20 Kasım 2022

Backseat Mommy: Mom’s Lap of Luxury


Summary: Mom explores her bi side and is caught by her son.


This is part seven of the Backseat Mommy series.

In part one, Backseat Mommy: A Long Hard Ride, Sarah, a mom, is forced to sit on her son’s lap for a long drive. As the day progresses, she is unable to resist the temptation of her son’s cock.

In part two, Backseat Mommy: Ass Fucked, Sarah now craves her son’s cock and is at his mercy. After willingly taking it in the ass in a truck stop bathroom, she eagerly finishes the job in the backseat of the car as her husband drives in the pouring rain.

In part three, Backseat Mommy: Gloryhole Slut, Sarah questions her marriage and after a tease in the backseat, another tease in the hotel room while her husband is in the bathroom, she has two fantasies come true when her son takes her to a glory hole.

In part four, Backseat Mommy: Husband’s Asleep, Sarah knows she has to tell her husband it’s over, but not before they drop Cory off at college. That night, Sarah sneaks into her son’s bed with her sleeping husband a few feet away and gets fucked in all three holes.

In part five, Backseat Mommy: Jam-Packed With Cum, on the final day of the drive Sarah attempts to fulfill a promise of taking a load in all three of her holes, plus a facial.

In part six, Backseat Mommy: Lustful 3-Hole Slut, Sarah breaks up with her husband, who has his own secrets to share; strangely, they bond more closely with each other than ever before even as they part ways, and she heads back to visit her son at college, determined to take two loads in each of her three holes… and her quick-reloading son is more than happy to oblige.

Note 1: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, and Wayne for editing.

Backseat Mommy: Mom’s Lap of Luxury

I won’t bore you with the details of the rest of the weekend, although I found them far from boring, as we fucked in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. All three of my holes were thoroughly lubricated by his abundance of cum, and by Monday morning when he headed off to school, I finally knew how I wanted to die when it was time: being fucked to death.

On Monday, I made an offer on the last house we’d looked at, spent Monday at the spa (four hours of full body pampering, I wanted to be fresh for my man and look fucking amazing as well) and banking (two more hours, who knew how much work was involved in changing all your contacts, dependents and so forth).

That night I sucked Cory for over an hour as he read a textbook… before he finally flipped me onto all fours and fucked me doggy style… coming in my cunt.

On Tuesday I was back at the bank signing papers for the house, but only after spending a couple hours of nonstop haggling where I saved five grand. I would own the house in ten days, which was pretty exciting.

Over the next three weeks I moved into the house, repainted most of the rooms, furnished it and, of course, was my son’s booty call whenever he wanted me.

Sometimes he would text me to meet him at school in our ‘special bathroom’, sometimes he would take me in his dorm room, and occasionally he would come over and spend the night.

His cock, his cum and his power over me had become my addictions, and I couldn’t get enough.

When he didn’t call for more than a couple days though… I got restless.

I was constantly horny.

Any day that Cory didn’t give me his dick and his cum, I was frustrated… I’d go through withdrawal… ironic, as I’d often gone for weeks without any cock at all before my backseat marathon began with my studly, big cocked son.

But my sexual reawakening had changed me completely, and I was constantly hungry for his cock… for his cum… for his dominance.

So although every couple of hours I wanted to text Cory to please come over and fuck my face, pound my pussy and ream my ass, I knew I needed to give him some space… I couldn’t act like some needy mother… although in truth I was fucking needy for his cock.

It felt like I was experiencing a delayed, fucked up version of empty nest syndrome twenty-four seven.

So with no commitments to keep me busy, I tried to occupy myself.

I binge watched tons of shows, from re-watching every ‘Friends’ episode in order, to the new Netflix series ‘Love’, to ‘Orange is the New Black’, which was surprisingly interesting and hot.

I also began watching and reading more porn… especially lesbian porn, as I pondered whether I could find another woman to share my son with: either a sexy MILF or a delicious coed… the girl I’d briefly flirted with at the college bookstore popping into my head. We’d only swapped a few brief, sexy innuendos, but I’d felt a connection with her.

