1 Aralık 2022

At The Rest Stop


At The Rest Stop
I know, there has been many stories about rest stops but this is a true story involving my ten year old son and me. My wife had died a few months before and the two of us decided that we needed to get away for a little while. We decided to roam about in Washington, the state, and see the sights and spend some time together, just the two of us.
On the second day, we were tired and hungry when we pulled into a rest stop just outside of Eugene. It was getting dark and there didn’t seem to be too many cars or trucks in the stop so I thought we would be safe. Well, it didn’t turn out that way but it did bring us closer together.
We both entered the rest room and were standing at the urinals when two men came in and stood on either side of us. They started urinating, or at least I thought they did when I noticed the man standing on the other side of my son was very interested in watching what my son was doing. I also noticed he had his cock out but wasn’t urinating. He was rubbing the length of it with his hand while watching my son pee.
I looked out of the corner of my eye at the man standing beside me, who was doing the same thing, just rubbing his cock while watching me pee. My son finished ahead of me and said he would see me back at the car. I nodded and then stared straight ahead at the wall, all the time knowing the man beside me was ogling my cock. I then noticed the man who had been standing beside my son, zipped up his pants and left. Now there was only me and the other man in the rest room. As I finished and was zipping up my pants, the man reached across and stopped me by grabbing my cock. I didn’t pull away as I was so astonished by his forwardness that I froze. His hand slid up my cock and he cupped my balls while pulling my pants down again.
I was in a state but at the same time, it felt so good to have someone caressing me and handling my cock so assuredly. I was beginning to feel a little unsure what to say or do when he spoke to me in a whisper.
“I’d love to suck your cock,” he said as his hand started sliding up and down my shaft.
I looked at him while he continued to fondle my cock which was responding to his touch, getting harder and harder.
“See, you want me to suck your cock, don’t you?” he asked. “I know you’ll taste so sweet. Let me suck you.”

I still didn’t say anything and bent over to pull my pants up, turning away from him. As I did, his hand landed on my ass and he started to caress my cheeks. I turned back to him and asked him what he wanted. He replied quickly that he wanted to suck my cock and fuck my ass. Now I was getting a little unsure about what was happening but I didn’t, in my mind, want him to stop caressing me.
“Come on,” the man said. “Lets go back to your car.
Almost, as in Ankara escort a stupor, I nodded and we left the rest room together. As we were crossing the parking lot, I could see the dome light on in my car and I also could see someone standing on the passenger side. It looked like he was leaning against the car but as we got closer, I could see my son’s head in his hands, bobbing up and down.
It never occurred to me that my son would suck a man’s cock but the closer we got to the car, the more evident it became, that that was exactly what he was doing.
I opened the driver side door and saw my son’s bare back as he continued to suck the hard cock in his mouth. I quickly turned around to face the man who had come with me to the car and he undid my belt and pants, pulling them off in one quick movement. He then took my briefs off to and I was left standing in the middle of the parking lot, totally nude from the waist down. He bent down and I felt his tongue swirl around my head as I pushed my hips towards him, my cock burying itself deeper into his mouth.
He groaned as he reached around and grabbed my cheeks, pulling him further into him. I looked over behind me and was amazed to see my son was now completely naked and the man with him had him leaning on the front seat with his ass pushed out and up so he could lick his hole. I could hear my son making soft moaning noises and the sucking of the man on my cock. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and because of it, it didn’t take long for me to fill the throat of the man sucking my cock. I burst into his mouth while he sucked down every last drop.
I couldn’t take my eyes off my son who now was being turned around. The man with him sat down on the seat and I saw that he was naked, his hard cock sticking straight up in front of him. He pulled my son’s head down and told him to suck. My son did as he was told and I watched the man’s head disappear into my son’s mouth.

