20 Ekim 2022

BabySitter’s Suggestion

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I stopped doing baby-sitting the year I turned eighteen. After all, I had a steady job by then and was making reasonable money and the sitting tended to cut into my now limited spare time. I passed all my regulars onto a couple of younger girls and cheerfully wiped my hands on the whole messy business.

Which is why it came as a slight shock to find myself sitting for Brian and Marie one night. It was a Friday night and normally I’d have been out, but the boyfriend was down with the flu and I couldn’t be bothered going out by myself. Then Marie rang, looking for an emergency sitter. It seemed the flu was rather prevalent, right then, and her normal sitter and her backup were both down with it. Could I please, please, please, pretty please, fill in?

So with nothing else to do I found myself around at Brian and Marie’s place, watching the kids. Really, I should say watching TV. The kids had gone down around eight and both of them just zonked right out. There was nothing for me to do from that point on, except to watch the idiot box and wait for Brian and Marie to come home.

The situation changed around nine o’clock. I heard the key in the door and was mildly surprised as Marie had indicated that they’d be out quite late. I was even more surprised when Andrew, Brian’s younger brother came strolling in. He actually lives interstate, but when he’s in town he always stays with his brother. I just hadn’t realised that he was in town right now.

Andrew looked at me, snapped his fingers a couple of times and then said, “Brenda, right? You used to sit for Brian and Marie, but I haven’t seen you for a couple of years.”

I was quite flattered that he actually remembered my name. He was about four years older than me and I’d had a bit of a crush on him when I was around sixteen, but he’d never even seemed to notice me. Apparently he had, at least, well enough to remember my name.

I nodded.

“Marie and Brian have gone out and I’m the emergency babysitter,” I told him cheerfully. “The kids are now sleeping and I’m just relaxing watching the tellie. Ah, if you’re in for the rest of the night I can go home and leave the kids with you.”

“No!” he said, very quickly. “If the little monsters wake up and find me here they’ll never go back to bed. Better by far if you’re available. Besides, I might go out again.”

That was fine by me. It wasn’t as though I’d be doing anything when I got home but watch TV there. At least here I was getting paid to watch it. I settled down to continue watching while Andrew settled onto one of the lounge chairs.

After a while, a very short while, Andrew got up and just prowled around. He seemed rather restless. He sat again and I asked him if he’d like me to make some coffee.

“Coffee,” He said. “Good idea. But you sit there. I’ll make it.”

He shot through to the kitchen and returned a little while later with coffee. We drank it and chatted a little, him sounding me out about what I’d been doing since he last saw me and me quizzing him in a similar manner. Coffee gone I settled back to watching TV and Andrew settled back to prowling around.

I found that having Andrew prowling back and forth while I tried to watch TV was rather disconcerting. Or to be more explicit, he was getting on my nerves.

“Um, Andrew,” I ventured, “if you want to go out feel free to do so. Don’t feel that you need to stay and keep me company.”

Andrew gave a quick laugh.

“Getting on your nerves, am I?” he asked. “No need to deny it. Marie also gets bit irritated when I get restless like this. The trouble is I don’t really feel like going out. I do have one idea. This is just a suggestion, but why don’t you take your panties off?”

I bridled at that. I mean, I’ve had guys make indecent suggestions before and have even been persuaded to go along with a couple of those suggestions, kaçak iddaa but I don’t think I’ve ever been so crudely propositioned. I was about to tell Andrew just what he could do with his suggestion when he laughed and flapped his hands at me.

“Wait a moment,” he said quickly. “That didn’t come out quite the way I intended. I’m not trying to suggest anything wrong. Let me explain.”

So I shut up and listened.

“As you may know, I’m currently doing a psychology course. One of our assignments is to put someone into a slightly unusual situation and see how rapidly they adjust to the change. We’re not supposed to put someone into a radically different situation but just make a minor change to their environment. I thought that if you continued to watch TV, but without your panties, it would count as a minor change. You’re still quite adequately covered. The only difference is that you’re now aware that you have no panties. I have to note how fast the change becomes the new standard. That is, how fast do you go from an uncomfortable awareness of the change to forgetting about it, as it is the new norm? Get it?”

Got it. He wasn’t propositioning me but using me for a school assignment. How flattering. I considered the issue. Would it really matter if I took my panties off? After all, he wasn’t propositioning me, just observing. My dress was knee length, so he wasn’t going to see anything, even if I forgot about the panties and bent over.

