6 Mayıs 2023



Her golden brown curls reached midway down her back. Her eyes were a seductive icy blue. Her body was that of a goddess. A thick hourglass figure, a full perky bust, thick, but firm thighs, and petite size seven feet. She was the wife of a man named Devin Carswell. Her name was Annabel. She was the most perfect wife any man could ever wish for.  Her cooking skills were excellent, her entertaining and hospitality made all happy, her cleaning routine was flawless, her oral skills always pleased Devin. Not a meal would go uneaten, not a cup empty, not a bed unmade, never a plate without freshly made snacks, not a single spot of dust amongst the shelves, not a drop of cum was spared. Guests would often tell Devin of how lucky he was. She was his trophy wife, however, and she was tired of being just that. Devin spent much of his time Pendik Escort working. When he was not, the rest of his time was devoted to his various hobbies and interests. Seldom did he stop and thank or appreciate his wife for all she does. He was more interested in himself and his hobbies than his wife. Seldom did he truly make love to her, romance her, or take her out for a night on the town, let alone a simple dinner at a nice restaurant. Annabel felt alone. She had many hobbies herself, but nothing can replace a craving for love, attention, praise, the need to be touched, caressed. The need for sensual sex. Devin’s sex drive had been very low for months now. Annabel always wondered why. Perhaps he was cheating, perhaps he masturbated on his own time, perhaps he was no longer interested. She Pendik Escort Bayan had many theories on why, but that did not stop her craving for it. On a Sunday evening before bed, she stood on their bedroom’s patio. The doors wide open to feel the wind’s breeze. She wore a short, pink, silk, nightie. It was short enough to see the bottoms of her butt cheeks. The nightie was accompanied by a white, long sleeved, see-through robe that draped down to the floor. She stood leaning forward against the railing, her head tilted to the side as she looked up to the sky. One of her nighty’s straps beginning to slide down her shoulder. She called to her husband, asking for his work schedule for the beginning week. Devlin would be gone on a business trip until Saturday evening. She smiled as she stared Escort Pendik into the stars and asked what he’d like for breakfast. When the morning came, she had her husband’s clothes laid out, his bags packed, and breakfast by his side. Devlin pulled his tray to the bed, and picked up the mail. He began to read business letters while taking small bites in between. After he finished up, he quickly dressed, picked up his bags, kissed his wife and headed out the door. Annabel stood from the door waving as he drove off. As soon as he was out of site, a smile grew once more. Annabel secretly had a friend in town. Eli Adams. Annabel had known Eli since her first year in high school. They had always had feelings for each other, but each were in a relationship with another. Annabel had always secretly wondered what her and Eli’s children would look like. They both fantasized about their lives together, but would never bring their relationships to an end. Annabel had enough of being ignored, and Eli had recently broken it off with his high school sweetheart. She had enough of being the maid and doormat to her husband.

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