The stories and vids that turned me on the most were the ones where an older woman was seduced and dominated by a younger one.

I had Mersin Escort no doubt that I was a submissive, and that I would give in to the right girl, if given the opportunity.

The idea of being dominated by a younger girl was completely intriguing, and it had become a new fantasy of mine whenever I wasn’t taking my son’s dick in one of my three holes. I had no interest in meeting a man, getting a boyfriend or getting fucked by a guy… my son fulfilled all my needs in that realm… but the more I read, and the more lesbian porn I watched, the more the idea of submitting to a girl turned me on.

So I did some research and learned there was a lesbian club in town, not too far from where I lived… but I wasn’t sure I could bring myself to go there by myself. Perhaps with a lesbian lover sometime, if I had one.

Instead, I decided to return to the bookstore in hopes of checking in with the cute cashier there.

I ended up going there three times, but she was never working, and I didn’t even know her name, so I couldn’t ask whether she still worked there. I visualized myself describing, ‘Well, I didn’t catch her name, but she had brown hair, about yay tall, a uniform just like yours, sexy as hell…’ Hopeless.

So I tried perusing Craigslist ads for female to female ads (w4w), which meant woman for woman.

There were many short and to the point ads: I didn’t like those.

There were a few longer ads that that did intrigue me, though.

Lonely Housewife Looking to Play (w4w)

Does your husband ignore you? Are you alone and bored all day? Are you questioning your sexuality?

I am, and if you are like me, we should chat. Get to know each other. Perhaps play. I am new to this but want to find someone to explore my fantasies with.

Let’s chat!

That one intrigued me, as although I didn’t have a husband anymore except for a while longer on paper, I was super bored when Cory wasn’t available, which was almost always during the day (minus the rare quickie he occasionally summoned me for), and I was indeed questioning my sexuality. I knew I didn’t want to swear off men… or rather man, meaning Cory… but maybe it would feel right to expand my orientation without switching it.

Looking to fuck someone with my strap-on (w4w)

I believe the heading is rather self-explanatory, but I’ll give you more details because I would want them if I had clicked on this.

I’m 22.


Chubby and butch, with huge tits.

I like to fuck.


I like to sit on a face and ride it to multiple orgasms.

PS: I don’t eat pussy… I fuck pussy (and sometimes ass).

If still interested, why are you not already responding?

The dominant tone had me wet. The ideas of being fucked by a woman or being face ridden were both exciting. Yet… I don’t know… the term butch threw me off a bit. I was okay with chubby, but I wanted a feminine woman.

The next and last one really intrigued me.

College Coed Looking for an older woman MILF (w4w)


I’m 23, mostly straight but explored a bit this summer while in Europe. I originally told myself it was just a summer fling, but I keep reminiscing how amazing it was.

That said, I do not want anyone to know about it.

So I’m looking for someone older who can host and play.

I’m a bit shy, a self-proclaimed nerd, but get pretty wild when horny.

If interested, please respond soon as I am really, really craving, well I’ll just say it, pussy.

PS: Discretion is a must.

She sounded so sweet and perfect.

I immediately responded to her.


I’m Sarah. A mother of two adult children and going through empty nest syndrome.

I’m in the middle of an amicable divorce and have begun to question my sexuality.

To be honest I have never been with a girl, but I’m dying to make my growing curiosity a reality.

I’m 46, blonde hair, blue eyes with large 38D breasts, and my fetish is nylon stockings (I’m not sure you need to know this, but I thought I’d throw it out there).

I hope you respond back, but I will understand if you don’t.

PS: I can host (I live alone so am available pretty much morning, afternoon or night) and can guarantee complete discretion. I’m also new to the city and know almost no one.


I pressed send and then second-guessed whether I’d said too much.

Deciding not to stake all my bets on one possibility, I also reached out to the ‘Lonely Housewife’.


I’m Escort Mersin Sarah.

