20 Kasım 2022

Baby’s Breath


My sweet baby Amy and I have been lovers for almost six months now and the depth of our feelings for one another has grown day by day. Ever since that first time when she came to my bed with such caring and comfort, I have become totally besotted with her.

As I feel her breath running down my back as I slowly awake in the morning, I begin to feel aroused once more. It began a few weeks ago; I was still in a deep early morning sleep – and lying on my stomach as is my habit – when I dreamt of a warm showering of kisses trailing along my spine. I recall moaning as I tingled from between my shoulder blades all the way down to the base of my spine.

I had, of course, been dreaming of the night before when we had, as usual, made long passionate love into the early hours of the morning and we had both fallen into an exhausted slumber in each other’s arms. As these dreams had ensued and grown more and more erotic as our relationship continued, I awoke most mornings with a major hard-on and I would usually turn over and start kissing my sweet Amy’s face and neck until she rolled once more into my arms for a good morning fuck.

Back to that first experience a few weeks ago. Since we had been out for dinner and dancing until late and then made love twice before falling asleep, I was particularly tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep until noon. It must be remembered that my baby is barely 21 and I am in my mid fifties. I don’t always have the stamina to keep up with Amy’s party moves. I often suggest to her that she party with some friends her own age – Rachel is her best friend so they usually bar hop together – but Baby usually claims that she wants as much time with me as possible.

Once again, my story is meandering so I must pull myself back to that morning. I was dead to the word and in that REM stage of dreaming as I relived the special time we had the night before. The dream took a more surreal direction when I felt (perhaps only dreamt) the warmth of blown air at the back of my neck. I rolled a bit to the side – still deep in slumber – and the heated current travelled along the side of my neck.

As I started to rouse myself, I felt the definite gentle blowing along my spine at the same time that I felt the movement of the şişli bayan escort sheet that had been covering me slide down my legs until I was totally exposed. I was jolted fully awake when Baby ran her tiny soft hand down over my ass and reached between my legs to press lightly on my balls. I tried to roll over and take Amy into my arms so that we could share the moment but, when she pressed down on my shoulder, I knew that she wanted to take control of the action this time. This was something new and special since she had always wanted me to be the ‘master’ in our sex games and lovemaking to this point.

I gladly acquiesced and lay back down on my front to allow her to have her way with me. She reached up and tugged both arms over my head to the brass headboard of our bed. As I gripped a pole in each hand, she reached for the silk ties that we occasionally used in mild bondage play and lightly secured my hands overhead. I used the gip to pull my body closer to my ties since the stretching at that angle was a little uncomfortable. Then I settled in to see what my Baby had in mind for Daddy this morning.

I felt Amy straddle my ass and settled in on my buttocks as she reached down to massage my neck and shoulders with her soft yet amazingly strong hands. She had been active in school sports throughout her high school years and had developed a deceptive strength for such a small body. It never ceased to amaze me when she would scissor grip my waist with her slim legs when we were making love. It would feel like I was in the jaws of a clamp, it was so tight. Of course, I loved it!

As she massaged the tiredness from my shoulders – she knows how stiff I get most mornings – I could feel her shaven pussy sliding along my but cheeks. She was obviously already aroused since I could feel the heat and moistness as she leaked her precum from that delectable orifice. As I groaned with a growing level of both relaxation and arousal, Amy echoed my sounds with some of her own. As her hands moved from my shoulders and down my back, she slid off my ass and straddled my left thigh. Now, she could really get into the movements as she stoked my back and rode my leg leaving a trail of cum wherever she had been.

Her soft insistent hands had now reached şişli escort my ass and she kneaded first one cheek and then the other. By now my cock was straining against the sheets and I was oozing my own precum between my body and the cotton bedding. As Baby was sliding more urgently along my lower leg, I felt the rush of her first orgasm of the day as she cried out softly and flooded my calf.

“Baby; please let me turn over” I begged. “I need some relief so badly”

“OK, Daddy! I will untie you but you must promise to hold onto the rails as if you were still my prisoner”

The ties were severed and I kept my grip tightly on the rails as soon as I turned over. I finally had the joy of looking into my sweet Baby’s deep blue eyes and amazing tight body. Her high perky (yes, I realize this is a much used word to describe a woman’s tits but applies to her) breasts with their tiny erect nipples never ceased to blow me away.

Even though she is my little girl, I have yet to understand fully why she prefers my company to that of the young studs that are always at our door. However, I am not one to look a gift as precious as this as a given; I will always do everything in my power to make her happy and to please her sexually.

I hardly had a moment to drink in this beauty as she quickly reversed her position and swung her leg over my face. Those pouting pussy lips were parted and glistening with pearly drops of her cum. Still holding onto the bars that kept her willing captive, I strained to reach this banquet but she giggled as she moved just out of my reach.

Without further sound, Amy descended on my straining cock and plunged all the way to my base until her lips were tickling my pubes. Once again, my Baby’s skills at cock sucking came to the fore as she swallowed all 7″ of my slim clean cock. She started to hum as she deep throated me and I was on the verge of cumming several times. My Baby remembered all too well the trick I had taught her to keep me on the edge. She quickly squeezed the base of my cock each time she felt the throbbing of a cock ready to explode.

As Amy continued to bring me to the brink over and over again, she was becoming more and more aroused. This was evidenced by the amount of cum that was dripping mecidiyeköy escort from her pussy that was suspended just out of reach of my hungrily mouth. Finally I could stand no more and releasing my hold on the brass rails, I reached up and pulled her hips down until my open mouth could cover her flowing cunt and drive my tongue as far inside her as I could.

This seemed to spur Amy on to greater passion, as she wanted to make me cum before she had her next orgasm. We will occasionally play at this game of one up-man ship where we see who can drive the other to final peak first. Most of the time however, we want to arrive there together and will try to hold off until the other is ready. That morning, it was a contest and Baby was winning it hands down! She had me at a disadvantage since I given in to her domination so willingly. But now, it was catch-up time.

My lips found her swollen clit so easily as it protruded between the folds of her petal like pussy. I sucked it in as I brought my fingers to the front of her spread labia and drove them two at a time to the swollen sensitive spot and pressed on it firmly. I had to hold her hips steady with my free arm as she started to thrash around in the approach to another orgasm.

Her mouth pulled up my shaft until she was sucking only around my sensitive glans and stroking my saliva covered shaft with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. God, it felt so good that I knew that I was on the path to final climaxing. I couldn’t help but to try to fuck her mouth as I lunged upwards with my hips but she was the controller that day and pressed my hips down with her elbow.

By this time, we were both on the edge; in fact, we were beyond caring who came first. It was only a case of a desire to please the other that drove us both over the brink into that chasm of bliss. Amy was grinding her pussy onto my fingers and mouth as she gushed forth a series of mouth filling spurts. At almost precisely the same time, my cock swelled in her mouth as she licked and sucked her way to the bottom of my shaft driving me to cum over and over again down her throat.

We continued to lazily clean each other with tongue and mouth until Amy rolled off me and turned to kiss me deeply. As we shared our combined tastes, we held each other for about a half hour of kissing and stroking until Baby pulled the sheet up to cover our cocooned bodies and we slept for a couple of hours before waking to the next day of loving and living together.

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