25 Nisan 2023

Aunt Peggy Comes to Visit


When my Mom announced to me that Aunt Peggy, would be coming to stay with us for a while, I could not help but roll my eyes and feel put out, knowing that I would have to give up my bedroom, as always, when a relative or family friend stayed over. Our house was on the small side and since I was an only child growing up, we never moved out of our two-bedroom bungalow. My Dad had added on a large new family room to it but did not add a spare bedroom due to money constraints.

Mom saw my reaction and glared at me, saying, “Justin, would you rather she sleeps out on the streets? Aunt Peggy going through a rough time, since Frank filed for divorce and just needs to be with family that loves her for a little while, okay? So, can you be a little more understanding?”

I felt bad right away for being selfish and looked down at the table, then back at Mom and said, “I’m sorry, Mom, it just sucks having to give up my room every time someone comes.”

“I know, Justin, but we have that murphy bed in the family room now, and I’m sure you will be okay using it for a short time. Peggy needs to have some privacy while she is here, so please do your best to accommodate her, okay? She has always thought the world of you, too,” Mom said then added, “I hope you can help with anything she needs, while your Father and I are working during the day. Oh, and she will be here later this afternoon.”

Great. Now I had to be at her beck and call, too? I tried to hide my disappointment, but when I looked at Mom, she was beginning to glare at me again. “Okay, okay, I will do my best, Mom, but only because you are the best Mom in the world,” I said half mockingly, then got up and kissed her on the cheek.

She grinned and said, “You horse’s ass, don’t try and flatter me now.”

I smiled, put my dishes in the sink and headed into my room to gather a few things that I would need at night, my phone charger, laptop, etc., then took them into the family room to put them on the shelf by the murphy bed. There was a 3/4 bathroom just off the family room that I would be sharing with Aunt Peggy, so at least I did not have to worry about moving my toiletries. I put some clean sheets on the bed and cleaned up my room a bit so my Aunt would feel welcome.

This is not what I had in mind to end the summer, because like most 18-year-old high school graduates, I was enjoying running around and partying it up like most of my classmates were going to be doing before heading off to college in a few weeks, the only difference was, I was headed for the Navy. Mom was not happy about me enlisting in the Navy, but I was ready to break out and see the world, and I loved the water. I spent as much time as I could around it, working the past few summers as a lifeguard down at the beach. I did not know how much that would help be in the Navy, but at least I was going in top shape.

I had not seen my Aunt Peggy in about a year or so, the last time being at a family reunion. She is only about eight years older than I am, being the youngest out of Mom’s siblings, and was Mom’s half Sister from Grandpa’s second marriage after Mom’s Mom had passed away. Mom always thought the world of Peggy, and when I was growing up, she would come stay with us frequently in the summer.

Peggy is beautiful, having long red hair, crystal blue eyes, and a ridiculously hot slender body. I remember when I first hit puberty and she had come to stay with us for a few weeks, and I spent plenty of nights jerking off to images of her in my head, especially after seeing her in a bikini at the beach and catching several incidental flashes of her getting dressed.

Back then I was a short scrawny short kid, but now I had worked my ass off in the gym, played football and ran track, keeping myself in great shape and filling out in all the right places. I no longer had perverted thoughts of Aunt Peggy either, being a man now. She was a family member, and I knew that was wrong to have thoughts like that, besides, I had plenty of porn sites I could visit for jerk off material now. These thoughts were running through my head as I sat out on the front porch that evening, waiting for Aunt Peggy to arrive.

It was not long, when a car pulled up into our driveway and Peggy got out. Yeah, she was still hot as ever, but she looked terribly sad when she glanced over my direction to wave. She managed a small smile and a little hello before going around to trunk to get out her suitcase. I jumped off the porch and ran over to help her, taking the suitcase out before she could grab it.

Peggy said, “Oh, you didn’t have to do that, Justin, I could have gotten it, but thank you, you are so sweet.”

“Well, you are my favorite Aunt, and besides, I don’t want an old woman like you straining herself,” I said being the wiseass as usual with her.

Peggy chuckled a bit, then said, “Um, hey smartass, I am your ONLY Aunt, and I am only eight years older than you, you little shit!”

