22 Mayıs 2023

Annie’s Girl Gets Her


Ever since Sarah and I have known each other, I have loved the way she looks. She’s shorter than my 5″10, with larger breasts and red hair. Even though I thought she looked great, I would never had considered letting anything happen between us. I was in love with my boyfriend Mark and was faithful to him.

Then while Mark was in the Basic Training Sarah and I moved in together, and things began to change. While I was trying to sleep and missing Mark I would here Sarah and her boyfriend Eddie screwing in her room. I had never heard another couple having sex and it really turned me on. I would lay in bed and wait to for them to start, using my fingers on my hot lonely pussy timing my orgasm to match Sarah’s. Soon I was fantasizing about being with Sarah. Then came to morning she came out of her bedroom and I saw her shaved pussy when she bent over to get something out of the refrigerator. That gave me the idea to shave mine for Mark’s homecoming, but also made me want to taste what Sarah was showing me.

Mark was home for a couple of weeks and I got to make sure Sarah heard us when we were making love. I even made sure I was extra loud on nights when I knew Eddie was not at our house, figuring a little payback was in order. But I still hadn’t figured out how to get into Sarah’s panties. Little did I know she was going to take care of that problem for me.

Sarah’s boss had given her a weekend at a local resort as a bonus for all the overtime she had put in during the summer. Sarah suggested I go with her since Eddie and Mark were both out of town that weekend. I agreed and Friday afternoon we were off to the cabin in the mountains. When we got there we both thought it must have been a mistake. The cabin was comfortably sized, with a Hot tub sitting on the deck outside. A king size bed took up the middle of the room, and the fridge was well stocked with Red and White wine, compliments of Sarah’s boss.

Dinner was quickly thrown together, wine opened and we sat down to a nice meal. After dinner the hot tub was a natural stop. Neither of us had brought swimsuits, not accepting a hot tub, and even if we had them, hot tubs are meant to be enjoyed nude. Sarah wasted no time pulling her T-shirt over her head and dropping the rest of her clothes on the floor. I was only a few seconds behind her, trying not to gawk at her lovely body, and wondering how I was going to explore it in all the ways I had been dreaming of. I grabbed the bottle of wine and my glass as Sarah turned on the stereo and headed for the tub with her glass.

As I stepped on to the deck I was pleased to see that the Hot tub wasn’t very big at all. There was no way for two people to be in the tub without touching each other. Things might be looking up I thought. I stepped into the hot water and made some room for Sarah. She sat down right beside Anadolu Yakası Escort me, and smiled. “It’s a little crowded.”

She said with a slight grin, “That’s all right with me” I said. We touched our wineglasses together and took a drink. You could feel the tension between us, and I knew that now was the opportunity I had been looking for. But before I could do anything Sarah started talking.

“Andie I need to talk to you about something and I need you to listen and not hate me for this.” Sarah said as she looked into my eyes. “I’ve been watching you and listening to you and Mark make love and I want to make love to you. I’ve never been with a woman, and don’t want to be with any other women, but the idea of being with you has been driving me crazy and I hope you won’t hate me for saying this to you.” Words could not express what I was feeling at that moment, so I reached over to Sarah and kissed her. Not a gentle sisterly kiss, I pulled her to me and let my tongue open her lips as I explored her mouth. While I was kissing her my hand reached up and cupped her firm breast, rubbing the nipple, feeling it get hard under my hand.

When I broke the kiss I looked at her. “Hate you, please Sarah I have been trying for weeks to figure out how to get you naked and in my arms.”

She grinned and kissed me back, this time her tongue took a tour of my mouth, and I loved the feeling of it, dancing with my tongue. Her hand was on my breast, gently caressing and pinching my very sensitive nipple. I moaned as her hand rubbed me, sending sparks from my nipple to my pussy. She broke the kiss and lowered her mouth to my nipple, sucking it into her mouth where her tongue drew patterns on it. The feeling was beyond belief and I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of a woman pleasuring my tits. Then her hot mouth was gone from my nipples, and I opened my eyes to see her standing up.

“Come on Annie, lets go put that big be to use” I was right behind her, running into the cabin, and grabbing a towel to dry her off. We quickly and not very thoroughly dried each other off, and laid down on the bed, our mouths once again locking in a kiss. Sarah moaned as my hand cupped her breasts, which are larger than mine. Her nipples were getting hard as my hand caressed the firm flesh of her tits. I broke our kiss and let my lips move down her neck and throat to the swell of her breasts.

“Ummm, suck on them Annie” she moaned as my lips captured her nipple. I was finally making love to Sarah and enjoying every minute of it. As I moved my mouth from one firm mound to the other my hand moved down to feel the bald slit between her legs. Her legs opened for me as my hand cupped her mound. I could feel she was soaking wet, as I was, and my finger easily slipped into her hot hole. I moved Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan my finger around inside her, letting it get good and wet and then moved up to her clit. The little bud was standing up waiting and I started rubbing it, round and round like I had rubbed my own so many nights listening to her tell Eddie to suck it harder. Her hips started moving in time to my finger and suddenly she was calling out.

