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Asian Wife Satisfies


Asian Wife SatisfiesI am married to a wonderful, sexy Asian woman. She is a total babe, always getting hit on by other men. She is the perfect submissive Asian type, petite, ivory white skin, long black hair, a beautiful face, very Asian features. Lynn, my wife, and I share a very open, erotic marriage, and while we only play together, fulfilling our sexual fantasies is a turn on for the both of us. Like some guys, I get very excited when other men want my wife. Something about a super, sexy, slutty wife fucking strange men while I watch or join in turns me on. Guys, it seems, love being dominant and aggressive in bed with petite, submissive slutty woman, and it gets even hotter when you fuck another man’s wife, when all are agree. Plus, seeing my beautiful wife pleasuring multiple men is very erotic for me and after learning she enjoyed group sex, it was something I could not resist.I had always enjoyed porn online, dating sites and the sort. Prior to getting married, online porn was something my wife and I indulged in. She liked creating fantasies online, yet we stopped just short of going through with anything. The fear of online predators or violent perverts always kept us both from exploring the online sex scene, but we often role played about those close sexual encounters. We openly wished they could play out, making our sex that much more fulfilling. Things all changed soon after getting married, my sexual deviant side took charge. My wife became more submissive to me and was even more inclined to offer herself to any of my sexual wishes. One night, while on vacation in Europe, my wife picked up this local guy. I watched from a distance as the two flirted and danced. To make a long story short, he and I fucked her in our Paris hotel for hours and the level of excitement and pleasure was enough that we wanted more, and so did she. From that night on, we desired more group sexual experiences.I knew of many sex dating sites, so I thought, let me see if I can set something up. I thought the idea was so sexually charged, I always got hot at the thought of seeing her fucked by strange men. The night in Paris solidified my desire to offer my wife to many men, in many ways. I had a few hot pictures of her, so I set up a few profiles on a number of erotic dating sites explaining our situation. We got hundreds of responses. I was overwhelmed. I went through all the emails and responded to around twenty guys. I focused on guys my wife was attracted to, but more importantly guys I wanted to see fuck my wife. Mostly masculine, mature, well built, attractive men with larger than average cocks. I have a nice thick 7″ cock and I know my wife loves the size. She always talks about loving big dicks, she always got hotter when porno movies showed men with large, thick cocks. And hey, for some reason seeing my wife take a big cock is a fetish of mine. I always like seeing a small petite woman handle a big cock, something about her tiny hands, petite mouth, being invaded by a large piece of man meat.I contacted all the guys I wanted to see fuck her. I made sure to check for their level of interest and desire, but also made sure to confirm their health. I explained what we were looking for, but that there was a twist. They were gonna pursue her without telling her of my participation. The guys were to contact her, send her photos of their face, body, and penis. I insisted it was OK to email her their privates, but ti did not take much prodding. I told the men to talk about meeting at a casino bar one Friday evening. I confirmed our desire to have these guys really pursue her, go after her, knowing that those she emailed back would get a chance to fuck her provided inspiration enough. The men were to be laid back, but aggressive in nature. Each man was to entice her with hard, hot man muscle, which I knew her to like. I, at some point, would also mention a plan to go to the casino one weekend, rounding out the plan.A few weeks went by and all the guys responded, as instructed, of their messages with my wife Lynn. I saw exactly what was said and the photos that were exchanged, which was hot. Lynn had been attracted to seven of the twenty and responded in kind, with much interest. I could see why, all the men were very masculine, well endowed and attractive guys. They ranged in age from 26-59 and comprised of a few professionals, some blue collar types, and a college guy, including one semi-retired guy. I noticed that the guys all had emailed her their face and cock pictures which she enjoyed. All her responses mentioned that