figure out the shower,” I said. “Yeah, that’s what I meant, not that full boner you got going,” Big Nick laughed, but I was mortified. “Oh come on Andy, loosen up! If guys can’t joke around about our boners, who can? And I figure you know how to take care of that just fine on your own. I know Nick does!” This time we both laughed, and I relaxed a little. Damn, Big Nick was pretty fucking cool. He got in the shower with me, and reached around to adjust the water temperature. I could feel his body hair brushing up against the entire right side of my body, from my knee to my shoulder. His big bushy pubes touched my ass cheek and my cock spewed out a bead of precum. “Boners are nothing to be ashamed of, buddy, good to know your manhood is in good working order,” he said as he clapped me on the shoulder and stepped out of the shower. “If you do rub one out, just make sure it all goes down the drain. Otherwise it can get pretty slippery in there, and plus I wouldn’t want any of the ladies of the house to find it. I’ll tell you what I’ve told Nick – jerk off all you want, just make sure you clean up after yourself. And don’t let Mom or the girls catch you.” “Uh, all right,” I said with a shrug and a laugh, stepping under the water as Big Nick walked out. He didn’t bother closing the bathroom door, but neither of us cared. I couldn’t believe how Big Nick had basically just told me to jerk off in his shower. He was so awesome. If he only knew how many loads I’d already blown in his house…although actually I don’t think he’d care. Hell, he’d probably be proud of us. I thought about the prospect of hanging around with Nick and Big Nick the rest of the afternoon, all of us buck naked, and my cock belched out more precum. Yeah, I was gonna need to give myself some relief. I smeared the pre around my head and down my shaft, giving my boner slow firm strokes. I used my left hand to grab my balls, rubbing and tugging on them. I let my hand drift back to my taint, tickling the relatively new fur I had back there. I thought about trying to slip a finger into my hole, but realized that it probably wasn’t a great idea to evinde görüşen escort try that for the first time at a friend’s house with the bathroom door wide open. Good thing, too, because while I was stroking away, my back to the door, all of a sudden I heard young Nick say, “Haha, Dad said you were probably jackin it up here!” “Dude!” I couldn’t decide whether I was embarrassed or not. It’s not like he knew I was thinking about fingerblasting myself, and we did kind of jerk off together all the time. “He basically told me to! Who am I to argue?” I asked with a laugh, continuing to stroke my meat. “Yeah, Dad is pretty cool about jerking off. Soon as he realized I’d started, he told me it was fine and normal, and gave me some ways to make sure mom and my sisters wouldn’t catch me,” Nick said. His dick was rising as he watched me beat off. “Damn, that’s so cool,” I said. “My Dad never talks to me about that kind of stuff. But I’m kind of glad…I feel like if he did it would just be super weird. But your Dad is so cool about it that it’s like not weird at all.” “Yeah. You mind if I join you in there? I wanna rub one out too,” Nick said. “Sure man,” I stepped partway out of the water. The shower was huge, and there was plenty of room. In a few second Nick was fully hard and working his cock. “Here, try this,” Nick said as he pumped a gob of lotion or something out of a bottle hanging on the wall. He rubbed it on his dick to lube it up. I copied him. “OH FUCK,” I said way louder than I meant to. It echoed around the bathroom. “This feels amazing!” “Yeah, kinda like lube, but for the shower, huh?” Nick said. “I’ve never used lube…never had any to use,” I admitted. “Well, besides spit and my own precum.” “Oh really? You gotta try it sometime, basically feels like this….ahhhhh….” Nick sighed in pleasure. I just stared at him, stroking my cock, and realized we’d never jerked off together when we weren’t watching porn. This was different, but just as stimulating. I liked watching Nick, and I liked that he was watching me. Nick was using both hands on his dick, basically fucking in and out of his fists. My cock wasn’t quite big enough to need that, so I stuck with my one hand stroking, one hand playing with my balls technique. “I’m…getting….close,” Nick said between thrusts into his fists. His nuts weren’t swinging back and forth anymore, they had pulled up tight, ready to shoot their goo. We were facing each other, with the head of Nick’s cock almost touching mine each time he thrust forward. “Me too man,” I gasped back. It was a lie; I had been close before, and hearing Nick say that was about to put me over the edge. “Shii-ii-i-i-iitt…” I