21 Mayıs 2023

Arizona Heat Pt. 03b


Part 3b: Jenny’s Story

“Oh Kate! Oh God! Oh God!” I whimpered as I writhed in frantic ecstasy. “Oh baby, please let me come! Please! I can’t take this anymore!” I begged as my fingers clawed at my restraints and my back arched. Kate smiled as she expertly glided her tongue gently over my throbbing clit and maneuvered the twelve inch jet-black vibrator in my vagina in a way that prolonged my build-up until it became almost unbearable. The sexy redhead had me nearly senseless with bliss as I trembled and shook, my full breasts bouncing as I thrashed on the bed. My words soon dissolved into a breathless babble of ecstatic squeals and moans. At the perfect moment, Kate twisted the humming phallus ever so slightly and sucked my engorged clit just so and brought me to a rapid series of mind-blowing orgasms that left me senseless and shrieking. I fainted as the last climax took me, but soon awoke to her gentle caresses.

“There, there, baby.” Kate whispered soothingly, as she unfastened the leather restraints from around my wrists and gathered my trembling and sweat soaked body into her arms. “Your bad girl always gives you what you deserve.”

Kate kissed me tenderly, teasing my mouth with her lips and the tip of her tongue. I slowly began to kiss back as my senses returned. She placed one soft hand on my face, gazed at me with her beautiful emerald eyes and parted her lips to speak.

“Jenny.” She whispered. “Are you going to eat that?”

“What?” I mumbled.

“Hello! Earth to Jenny!” Amy said playfully, as she sat down next to me in the break room. “Are you going to eat that cookie, or just keep staring into space with that dopey grin plastered all over your face? What’s gotten into you girl?” She said with a smile. “You’ve been a dreamy Debby all week.”

Amy was a plump and cheerful blonde dental assistant at the practice where I worked as a secretary. We had hit it off well and had become good workplace friends. She was easy to talk to, and I had confided in her about my sexual frustrations with Tom some weeks ago. She was the mother of three children and had gone through the post-natal blues before, and she had advised me to just be patient. I was sitting at the break room table at work with a soda, half eaten sandwich and a cookie in front of me. I slid the cookie to Amy, smiling.

“What’s gotten into me?” I said with a grin, as I blushed. “Umm, my husband.”

“I knew it!” She squealed, as she gave me a hug.

“I told you it would all work out.” Amy said, as she picked up the cookie. “It was just a matter of time. No man could keep his hands off a foxy lady like you forever.” She said with a wink as she headed back to work.

I smiled. That of course wasn’t the whole truth, but I was getting used to living with half-truths. As I cleaned up the table and walked back to my desk I wondered how shocked Amy would have been if I had told her the other, and main, reason for my newfound cheerfulness — I was having a passionate lesbian affair with a sexy young redheaded high school student!

Although I was very happy that Tom and I were having sex again, I thrilled at the memory of my weekend with Kate, and longed for our next meeting. I couldn’t keep from thinking about her, and would often catch myself staring dreamily into space while fantasizing about kissing her soft lips, caressing her firm, pale breasts, sucking on her stiff pink nipples and most of all, tasting her young pussy. A week ago such thoughts would have shocked and disgusted me, but now they seemed as natural to me as breathing. I was desperately trying to think of an excuse to call her and arrange another rendezvous, even if it was just for a few minutes of sex in the back of my car. Yeah, I had it bad.

It was Friday, June 27th, almost a week since I met first met Kate when she rescued me from my overheated car on a scorching Arizona summer day. It was a busy day at the dental office, and time passed quickly as I checked patients in and made reminder calls when I had the time. I left the office and headed home at 5:00 stopping at a Basha’s on the way to pick up groceries. Just off Grand Avenue I passed the Wonderland Adult store, a windowless building sitting in an unkempt lot next to a Kentucky Fried Chicken. The temptation to visit it had been growing daily, and I resolved to pluck up the courage next week and get something special for my next rendezvous with Kate. My fantasies have taken a turn for the kinky lately, probably because I now openly helped myself to Tom’s stash of hard-core porn magazines. I was becoming curious about sex toys, and wondered if Kate was into them or would be willing to experiment.