I’m in the middle of an amicable divorce, but your other two questions are a BIG TIME YES. I am new to town, living alone and am bored morning, afternoon and night. I also have begun during the past few months to question my sexuality and have become more and more curious about being with a woman.

So perhaps we would be perfect for each other.

I can host or come to you.

Let’s chat!

I pressed send and I pulled up some lesbian stories online.

I was reading my third story in a row, my pussy beginning to get very wet, when my phone alerted me that I had an email.

I checked, and saw it was from ‘Lonely Housewife Looking to Play’.

Hi Sarah,

I was so excited to receive your message. The first three I received were crude and either from dirty old men, or women I don’t want to meet.

But your response felt genuine.

I’m Brynn, I’m 33 (so a bit younger I hope that is okay), with three kids all in school during the day, and looking for a friend (hopefully with benefits).

I too just moved here as my husband got a job here and now lives at his office all day and much of the night. So I send him off to work, drop the kids off at school, do my daily household chores, pick the kids up from school, take them to their after-school activities, make dinner, etc. It has become my own 1950s Leave it To Beaver version of Groundhog Day.

The only highlight of my day is reading erotica or watching porn, usually lesbian but not always, and getting myself off with my way too old vibrator (I bought it in college).

But this is getting too routine.

Hopefully I have not scared you off… probably too much information for a first email… but I have this feeling that you are like me and will appreciate my being forthright.

Hope to hear from you soon


She was so intriguing.

I wrote her back right away.

Nice to meet you Brynn.

First yes… I do appreciate your being forthright and your frank responses. You sound very interesting and just like me a dozen years ago. God, that makes me feel old. Although I should point out I don’t really feel old… I actually feel rejuvenated in the midst of a divorce and my life-altering decision to move closer to my college son (who lives on campus).

Your life sounds exhausting and you clearly need a break in your day, and hopefully I can be part of that break.

I, on the other hand, or maybe it’s more like the same hand, need a break from my mundane boredom (although I am definitely getting my money’s worth on my Netflix account). I don’t have your action packed life, I have no life (that sounds more pathetically depressing than I meant it to be).

Anyway, I would love to meet you. Maybe you can come over tomorrow after you drop off your kids at school. I will have coffee on, and we can chat with no expectations other than to get to know each other.

PS: What is your favourite lesbian story? Although I’m not sure I have only one, I love ‘Training Teacher’ by silkstockingslover. The idea of being seduced by a woman is stimulating and the idea of being a pet to a bunch of teenage girls is both humiliating and stimulating. (Shoot, now perhaps *I* said too much).


I clicked send with anticipation that perhaps tomorrow I would meet her in person.

I then received a text from my son: Hungry?

I responded back: Always.

He texted back: My dorm room. Thirty minutes.

I responded back: I’ll be there.

Knowing I’d be getting some dick soon, I left my burning cunt to simmer and got ready to leave. I needed to freshen up first. I always wanted to look as hot as possible for my son. I knew I was competing with a plethora of slutty college girls, so I needed to work extra hard to keep his focus on me. Luckily, college girls didn’t usually go the extra mile like wearing nylons, immediately jumping in the car when texted, or taking it in all three holes.

As I finished getting ready with last minute touch-ups (lipstick, perfume), I got another email.

It was from Brynn again.

Although I needed to leave soon, I had to read it first.


I would LOVE that.

I know this is a bit crazy and a bit fast… but I really sense that you are like me.

I drop my kids off at 8:30.

If you send me your address, I will come directly to you after I drop them off.

Looking forward to meeting Mersin Bayan Escort you.


PS: Off to pick up kids and return to my motherly duties after a brief interlude (corresponding with you) that broke the mundane cycle of my life. I’m not sure I have a favourite story, but I love reading any lesbian story. More about that later.

I quickly responded, as I slipped into my heels:


I can’t wait.

And I hope to break us both out of our mundane routines.


PS: I’m off to have supper with my son.

Obviously, I didn’t add that my supper was going to be my son’s sausage.