I shrugged.

“OK,” I said, and I probably sounded a bit dubious. This was because I was. “But they go straight back on when Brian and Marie get home.”

“That’ll be fine,” he said. Andrew picked up the coffee cups and headed towards the kitchen with them. “Just toss the panties on the coffee table,” he said as he walked out.

So I did. I just slipped them off and tossed them onto the coffee table and then went back to watching TV. Andrew came back and sat down again and seemed to be watching TV.

I very quickly came to the conclusion that I’d made a mistake. I’m sure lots of girls have found themselves in situations where they’ve found themselves inadvertently going commando. It even happened to me once. But it doesn’t matter, because no-one knows. You have a chance to discreetly acquire another pair of panties and the problem is solved.

The difference now was that not only wasn’t I wearing any panties but that Andrew knew I wasn’t. Knowing that he knew made all the difference. I was very much aware of my pussy being bare. Really bare, as I prefer to shave that area. And Andrew knew I was naked, but for my dress. It occurred to me that it wasn’t the nakedness that I was aware of, but of my genitals. I was acutely aware that I was female and that there was a man there who knew how exposed I was.

I tried to forget it and watch TV, but soon encountered another little problem. How could I forget my pantyless state and adjust to the new norm when those panties were lying on the coffee table, right there in front of me. And Andrew. He could see them and they would be a constant reminder to him that I wasn’t wearing them.

I was getting hot and bothered. I couldn’t help it. I was feeling so vulnerable without my panties, knowing that Andrew knew I wasn’t wearing them. Every time he glanced in my direction I could imagine him picturing me sitting there naked. Not that I was. I had a dress on. I just didn’t have my panties.

After half an hour I still hadn’t adjusted. I was worse off, if anything. I was hot and aroused. It was as though I was really sitting there naked in front of Andrew. The knowledge that he knew and was watching just kept stirring me up. I wanted to just grab my panties and pull them on and the hell with any observations Andrew might be doing.

I started when Andrew stood up and stretched. He sauntered over to stand in front of me, gesturing illegal bahis for me to stand up as he came. I was actually relieved to do so. I’d practically been squirming on the couch. When he reached me he reached down, took hold of the hem at the front of my dress and just lifted it up, leaving me red-faced and naked from the waist down.

“Hold this for a moment,” he said, giving me the hem of the dress and, fool that I am, I did.

With his hands free and my pussy exposed it was the work of an instant for the two to become acquainted. Andrew just slipped his hand between my legs, cupping my pussy, a finger easing its way between my lips and gently probing inside me.

“My, my. You’re all hot and wet,” he murmured. He took hold of my dress again and started lifting it even higher. Like up and over my head, so I’m standing there in just a bra. Not that I had the bra for long. Deft fingers had it unhooked and sliding down my arms before I could gather my wits together long enough to decide that I should be protesting. Fat lot of good it was going to do me to protest when I was already naked.

“You said that this was an assignment for your course,” I managed to point out.

“And so it is,” Andrew assured me. “But don’t worry, when it comes to writing my report I’ll only identify you as B, so they won’t know the name of the lovely lady I ravished.”

“Ravished?” I said. “Are you saying you’re going to try and have sex with me?”

“Ah, no. I’m saying I am going to have sex with you,” Andrew replied, and he was already undoing his belt. “Are you going to try and stop me?”

Was I? The way I was feeling I guess the answer was no. I just stood there helplessly, watching Andrew strip.

As soon as he was naked Andrew reached for me and pulled me hard up against him. I could feel him pressing against me for the full length of my body. I could feel his hairy chest rubbing against my smooth breasts. I could really feel his erection pressed hard against my groin and lower tummy. It was hard and hot, a rigid staff pressing firmly against me, making me supremely conscious of its existence.

Andrew’s hands ran down my back and took a firm hold of my bottom. Then he lifted me, dragging me up along his cock until the tip of it was pressed against the juncture of my legs. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist and then he was lowering me.

I sank down, feeling his erection penetrating me, rearing firmly up inside me. There was no hesitation, Andrew just letting me drop, sinking down onto him, filling me with that one quick motion. After that he took a quick step towards the couch and just dropped onto it, crushing me between him and the couch, driving home even deeper.