In the mean time, I heard a rustling of clothes and turned to find the man standing in front of me had taken all his clothes off and was rubbing his long hard cock while watching my son and his friend. I tentatively reached over and grasped his cock which made him groan a little. I started to rub up and down his length making him moan and groan even louder.
I pulled him towards me and opened my mouth. His head slipped inside my mouth and I started to suck him, bobbing up and down, filling my mouth and throat with hot hard cock. I licked the pee hole and that really made him groan before sucking his entire length back into my mouth again and again.
I could hear my son behind me but I was enjoying sucking this man’s hard cock so much that I tried to ignore him at least for the moment. Then I heard a sharp yelp coming from the other Ankara escort bayan side of the car. I let the cock in my mouth slip out and turned around to see what was happening. My son was leaning against the seat again as the man behind him was pushing his hard cock into his ass hole.
“No,” I quickly said. “He is only ten. Please don’t hurt him.”
“Oh, I’m not going to hurt him, I’m going to fuck him,” the man said with a smile on his face.
With that he pushed his entire cock into my son and stopped, holding onto his hips as he waited for my son to settle down a little. After a few seconds, he started to pull his cock back out of my son’s ass before thrusting it back up into him, making him yelp again. He did this a few more times then started to thrust repeatedly, in and out of my son’s ass hole while my son stared at me, his eyes telling me a story. I may have been wrong but my son was enjoying getting fucked and in his way, he was telling me that.
As I continued to watch my son getting fucked, the man behind me spread my cheeks apart and I felt his tongue go into my hole. He thrust it in and out a few times then just left inside me, licking around my hole as he pulled it out. He then licked up and down my whole crack, concentrating on my hole. His tongue went in and out of me while I leaned forward and pushed my ass up towards him, giving him greater access.
When he pulled away, I felt the cool air against my skin where he had licked me but I didn’t have time to relish the feeling as he turned me around and pushed me back onto the seat so I was on my back with my ass hanging out of the car. He pulled my legs apart and licked up and down my cock and balls before going back to my ass hole again. He inserted a finger, then two then three while he sucked my balls a last time.

Again I felt the cool air on my skin as he stood up and moved towards me, his cock hard and pointing at my hole. He pushed against me and popped into me, making me cry out. He didn’t stop until his entire length of hard cock was inside me with his balls resting against my thighs. Slowly, he pulled his cock out of me until just the head was inside me. He stopped and I looked up at him. He was grinning at me as he pushed his cock back up my canal until his balls slapped against my thighs.
My legs were up in the air and I moved them until one was resting on the front door frame and the other on the back of the seat. I was spread wide open and he didn’t waste any time in taking advantage of my pose. His thrusts in and out of me were strong and fast as he fucked me like a woman, going deep into my man cunt with every thrust. I could feel his head expanding inside me and rubbing the sides of my canal as he fucked me for what seemed like an eternity.
I strained my neck around until Escort Ankara I could see my son who was in the same position as I, getting his ass fucked while his legs were spread wide apart. He could hear him grunting every time the man fucking him thrust into him and I noticed he was pushing back against the thrusts. I closed my eyes and pictured in my mind what was happening as we continued to get fucked.
Finally, I felt the cock inside me explode sending hot come deep inside me, filling my canal. His cock spewed come over and over again into me while I groaned at the feeling. He grunted and held himself against my thighs as he emptied himself into me. After a few moments, his cock started to slide out of me and I felt his hot come running down the back of my thighs. When his cock popped out of me, I felt a rush of hot come run down my thighs and under my back.
Then I heard my son groan loudly as the inside him filled his canal with hot come. He didn’t stop thrusting until he was completely empty then pulled his softening cock out of my son’s ass. I thought that was the end of it but I was wrong. A few minutes later, I felt another hard cock pushing against my hole. I looked up and saw another man standing between my spread legs, pushing his long hard cock into me. At the same time I heard my son grunt behind me and I knew he was getting fucked again just like me.
I don’t know how long we were on our backs but we were both fucked three times and we sucked another three cocks too. Finally, we were left alone, our asses sore from the many cocks that had invaded them and wet from the pool of hot come under us on the seat. I slowly lowered my legs and turned around to look at my son.

We were both still naked and as I leaned back against the seat, relaxing a little, I heard him say something. I didn’t at the time heard him too well but before I know it, I felt his hot little mouth on my cock.
My eyes popped open and I looked down to see my son sucking my cock. He looked up at me while he bobbed and smiled before going back to concentrate on what he was doing. During all the fucking we had endured, neither of us had come and we both had hard cocks loaded with come. He continued sucking until I came inside his mouth. He swallowed every little bit then sat back up, a big grin on his face.
We looked at each other for a few moments then melted into each others arms, holding onto each other tightly. I closed my eyes and relived the night, now knowing our lives had changed forever but not knowing where it would go from here. Right now I didn’t care as I had my arms around my son and we were safe. Even thinking about the night and what had transpired, my mind was at ease but my cock wasn’t as I was getting hard again.
My son was too and we grasped each other and started over again. Wow, what a night and now this was our favorite rest stop. We visited it many times while taking road trips. Maybe we’ll meet you there some time.

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