26 Mart 2022

At the gym


At the gymI’d been going to the gym for about two months. After having done my workout I’d had a shower and was getting dressed, as I had all my clothes on I was just putting my shirt on when Adam came in to the locker room, we made short talk, football, weather etc. As I put my arms through my shirt he came close to me and said “You married?”, I replied that I was.As I was lacing up my boots he came from out of the shower and with just a towel around him he stood a couple of feet away. I noticed how slim he was and slightly tanned, I have to admit my loins stirred. As I stood up he came closer to me, I froze and looked at him, he came even closer and was smiling at me.As I was rooted to the spot he reached out and pushed me down on the bench, I çankaya escort sat there looking up at him as he had his hands on my shoulders. As quick as a flash he pulled the towel away and there his 8″ cock stood erect. I looked at it and then him and as he smiled he put his hand behind my head and moved me forward.I bent down and as if in a trance I placed my hand on him and my tongue was licking his helmet, as he groaned his hand was still behind my head. I moved my mouth and engulfed his cock giving him some deep throat, as I moved up and down his shaft I cupped his balls and after a while I gripped my fist around his throbbing cock and slowly wanked him.After only a few minutes he said “God I’m coming”, as balgat escort I continued to pull him he spurted his seed into my mouth it came at such a rate I had no choice but to swallow, as I swallowed he was groaning, I sucked him until he’d gone soft. As he pulled his cock from my throat he pulled me up to my feet, rubbing my own hard cock in the process.I stood up and unbuttoned my pants, as they fell to the floor Adam rubbed the front of my undies, as I slipped them off my 6″ sprang into view, he smiled and sat down leaning forward he kissed the tip of my cock. I pulled him up and turned him around he said “No please don’t”, as I bent him over I teased his ass with my cock.Bending down I licked his ass and he elvankent escort moaned, as I slipped a finger into his ass he moaned again, I stood up and rubbed my cock up his hole, as he gasped I slipped my cock into him, he groaned all the more. Putting my hands on his hips I started to fuck him, as I built up a steady rhythm I moved my hands around to fondle his tits.As I was shagging him the door opened and in walked another young man, he saw what was going on and smiling he pulled his shorts down and waved his cock in Adam’s face, he grabbed it and started to wank him off. As I said I was close and slowed down, Adam wanked this other lad off at top speed, as his spunk started to dribble out Adam put his mouth over his helmet.His spunk shot into his mouth as Adam took it all. I pulled out and turned Adam around I shoved my cock into his mouth as he gagged my load shot down his throat, I could here him gagging as he tried to swallow but it dribbled out of the corner of his mouth. As I went limp I simply got dressed and walked out.

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