the guys looked hot and had very sexy bodies.Lynn was very interested and wanted these men. I soon even noticed my wife took some additional racy photos that I had not been aware of and sent them to the guys she was attracted to. Some included her in very sexy positions, even playing with herself. The emails went on and the erotic talk increased, her totally unaware that each guy was part of the same group. She did not think they all knew each other and until I told her of my plan to go to the casino for the weekend, she had no idea the fantasy was about to come true. Once I mentioned to my wife Lynn about the weekend trip to the casino, she grew anxious and horny. I said, “hey, maybe we’ll even get lucky like in Paris”. I knew she was excited, her face glowed and her smile grew as I finished the sentence. She had not made any concrete plans with the seven men, but knew she did tell them all of her being in the area that weekend, hoping to meet.Lynn made sure to shave her private areas, and pamper her body with a manicure and pedicure prior to our weekend. She packed some stockings, garters, all the really sexy clothes she had and I even noticed she made sure to pack some KY, just in case. Once everything was set, I called a local security firm and hired a security guard to ensure our safety. I then contacted the seven guys and explained what would happen that evening. Lynn and I would have dinner together and be in the bar for drinks and dancing around nine that evening. The men would all make their way to the bar and wait until I was away from the table at the restroom or something until they approached her. The night would progress to the point where one or two would ask for her hand and a dance, which I would approve. Soon, all 8 of us would be at a table sharing a drink and a laugh. My wife would not suspect anything, just think she had unwittingly lead these men on and that this could be the night she gets fucked by a group of horned up guys.The evening approached and I made sure my wife wore her hottest little mini dress. The dress was silk and clung to her body tightly. She put on high heels and the hottest white lace see thong. The best thing about her is that with her small, 32 AA breasts, she will seldom wear a bra. This is very hot, especially with her large, always erect nipples pointing out. She resembled a hot Asian hooker or stripper, and we received tons of stares and approving glances all night. We ate, joked, and had a few drinks, I made sure she was feeling loose and horny, constantly feeling her up, or reaching under the table to rub her moistening mound. We arrived at the bar before nine and got a table. I made sure to call the security guard and leave a room key for him at the front desk and soon we were under his gaze and protection, which made me feel that much more comfortable. He did not reveal himself and stayed inconspicuous, but I knew he was there on duty. I also made sure to excuse myself often allowing the guys their chance to approach Lynn.I first noticed Frank, a balding, fifty-two year old Irish guy. He was tall, well over six feet with wide shoulders and was wearing a tight shirt that showed off his big arms. He was a thick, barrel chested man with a mustache. I knew by his cock picture why Lynn like him, he had a thick cock with large veins and low hanging hairy balls. He must be at least 10 inches plus. He brought Lynn a drink and started some small talk. She seemed a bit nervous at first, but quickly loosened up. Frank’s easy personality etiler escort and laid back attitude help put her at ease. She took it their meeting as coincidence and moved on and when Frank departed, but I noticed her staring at him as he left. I could tell she was disappointed. Soon, I saw both Tom and Bryan in the bar. Both guys were young, in their thirties. Each had very lean swimmers type body, very sporty looking guys. Lynn liked these 2 because they had smooth washboard abs and sported large, uncut cocks. Lynn mentioned in each email message to them that she always fantasized about being seeing and tasting uncut cocks. I also saw Curt, Jason, Phil, and later saw George in the bar. All these guys were tall, masculine men, except George who was a young college guy. They all had an attribute Lynn desired, and I approved of. Curt was in his late 40’s, a well dressed Italian man with slicked back hair. He was well built and had a large sausage cock with a huge giant bulbous head. Lynn loved his pictures! Jason and Phil were very blue collar types. Both men were in their late 40’s and had a rough, masculine look to them. They were hairy, muscular guys with tattoos and facial