26 Mart 2022

Aunt Mary 2


Aunt Mary 2Mary was sitting alongside me on the sofa now, she swung her bare legs up across my lap, the towel barely covering the tops of her thighs. I started to massage her feet while we continued to watch the rather horny programme on TV. I was getting really aroused now, my cock was swelling in my pants under the back of her legs. I started to push my fingers between her toes as I rubbed her feet, basically finger fucking her toes. She really seemed to like this and started to slide her feet backwards and forwards over my lap. I knew she could feel the hardness of my cock through my pants. She was breathing a little heavier now, suddenly she said ” my hair is still soaking wet, I think it needs towelling off”, with that, she unwrapped the towel from around her body, and lifting herself off the sofa slightly, she pulled it from beneath her. She was now totally naked, her heaving breasts, with very erect nipples laying just to my left. I looked into her eyes, I had never seen that look before, she was grinning at me, “you dont mind do you, talas escort your not embarrassed”. “Hell no I said, you have a great body, uncle Paul is a lucky guy”. Hmmm you would think wouldnt you, he doesnt even look at me any more, never mind make love to me”. “OMG, is he blind?”. ” he has trouble in that department, if you know what I mean”.”Can I touch them” I said as I reached out towards her right breast, “of course you can”. Her nipples were so hard, very erect. “I find that a huge turn on” I said, “I love to lick and bite on them” She smiled “Paul wont be back for three hours yet”.I ran my fingers down her tummy, fingering her belly button, I could feel her quivering under my touch. I moved my hand down and started to run it along her inner thigh. She parted her legs slightly. “you know my sister (my Mother) has told me that you are quite a big boy, is it true?” she asked, “well I dont know what you would compare it with, It depends on what you are used to I suppose”. “It feels big” she said, rubbing the head of my cock with the sole of her right foot. “can I see it”I undid the front of my jeans, pushed them down to my knees, followed by my boxers, my cock sprang out from inside into full view. “OMG” she said, “now that is a cock”, she took it between ther soles of her feet, and began to wank it slowly, it felt amazing. I looked at her, she looked back at me and licked her lips, “you know I havnt even touched a cock for years” she said, “can I touch it”She was leaning forward now with her hand wrapped around my shaft. My left hand was now running through her wet hair, “are you sure you are ok with this” I asked, “I want you to fuck me Matty, I want to feel your big cock inside me”I slipped off the sofa in front of her, I turned her towards me and pushed her legs apart, I smiled and lowered my head towards her wet pussy, “what are you doing” she asked, “I want to eat that sweet pussy of yours”. “Paul has never done that to me, he didnt like the taste”. “do you want me to” “oh yes I do”. My tongue was now licking along the full length of her wet pussy, sucking her lips into my mouth, her clit was very erect, I started to suck on it and bite it, “oh Christ, that is amazing”, she was pushing my head onto her as hard as she could, I could hardly breathe. Her juices were all over my face now, I could feel her starting to move her hips, fucking my face. She was building to a climax, I slid a finger inside her, she was moaning loudly now, telling me to fuck her. My forefinger was rubbing her g spot while my thumb was rubbing her clit, she was squeezing her big nipples and fucking my fingers madly. I sank my mouth over her sweet pussy, and sucked as hard as I could, she came all over my face, squirting all over me, jerking, six or seven times.I stood up, she looked at me standing there with my face covered in her juices, I put my hands out and pulled her to her feet in front of me, “kiss me”. We kissed and caressed for ages. “turn around and kneel on the sofa, Im going to fuck you from behind”. She didnt need asking twice, she turned around, knelt on the sofa and put her hands on the backrest, “push it inside me” she said, “I want to feel your big cock filling me up”to be continued….

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