2 Ağustos 2021

At the townhouse: part 1 – In the back yard


At the townhouse: part 1 – In the back yardThis is a true story.This took place back in the late 1970s when my wife at that time, we’re now long divorced, and I were very horny young adults. We both had strong exhibitionist tendencies and, even though we had young k**s at home, we managed to do a lot of playing at night after the k**s were in bed upstairs.We liked to have sex down stairs, both in the living room with its big picture window, (the curtains open – of course), and in the dining room with its big sliding door that opened into our back yard (with that big door open so folks could see in). Our two-story townhouse was in a big building with eight other townhouse apartments, and this building was part of a complex that had 30 or so other similar buildings, kocaeli escort several playgrounds, an office building with attached laundry facilities, etc.This was a time when the open-marriage concept was popular, and there were other couples that we socialized with and played with sometimes. More about that another time.She and I both liked to drink beer and wine and we loved to smoke pot. We found that the combination of drinking and smoking got us very horny and lowered our inhibitions.I enjoyed hearing her talk dirty, and helped get horny by having her repeat phrases back to me. I had her say, “I really hope the neighbors are watching me take my clothes off,” or “I really hope someone can see my tits,” or “I wonder if I’m giving izmit escort one of the neighbor men a hard on,” or “I wonder if any of the neighbor boys are jacking off right now while I’m naked and playing with my self.” One night after we’d smoked some good pot and were buzzed, we took our beers out into the back yard. There were redwood fences about eight feet high separating the back yards from each other, but there was a wooded play area opposite our building where some of the older k**s “hung out” after dark. Though we couldn’t see anyone among the trees, we new that someone might be there – watching us. As we drank our beers in the middle of our back yard, we started kissing and rubbing each other and slowly bodrum escort taking off our clothes. Finally we were both stark naked. My dick was rock hard and the wife was willing to do anything I wanted. We moved out to the edge of the yard, away from our apartment, and fucked standing up in order to be better seen by anyone who might be watching us.We took things as slowly as we could to increase the chances of our being seen, and she wondered out loud what we’d do if someone if someone came walking along behind our building and saw us naked and fucking. I told her we’d invite them to come closer and watch. And she liked that. Then I said we could invite them to get naked too and play along with us if they wanted to. She REALLY liked to hear that. Eventually I shuddered and shot my cum into her pussy, and she shook and orgasmed at the same time. Then we slowly collected our clothes, went back inside, and went up to our bedroom to go to sleep. Before we drifted off, she said, “You know, we’re going to have to do that again sometime. Just like that.” And we did, too.

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