12 Mayıs 2023

At the Tearoom


Images of Desire; At the Tea-Room Part 1 Lana was bored. She perched on a table at the back of the tearoom swinging her long legs and occasionally looking up at the huge clock on the wall. The minutes seemed to grind by achingly slowly. It was late afternoon on a warm but rainy day and few people were passing by. Even fewer were venturing into the tearoom. Sometimes she saw figures huddled under umbrellas rushing by outside, and heard the sound of their heels clicking on the pavement. More often there was nothing to see, and only the sound of the heavy rain and the ticking clock. The atmosphere in the place was hot and sticky and moisture ran down the windows where steam from the teapots met the cold glass. Lana had unbuttoned her white blouse until a hint of her full cleavage and white cotton bra was exposed beneath the silver heart that hung around her neck on a leather string. Her blonde hair was tied tightly back with ringlets escaping around her pretty features. She pouted her red lips miserably and looked up at the clock again with round eggshell blue eyes. There were still a couple of hours to work until Mr Merchant would return to check the takings and to close up for the night, and seeing Mr Merchant was the only excitement in an otherwise dull day Lana mused. If it weren’t for him she would have given up the job a long time ago. Mr Merchant sometimes stepped in to help his wife if she was ill or otherwise engaged, and Lana had had a crush from the first moment she set eyes on him. He was tall dark and extremely handsome, and had an air of authority that made Lana weak at the knees and her pussy wet within her knickers. He was gentle but firm and Lana would willingly do anything he asked. Anything. Mrs Merchant ran the tearoom on a day-to-day basis, and Lana hated her. She was cold and spiteful and kept an ever watchful eye on her staff, being quick to punish the slightest mistake. Lana wondered what the sophisticated Mr Merchant saw in such a dowdy figure. Lana dreamed of stealing Mr Merchant away, at least for a little while, with the temptation of the delights her willing nineteen year old body could offer, and each day she wore a skirt just a little too short, and a blouse just a little too tight, in the hope that Mr Merchant would notice her. When he was at the tearoom she would make every effort to catch his eye, smiling her “fuck me hard” smile whenever he looked her way. However, as yet, Mr Merchant seemed indifferent to her evident charms. His eyes would occasionally rove over her bare thighs, or take in the plump curve of her buttocks as she leaned to clear a table, but he would look away and showed no other interest in Lana as she hoped he might. Lana slipped into a daydream. She imagined Mr Merchant returning to the tearoom to find her waiting for him, slid over the Şişli escort heavy oak table at the back with her heavy firm tits bare, squashed against the cool wooden surface, and her long tanned legs spread wide apart. Her short skirt was roughly pulled up over the wonderful round globes of her firm arse which was thrust up lewdly, inviting a good hard fucking. Lana looked back over her shoulder to watch him approach and she sighed and whispered the words “do me, fuck me hard, fuck me now!” over and over. She dreamed of Mr Merchant fiercely pulling his clothes free from his body, his eyes fixed upon the prize he desired; Lana’s gaping wet pussy, and in a second he was upon her, grasping her hard around the waist and holding her as he pressed his thighs to the back of her legs and, with a savage thrust of his hips, spearing her on his long hard cock, shoving it deep into the wet heat of her pulsing cunt. He rode her, driving her over the table, lifting her feet from the floor, slamming into her, until with a cry of pure dominant lust he grasped her by the hair and filled her pussy with a flood of white hot cum. Lana moaned loudly, and then immediately opened her eyes to look around the tearoom. There was no one there. Her daydream had made her horny. She clasped her thighs together and smiled wickedly. She swung her legs gently and a shiver of pleasure ran through her body as the bud of her clit tingled within the sticky heat of her cunt. She was hot and liquid between her thighs, and she knew she needed to satisfy her demon within right now. The kitchen had no windows and so Lana knew that she would not be seen as she pulled herself up so that she was sitting on the worktop there. She drew her long legs up and wide apart and ran her fingertips over the gusset of her white lace knickers feeling the heat and wetness flooding through. She could smell her own arousal; the musky smell of sex; of a girl turned on and horny. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. She slid her fingertips into the waistband of her knickers, pushing both hands between her legs, down to the swollen wet folds of her cunt. She spread herself, flooding the white lace of her knickers with juice, and pushed her fingertips inside. She threw her head back with her eyes tightly closed and her mouth open wide as she frigged herself hard, whimpering and grunting with pleasure as she masturbated, turning her fingertips over and over the swollen bud of her clit, pumping one long finger deep within the tightness of her pussy walls and raking herself with her long fingernails. “Oh fuck yes!!” she moaned, “fuck yes…I’m gonna…God yes!!!” Her fingers worked madly within her stretched knickers, her body grinding back against the wall, rigid with pleasure as she started to cum hard. