20 Kasım 2022

Auntie Dawn and Davy


[With apologies to Ms Dawn P, aka Dawn Perignon, who is the most beautiful BBW in the world and who inspired this story]


My name is Davy and I’m 18 years old. The other week was bob-a-job week for my scout pack (I’m not sure what a bob is. Mum says it was old money). Anyway, I got dressed in my uniform and went knocking on doors in our neighbourhood. At number 38 the door was opened by a really big lady. She had massive bosoms and was very pretty. My willy got hard right away.

“Hello there,” she said, “and what can I do for you?”

I asked her if there was anything she wanted doing, like mowing the lawn or running messages.

“Yes, I can find something for you to do. Why don’t you come in?”

“Mum said I shouldn’t go into people’s houses.”

“Why not? In case a naughty man tries to touch you?”

“I think so.”

“Well I’m not a naughty man, am I?”

“No, you’re a very…”

“A very big lady?”

“No, I m-meant y-you’re very pretty,” I stammered.

“Well thank you, young man, and you look very smart in your uniform. What’s your name?”

“Davy Williams.”

“I’m Dawn Perignon. How old are you?”


“Come on inside Davy.”

I followed her in. She was wearing a red t-shirt and a really short skirt and I could see her suspenders. Her big bottom wiggled and jiggled about and my willy got even harder.

In the living room she sat down and told me to tell her about the cubs. I stood in front of her trying not to look at her huge tits but I couldn’t help it.

“Don’t be shy, come and sit on my knee.”

She lifted me onto her bare thigh above her stockings and put her arm around me.

“You can call me Auntie Dawn,” she said. “You might not want a naughty man touching you but I don’t think you’d mind me doing it, would you?”

She ran her hand over the bulge in my shorts.

“I think you like big ladies, don’t you Davy?”

I was blushing scarlet Her huge bosoms were pressing against my chest. She slid her hand up the leg of my shorts and stroked my willy.

“Oh my, you’re so hard!” she said. “I always wanted a little boy to play with. Would you like to play naughty games with Auntie Dawn?”

I couldn’t speak so I just nodded.

“Would you like to see Auntie Dawn bare?”

I nodded again. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Well, first I want to see you bare, that’s only fair, isn’t it?”

She spread her legs open and her skirt rode up even more so I could see the Ankara escort crotch of her panties. She got me to stand in between her thighs then she took off my neckerchief and asked me what my woggle was called. When I told her, she giggled.

She told me to lift my arms up and took my jersey off then she unfastened my shorts and pushed them down. My willy was bulging out of my underpants.

“Oooh lovely!” she said, stroking me, then she put her fingers into the waistband and pushed them down. My willy sprang out all stiff.

“Oh my,” she said, you’re such a big boy.” She ran her fingers up and down my willy, then pushed the foreskin back. The head was all swollen and purple. She bent down and kissed it, licking my wee-hole which made me squeal with excitement, then she cupped my balls and squeezed gently.

Her huge bosoms had dropped nearly to the floor and I could see right down the front of her t-shirt.

“Oh God Davy,” she said, running her hands all over me, squeezing my bottom. “You’re so delicious, I could eat you all up. Let’s go to Auntie Dawn’s bedroom and have some naughty fun.”

She stood up and put her arm around my waist. I tried to do the same but she was too big so I just put it on her bum. We went upstairs, my willy waggling and her bosoms jiggling.

In her bedroom she had pictures of herself all over the walls. In some she had dresses on and in others she was wearing sexy undies or even completely bare.

“D’you like them?” she asked.


“I’m a model,” she said, “and I’ve got my own website. It’s called msdawnp.com. I’ll show you later but I bet you’d rather see the real thing, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes please,” I said eagerly

She giggled again. “Well, seeing as you ask so nicely, and I did promise you, didn’t I?”

She pushed her little skirt down over her massive hips, turning to wiggle her huge bum at me, then she took hold of the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head. Her bosoms were even bigger than I’d thought, bulging out of a red bra that looked way too small.

“Would you like to undo my suspenders?” she asked.

Mum had shown me how to undo suspenders so I soon had them unfastened.

“You are a little expert, aren’t you? Who’s been teaching you?”

“Er… n-no one,” I said.

“Yes they have. Come on, tell Auntie Dawn.”

“My… my mum said I mustn’t tell anyone.”

“So your mum taught you, did she? And what else has she taught you?”


“I bet she has. Come on, Ankara escort bayan tell me, it’ll be our secret.”

“We… we play naughty games together.”

“That is sooo naughty,” she said. “I’d love to meet your mum, she sounds so sexy. Is she a big lady like me?”