Over the last few days I have been slowly trying to come to terms with my feelings for Kate, and what those feelings meant with regard to my sexuality. I was sure I wasn’t a lesbian, because I still felt a physical attraction to men and enjoyed sex with my husband. I guessed I must be bisexual, but I didn’t feel any new Şerifali Escort appreciation for the female form, apart from in pornography. I didn’t find myself stealing peeks at other women, or having lustful thoughts or dreams about them. Only Kate. She filled my mind constantly, waking and dreaming. Was it possible, I wondered, for one’s sexuality to be defined by an individual rather than a sex? Was I a “Kate-o-sexual,” for lack of a better word? Was I… was I falling in love with her? Was this all part of some strange post-natal phase, or was this a permanent change in me? I suppose in a way what I wanted most of this strange, exciting new relationship was answers to these questions.


I arrived home and hour before Tom was due back and had a chance to catch up with mom, who was looking after my infant son, Max. She and dad were excited because they were going on a cruise to Alaska in late August with some other retired couples from Sun City. She too noticed the change in my disposition lately and commented that I seemed much happier. I told her that Tom and I had worked out some “marital issues” and all was well. She beamed at me and gave me a hug before heading back to Sun City. Max was sleeping so I drew a relaxing hot bath and soaked as I fantasized about making love to Kate. I fingered myself to orgasm twice in the bubbly hot water.

Tom got home late, having been stuck at the office doing paperwork. He was tired, and I fixed him a glass of scotch and gave him a back rub while we watched TV as dinner cooked. He told me that a couple from work had asked us to dinner. The Schultz’s wanted to get together next Thursday, the day before Independence Day, for dinner at their place over by North Mountain Park. Sensing an opportunity I told Tom that my parents needed a break from Max, and suggested that we hire Kate to baby-sit. It so happened that I had that Thursday off work, and I was desperately hoping that I could spend the day with Kate before she was needed as a sitter.

Tom agreed, and was quite looking forward to meeting my rescuer and new friend. I had followed Kate’s advice and given Tom the G rated version of our meeting, telling him only that she rescued me from my overheated car, gave me a ride home and stayed with me for a few hours because I was feeling ill.

I went into the kitchen to call Kate with the news, but she wasn’t home. I spoke with her mother, which was very weird considering the things I had done with her young daughter only days ago. She seemed like a very pleasant woman and told me that Kate was out with her boyfriend Mark on a date tonight, and that she would pass the message on to one of the boys at Mark’s place. I returned to the kitchen and prepare dinner as I fantasized about spending Thursday with Kate.


Saturday came and Tom and I began our weekend routine. Tom mowed the lawn and cleaned the pool in the early afternoon before it got too hot outside, while I did laundry, dishes, vacuumed the floor and looked after Max. At about 11:00, Tom came into the kitchen, sweating after skimming the leaves out of the pool. I handed him a glass of lemonade and turned to fix one for myself when the phone rang. A jolt of excitement hit me as I wondered if it was Kate. Tom picked up the receiver and held it to his ear as he wiped a rivulet of sweat from his forehead with a dishtowel.

“Swenson residence, can I help you?” Tom said.

“May I ask who is calling?” He asked.

“Oh, Kate! Jenny’s told me all about you. I’m Tom, Jenny’s husband. Hey, thanks so much for helping her out last week, I really appreciate it.” Tom said.

“Tom, is that Kate?” I asked, excitedly. “Let me talk to her.”

“Well, here she is.” Tom said. “I look forward to meeting you Kate.” He said, as he handed me the receiver.

“Kate! Hi, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.” I said, trying hard to contain my excitement. “Tom and I have been invited out to dinner and drinks this coming Thursday night by a couple he knows from work. Can you look after Max from about 6 to 10:30?”

“Sure,” Kate replied, “I can do that. Shall I come over about 5:30?”

“Hang on a sec,” I said, muffling the phone with my hand. “Honey, could you check on Max, I thought I heard something fall in the nursery.” I said to Tom, who headed down the hall.

“Kate?” I asked.

“I’m here.” She said.

“I’m not working on Thursday, so why don’t you come over about noon.” I said softly. “If not sooner.”

“Could you come pick me up?” Kate asked. “I think Jeff is using the van next weekend to help a friend move.”

“Sure,” I said. “I’ll drive you home too.”

Kate gave me directions to a 7-11 near her house where I could pick her up.

“Sounds good,” She said, softly. “Let’s make it 10:00.”

“Great!” I said. “I can’t wait to see you again! Oh, and bring a swimsuit.”