Sprawled on top of me, hands fondling my breasts and cock deep inside me, Andrew got to work. He fucked me hard, driving in repeatedly, using all the energy that a healthy young man has, and Andrew had plenty. Fortunately I am a healthy young woman and was able to respond in kind.

“Note this for your assignment,” I gasped, as I felt Andrew sliding in yet again. “I want to scream but can’t because it would wake the kids. That’s a minor change but I’m adapting to it.”

Andrew just grinned and drove in even harder, testing the limits on my non-screaming. I bounced under him, giving as good as I got, and I got it good, I am pleased to say. Andrew knew what he was about and he was definitely delivering the goods.

I couldn’t help but feel that if baby-sitting was this entertaining every time I’d have to take it up again. Andrew drilled into me again and again, while I pushed up to meet his every move. Excitement and lust were raging through me, setting me on fire and lifting me higher.

I could sense my own climax coming and I jammed a fist into my mouth. I was not going to scream. Then I was swept away, and from the yell bahis siteleri Andrew gave he was carried away as well. (If his yell woke the kids I’d make sure this was the last time he was ever with a woman.)

I just sagged on the couch afterwards feeling completely boneless. Andrew was collapsed on top of me and it felt nice, even if he was a little heavy. I was just starting to snap out of it and push him off me when Brian spoke up.

“What the hell is going on?” he demanded.

Gods! I hadn’t even heard him return. They were back early. Andrew just calmly got to his feet and reached for his clothes, leaving me lying there in the nude. My face was burning and I was trying to cover myself with my hands.

“Brenda has been helping me with a school assignment,” Andrew said casually. “Where’s Marie?”

“She decided to nip down to the supermarket for some late night shopping. She said we’re almost out of milk and she needs it for the kids’ breakfast. What she’s going to say about this little scenario I hate to think.”

“If I might make a suggestion,” I spoke up quickly, “don’t tell her. I’ll be dressed and gone by the time she gets back.”

Brian looked at me. And I mean he really looked, taking in my nudity and enjoying it. He shrugged.

“Seems reasonable,” he said. “However, if I’m keeping secrets from Marie I prefer it to be a secret worth keeping.”

He gave me another look and I felt a squirming deep inside me, not trusting the look on his face. That squirming came even squirmier when he spoke.

“OK, Brenda. Bend over the couch and I’ll generate a secret that I’d like to hide from Marie.”

“What?” I squealed.

It was bloody plain what. Brian was already unzipping.

“You can’t be serious,” I protested.

From the size of the erection that was now popping out of his trousers, he was perfectly serious. He reached down and took my hand and gently tugged, and I found myself rising to my feet. Brian drew me down to the end of the couch and encouraged me to lean forward over it.

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked, watching Brian moving closer.

“Brian” I protested, feeling his erection pressing against my lips. “You can’t do this to me.”

He could. I gasped as I felt him pushing between my lips. He wasn’t rushing me, just pressing slowly home, going deeper all the time. Then he was driving firmly in, while his arms reached around and took hold of my breasts. From that point on he started giving me what for, driving in hard and fast, again and again, while his hands played enthusiastically with my breasts.

I was already hot and wet and excited, and this new intrusion promptly fired up my lust again. I was bucking hard against him, feeling him ride me for all he was worth.

Andrew came and knelt on the couch in front of me. He pushed Brian’s hands away from my breasts and then his mouth latched onto one, kissing and nibbling. Brian promptly dropped his hands to my hips, taking a firm hold, and started driving in harder than ever.

I found myself leaning over the end of the couch, baby brother Andrew ravishing my breasts while big brother Brian ravished my pussy. I was gasping and squeaking, not knowing what to do. My hips were bouncing up and down trying to keep up with Brian while I wanted to grab Andrew’s head and clasp it closer to my breasts.

The whole thing was totally distracting and I had no idea I was so near to climaxing until it just swept over me. I heard myself squealing and I was shuddering, feeling wave after wave of sensation just sweeping through me and carrying me away.

When I recovered, I found myself draped over the end of the couch. The bastard brothers were both fully dressed and just chatting and admiring my figure. Brian noticed that I was back with them and grinned at me.

“You might like to get dressed,” he said. “Marie will be home soon.”

I just gave him a look, grabbed my clothes and headed for the bathroom. I was not, definitely not, taking up baby-sitting again. I wasn’t sure I’d survive another night like this.

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