“Kind of,” I said.

Auntie Dawn laughed. “You don’t have to watch what you say. I know I’m a big lady and I’m proud of it. I bet you’d like to play with us both together, wouldn’t you?”

The idea was really exciting but then I thought, “but Mum’d know I’d told.”

“Don’t worry about that, sweetie, I’d make sure you didn’t get in trouble. Does she let you fuck her?”

I nodded.

“Oh my God!” she said, “I love it! Does your mum like girls?”

“Yes. She said she’s had lots of girlfriends that she loves playing with.”

“Oooh, I can’t wait to meet her. And did she teach you how to undo bras as well?”

“Yes,” I said.

She turned her back to me and said, “Go on then.”

I reached up and unfastened her bra. I had to struggle because it was stretched so tight across her broad back but I finally did it.

She turned to face me again, holding the bra underneath her huge bosoms with her arm. “Now tell Auntie Dawn what you want to see. I know you love big titties cos you’ve been staring at them all the time.”

“I… I want to see your b-bare b-bosoms please,” I stammered.

“Is that what you and Mummy call them? I like that, it’s so much nicer than tits or titties. And what do you call your cock?”

“My willy.”

“Oh that’s so sweet. I love seeing you bare with your big willy sticking out all hard. Are you ready to see Auntie Dawn’s big bosoms?”

I nodded eagerly.

She slid the straps over her shoulders and took her arm from under her bosoms and the bra fell to the floor between us. Her huge tits dropped down until they hung nearly to her belly-button, quivering and wobbling.

“Aren’t those the biggest bosoms you’ve ever seen?”

I nodded again, staring at them mesmerised. If my willy could have got any harder, it would have and they made my tummy feel all funny.

She stroked her huge tits (I thought tits was sexier than bosoms) and squeezed the enormous pink nipples.

“Do you want to know how big they are?” she asked.

I nodded.

“66 inches, she said proudly. “My measurements are 66-49-66.”

“I think my mum is 48 inches,” I said.

“Have you been looking in her undie drawer? You naughty boy,” Auntie Dawn giggled. “I wish Escort Ankara they were full of milk for you. I’ve never had a baby but I’d love to be able to breastfeed. Maybe I’ll let you make me pregnant and we can play milking games. That’d be so naughty, wouldn’t it?”

“Mum said she was going to let my friend Bobby get her pregnant so we could do that,” I blurted.

“How old is Bobby?” Auntie Dawn asked.

“The same age as me… well three months younger actually.”

“And I presume Bobby joins you and you mum in your sexy games?”

“Yes. Mum said she’d come off the pill and that I could only fuck her up her bum and in her mouth till she got pregnant.”

“Oh my God! This is just getting better and better!” Auntie Dawn exclaimed. “I’ve simply got to meet your mum… and Bobby. Does Bobby’s mum know about all this?”


“Well, never mind, we can have a four-way orgy. Oh God, I’m so wet.”

She spread her fat legs so I could see up her thighs. She was wearing little pink panties and they had a dark stain right in between her legs.

“Take my panties off darling,” she said.

I reached up under her dangling suspenders but couldn’t find the waistband of her panties.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said, “dig into my fat, you’ll find them.”

I lifted up her overhanging belly and saw the waistband so I put my fingers inside.

“Naughty panties! They were there all the time, hiding,” Auntie Dawn giggled. “Now pull them down, darling.”

They were so tight I had to struggle to pull them over her huge hips. Her pussy was very hairy, like my mums.

“You like my pussy baby? D’you and your mum have a special name for it?”

“No, she just calls it her pussy.”

“I like to call it my cunt. That’ll be our special name for it. I love to talk dirty sweetie. Say some dirty words for me.”

“Fuck, pussy, willy… cock…” I said.

“More,” she said.

“Tits… fuck… cunt…”

“I love you saying rude words sweetie,” she said, “it’s so sexy. Pull them right off.”

I pulled her panties all the way down her legs and she stepped out of them.

“Now I’m all bare for you,” she said, “Oh Davy, when I saw you at the door it was like a dream come true . As you’ve told me your secrets, d’you wanna hear mine?”

“Yes please, Auntie Dawn,” I said.

“Let’s get on the bed,” she said. She walked over to the bed, her big bum jiggling, and lay down, holding her arms out to me.

“Come to me Davy,” she said,

I went and lay down beside her. She put her arm around me and cuddled me against her, so our faces were inches apart and her big bosoms were pressing against my chest.

“Once upon a time…” she said.

[to be continued from both POVs]

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