1 Ağustos 2021

Avery’s Temptations


Avery’s TemptationsMy name is Jim. I love fucking white femboys and crossdressers with my black dick. I first saw porn when I was way too young, thanks to a step brother. I grew up watching girls scream and moan from hard anal. Soon anal was all I wanted to watch. When I was a teen, we got the internet. I first saw transsexual porn then. I loved to see their big tits and nipples, their made up faces and long hair, their asses and sexy legs, their high heels, and their big cocks. When I was young, I challenged myself to enjoy every type of porn there was. So I sought out every kind and jerked off to it. Even if I wasn’t into it, I jerked off and made myself cum while looking at it. Eventually I started to like more and more of what I was watching. I would get in different moods. Some days I wanted a granny, some days I wanted a milf, one day I wanted a preggo, then a tranny, then feet, then lesbians, then orgies, then bathroom stuff, then bdsm stuff, and everything else you can think of. Even that. I was a dumb k** and I didn’t care about right or wrong, I just wanted to see everything and experience watching it and cumming to it. Needless to say, it made me a fucking deviant pervert in the long run.I had sex with a tranny escort first when I was 27. As soon as i walked into the house, she french kissed me. It was strange but wonderful. She was taller and bigger framed than me. I felt like there was a big man or an amazon woman holding my head and forcing her tongue down my throat. I got so hard. I loved sucking cock for the first time. She climbed on top of me and we 69’d. She humped my mouth so hard that I was gagging, then I heard her moaning and she started to buck. Her cum squirted to the back of my throat. I was hooked. Then she laid on her back and let me fuck her on the edge of the bed with her feet up on my shoulders. She was so tight. I loved seeing her limp cock laying there and her tits out while ataşehir escort I pounded away. Eventually I let her be the first to top me. She jerked me off while she fucked me in the same position I first fucked her. She came inside me when my ass muscles started contracting as I squirted cum all over my belly and moaned. Her cock was 2 inches bigger than mine and a little thicker too. Mine is 6 inches long and 5 3/4 around. I finally understood what all those girls were complaining about when I just shoved myself inside them. Condoms are the worst thing you can have in porn, but they were all over tranny porn for the most part. That’s the only place I accepted them. Nowadays that’s not even a problem anymore. But, today… today was a strange day. Today I heard a dark devious voice in my head. When I logged on to my news feed there was a National Geographic article named Gender Revolution about a trans girl named Avery. Avery is the first trans girl to ever appear on the cover of National Geographic. Avery was part of this new liberal movement of letting boys be girls as soon as they start to feel that way. Parents just say “sure, why not”. They just declare themselves girls and start dressing up and acting femme. They are so beautiful. They are what I dreamed of without even knowing. I could never be with someone like Avery, but I can dream. And this voice in my head told me, “Look at her. Look at that smile. Imagine her litle feet and toes. I wonder how sweet his butt must taste. I wonder how it smells after a long day sitting at her desk, and then running around outside, and then sitting back down. It must sweat and make his panties moist when they cling to his skin and work their way in as a wedgie. I bet he goes to the bathroom and and reaches up his little jean skit to pull her panties out. Think about it, Jim. Don’t you want her?” The voice was turning kartal escort me on more and more when it kept switching from “he” to “she” and “his” to “her” and back again. But I immediately said out loud, “No” and laughed. That’s crazy. There’s no way. It’s just not cool. The voice whispered to me, “He’s a boy and a girl. She would love it if you sucked her cock. You could show her how fun it is to get sucked. She could suck you. You could french kiss her for the first time and lick the back of her throat. You could feel his cock get hard in his little panties and tight pink pants. You could lick and kiss his neck and turn her around. You could pull her pants off, pull her panties off, stuck your tongue all the way up his ass and make him moan. You could jerk his cock and tell him he’s such a beautiful girl. You could surprise and entice him when you tell him to fuck your mouth.” All of a sudden I was jerking my cock while looking at the picture of Avery. I stroked myself so long and slow back and forth. I squirted some lotion on my hand and as I felt it on my cock I imagined myself lubing up before I fuck his little butt. I would smell her hair and kiss her neck and lay her down and… Two voices spoke at once in my mind at this point. One voice said, “make love to her and show her how special she is. Tell her you love her and thank her for sharing herself with you”. The other voice said, “Slam your cock up his ass balls deep and fuck that faggot until you blow a load in his boypussy. Whisper in his ear and tell him this is what happens to sissies who turn men on.” I tried to ignore the bad voice but it was making my cock throb. I was jerking myself furiously now staring at Avery’s picture. I imagined laying her on her back and lifting her legs up to fuck her missionary like she was my girlfriend or wife. But, then the voice yelled at me, “Yes, get deeper pendik escort that way. Fuck yourself all the way into him. Tell him to feel it. Look at the pained look on his face. He will be addicted to big black cock from now on. Seed and Breed this little tight boypussy.” Then I imagined two versions of Avery’s face and two voices from her mouths. One was moaning in pleasure in the girliest voice and telling me thank you. The other one was pained, yelling out, crying, saying “it’s too big. it hurts. please. it hurts.” Then I felt my precum squirting into my hand and everything got more slippery. I slammed my hand against my body jerking so hard looking at this picture. I imagined all the things I would do with Avery while she was my girlfriend. I imagined teaching her to fuck me and lettting him learn what it’s like to thrust his hips and feel his cock get squeezed. I loved knowing that her sissy girly femme woman side would go away only then, while he was pumping away like a man in heat. Pumping like a boy on a mission to seed his first asshole. I loved thinking that he would feel the power and control of holding me down and slamming into me to making himself cum without thinking about me at all. He would be overcome with lust. This beautiful girl with long hair, pufffy nipples, so much makeup that she might as well be a drag queen or a prostitute (just the way I like em), and some open toed heels on, and there she is…. slamming his cock into me and squirting his first cum into an ass and his voice is deep and grunting and panting like a man. At this point I came all over myself, my keyboard, the desk, and the picture of Avery. She was so tempting. I couldn’t resist. I felt so bad. I felt so wrong. I felt incredibly satisfied from cumming, and when I looked at her face with my cum on it… I stayed hard. I jerked myself more and after 2 minutes of staring at this picture, imagining banging his butt in bathroom stalls, in theaters, in car parks, in the woods, in a soft bed, in a church confessional, in front of his parents…. I came thinking about his mother masturbating while her little sweetheart squirted jizz while he got fucked by a big black man’s cock. I imagined Avery would thank her mother for letting her be a girl.

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