The days dragged by, and I kept getting more and more excited Şerifali Escort Bayan about Thursday, when we would test Kate’s plan of hiding our affair in plain sight. As I drove home from work on Wednesday, I finally plucked up the courage to go to Wonderland. After getting over my initial self-consciousness, my curiosity got the better of me and I lost track of time perusing the aisles of outlandish sex toys, magazines and videos. Before I realized it, 25 minutes had gone by. I didn’t want to keep mom waiting any longer than I had to, so I made my selections, took a deep breath, and walked to the counter. The clerk, a thin greasy looking man with tattoos on his arms and neck, was very professional and rang up my purchases like they were everyday groceries. I had chosen 2 magazines and a lesbian porno VHS tape. I paid with cash and walked out into the late afternoon heat carrying a brown paper bag and feeling very naughty. I hid the bag in the trunk under an old blanket and drove home.


Thursday finally came and I could barely hide my excitement from Tom as I helped him prepare for his day at work. After he was out the door I finished my morning routine and began to prepare for my day with Kate. I picked out a nice floral blouse, a white skirt and sandals. I spent a little too much time in front of the mirror putting on a bit of makeup, and I chided myself for my vanity.

I checked on Max and waited for my neighbor, Marge Simmons, to come over. I had called her last night and asked her to stay with Max for a few minutes while I picked up the babysitter for her training day. Marge arrived 15 minutes before 10:00 with her daughter Anne. After welcoming them and getting them settled I set out to pick up Kate. I arrived at the 7-11 early and parked on the edge of the parking lot, feeling nervous and edgy.

Three minutes before ten, Kate appeared from around the corner of the convenience store dressed in a pretty white outfit of a short sleeved white blouse, matching skirt and cork sandals. I was suddenly filled with a sense of panic. What was I doing here? I’m a married woman for God’s sake! My hands started to shake as she drew closer, swaying her hips in a provocative manner and smiling flirtatiously as her cloud of red hair danced around her pretty face. Kate sashayed up to the passenger side door, leaned into the open window displaying her cleavage and pulled her sunglasses down to the tip of her nose.

“Hey honey, you looking for a date?” She said in a nasally New York accent.

“Kate! You are bad, so bad!” I giggled.

I covered my face as I blushed and burst out laughing. Kate had such a wonderful sense of humor, and great timing. She seemed to have a knack for defusing awkward situations with a well-placed joke or prank. All of my earlier apprehensions vanished now that she was here with me.

Kate flashed me her adorable toothy grin as she climbed in and set her bag in the backseat. After closing the passenger door she turned to me, smiling as our eyes met. She was more beautiful than I remembered, and she had obviously spent some time in front of the mirror this morning too. Her red hair was freshly brushed and lustrous, and she wore just a touch of makeup to accentuate her emerald eyes. We sat in silence for a few moments just looking at each other and smiling, the sexual tension building up like steam in a hot shower. Kate brought her left index finger up to her lips and kissed it sensuously. Then with her eyes locked on mine she reached down into my lap and pressed her finger to my pussy causing me to gasp slightly. Without breaking eye contact she brought her finger back to her lips and put it in her mouth. I closed my eyes as a warm tingling sensation spread across my body, and I leaned back into the seat as a shuddering sigh escaped my lips.

“Missed me?” She whispered.

“Oh Kate, you have no idea.” I said, hungrily. “Two weeks is too long.”

I fumbled for the keys and started the engine. Kate smiled as she fastened her seatbelt, clearly enjoying the effect she was having on me. I felt silly having this teenager turning me on so much that my knees felt weak, but at the same time I reveled in the sensation, and longed to feel my hands on her body.

“You look good enough to eat, Jenny.” Kate said, as she caressed me with her eyes.

“So do you Kate.” I said, as I pulled out of the parking lot and headed west.

As soon as I straightened out on the open road, we looked at each other and smiled. As I returned my eyes to the road, I reached over and took her hand, giving it a little squeeze. We drove to my house holding hands, smiling and chatting about what we have been doing for the past few days.

After a short drive, I pulled into the carport, set the brake and turned off the ignition. I smiled at Kate affectionately, kissed my right index finger and placed it on her skirt. She smiled as I withdrew my finger, put it in my mouth and sucked Escort Şerifali it sensuously. Kate sighed and blew me a kiss, grabbed her bag from the back seat and stepped out of the car, closing the door. She then walked around the car and stood beside me as I prepare to open the carport door.