“Ahhhhh, yessss, Annie I’m cumming, aaaaa fuck me with your finger.” I was surprised at how quickly she had cum and how hard her orgasm was. Her hips were moving so fast that I could barely keep my finger on her clit. I held her for a minute letting her come down, and letting my own pussy, which was dripping, calm down a little. “Oh wow Annie that was great.” She said, kissing me and holding me like she never wanted to let me go.

“I’m glad you liked it” I replied “I’ve been wanting to that and more to you for a long time.”

“How long?”

“I’ve been turned on by you since the first night I heard you and Eddie making love, but I really started to want you the morning you came out of the bedroom and bent over and I saw your shaved pussy.”

“You liked that did you?” she said with a smile. “I made sure you got a good look at it when I bent over, I was a little disappointed you didn’t say anything about it. But I see that you liked the look.” She said as her hand moved to my own bald mound.

“Mark loved it too.” I said, trying to maintain my composure as her finger slid into my pussy.

“I bet he did.”

She said “Tell me about it.”

I told her about stripping for Mark and playing with myself while he watched, and then sucking him off. The whole time I was talking her hands and mouth were driving me crazy. Sarah had my nipples in her mouth and was sucking on them like there was no tomorrow and her finger was rubbing my clit in rhythm to the movement of my hips. She was sliding her finger up and down my clit, and into my cunt, then back out, almost in a sawing motion, quite different from the circular way I got myself off. The feeling was more than my already hot body could take and I felt the familiar building in my pussy that let me know my orgasm was seconds away. I could here myself moaning as I talked and then it hit. I felt like a bomb had gone off in my cunt. My words became screams and my hips took off.

“Ahhhh God I’m cumming so hard, ahhhhhhh.” I cried out as waves of pleasure tore through my body. Sarah clamped down on the nipple she was enjoying when I called out, sucking it deeper and harder into her mouth where her tongue could rub and pleasure it. I felt my orgasm was going to go on forever when, and then it started to let up. Her finger moved on my clit again and the shock was more that I could Escort Anadolu Yakası take. “No more” I begged as I pulled her hand from between my legs. She put her arm around me a kissed me deeply. We lay there for a few minutes, not saying a word, just enjoying the afterglow of good sex.

“I want to taste you.” I said breaking the silence.

“Umm I know what you mean.” Sarah said. Our hands were starting to move over each other, hands touching nipples, stomachs, thighs, and pussies. My fingers were entering Sarah just as hers were entering me.

“Do you want to eat or be eaten first?” She asked.

“Why not both?” I said with a sly grin. “Mark and I love to 69.”

“Okay” Sarah said, “But I want you on top” I didn’t need any convincing of that and I turned around and lowered my dripping cunt to Sarah’s waiting tongue. I was sitting up, not yet lowering myself to taste her as she licked the insides of my thighs and moved her tongue into my waiting sex.

“Umm” I moaned as she entered me with just the tip of her tongue. I lay down and kissed the legs that were spread before me, blowing on her clit, but not yet taking it in my mouth. Her tongue was probing me as I teased Sarah’s dripping cunt. I could see her juices flowing out of her and lapped them up, sticking my tongue into her cunt, feeling her moan against my pussy. The taste was wonderful, musky, like my own but different at the same time.

I wrapped my arms around her legs, pulling her open even more and searched for the hard little clit at the top of her lips. My tongue found it and I sucked it into my mouth. Again I felt her moan against my pussy, as her tongue left my opening and went in search of my clit. I was starting to lick her clit when mine was suddenly being licked like never before. It was my turn to moan into Sarah’s pussy as I ground my cunt against her tongue. I was licking Sarah, up and down, back and forth, finding the rhythm that seemed to please her the most and letting her movements and moans guide my tongue. Her tongue had worked into a pattern that was sending me towards a massive orgasm, and I moved kept my cunt plastered to her face.

I could feel Sarah was approaching her orgasm and I wanted to give her one more surprise. I stuck my finger deep into her, coating it with her juices and then I stuck it into her tight little ass. Her asshole opened for my finger, then clamped tightly around the intruder as she went over the edge. She stuck two fingers deep into my cunt as her orgasm started and that threw me into my own. I wanted to cry out, but I didn’t want to let go of her clit, which I was sucking on.

“Ummmmm.” Was all I could manage around her love button, but I knew how good that must have felt for her, because her moaning on my clit added to my orgasm. As the feelings of pleasure began to subside I moved off of her taking Sarah in my arms, where we fell asleep, worn out by the pleasure we shared. The rest of the weekend we spent in bed, the hot tub or the shower. We made love to each other every way we could think of, and when we were done we made plans to give our guys the night of their lives. I’ll tell you about that later.

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