It was good to see she could still have some humor and I replied, Bakırköy Escort “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” I stuck my tongue at her then grinned. I knew I could get her to cheer up if anything. Peggy grinned and looped her arm through mine as I escorted her into the house. “Look who’s here,” I announced to the house, as we walked inside.

Mom came out of her room, quickly closing the gap and took Peggy into her arms. Peggy immediately burst into tears as Mom did her best to soothe her, rubbing her hands up and down Peggy’s back while the two embraced. I went on and carried Peggy’s suitcase into my room and set it up on my bench while they talked for a bit, then went into the family room and sat down.

Shortly after, Mom came in and sat down, saying, “Listen, Justin, whatever you do, do not treat Peggy any differently, okay? I think she just wants to feel normal while she is here with us.”

I looked at Mom and nodded, saying, “Sure Mom, I already got her with some wisecracks outside, but I’ll do my best to make her feel normal. Mom, I have to ask, what happened with Uncle Frank?”

Mom shook her head and sighed, then said, “Peggy came home recently and found him in bed with another man. Turns out, he just used Peggy as an excuse to get married so he could get some big inheritance from his family or something like that. Honestly, I don’t know how she did not know that he was gay, but I guess love is blind.” I shrugged my shoulders and nodded in agreement.

Mom looked at me, grinned and said, “Ah what would YOU know about love anyway, you never even kissed a girl yet!” She reached over giggling and ruffled my hair in a teasing way. Yeah, I got my wisecracker sense of humor from my Mom for sure.

I scooted away from her feeling a little incensed and said, “I have, too, kissed a girl!”

Mom raised her eyebrows and said, “Ahhh, you did? Who was it then, come on, come on, tell your old Mom everything!” Mom was laughing now and launched herself at me and started tickling the shit out of me!

It was all I could do but scream in laughter as Mom knew I was still insanely ticklish, and she nearly had me on the floor by the time Aunt Peggy came around the corner. She smiled and yelled at my Mom, “Yes, tickle him for me extra hard for calling me old earlier!”

It felt like an eternity before Mom let up, but it was only a minute as I laid there gasping for breath and laughing, even though she had moved away from me, still giggling herself. Mom may have been a small woman, but she was extraordinarily strong.

Dad came home from work a short time later and the four of us sat down and had dinner. I kept my face buried in my phone while Dad, Mom and Peggy talked. Peggy filled them in on all the extra details about the upcoming divorce and I heard Dad tell her that she could stay here as long as she needed to, and he would be happy to help her find a place here in town if she wanted to move back. The rest was blah blah blah details that I tuned out until dinner was over. All I really heard was that I was losing my room for who knows how long.

Later that evening, after everyone had gone to bed, I went in to use the bathroom, that split my room and the hallway, having a pocket door from my room going into it, and I could hear Aunt Peggy in there sobbing. I really began to feel bad for her and admonished myself for feeling put out by her in any way. She needed us and I was going to do my best to make her smile a lot while she was here.

A few days passed, and Peggy continued to struggle emotionally. She did her best to hide it, but I could tell she was still hurting. She was not able to come back at me as quick with wise cracks as she had before, so that was a dead giveaway. I can only hope that something helps her heal inside so she can go back to being herself again.

After hearing Peggy crying again the night before, I hoped that a day at the beach would help get her mind off of things and when I suggested it, at first, she balked at my suggestion, but after thinking about it for a few minutes and my insisting that she needed to get out, she finally agreed to go, but only on the condition that I help her pick out a new swimsuit at the store beforehand. I hated any kind of shopping but if it meant she would go to the beach, I said that I would help her out.

We arrived at the shopping plaza and headed into one of the beachwear shops so she could look around. She picked out a couple that she liked and went in to try them on. I had to laugh a little when she came out, because you could clearly see her white panties hanging out of the bikini bottoms.

“Hey, quit laughing, the store won’t let you try suits on unless you wear underwear, now how does it look,” she grinned.

I nodded and gave her a thumbs up. Peggy twirled around to give me the full model effect. Yeah, she still had that hot body that I always remembered. When she came out with the second bikini, she looked stunning in Başakşehir Escort it. The material hugged up against her like a second skin. Peggy had smallish breasts, and when I smiled at her as she twirled around, I could tell that she liked my reaction by the way her nipples became instantly erect.