hair. Each guy was hung as large as the other, about 9 inches, thick, and Phil even had a cock ring.George was the baby of the group, only 26. George was a smooth, ripped young guy, that had a very attractive boyish face. He was a golden boy surfer type and was a sharp contrast to the rest. Lynn was smitten from the first email. She has a thing for younger guys, and loves young, surfer types. The guy she picked up in Paris was a young, fit French guy, so I knew George would be of particular interest to her. I watched as each man made themselves known and said hello to Lynn. George was the first to ask Lynn to dance. I, of course, said, “yes, sure, go have fun honey.” I watched them dirty dance, bump and grind and even saw George rub his hands all over her body. At one point he even had his hand up her dress exposing her cute little thong. Soon, Bryan and Phil were chatting me up and I noticed Curt join George on the dance floor. After a song or two, both Curt and George had Lynn in the middle of them as they grind her body to the thumping beats ringing from the speakers. A crowd began to form watching this hot display.After a few hours, Lynn and I were at our table with George, Curt, Bryan, and Phil laughing and drinking, slowly directing the conversation to sex. A few moments during the evening a hand or two made their way under the table and I could tell by Lynn’s expression, the attention, the euphoria of these men had her getting very horny. She know deep down, ALL the men wanted her and if things progressed, she would have sex with each one. The evening continued, the dancing got more erotic and when Jason and Frank joined us, the circle was complete. I made sure to sway the conversation to erotic fantasies, and tried to turn up the heat by asking the guys to start. Frank started and got very explicit, which set the tone by talking about wanting to lick a cute little Asian’s asshole and then cum all over her face. He mentioned how big he was, how hard he came and how much he liked to eat pussy. He then passed the baton to Phil who spoke of his lust for an Asian woman and seeing her petite hand clasped around his large nine inch cock. Lynn’s eyes widened. She was getting hot. I made sure to reach under her dress and massage her mound, while the guys explored their most erotic wishes, all of which revolved around fucking and sucking and cumming on a beautiful Asian woman.Lynn’s wet pussy grew wetter and wetter. When Curt asked her to talk about her erotic fantasy, she could barley speak. Her voice was over come with excitement and passion as she whimpered,”I would like to have sex with eight, well hung, hot guy.”Then in a soft tone she said,”I want to be ravished by eight guys, feel their hands all over me. I want them to have their way with!”Everyone got excited, but I knew it would be this easy. I said, “well honey, there are eight of us here, maybe we will all fuck you!” I then shoved two fingers in her pussy. She mumbled,”I’d like that!”I knew it was time to go so I mentioned we should take the party up to our room. Lynn was more than happy and the jump to her step confirmed her willingness to fuck these guys. We all got in the elevator, and Lynn began to sway her hips back and forth in front of the guys. She was in heaven, knowing all the guys were going to fuck her. A couple of the guys even started feeling her up over her dress, messaging her tits, her ass, her belly, rubbing up her bare legs and thighs. I only asked we keep things appropriate until we got in to the room. “Let’s not undress her here guys”, I said.I could tell everyone was heated, most of the guys had huge bulges in their pants, even me! As I started to open the door, George and Lynn were sucking face and as the door opened he and Frank swooped Lynn up and carried her into the room. The security guard set the ground rules, as I instructed, while Lynn changed. I helped her out of her dress, made sure to kiss her and rub her pussy all the while. I then made sure she dressed in the most revealing white teddy that did not go past her hips, with white stockings and white garters. She wore a tiny white thong with no bra. We kissed again and I told her how I wanted to see her fuck these guys and be the biggest slut I imagined. I confessed to her of my manipulation of the weekend and how I set everything up in the hopes of having this gang bang. I assured her all the guys were clean and I approved of everything. I asked her to have fun and do whatever turned her on, that I wanted her to orgasm as much as possible and for her to satisfy ALL these guys as much as everyone consented. She was so happy. She said,”I love