moaned as I started to shoot. Neither Nick nor I turned away, so my first three ropes of jizz hit Nick’s abs, clinging to the hairs of the treasure trail that he was developing. Nick started shooting as well, though a little lower, hitting my pubes and even my cock while I continued to stroke it. Seeing that gave me another miniorgasm and one more shot of my jizz rocketed out and landed on Nick’s thigh. We both started laughing like stoned morons. “Damn dude, guess we’re like…cum brothers now,” Nick said with a chuckle, gesturing at his jizz in my pubes. “Huh huh huh…yeah,” I said dumbly, still hazy. “Glad you came up and joined me. That was cool.” “Yeah man. Gonna be a bitch to get all this cum out of our hair though…you know how weird it is when it gets wet,” Nick complained. Actually, I didn’t. I had been shaved hairless when I jerked off with the swim team, and at home I just jerked off in my room. But Nick wasn’t kidding…it stuck in my pubes like glue. I got some out, but gave up. Nick was able to scrape most of mine out of his happy trail. “Might as well make sure the back end is clean while I’m in here,” Nick said as he put body wash on his hand and reached back into his crack. He was facing me, so I couldn’t see exactly what his hand was doing, but I watched his face. He was obviously concentrating, tilting his head to one side and wrinkling his brow. Then his mouth dropped open and he let out a soft moan. “There we go. All set. You try sticking your finger in your ass while you jerk off yet?” Whoa, that kind of came out of nowhere. “Uh…no…” I answered, “…not…yet…?” “Me neither,” Nick quickly said, despite what I’d just seen him do. “But Dad always taught me not to be shy about getting my asshole good and clean, and I realized that can feel pretty good. Ya know?” “Uh, sure man, I guess…” I said. “Look out, I gotta piss,” Nick said, waving me away from the shower drain. “Me too man, I just didn’t know if it was cool to do in here or not, haha,” I responded. “Oh yeah, it’s fine. All ends up in the same place, Dad always says,” Nick said. “I love how chill your Dad is,” I said as both of us began to piss down the drain. “I remember when I was little, and I took a shower for the first time, Dad showered with me to show me how. And he pissed in the shower then and let me know that it was fine, and that all guys do it. I can still remember – his dick seemed so huge to me then, when I had just a little boy dick.” “I dunno man, I think you still got a little boy dick,” I said with a smirk. “Fuck you!” Nick said with a laugh, and he flicked his dick up and sprayed piss all over my arms and stomach. “What the fuck?!” I yelled, and did the same to him. At first I was angry, but then I started laughing too. Something about our piss streams drying up as we tried to have a piss battle was just funny, and we were both cracking up. And I mean it was harmless, too – we just stepped back under the water and rinsed it all down the drain. “All right, I better actually get clean, since that’s what I came up here for in the first place,” I said as I squeezed body wash into my hand and I rubbed up and down my crack, making sure it was clean enough to sit on their furniture kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan bareass. Nick was already stepping out of the shower and starting to dry off. So I took a chance and stuck my finger just inside my hole. It hurt. I grunted softly, and Nick turned back to look at me. “That feels good to you?” “Well you can’t clamp down on it…you gotta relax bro,” Nick explained. “Sure man, I think I’ll take your word for it,” I said as I started to rinse off. “Ah you’ll see someday. And I hope you’re all clean…if you don’t get up in there a little, a fart can turn into a shart real easy,” Nick cautioned. “Dude, I’m good. I promise I won’t shart on your couch,” I reassured him. “Good, then let’s get downstairs and enjoy some man time,” Nick said. I dried off and followed him. I gotta say I was feeling pretty good about myself – my cock was hanging real nice from having just blown a load, and my balls were nice and loose from the warm shower. Both of our cocks were bouncing around as we went down the stairs. But when we got to the bottom, any feelings of cockiness I had evaporated. There was Big Nick, sprawled out on the coach, buck naked. All his fur was on display, and his massive Dad cock was laying over one thigh, almost touching the couch. His sack was huge, but filled with two equally huge nuts. “You guys all clean?” he asked. “Yep,” I answered. “You clean the pipes out, too?” Big Nick asked with a wink. “Haha yep,” Nick answered, and then aside to me: “it’s another way of saying `jerk off’.” “Oh, haha yeah,” I said, a little