Peggy smiled and said, “Yeah, I like it, too.”

She looked at herself in the mirror and moved around so she could see her butt from the side, then looked down and straightened out the bottom, then said under her breath, “Hmmm, it’s a good thing I shaved my pussy this morning.”

My eyes got big as I caught what she said, and Peggy giggled at my reaction, then went back into the changing room. Okay, naughty thoughts, stay out of my head now. Remember that this is your Aunt, and you are not a kid anymore with raging hormones. Well at least I was not a kid anymore, but the hormones? Yeah, they were still there. Peggy came out a short time later, with her t-shirt and shorts back on but the swimsuit was not on the hanger.

I whispered to her as we headed to the front of the store, “Um, are you stealing that suit?”

Peggy looked at me and rolled her eyes and said, “No, silly. I have the tag here in my hand and I’m going to buy it. I just didn’t want to have to change back into it at the beach.”

Once we got there and set up our chairs under one of the many umbrellas dotting the beach area, Peggy began taking off her clothes, to reveal that biking once again. Now I understood what she meant about the shaving part. The bikini bottoms rode up high on her slender hips, just barely covering her sex, showing off her skin on the sides of it, and molding tightly against protruding mound. Wow, she looked hot.

Peggy caught me looking, grinned and said, “You haven’t changed a bit have you, Justin? Still perving on your Aunt, aren’t you?”

I was busted and I tried to talk my way out of it. “Er, um, no, I, er, wasn’t looking, um no, and wait I never perved on you,” I managed to get out, but failed miserably to say anything that made sense.

Peggy giggled and said, “Oh relax, it makes me feel good that you still appreciate me.”

I smiled, recovered nicely, and said, “Well, you do look awesome in that bikini and of course I appreciate you, after all you are my old Auntie.”

Her eyes got really big and said, “Oh you little SHIT! I’m going to beat your ass!”

She came around the beach chairs to playfully smack me on the arm, but I was too fast for her and ducked away. She continued coming at me, but I ran away from her towards the water, with her not far behind, the two of us laughing all the way. I hit the water first, high stepping the waves and diving in as soon as it was deep enough. When I came up, I figured that I had lost her, but when I looked back, she was right behind me and before I could move away, she caught me.

“Aha, got you! Thought you could get away, did you,” she gleefully exclaimed!

I laughed hysterically as soon as she dug her little fingers into my ribs, tickling the life out of me. My only defense was to wrap my arms around her lithe body and pull her under the water, causing her to release her tickle attack. Peggy and I laughed and splashed around for a bit before heading back up to our beach chairs under the umbrella. We sat down and chatted for a bit and I noticed that Peggy already seemed to be in a better mood, or she was damn good at hiding her feelings.

I looked over at her to see her smiling at me and she took my hand and said, “Thanks, Justin, for bringing me to the beach today, I really appreciate it. Getting out into the fresh air and sunshine sure does make me feel alive again.”

“Ah, you’re welcome Aunt Peggy, I’m just happy to see you smile and mean it,” I said giving her hand a squeeze.

It was not long after, Peggy dozed off laying there in the lounge chair, while I just sat there and enjoyed watching the girls go by, in their various shapes and sizes. For some reason, I could not help but compare them to Peggy, and to be honest, none of them looked as hot as she did. I looked over at her sleeping and my eyes began to slowly scan up and down her body, taking a lot more time ogling her sexy bits hiding under the small triangles of material. The way her nipples pushed against her top and her cute little camel toe looking so luscious pressing against her bottoms.

I guess my lustful feelings for her had not diminished at all, and if I did not look away, I was in danger of popping a hard on right there. I did my best to try and clear my perverted thoughts about her, and concentrated on the horizon, watching a large container ship out in the distance coming in to port. When I felt my crotch relax, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Later that day, after we had gotten back to the house, Peggy headed in to get out of her swimsuit and take a shower. When she was finished and I heard the water turn off, I waited for a few minutes more before Bebek Escort heading in. I opened the shower stall and turned on the water, hung my town on the hook and went to go in. As I turned, I noticed that Peggy must have inadvertently left the pocket door slightly open, going into my room.