you, only you, and will be the biggest slut for you. I’ll do anything you wish and anything these men want, I’ll do!”I led her out into the room where the guys awaited. She had a bounce to her step, a slutty strut that attracted everyone’s attention. Not to mention, she looked so hot in this lace teddy, her petite frame displayed for everyone to see. Her tight body dressed up in a lace garter, with white stockings, so super sexy. She was the essence of a hot slut wife, I loved it.Lynn started dancing around the room, turning to each of the guys in a seductive way. She made her way to each man, kissing them, allowing them to feel her body, kiss her, then moved on to the next. Each man wanted more and became hornier and harder as she made her way around the room. On the second pass around, she allowed the men a longer feel, a longer taste of her body. Some grabbed her ass and kissed her deeply. Others reached between her legs to probe her pussy with a finger or two. Bryan, had a finger in her ass and one in her pussy as they made out for what seemed liked an hour during his turn. Lynn was rubbing the growing outline of his cock becoming more and more aroused. She moved onto all the others, touching more of them, rubbing each man’s crotch. By this time her thong had been removed and her teddy was off. She was left with just the white stockings on, but I made sure to motion to one guy that she had to be totally naked, the guys all agreed and she was stripped naked in front of us all. The guys mentioned a number of times how hot and sexy her shaved, bare pussy looked and felt.Each man enjoyed everything my sexy little Asian slut had to offer. Then, one by one, she unbuckled each man’s pants and lowered each man’s boxers exposing each man’s growing cock. Soon, Lynn was on her knees, with all seven men standing around her, their pants on the floor and their cocks in her face. The guys were huge, Lynn made several references to how big each guy was as she licked up and down the shafts and softly messaged each man’s balls. Her mouth remained focused on Frank’s thick cock and while she licked his balls, she stroked off two other guys with her free hands. I knew how good it felt having ümraniye escort her lick and kiss the underside of my balls and take each nut into her mouth. I knew these guys would love it to, maybe even more because this was my wife giving them great head! I actually loved seeing my slut wife suck another man’s cock and enjoyed seeing the approval on each man’s face. I began to remove my clothes, and get a good seat for the action. After a while sucking Frank’s cock, the remaining guys started working on her body. Curt began to lick her tits, and Phil parted her legs and dove into her wet pussy, kissing and sucking on her pussy. She was moaning and grinding her hips more now, loving the attention having 14 hands all over her. Feeling 7 mouths on her, feeling 7 hard, huge cocks around her, she was in complete sexual arousal now and reached her first orgasm. I was so aroused seeing my wife’s body shake with orgasm with these guys around her.Now, Bryan & Jason removed their clothes and stroked their cocks watching the action. Lynn would gaze at us from time to time in loving anticipation of getting her hands on and mouth around our cocks. At this point, she was still on her knees sitting on Phil’s face. Jason moved over and started working on her ass and I mentioned to Bryan to join him. She was still working on Frank, Tom and George who stood all around her face, feeding her their cocks. Each took turns grabbing her her head and face fucking her. I know she could deep throat cocks, but was amazed at her ability. Something about watching her made me realize how good she was. Each man’s face depicted the arousal level and Lynn would take them deep in her throat and then out, swirling her tongue around the head, and flicking the underside of the cock head. Her hands were stroking their cocks, while messaging their balls. This made each guy moan and grunt with approval. I watched as she’d peer up at the guys with submissive eyes and talk in a submissive tone. She would mumble,”yummy, your cock tastes so good” and “wow, your cock is so big.”Each man in turn would instruct her to suck their cock, or to lick their balls, really hot stuff. Frank spoke the most, directing Lynn to perform certain things, she really responded well to him. I liked hearing the dirty talk and so did Lynn. Seeing the cocks in her mouth and around her was such a turn on, I thought I’d blow my load right then, but held back. What seemed like an eternity lasted around an hour or so with each man exchanging