After I pressed send, I realized I hadn’t included my address, so I sent a second email with that and headed out.

Twenty minutes later, I was bent over my son’s desk, getting fucked.

He asked, as he slammed into me while we had a weirdly nonsexual conversation, “So what have you been doing during the days?”

“Netflix,” I answered, before adding, as I turned my head around to look at him coyly, “and a lot of porn.”

“Really?” he asked.

“You’ve turned me into a sex-crazed slut,” I pointed out.

“I think you helped turn yourself into one,” he countered.

“Well, you played a big starring role,” I said, stressing the word.

“Guilty as charged,” he laughed, as he pounded me hard.

“And my jail sentence is waiting for you to summon me,” I said, before adding, “while waiting in solitary confinement.”

He laughed hard, “So when you’re not taking my cock, you’re in a figurative jail?”


“Well, as judge and jury,” he said, pulling out of my cunt and sliding into my ass, “I sentence you to a hard ass fucking.”

“Objection,” I protested playfully, as I would never object to his cock invading my ass.

“Overruled,” he countered, as he held my hips and began slowly fucking my ass.

“Oh God son, fuck my ass,” I moaned, after a dozen or so strokes, loving a cock in my ass as much as I loved one in my cunt.

“God, I love your ass, Mom,” he groaned, my ass still amazingly tight, considering the multiple hard ass gaping poundings it had already taken from my son.

“Now be a nasty mother fucker and ream Mommy’s asshole,” I demanded, wanting him to really drill me.

“God, you’re a dirty fucking ass slut,” he said playfully, as he obliged my request.

“I’ll always be your ass slut, son,” I declared, knowing that until the day I died, all three of my holes would be available for his cock.

Even if I remarried, which was unlikely, I wouldn’t give up my son’s cock.

If he married, I’d make sure he understood that all three of my holes would remain available to him anytime, anyplace.

“You bet you will,” he agreed, as he fucked the shit out of me… coming a couple minutes later inside my ass, just moments after my long-awaited orgasm erupted.

As cum dripped out of my ass and he got dressed, I asked, “So how is school going?”


“Not too busy to keep your mother filled with cock, is it?”

“Not yet,” he laughed, “but midterms will be coming soon.”

“Well, you do need to be able to focus on studying; and speaking with the knowledge of someone who’s known you since birth, I’d say that depositing the occasional load in Mommy’s mouth, pussy or asshole will likely help,” I pointed out.

“I’ll keep that in mind ‘old friend’,” he quipped, before adding, “I hate to fuck you and run, but I’m meeting some friends for dinner before we work on a project.”

“Sure, sure,” I nodded, happy to have had this fuck time with him, but feeling a little let down to be going home to an empty house.

“You okay?” he asked, noticing my tone.

“Sure,” I nodded. “I just need to start meeting some people.”

“I’m sure you will,” he said, giving me a hug.

He kissed my lips tenderly and said, “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, Cory,” I reciprocated, loving this moment of sweet intimacy after such a nasty fuck session.

“You can stay here as long as you wish,” he offered.

“Thanks, but I’ll just clean up and get going.”

“Okay, see you soon.”

“It better be soon,” I said in a motherly voice as he left.

I washed up and headed out. In the hallway was a good looking-guy who proved himself a jerk as he smiled and said, grabbing his crotch, “If you’re still hungry, I have something you’ll like.”

“I don’t do mini-sausage,” I quipped back, not appreciating his assumption I that was some slut walking out of a dorm room… even though I was some slut walking out of a dorm room.

“Your loss,” he said, slapping my ass as I walked by.

“I doubt it,” I said, choosing to ignore the rude slap, even though part of me was flattered to be hit on by a college guy.

Deciding I should be prepared for whatever tomorrow might bring, I stopped at a sex shop and bought a few new toys: two rabbit vibrators (one for Brynn as a nice-to-meet-you gift, albeit quite a forward one) and a strap-on cock just in case. I wasn’t sure which of us would be wearing it, but I hoped it might come in useful, if not tomorrow, then maybe someday.

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