When I went to close it, I saw her standing in front of my dresser mirror completely naked. Through the mirror reflection, I could the front of her and I was mesmerized to the spot at how sexy she looked. Her smallish breasts were firm, and her nipples were puffy and soft. Then moving my eyes down, I could see just the top of her pubic mound, and what appeared to be a narrow landing strip of red hair, before the top of my dresser hid the rest. When she turned, my heart leaped out of my chest as Peggy caught a glimpse of me watching her.

I jumped into the shower and hurriedly soaped up my washcloth, pretending I did not see her, but my cock had other thoughts as it began to get hard. No, not now, I thought, but the image of her standing there flooded back into my head and my prick quickly rose to full mast. All at once, the pocket door slid opened and there was Aunt Peggy, still naked, staring at me with a grin through the shower glass.

“See, I knew you were still perving on me and, OH MY GOD, Justin! You certainly have grown up,” she exclaimed as I saw her eyes now staring at my throbbing hard cock.

I quickly covered the best I could, but it was no use, the washcloth only partially hid my flesh. I stared back at her, frozen to the spot and my eyes immediately traveled down her body once more. This time, I got a full view of that sweet pussy of hers, with her clean shaved vulva, her luscious labia and clitoral hood peeking out between her puffy lips.

My mouth went into auto pilot and I just blurted out, “Aunt Peggy, I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry for looking but wow, you are incredibly HOT!”

Peggy grinned and said, “Thank you, now do you mind if I get in the shower with you?”

My eyes got as big a round as saucers and just on instinct my head shook to let her know that I did not mind one bit. Peggy opened the door and climbed inside the shower with me, getting right up close to me and took the soapy washcloth from my hand. She kept grinning as she began to wash me up and down my chest. Peggy’s hand then moved down and started washing my engorged prick. I sucked in my breath at the instant feeling of pleasure she was now giving me.

She did not say anything as she washed all along my length and then down around my ball sack, being very gentle with them as she cleaned me. I felt like my cock was going to burst as she then turned me into the water to rinse me off then turned me back towards her and shut the water off. Peggy took my pulsating tool into her hand and slowly began stroking me. My breathing started to get heavy and the feeling she was giving me was incredible. I had never felt the touch of a woman on my cock before and what she was doing to me, was driving me absolutely crazy.

I looked her in the eyes and she back at me, then she said in a very seductive tone, “Justin, you have become such a handsome man and I have to say, you have the biggest cock I have ever seen up close, and it is gorgeous! If you promise never to tell a soul about this, I will make sure that you always have something to remember me by.”

All I could do was nod at Peggy, and then she gave me a small tender kiss on the lips, smiled at me then bent over and took my fat prick into her mouth. Oh, SWEET GOD IN HEAVEN! The feeling of her warm mouth on my flesh was pleasure unlike I had ever felt before, as I let out a long-drawn-out moan. I looked down to see her eyes looking up at me.

What an incredible feeling, as she began to stroke me in rhythm with her mouth as it moved up and down, just barely getting past my bulbous mushroom head each time it went inside her lips. Peggy was a pro at oral sex, I could already tell, and it was not long before my nuts began to tighten, and my climax started working up from my depths. My breathing got faster and harder, as Peggy, sensing that I was getting close, continued working her magic on me.

I felt the first spasm hit me as I cried out, my hands desperately bracing me up against the wall of the shower, and my orgasm exploded from me, sending burning hot jets of my cum deep into Peggy’s hungry mouth and throat. I ran one hand through her hair as my seed spewed from me. I could hear her gulping and moaning with each pulse as if I were giving her the sweetest treat ever.

I had jerked off countless times since puberty, but nothing ever prepared me for the feeling of this. The feeling of cumming inside a woman’s mouth as she sucked the life out of you. My body began to falter, and I leaned more of my weight against the wall, to keep from falling from my knees being so weak. I looked back down at Peggy as she lifted her mouth off me and grinned, while she kept softly stroking me and squeezing my prick.

She stood back up and kissed me again. At first, I was apprehensive because she had just swallowed my cum, but her kiss just electrified me and I went along for the ride, kissing her in return, following her lead, since the only kiss I had prior to her, was mere child’s play compared to this. Peggy was incredible and just oozed passion from her entire being.

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