positions and finally, Frank telling Lynn, that it’s time to take you into the back bedroom and give you a good fucking!She had already had one huge orgasm, but was on the brink of another when the men moved Lynn to the bedroom. She was carried by Tom and Jason, and the rest followed with huge erections in tow. She was placed on her back, on the edge of the bed. George was french kissing her and Phil began to grab her ankles and started licking her pussy and probing her tight asshole. He was good, a lot better then me, because, Lynn was soon yelling,”Oh, I’m cumming” she cried.Then Tom and Bryan were on each side of her and presented their raging cocks to Lynn. She wasted no time in taking each man deep in her mouth and soon, George was on top of her, fucking her tits and when he started humping her chest faster and faster, Lynn looked up and demanded he shoot his load in her mouth. George then arched up, toward Lynn’s head and shoved his cock in her mouth and as she grabbed the base and cupped his balls, he pumped a few times and we knew he was cumming. Lynn grabbed him by the ass checks and held on as George pumped his load deep down my wife’s throat. She took each drop. Watching her was such a turn on for us all. You could see each swallow as she downed the load George shot in her mouth. With Phil eating her pussy and rubbing her asshole, she milked the last drop of cum into her hungry mouth. Soon after, Bryan grabbed her head and demanded she swallow him to. George removed himself from the action and Lynn faced Bryan. He grabbed her by the head and leaned toward her. She welcomed his big cock in her mouth and with a few pumps, was cumming. He shot a huge load, more then Lynn could swallow because some drops dripped out each side of her mouth. She made every attempt to swallow it all, but there was too much cum. We watched as she swallowed his load, while her hips grind on Phil’s face. Lynn orgasmed again and as soon as Bryan finished, Phil shoved his cock in her wet pussy and that sent Lynn to new erotic heights. She let out a load scream of appreciation and desire, and soon, Phil was fucking the hell out of my wife.Frank and Curt moved to each side of her now and Jason was at her head. The guys were shoving their cocks in her face now. The sight of these huge cocks in respect to her tiny Asian face made me so hard. Jason put his cock across her forehead and it looked so big compared to her. With Frank’s cock’s girth and Curt sporting this giant head on a large cock, her face was obscured by man meat. I loved seeing her suck and fuck in such a slutty fashion. Plus, seeing these men treat my wife like a slut, was so erotic, I really loved her even more now!Phil was fucking her and she was screaming in pleasure in between sucking each man’s cock, then Phil began to pick up speed. He was really fucking her now, harder and harder. She liked that cause she came and came in a long continuous explosion, her eyes rolling back in her head and her mouth stuck around Curt’s cock head. She recovered only to feel Phil’s cock engorged with cum as he continued to pound her harder and faster.”I’m cumming”, Phil grunted.Lynn, moaned with approval, grabbing his ass checks holding him tight, she said,”Cum inside my baby!”Phil blasted a nice load inside her. By this time, cum was dripping out of her cunt, and on her neck and chest, and I said, “How would you like to feel double penetration honey,” Lynn in a sweet, soft, girl’s voice, cried,”YES, I want two cocks in me at once!” So, Jason lay on the bed, and Lynn climbed on top of him. She made a point of asking Frank to have her ass, Lynn said,”Frank, I want to fell your big cock in my ass!”Frank straddled her and she maneuvered to position as both men entered her. Curt then kneeled in front of her with Tom. Each man recieved some nice attention as she would suck each cock, lick each man’s balls. All the while, Frank and Jason started getting into rhythm, fucking her faster, thrusting harder and longer. It seemed, having two cocks in her felt so good. She moaned and cried out in pleasure. She even begged them to fuck her harder, deeper, which each guy was happy to do. Franks’ balls bounced and slapped against Lynn’s flesh, as her cunt slurped and sucked in Jason’s big cock. The noises were so hot. She rocked back and forth, constantly having at least three cocks in her at once. When she finally exploded again in orgasm, she grabbed Tom’s and Curt’s cock and grunted, each orgasm sent visible shock waves through her body. We all noticed how good she was feeling and this seemed to turn us all on to give it to her harder. In between she begged Frank to cum