10 Ocak 2023

Ava’s Revenge- Chapter 4


LOGAN  “See, sometimes compliance isn’t so bad now, is it?” I flashed a devilish smile. “You mean seducing me into submission?” “I haven’t seduced you. Must be my body spray, the Axe effect.” “Hmm, right,’” she muttered sarcastically as she hoisted her weight up on the island, sitting on the dark marble countertop. Ava crossed one toned thigh over the other and rested her palms behind her. “Let’s see, I’ve got some sushi, cold cuts…” I gave her a list of options as I scavenged my refrigerator. “Do you have any fruit?” “Yes, plenty.” “I’ll just have an apple or something.” An apple? I grabbed a bag of assorted berries and some red and green grapes. When I finally faced her, I nearly dropped everything on the floor. She was still sitting in the same position. The only difference was that she was topless now, wearing only a black bra, and her black lace thong was dangling off the toe of her stiletto. I was surprised she hadn’t set that island on fire. She embodied everything that was tantalizing in that moment. “Who’s seducing who, now?” I finally found my voice, placing the fruit down on the counter. “I’m playing your little game of foreplay,” Ava replied. “Even though I’d much rather get down to business.” “This isn’t a business transaction between us,” I tried to stop myself from staring at her breasts, but failed. “I suppose not,” she sighed. “I bet you’ve been restless all week,” she slowly parted her legs and let the thong fall to the floor. “Staying up late at night, thinking about me, being inside me… deep… hard… fucking.” It was as if she was a seductress, possessing my soul with her dark, spellbinding gaze. “I could fuck you so hard on this counter, you might need a wheel chair come the morning.” Even her less than amused laughter was sexy. “Why don’t you prove it? I managed to slip out of your bed just fine the last time we slept together.” “That’s because I went easy on you. Normally, I don’t like to go gentle.” That was the truth. “And are you planning to disrobe completely naked?” I asked, turning my attention to the sink to rinse the fruit. “No. You’re going to be the one to do the rest of the undressing on this body.” I snickered under my breath and dried my hands with a dish towel. “Do you always play sex music when you have a woman over?” I sorted the fruit in a bowl and turned around, gravitating towards her. “Last time I checked, this was considered a love song, not a sex tune.” “I like your music. It brings out my inner nympho.” “Correction,” I moved in between her legs and stared at her, “I’m the one who brings out your inner nympho.” Ava’s eyes wandered down my body, hinting that she was hungrier for my cock than my hospitality. She placed her hands on my shoulders and felt her way down my chest. “Feed me,” she requested, wrapping her legs around my waist and pulling me in closer. My temperature was rising by the second, and it certainly didn’t cool down when she took her time unbuttoning my shirt. I looked over at the glass bowl and picked a cherry, bringing it to the lips of the goddess. She opened her sensuous mouth, consuming the crimson fruit, as I pulled the twig off. I enjoyed watching her eat. There was sensuality in the way she chewed. The song that was playing from my docked iPhone faded out, as a new track faded in. “Now this is sex music,” I whispered, raising a small plate to her lips so she could spit out the pit. “Who’s the artist?” “Trentemoller, he’s a Danish music producer. This one’s a re-worked version of Moan.” “You mean remixed?” Ava grabbed a grape and popped it in my mouth. I chewed and swallowed before replying, “Same thing.” “Here’s an interesting tidbit of information I’m going to share with you, since you’re so hell bent on getting to know me better. I don’t go to clubs to get laid. I go because I like to fuck the music on the dance floor. I have this strange obsession with sound waves and vibrations. It turns me on. You know that feeling when the bass starts pounding through your chest?” “Yes, but I still have no bloody clue as to how you can ‘fuck music.’” “Well, I can tell you this much, it leaves less of a mess.” I chuckled in response. “The biggest ankara escort sex organ is the brain,” Ava continued. “It’s all mental stimulation. I don’t need penetration to get off. I don’t even need to touch myself. I can do it hands free.” Fuck me. Someone was gifted. “I’m hyper aware of everything around me. Sensitive to touch, imagery, and sound. Once I’m on the dance floor, I scope my surroundings, photographically memorizing who and what is around me before I close my eyes.” “Why do you do that?” “So that I don’t completely lose touch with reality. I have to remember where I am if I intend to come back.” she simpered. What planet did this woman come from? She was out of this world. “Some religions ban music because they believe it puts you in a state of trance— basically hypnotism, which is true. I guess it leaves your soul vulnerable to satanic influences, if such a thing even exists,” she tittered. “Tell me what you see when you close your eyes.” “That’s way too personal to share.” I had never met anyone like her before. She had me more than intrigued. It took every ounce of effort to force myself away from her. “Where are you going?” Ava asked. I said nothing and headed towards the corner of my kitchen. There were four overhead lamps hanging above her, and I had four switches next to me. I turned off three of them, leaving only one on; the lamp that was hanging right above Ava’s head. She glanced up at it, and then looked at