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes!!! YES!!!!!!!!” she screamed Sultangazi escort bayan into the air as she shuddered against the wall. And then a bell was ringing somewhere, over and over. “Oh fuck!” Lana panicked, almost falling from the table, scrambling to her feet and smoothing her skirt over her thighs, “I’m coming!” she called, realising that someone had entered the tearoom, “Oh fuck am I coming!” she whispered as she scurried through trying to straighten her hair, and praying her face was not too red. “Hello!” a woman’s voice called, “anyone at home?” Lana hurried out blushing madly to face two women who stood side by side by the small step that led up to a seating area. Both women wore rain hats with wide brims and long shining black raincoats. They looked up at Lana who approached them trying to appear as calm as she could. “A table for two please young lady,” the first woman said with a confident smile. She caught Lana in a stare from her deep blue eyes and for a moment Lana could not look away. The lady was clearly strikingly attractive, between her early to mid thirties, and possessed a natural air of authority. The lady pulled her hat from her head hardly breaking her stare at Lana, and she shook her dark hair free around her shoulders. Then she reached up and her long red nails worked at the buttons at the top of her coat. Lana glanced quickly at the second lady who was looking around the tearoom. She was slightly shorter than her companion but a similar age and again she was pretty. She looked at her friend and followed her lead in removing her hat and coat. The two women wore short expensive looking summer dresses which clung to their hourglass figures; one was orange and the other cream. Their legs and arms were bare and tanned golden brown. Lana gently took the wet raincoats and hats and hung them up on the coat rack to dry. “Follow me please,” she half whispered, and she led the two ladies to a table at the back of the dimly lit room. They took their places facing each other and Lana turned to fetch menus. She was nervous. As she returned she dropped the menus and they fluttered to the floor close to the woman’s feet. Lana dropped to her knees and scrambled after them and both women looked on with amused interest. “May we smoke?” the first woman asked. “You’re not allowed,” Lana began and the woman arched an eyebrow, “but..but as no one else is in, you can, if you want to. I don’t mind.” The woman smiled. “Only, please put them out if anyone comes in,” Lana stressed, “or I could get into trouble.” “Oh,” the woman replied with obvious amusement. “Well, we wouldn’t want that would we?” She passed a cigarette to her friend and flicked a lighter to the tip. Her friend leaned forward and drew hard on the cigarette to light it, blew a ribbon of blue smoke into the air Escort Taksim above her and the first woman did the same. Lana rose up and passed the menus to each of them, aware they were toying with her. “What would you like ladies?” she said, with an edge of annoyance evident in her voice. The woman in the orange dress looked Lana up and down slowly, making her squirm. She smiled as her eyes met Lana’s. “You look rather hot,” she teased, “are you feeling that way?” “I’m not sure what you mean,” Lana said, tapping her pad with the tip of her pencil and looking firmly downward. The first woman drew deeply on her cigarette. “Oh, I’m sure you do!” she drawled. “Could we have two teas please?” the second woman asked and Lana noted that her voice was softer and more hesitant. “Thank you.” Lana turned quickly and made her way to the kitchen. Lana poured the tea listening to see if she could make out the woman’s conversation. They spoke quietly and often giggled and laughed. Lana returned with a concentrated frown as she balanced the tray and made her way over to the table where the women sat. Lana placed down the tray and glanced from one woman to the other. With some surprise she noticed that the woman in the orange dress had placed her hand over her friends hand in the centre of the table. “What’s your name girl?” the woman in the orange dress asked. “Lana.” “Well hello Lana,” the woman nodded, “and how do you enjoy your job?” “It’s OK” Lana replied. “My name’s Caren, and this is my friend Felicity.” Lana looked from one to the other and nodded. “Felicity was asking about your work, but she’s too shy to ask you herself, so I’m asking. I hope you don’t mind?” “Not at all,” Lana replied. This was certainly rather different to most of the customers who never made any effort to speak to her unless it was to order or complain. “Felicity finds your job rather appealing, don’t you Fliss?” Caren continued, as she ran her leg forward to nudge her friend. Felicity looked up at Lana and smiled. “She likes to serve people.” “Well it’s not all fun, I can tell you!” Lana said with feeling. The woman in the orange dress smiled. “Oh, it could be darling, it could be!” She drew a final time on her cigarette and snubbed the butt into an ashtray as she inhaled. “As its quiet in here at the moment, will you play a game Lana?” “I’m not sure I should,” Lana muttered nervously, wondering what the strange customer had in mind. “I understand,” Caren said smoothly. “You’re not brave enough, are you? You don’t want to try anything too wild or dangerous do you?” The challenge was clear. “OK, I’ll do it,” Lana snapped, placing her hands on her hips angrily, “What’s the game?” “I want you to swap clothes and places with Felicity, so she can play at being a waitress for a while.” Felicity looked up at Caren with wide questioning eyes, but she was met with a stare that clearly told her she had no choice but to obey. “Where should we change?” Lana asked when Felicity stood up beside her. “Right here, in front of me,” Caren purred. The two girls changed quickly and nervously.

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