in her ass and for Jason to cum at the same time as Frank. The men, together, nodded and said,”You want to feel 2 big cocks cum in you at the same time, uh baby?”Lynn, moaned and grunted, “Yes, I want to feel your big cocks explode inside me at the same time.”So, both men started to direct one another to the point of orgasm. First, Jason began to cum, then Frank said the same and both men soon coordinated their orgasms together for her pleasure. I knew Lynn would like feeling two cocks cum in her at the same time. She loved feeling a cock fill with blood, and shoot hot cum inside her. Then, as orgasm approached, she could feel the cocks twitch and she really loved each pulsating shot of cum. Feeling each man cum inside her at the same time brought her to an orgasmic peak, that she had not reached before.Frank and Jason both reached orgasm at the same time. Lynn screamed out, sarıyer escort “Oh god yes!”The men grunted in pleasure. The sound of the bodies rocking and pounding back and forth was so erotic. Seeing Lynn’s tiny body between these two large men was hot. Her figure was perfectly formed, tight and smooth, so delicate. These guys were large and hairy, with giant pieces of man flesh sticking out and inside her wonderful pussy and asshole. Her breasts being sucked by Jason, her plump, round ass checks being grabbed and squeezed by Frank and she gripped two more big, thick cocks with her hands as the men supported her body. She floated on cocks and seemed suspended in a sexual trance.Finally, Jason grabbed her and held her tight to his body and Frank leaned on her backside, both men crunching her between them. The sight was even hotter, watching my wife have these two men reach orgasm in my wife after they used her and fucked her good, cumming in her, was a huge turn on for me. She let go of the cocks in front of her, and arched her body, as much as she could allowing each man the deepest penetration. Frank pounded away, and I knew he was cumming as Lynn’s eyes remained in a total dream like glare.She moaned “Yes, cum inside my ass Frank!”Frank shouted, “Yes, I’m gonna cum, take my load Lynn!”That was so hot for me, hearing another man mention my wife’s name and tell her to take his load! Jason was cumming to, and Lynn was deeply kissing him as she had her hands around his head, she said, “Yes baby, give it to me!”Jason and Frank both were grabbing her ass now, trying to drive their cocks deeper in her. Soon, Lynn removed her tongue from Jason’s mouth and arched back, looking for Frank’s mouth. He leaned into her, kissing her hard, grabbing her tits and pulling her hair. Both men bucked and groaned loudly as they shot their their loads in Lynn. You could see the pleasure of each cum spurt and each man was delighted at the pleasure she provided.Frank removed his limp cock from Lynn’s ass and she let Jason out from under her. She asked Curt to lay down, Lynn said,”Now, I want to feel that big cock of yours in my pussy.” “I want to taste your cum in my mouth after you fuck my cum filled ass.”The three remaining guys, were so hard, our cocks were at their bursting point. Lynn looked with longing eyes at us. We positioned ourselves accordingly, to penetrate her in all holes. She could not get enough cock and was really in heat now. Now, with Tom at her ass, Curt and I pointed our cocks in her face. Curt’s cock head was like a tennis ball, dwarfing my 7 inch cock. Each time her lips came off his cock head a load pop sound echoed the room. As Tom entered Lynn’s ass, I now knew how good she was feeling. With her lips around my cock and her hands gripping my cock’s base, each time Tom thrust in her ass, she clenched harder, and sucked deeper on my cock. I looked down on my Asian princess and saw sexual satisfaction of which I had never seen before. A euphoria filled her eyes as Tom fucked harder and harder. He humped her faster now, grabbing her thin hips, pulling her into him. Lynn rocked on his cock, and groaned more and more. Tom then pulled her to the edge of the bed and he stood on the floor, allowing him to fuck her ass deep. She slide back and took him in her ass, and he placed one foot on the bed and really drove his cock into her. She now had her face buried in the pillow. Tom’s cock was really hitting the spot and with her hips high in the air and her back arched. Tom was loving it to, cause he soon shouted, “I’m cumming!”Lynn flipped around on her back and offered Tom her mouth and face. Tom said,”I want to cum on your face and tits and watch you lick it off.”Lynn loves cum, and hates to waste a good load because she liked to taste every drop of man juice. Swallowing cum was