sheepish. “Nice. Me too,” Big Nick put out his hand and we both fist bumped him as we took up spots on the floor in front of the couch. “Always more fun to have a buddy to do it with, right?” We both laughed in agreement. “Good thing that shower can’t get pregnant, we’d never know whose baby it was!” We all cracked up. We settled in to watch the game that was on TV, and the afternoon passed by lazily. Every once in a while, one of us would get up to get a drink. A snack, or take a leak. It was great to see Nick and Big Nick’s backs and asses flex as they sauntered out of the room, and great to see their cocks and balls swaying side to side as they came back in. You could tell that Nick was on his way to growing up just like Big Nick. They had the same gait and body type, Big Nick was just more meaty and furry. When it was my turn to get up and grab a soda, I also liked the feeling that they were probably watching my ass walk away. And my cock and balls weren’t tiny, either. There really wasn’t much of a size difference between Nick and I, I didn’t think, although I didn’t have as much hair around it. “Damn, look at that pasty ass!” Big Nick hollered after me, laughing. “You gotta get some sun on that thing, I think I’m blind!” We all laughed. “Hey Casper the friendly ghost – grab me a beer while you’re up,” he shouted after me. “That really is quite a tanline you got there Andy,” Big Nick said as I came back in and handed him his beer. I paused there and looked down. He was right – I did have a very pronounced set of tan lines from swimming in my speedo. I also noticed my balls were practically in Big Nick’s face. He didn’t seem to care, but I stepped away all the same. “Yeah, I guess so, I hadn’t really noticed,” I said. “You always wear a speedo when you swim?” Big Nick asked. “Yeah, pretty much,” I answered. “Good for you, that takes balls,” Big Nick said, offering his fist for another fist bump. “Course, naked is the best way to swim. Too bad they don’t let you do that anymore.” “…They?” I asked. Did he mean my parents? Had Nick told him about the time we skinny dipped? “At school,” Big Nick said. “Huh?” I was relieved but also very confused. “Your Dad never told you? Back in our day, we swam naked in school. Swim class was all guys, and we all swam naked. The swim team only wore suits for meets, when there were spectators.” “Whoa…really?” I asked in disbelief. “Yup, swear to God,” Big Nick answered. “That’s awesome…” I said, in awe. “Yeah, it was pretty awesome…” Nick trailed off wistfully, thinking about those good old days. “Dad’s always talking about how great it was, that’s why I wanted to try it,” Nick interjected from his spot on the floor. “Damn…too bad we can’t still do that,” I said. “Yeah, you boys really don’t know what you’re missing,” Big Nick said. I looked down at him and noticed his dick had lengthened a bit, and I saw a pool of precum forming on the leather couch where his cock was leaking. Seeing that made my dick start to stiffen, so I sat down quickly to disguise it. But then my mind started racing, thinking about Big Nick as a high school kid, splashing around buck naked in the school pool with all the other guys. Fuck how I wished that was still how it was. That would be so cool, getting all that naked bonding time with the guys. But here I was getting some pretty great male bonding time with Nick and Big Nick. And then I started thinking about Big Nick, openly admitting he’d jerked off in the shower just minutes before we did. I wondered what his cock looked like when it got hard…and I really wanted to find out. I got my mind back on the game we were watching, and my semi calmed down. At the end of the game I got up to get dressed and head out. “Thanks for having me over, guys,” I said. “Sure, anytime. Especially now that we know you’re cool with how we operate during our guys weekends,” Nick said. “Yeah, you fit right in with us boys, so you’re welcome anytime,” Big Nick said. I felt a sense of dread creeping over me as I pulled on my boxers, shorts, t shirt, socks, and sneakers; I had to leave this paradise of manliness to go back home to my uptight parents. But then I started thinking about everything that had happened that day, and the thought of swimming naked at school, and Big Nick naked, and suddenly I was ready to get home to the privacy of my own bedroom. I may have blown a big load all over Nick earlier, but I knew my balls were full and ready to burst again as soon as I got home. And like Big Nick said, I was welcome anytime, and from now on, we would all be hanging out buck naked….I couldn’t wait to come back soon. I had a great feeling this was just the beginning.

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