22 Mayıs 2023

At The Bar Ch. 02


She grabbed my chin in her hand and held my face in front of hers.

“Now you know what to do, my little slut. Do it.” She ordered.

With pleasure, I thought to myself. She was still wearing her long skirt but it was all twisted, disheveled and up around her thighs. The slit had been turned so that it was in the front rather than the side. It was open enough to reveal just a shadow between her legs. I knelt down onto the floor in front of her, slowly ran my hands up her legs and hips. I reached up and gently yanked at the waistband of her skirt. After tugging a little bit I realized that there must be a zipper. She just sat there watching me, not moving to assist. I reached around her side with both hands and tenderly moved her around to reveal the zipper. Her bottom looked so inviting! I ran my hands all over those luscious butt cheeks, enjoying the soft squishiness.

Climbing up onto the couch, I lay against her legs, pressing my breasts into her ass. She let out a quiet moan and lifted herself up towards my body. I reached up and unzipped her skirt and yanked it down her legs. I saw that she was wearing a very skimpy thong, exposing both of her buttocks. When I rolled Kadıköy Escort her back onto her ass I saw that it was sheer red and matched her bra. She was shaved except for a tiny triangular patch, visible through the sheer panties. I leaned over and placed a very wet kiss on the fabric.

I love the feel of wet, thin fabric against skin. She let out a soft moan. I licked it until it was sopping wet. The circles my tongue was making got larger and larger until they reached the edge of her panties. Each time I neared the rim, I stuck my tongue out a little further until I started sneaking it under the panties. Soon I was running my tongue all over her tiny patch of hair.

I grabbed the string of her thong with my teeth and struggled to get them off of her. I moved from one hip to the other biting and tugging, then down each thigh. Each time I tongued her skin before wrapping my mouth around the panties. I got them off and tossed them aside. I hadn’t heard a sound out of her for a while.

Grabbing her knees, I spread her legs open and looked at her smoothly shaved, glistening pussy. Suddenly she reached down and grabbed both sides of my Kadıköy Escort Bayan head with her hands. My face was shoved into her pussy. The wet lips were pressed into my cheeks and my nose was up against her clit. I pulled away just enough to stick my tongue out licking long and hard. She smelled and tasted wonderful! Her pussy lips were swollen and her clit was just sticking out enough for me to flick my tongue over. When I did that, she finally let out a sound; a long, deep moan of pleasure. I spread her lips wider open, licking as much as I could. It was getting very slippery. I bobbed my head as I licked up and down her clit. I could feel it getting harder. I took it into my mouth and sucked slowly, rubbing my tongue against it. She started bucking and I knew she was close to cumming. I sucked faster and harder and reached my finger up to wet, gaping hole. I alternated sticking it inside her then pressing it up under the clit I was sucking. She started thrashing about and it was difficult to keep my face in her pussy. I grabbed her ass and pressed my fingers deep into her butt cheeks to hold her in place as I took her clit and as much around it Escort Kadıköy as I could deep into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could.

She reached down and grabbed my hair and let out a howl. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Baby you’re so good!” she screamed. I sucked until I knew she was done and slowly let go of her soft, throbbing pussy.

My face was messy with her juices. I moved up to sit beside her on the couch, touching her all over. She was spent! I leaned over and kissed her lightly, smearing her own drippings on her face. She lapped them up then just held me.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before??!” she inquired. I just smiled and replied “only in my fantasies.”

“Well, my newbie little friend, practice makes perfect.” She kissed my lips sweetly and rose to get off the couch.

She reached out her hand and helped to pull me up. We hugged with hands groping all over each other. She leaned back her face and said it was time for her to get to bed. She picked up my clothes, handed them to me and said we needed to get together again.

As I was getting dressed, she walked into her bedroom and came back wearing a long black silk robe.

“Meet me at the same place next Friday at 8:00 and be sure that you’re wearing these. ” She placed something in my hand. I looked down and saw two nipple rings and a clit clamp jewel. I squeezed my hand around the cold metal.

As I left her house, I thought this could be a most interesting relationship…

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