19 Ocak 2023

Back to the Massage Parlor


As the months went by, all of my family became a lot more casual about nudity and sex around the house. We had all been nude with each other and each of us men had made love to both of the women. My wife, for example, would walk nude from the bathroom to our bedroom even when she knew that our son would see her. And he deliberately exposed himself to her many times. Once in a while, our daughter would come over to spend the night. When that happened, we would have a normal family night of dinner and television or a movie, then my wife and my son would retire to his bedroom and my daughter and I would retire to the master bedroom, each pair of us to make love. After we started the lovemaking, we were all very casual about nudity. Sometimes we would get up after making love to watch another movie. We didn’t bother getting dressed. We didn’t watch porn. We just watched good movies. But sitting there nude, things sometimes happened. I remember one night when each pair of us was cuddled up together, me with my daughter and my wife with my son. My daughter reached over and casually began stroking my penis. When my wife saw what was happening, she began to stroke our son’s penis. This was too much for both of us and we both exploded, spewing escort semen all over our partners and ourselves. This provoking giggling from the ladies and a scramble to find towels to clean up. Meanwhile, my son and I continued to go to the massage parlor occasionally and it continued to be a thrill for me to have a massage from a new girl. And we continued to go to the parties. This continued to be a fantastic experience for me. I would generally meet a new girl at the massage parlor and get a massage from her. Most of the girls were well trained and they gave me a good massage. Also, if my wife or daughter was there, they would know that I was in a room with the new girl getting a massage while they were in another room giving a massage to a strange man. So while the new girl was stroking my penis for the first time, my wife or daughter was in the next room stroking a stranger’s penis. As I was getting a massage from a new girl, I would fantasize about her lips enveloping me and sliding up and down my penis and about my semen exploding in her mouth. Of course, I shared this with my wife and daughter and they both confided in me that they were happy to welcome a new girl because they knew that eventually she would show up at bayan escort one of the parties with a husband or boyfriend. Then they would each have a new penis to take in their mouths and a new load of semen to taste. And they knew that the new girl would be taking me into her mouth for the first time. Sometimes, the new girls didn’t swallow at first, but eventually, they all did. There came a time when the massage parlor set up a couples room where a guy and a girl could get massages side by side. They carved out an extra large room and put in a king sized mattress. It was generally a regular customer bringing his wife or girlfriend and two of the masseuses would give them massages side and take them to orgasm side by side. A few weeks later, my wife approached me one evening and said that one of the couples had asked if they could have a masseur for her. The lady wanted a nude man to give her a massage. My wife asked if I would be willing to be the masseur. I immediately felt a surge in my penis because I had never actually seen my wife or my daughter give a strange man an orgasm. And here was my wife proposing that we give a couple orgasms side by side. I would see her give the man an orgasm and she would see me escort bayan giving the woman an orgasm. I told her I would be happy to do it but that she needed to give me some relief right now. She did that by taking me in her mouth. When the day arrived, I went to the massage parlor with my wife. I changed in the room where all the ladies changed and that was fun in itself. It was a new shift, so there were three other ladies changing. I got to see them strip nude, take off their street clothes, unhook their bras, take down their panties and get into their work clothes. I had seen them all nude but watching them undress was a lot of fun. Meanwhile, I was also stripping nude. That meant that all three ladies saw my erection at the same time. Obviously, I was facing them when I took down my underwear. I put on a pair of gym shorts, a tee shirt and a g-string. And it got better from there. We went to meet the couple. They were an attractive young couple and they ordered his and hers massages. That meant that in the middle of the massage, the guy would be massaging my wife while the girl massaged me. We took their money, told them to get undressed and lie face down on the mattress, then left the room for a few minutes. When we got back, they were both nude, side by side, on the mattress. But rather than being face down, they were face up. I could see that the guy was beginning to get an erection. The girl’s nipples were hard and there was some wetness already between her legs.

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