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Subject: Meg and Ariel Part 1 As the early morning light filtered through the blinds, I stirred rolling over sleepily. My hand brushed the breast of the woman beside me and I smiled. Opening my eyes I saw that it had not been a dream. Gazing at my lover I felt the now familiar thrill in my stomach. Ariel was older than me but still very beautiful. With those huge breasts, her angelic smile and her luscious hips she certainly didn’t look 40. Critically eying my own body I was happy with what I saw. In spite of 2 children my breasts don’t sag too much and I have large erect nipples and gently sloping hips that meet in a neatly trimmed patch of red-blonde hair. I thought back to the day 4 years ago when Ariel walked into my life. Strolling into work with that smile. And when she was assigned to work beside me… i thought it must be fate. And then came the day when Ariel kissed me for the first time. That was 3 years ago and she had been teasing me ever since. She would kiss me and then walk away. Or make a suggestive comment…smile..and disappear. She was always teasing me. Until yesterday that is. She came over to watch a movie with me. Cant remember what movie because we didn’t watch much of it. She sat beside me and I was looking at her out of the corner of my eye. Finally she looked at me and smiled. That sweet seductive smile that makes my insides melt. Then she leaned closer and kissed me. Softly at first..then more urgently. Her hand crawled up my leg…sliding under my skirt. She pulled back with a gasp and smiled at me when she realized I wasn’t wearing any panties. Taking my hand she stood and led me to my bedroom. Closing the door softly behind her she pulled me to her. Kissing me lightly she began to unbutton my blouse. My hands rose and began to undo her blouse as if in a dream. Finally she removed kocaeli escort bayan my shirt and slid my skirt down over my hips. I began to push her shirt off her shoulders..kissing her soft skin as I went. Moaning softly with burning desire I nibbled the sweet folds of her neck. Our naked bodies pressed together I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my soft breasts. Sliding my hand down her back..I pulled her hips closer to me. God how I wanted to taste her..to feel her lips on me ..her tongue and fingers buried deep inside me. I gently pushed her back on my bed and leaning over her I kissed her lips..tasting her sweetness. My hand slid up her body to cup her large breast..rubbing my thumb across her nipple I felt her stiffen slightly. Kneeling between her thighs I kissed her softly again. My nipples brushing her body as I moved. Trailing sweet kisses down her neck reaching her breast I swirled my tongue around her nipple feeling it harden even more. Pulling back slightly I blew on her wet nipple hearing her groan in pleasure. Turning my attention to the other breast I nibbled gently on her nipple hearing her moan again. Crawling backwards slightly I trailed my kisses farther down her body. Kissing softly around her bush I was in heaven smelling her juices. Licking the juice off her thighs I was very careful not to touch her hot pussy. She moaned wrapping her fingers in my hair…”please” was all I could hear her mutter…”please baby..i need you” I flicked my tongue quickly across her clit listening to her moan. Ariel raised her hips to my mouth as I slid 2 fingers deep inside her. Sucking gently on her clit I could hear her calling my name. Begging me to turn so she could taste me. Moving quickly I lowered myself onto her waiting mouth. Moaning softly I returned my attention to her clit. My fingers slowly sliding kocaeli escort in and out of her wetness. Feeling her fingers so deep in me..her hot mouth on my clit. I nibbled gently on her and heard her gasp.felling my orgasm building within me I worked harder to make her cum with me. Sucking, licking, biting, fucking,..we exploded together. Crawling up to lay beside her I licked my juices of her face kissing her tenderly. Several hours and orgasms later I fell asleep in her arms. As I lay thinking..remembering…my darling awoke and rolled over…kissing me she whispered…”good morning my love”…as her hands began to roam my body once again. Part 2 Meg stretched lazily next to Ariel. She looked over and saw that Ariel was sleeping soundly. “Probably all worn out” Meg thought..sliding quietly out of bed she decided to have a nice hot shower. Closing the bathroom door she eyed herself in the mirror and laughed quietly. Her hair was a total mess and her eyes were sparkling, “Looks like you enjoyed yourself” she murmured to her reflection. After turning on the shower she returned to the sink to brush her teeth. The counter was cold against her hot skin and she shivered slightly, making her nipples harden again. Stepping into the shower Meg let the steaming water beat on her breasts. Closing her eyes she felt the water stream down her face, dripping on her erect nipples. She sighed quietly with pleasure. Quickly washing herself she turned her face into the water again. Sliding her hand between her legs, she moaned quietly as her finger slowly slid over her clit. Suddenly the door to the shower opened. And arms were circling her body from behind. Feeling Ariels breasts pushing into her back, Meg leaned against her. Ariels hands cupped her small breasts, thumbs rubbing her nipples gently. Leaning her izmit eve gelen escort head back on Ariels shoulder Meg whispered “I love you baby” Ariels response was to kiss Megs neck..squeezing her breasts softly. Sliding her hand down Megs body Ariel parted her lovers thighs. Laughing quietly she said “And what were you thinking about my love?” Before Meg could answer she felt Ariels fingers slide gently over her clit before entering her. “OOOOOOO babe” was all she could manage to say. Still standing behind her Ariel began to pinch Megs nipple softly while her fingers slowly moved inside her. Meg turned her head and began to kiss Ariel. Gently at first …passion building quickly. Ariel began to move her fingers faster her palm sliding harder against Megs clit. Megs head fell back on Ariels shoulder as she felt herself plunge over the edge in a massive orgasm. When her shaking finally subsided…Meg turned to face Ariel and kissed her softly. With a wicked grin she said…”now its your turn baby” Pushing her against the wall of the shower Meg began to kiss Ariel. Starting at her neck…she began working her way down. Biting Ariels nipple gently she looked up to see her lover with her head thrown back and her eyes closed. Kneeling in front of Ariel Meg slid her hand between her thighs feeling the heat and wetness. Flicking her tongue quickly out of her mouth..she teased her lovers clit. Ariel thrust her hips forward..spreading her legs as she moaned. Between the hot water beating on her nipples and Megs fingers and tongue..Ariel knew it would not be long before she exploded. Meg buried 3 fingers deep in Ariel and began sucking and biting her clit. She could feel her friends hands tangled in her wet hair, pulling her face deeper between her legs. Ariels hips began to buck against Megs face as stars exploded in front of her eyes. Strangled moans escaped her lips. Without removing her hand…Meg stood up to kiss her lover. “Oh God” was all Ariel could say as Meg grabbed the puff and body wash and began to gently soap her body. Comments and criticisms always appreciated Mail to ail

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