me. “What are you doing?” “You’ll see.” I left the kitchen and strolled into the living room, turning up the music before returning. “Show me,” my hands slid up her outer thighs, as I kept my gaze on her. “Show you what?” she asked in a flirtatious way. “How you fuck the music.” She stared at me for a couple seconds, contemplating something in her mind. “Are you a voyeur, Professor Wesley?” Ava smiled wickedly, slowly rolling her hips side to side, which was quite impressive since she was sitting down. “No, but I think I might have discovered a new fetish.” She raised her arms in the air and brought her wrists together as if they were bound by invisible rope, circling and overlapping them over each other in a twisting motion. It was so sexy. I was captivated, watching her slender fingers glide across her collar bones, dropping her bra strap down her left shoulder. She repeated the same ritual on the right. I held my breath when she unhooked her bra at the back. Oh fuck, those perfect tits were my weakness. All of her appeared to be. Ava Summers equals Logan Wesley’s weakness. I mentally scribbled it down in black ink on a note in my mind. But it proved to be useless, because all I could feel was this undeniable pull, regardless of the hazard signs I kept seeing around her. She moved like a snake, hypnotizing me with her sexual choreography. Wherever she was in her mind, I wanted to be there too. Whatever alternate reality she had traveled to, I desired to be next to her. Relinquishing resistance, I slipped a grape in my mouth and leaned towards her lips, kissing her softly before I carefully coaxed the grape onto her tongue. “That was so erotic.” Ava whispered. “I figured I’d impress you with a little bit of talent after what you just showed me. Extremely hot by the way. I wish I was the music,” I kissed her again and then asked, “May I express a personal observation?” “Sure,” “You weren’t fucking the music. You were making love to it. All I could see was passion, nothing crude or hard-core.” Her cheeks flushed a rosy shade of pink, which I found quite attractive. “You disassociate yourself from feeling anything deep when we have sex. But you emotionally connect to a song. I could see it in the way you danced.” “Do you want me to dance on your cock? Because I could,” she laughed. “Tempting, but again, you wouldn’t be connecting with me.” “How do you know I wouldn’t?” Ava managed to finish unbuttoning my shirt, pushing the collar back over my shoulders and tugging the sleeves down. “Because I see through you.” “How are my organs looking?” she dropped the shirt on the floor. “Cancer free I hope.” I quirked an eyebrow at her, smiling when she kissed my ankara escort bayan neck. “I didn’t mean literally.” “I know what you meant,” she murmured, caressing my chest with her hands. They felt ice cold. I wondered if she was iron deficient. “Ava,” I breathed her name. “I haven’t finished feeding you.” Her hands wandered further down my body, as she kept kissing my neck. “Feed me while you fuck me.” She unfastened my belt, pulled down the fly, and rubbed her palm against my stiff cock. “Someone’s already standing at attention,” her soft laughter filled my ears before she reclined and rested on her elbows. I watched her spread her legs more, inviting me to slide inside. “You have a really sexy body for a guy your age. But of course, you knew that.” “Is that the only thing you like about me?” “Sure,” she shrugged. The girl wasn’t a brainless airhead. All the essays she had written and handed in only proved her genius and high intellect. I knew she was intelligent. She didn’t lack in that area at all, but she lacked the ability to express her emotions. I wanted to remind her that she was human, not a brick wall. Life was a masquerade to her, and in her eyes, I was just another masquerader. I wanted to see beyond what she showed the rest of the world. I wanted to unveil her, but I knew she wasn’t ready to take that mask off. “So, are you going to beat up my pussy, or do you still plan on going gentle after over exaggerating about the wheel chair?” That was enough motivation to get me to whip it out, close whatever space between our bodies, and hike up her skirt more until those smooth, pink lips were visible. Ava moaned when I shoved two fingers inside her. “See, I’m already wet and ready for you.” “Yeah, I’ll give you a proper pounding, love. Don’t worry.” “I thought I told you not to call me that,” she sat up right and looked at me in a serious way. “You remind me of myself in so many ways,” I said, as I slid my fingers in and out of her tight entry, stretching her so she could adjust to my length with little discomfort. “Then you really must be a self-centred man. Is that some twisted sexual fantasy you’ve always had? Fucking your female doppelganger?” I drove my fingers in deeper, making her gasp. “Do you always have a counterargument for everything I say?” “I could be captain of the debate team,” she grinned. “But let me guess, you’re too cool to participate in such extra circular activities?” She held my face and kissed my lips with such fiery passion. I was sure I would combust in my boxer briefs. “You really are smart, professor.” Ava broke the kiss, resting her forehead against mine. “Do you enjoy calling me that, Ms. Summers?” “I don’t know, there’s something about formal speech that turns me on during scandalous encounters, such as this one.” “Does it turn you on knowing I hold some authority over you?” I started to stimulate her clit with my thumb, slowly circling it. “I think you should demonstrate that