a huge fetish for her, but at this level of arousal, she’d do anything. So, Lynn grabbed the base of Tom’s cock and started jerking him off. Tom straddled her face and had both his nuts dangle above her mouth and chin. We all watched in complete erotic awe as she licked his asshole and the underside of his balls, stroking his cock all the while. He pumped her hand harder and pulled back and grabbed his cock himself, screaming”Take my cum Lynn!”Lynn answered, “Yes, Tom, cum on my face, I want you to cum all over me.”Tom did just that, and with a few strong jerks, started pumping stream after stream of cum onto Lynn. The first shot went all over her tits and she moaned. Then another shot directly on her face, chin, and neck, she moaned more. Then two more quick bursts, that reached her stomach, Lynn loved it!”That tastes so good,” she moaned.Finally, Tom lowered his hand allowing Lynn to milk the rest, licking his still hanging balls, and taking the last drops into her mouth. Curt and I were ready now, harder then a cement pole, we grabbed Lynn and I got dominant. “Lynn”, I said, “now Curt and I are gonna fuck you good and cum inside you!” She whimpered like a good little submissive slut. Curt laid on his back, and she climbed on his cock.Lynn moaned in delight,”your so hard,” she said.I got behind her and spread her legs allowing entrance into her used, but tight asshole. I was going to explode, my wife was rocking up and down on Curt’s giant cock, and after seeing her take all these loads, empty all these balls in loving fashion, my slut was an super sexy sight. All this made an orgasm for me the best to date. I gripped her hips and thrust my cock deep into her ass. She looked back in loving approval, allowing Curt the chance to suck her tits. She looked in my eyes,”yes”, she mouthed, “cum in my ass honey, while this man fucks me!”I proceeded to fuck harder, faster, grabbing her hips tighter, clenching her ass checks, spreading them apart, she moaned all the while sucking face with Curt, bouncing on his cock, once and a while, moaning,”Oh my god, that feels so good, your cock is so big Curt,” Lynn’s voice would mumble.I was a few pumps away from eruption when Lynn had another orgasm, long and hard. This orgasm, hearing her scream and moan in pleasure sent me over the edge and I pumped again and again, deep in her ass I shoved my cock in my wife until my orgasm erupted in her. I grabbed her hair, like the good slut she was she arched back and she let out another glass shattering scream. I then shot my load deep in her ass. Curt too, was cumming, with her tongue down his throat, he grabbed her face, one hand on each of her checks, he bucked and bucked up and down, rocking Lynn till she was almost bouncing on his cock. He clenched her face and looked in her eyes,”Your pussy feels so good, I’m cumming Lynn,” Curt said.Lynn said “yes, baby, you feel so good.”I was done at this point and had removed my cock form her ass, spent from the erotic episode. Lynn and Curt’s two bodies were gyrating up and down now faster and faster until Curt flipped Lynn over really quick and got on top of her. He took one leg and placed it over his shoulder and got between her other leg. Then he shoved his big, cum dripping cock into her, with a loud but single moan, Lynn cried out,”yes, Curt deeper!”Lynn’s eyes then shut and she continued to mutter over and over,”yes, fuck me.”Over and over she cried out as Curt fucked her harder then anyone. While his balls slapped against her, she reached under to message them. He really was getting deep, hitting her spot, this position allowed for maximum penetration and Lynn loved feeling Curt’s giant bulbous head hit her spot. Curt also liked the feeling of his cock deep in her pussy and her hand messaging is bouncing balls. Then he clenched her thighs and while licking her toes, grunted,”I’m cumming for you Lynn, take my load you sexy Asian slut.”Lynn just kept screaming, “fuck me, yes, fuck me!’Curt was cumming, and by the looks of Lynn, by her body motions and her expression, she loved taking another load. Curt stayed in Lynn for a while, they kissed and kissed all the while Lynn’s hand messaging Curt’s balls. Lynn did not want this night to end, and soon enough George and Bryan were quick to recover and after watching this sexual display were ready to fuck her some more, so were the rest of us! She looked up needing and wanting more cock and the night would continue until all the guys had no more cum left for her. My wonderful wife satisfied all eight of us, took all our cocks and I loved it just as much as she did!

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