“Behave yourself when we go inside.” I said to Kate. “My neighbor is watching Max.”

“Thanks for the warning.” Kate said, as she flashed me her adorable grin. “I was planning on… not behaving myself.”

“Seriously, Kate.” I said as I placed my hands on her shoulders and looked into her green eyes. “You are an innocent teenage babysitter. Just try to… stay in character until I tell you otherwise.”

“Yes Mrs. Swenson.” She answered brightly.

“Perfect!” I said, suppressing a giggle as I opened the carport door and stepped inside.

We enter into the utility room and headed for the den were Marge and her daughter, Anne, were sitting on the couch watching Wheel of Fortune. Marge looked up and smiled as we entered.

“That was quick!” She said cheerfully. “Oh, you must be the new babysitter.” She said, addressing Kate.

“Marge, this is Katie. Katie this is Marge Simmons and her daughter Anne, my neighbors.” I said, performing the introductions.

Kate stood with her knees together and her hands folded over her skirt, smiling shyly and radiating innocence.

“Hello Mrs. Simmons, nice to meet you.” Kate said, as she shook Marge’s hand.

“Thanks again for keeping an eye on Max.” I said. “I hope he wasn’t any trouble.”

“Oh, no trouble at all. He didn’t even wake up.” Marge said, as she stood up and took Anne by the hand.

I saw Marge to the front door and thanked her again for watching Max. I closed the door and turned to Kate.

“You were very good, Kate.” I said, smiling.

“Why thank you, Mrs. Swenson.” Kate said, giving me a mischievous smile. “Before you show me around the house, may I use the restroom please?”

“Oh, I get it smarty-pants.” I said, laughing. “You can come out of charac…”

I stopped speaking mid-sentence as a wicked and fun idea came to me. Judging from the gleam in Kate’s eyes she was thinking the same thing. I had read about role-playing in one of Tom’s porno magazines, and it always struck me as silly. But right now it seems like an intriguing idea, and I decided to roll with it. If nothing else, it was more creative than my plan, which involved dragging her into my bedroom, tearing her clothes off and making love to her for 4 hours, give or take. I suppressed a grin, then got back into my role as the prim housewife.

“Why certainly Katie, right this way.” I said, as I led her down the hall and opened the guest bathroom door.

She thanked me politely as I held the door open for her and told me that she would be a few minutes. She closed the door and I wandered back into the den thinking of how I was going to play this. I had told her to be the innocent babysitter, which meant that I was going to have to be the seductive lesbian with a taste for teenage babysitters masquerading as a prim and proper housewife. I found the idea exciting, as it was so out of character for me. I bit my lip as I thought how I was going to go about this. If I were a lesbian seductress, how would I go about corrupting an innocent teenage babysitter? Some wine would probably be a good help – getting the babysitter drunk seemed like an obvious play. Then I recalled the video I bought yesterday. How could I work that into the seduction? After some frantic brainstorming, I came up with the outlines of a plan. I placed the lesbian porno in the VHS player, and opened up a bottle of chilled white wine and got into character. This was going to be fun!


Katie, a sweet young girl who had answered my ad in the local paper calling for a babysitter, came out of the restroom and walked into the den, looking absolutely edible. She was the third girl that I interviewed at a local Dairy Queen, and as soon as I saw her I knew I had to have her. She was short, about 5 foot 4, slender but with curves in all the right places. She had long red curly hair that fell to just above her breasts, which were about 34 C’s, firm and shapely. She had an adorable face, with pale skin, freckles and beautiful emerald eyes. I offered her the job immediately, and she had accepted. She was over for her first babysitting session, and I was showing her around the house. She expected to be babysitting in an hour while my husband and I went out to dinner with friends, but what she didn’t know was that tonight was really my husband’s poker night with his work buddies. I wouldn’t be going anywhere.

I was pouring 2 glasses of white wine when she came into the room, dressed in a tight fitting pink T-shirt, jeans and red sneakers. I noticed with delight that she was not wearing a bra, and the dark outline of her areolas could just be made out through the fabric.

“Ah, There you are Katie.” I said with a smile. “And don’t you look pretty in that pink top.”

“Thank you.” She replied with a shy shrug. “You look very nice too Mrs. Swenson. I like that blouse, it looks very good on you.”

“Why thank you Katie, you’re very sweet.” I said, as I filled two glasses with white wine at the bar.

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