authority,” she kissed me once more, wilder and untamed, as I grabbed her thighs and yanked her forward in one swift pull. “I want you,” Ava whispered, enticing me with nothing but desire in her eyes. I reached for the fruit bowl and picked a ripe, red strawberry. “Open that sweet mouth for me,” I commanded in a low tone of voice. She obeyed and parted her insatiable lips. “Don’t eat it until I say. Just bite on the tip, gently,” I instructed. She listened and kept those dark pools fixed on me, as I pulled out my constricted cock and guided the tip right to her clit. “Does that feel good?” I flashed a crooked smile and bit down on the other end of the strawberry while pushing into her tight, wet, folds. She moaned her pleasure into my mouth, and I sucked on her bottom lip before withdrawing and chewing on my share of the fruit. “Oh god,” Ava leaned her weight back and tightened her legs around my waist so that I was completely inside of her. “I’m not done feeding you,” “I don’t want to eat. I just want you to fuck my brains out.” “I can do both,” I slipped a grape into her mouth and cupped her right breast, thrusting myself inside her at a measured pace. She cried out escort ankara in ecstasy, letting me know that I was stimulating her G spot. “Is this what you want?” Her breathing grew laboured. “Harder,” “Not yet,” I reached for her arms and steered them around my neck before I gripped her hips and hauled her forward. Ava gasped once more from the unexpected impact. “There, that’s better,” I said, picking a few black berries from the bowl. “Logan, I can’t think. I can’t eat. I just need you to fu…” Her sentence was cut off by another one of my kisses, as I devoured her lips until she was breathless. “Don’t pull out,” she respired, begging me with her eyes. “I won’t,” I brought our lips together again before feeding her some more fruit. “Why are you torturing me?” Ava asked. “I’m not. I’m prolonging the experience and making it more pleasurable.” “For you, not for me.” “There’s pleasure in eating, especially ‘forbidden fruit,’” I added, slipping a red grape in her mouth. She ate it and I rewarded her with a tongued kiss. “How do you know the forbidden fruit was grapes?” “I don’t. Each religious denomination has its own interpretation. Some say the fruit that Adam and Eve tasted were grapes, others say it was a tree of figs, pomegranates…” “And what do you believe?” she left a trail of kisses up my jugular vein. “I believe it’s irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, the fruit was forbidden and they ate it.” “Keeping it simple. I like that. But isn’t it sacrilegious to have this discussion while having sex?” “God gave us sex organs, did he not?” I proposed, feeding her a strawberry. “If I were to believe in him, then I would say yes, he did.” “Are you an Atheist?” “My faith in God is never consistent. It changes just as quickly as I change my clothes on a daily basis,” Ava answered. “I’m not disrespecting our creator by discussing religious facts while making love to you.” “Is that what you’re doing, making love to me? Premarital sex is a sin by the way.” “What if I told you that I feel our souls have been married in another life time, and reunited through some ordained divine prophecy when we first laid eyes on each other, what then?” I kissed her and fed her some more black berries. “Then I would say you’re the world’s biggest bull-shitter and deserve a golden globe, because if you ran that line on any other woman, you would successfully get her into bed. How many women have you fooled, Logan?” She was hitting a nerve. “Fortunately for me, I know your typical breed.” “I’m not a dog. I’m a man. Don’t be so quick to categorize me and give me a baseless label.” “Don’t tell me ‘sweet nothings’ that you don’t mean, because that’s all it is, nothing.” She was so strict with her convictions. Though, I really did wonder how she truly felt about me. “You think I’ve said that to another woman before? I was being serious.” Ava threw her head back and let out a humorless laugh. “How about we talk less, and just proceed with the countertop banging?” “Are you afraid of a little altercation, Ava? It could always lead to make up sex. Doesn’t that turn you on? A heated argument, and then some hard, rough…” I began to thrust myself into her, making her breasts bounce. She closed her eyes and surrendered to the sensation. I fucking loved to watch the expressions on her face during sex. But as quickly as I started, I stopped, slowed down, and continued with my initial assignment. “Does it turn you on to watch me eat?” she asked, trying to catch her breath. “I think it’s pretty clear that everything about you turns me on.” She held my gaze for a moment, looking surprised that I made such an honest declaration. “Minus the fags?” “Minus the fags,” I repeated, slipping one berry into her mouth after another, requiring only a kiss, as payment for my generosity. “You have this dark sensuality about you, and I find it so attractive, Ava.” She fed me a strawberry and grazed her lips against mine, licking them erotically. “What else do you find attractive about me?” A wave of chills rippled through my torso when she dragged her bottom lip across my shoulder, biting it playfully. Her arms unraveled from around my neck, as she slid her palms back on the counter, until she was lying flat on her back. I felt privileged to gaze upon her gorgeous body. “I’ll let my hands answer that question for you,” There wasn’t a single area of skin that my fingertips did not touch and caress.

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