1 Aralık 2022

Backyard Backdoor


It was a nice spring morning. I was out on my back patio having some coffee and reading a magazine. I was in my robe but nothing else. My kids weren’t home so I had the house to myself. Out in the yard was my dog. He was chewing on a bone. I found myself wondering if I could break his concentration. It had been 3 months since we first had sex. I had done it with him one other time since then. The sex was great. Very raw and primal. I liked it, but by no means was I going to turn into a dog whore. I liked men too much.

I stood up and stretched. The sun was warming up the day. My grass had been freshly cut and the flowers I had recently planted look great. I had a six foot wooden fence around my yard which gave me some privacy from my neighbors. I had sunbathed in the nude out here plenty of times. I always wondered if any of them peeked over to see me. I decided that I wanted to feel the sun on my body. I shed my robe and stepped out into my yard completely nude.

The sun felt great on my body. The air temp was cool but the sun was warm. I was standing there soaking it up when I felt something. I had three cups of coffee this morning and I needed to pee. The sun felt so great I didn’t want to leave. I opened my eyes and put my hands on my hips. I was about to turn around and go back inside when I saw my dog over in the corner of the yard doing his business. I usually kept the yard pretty clean of dog poo and he liked this particular spot. I thought well hell if he can do that why can’t I.

I walked over to the corner after he was through. I found a clean spot and squatted down. I had peed outdoors plenty of times before just never in my own backyard. I relaxed and the flow began. It felt really good and I felt free. I made a note to do this more often. I was about to get up when I felt something else. The coffee had done what coffee sometimes will do. I felt a little cramp in my bowels and I knew I had to take a poop. I was squatted down having just peed in the corner of my yard where my dog pooped so what the hell.

Now this was something I had never done outdoors in the open. It felt so dirty and naughty but exciting too. I took a deep breath and relaxed. I pushed and right there in the grass I emptied my bowels. I pushed a couple of more times to make sure it was all out of me. I stood up and I couldn’t believe I just did that. It did feel good though. I smiled and thought what my neighbors would think if they knew. I didn’t have anything to wipe with so I started to walk back to the house. My dog walked past me and I saw him go over to the area I had just peed and pooped on. He sniffed around and then hiked his leg and peed all over it. I laughed at his little show of dominance.

He came over to me and stuck his nose in my ass. I stood there and let him investigate me. He was sniffing me and trying to lick Ankara escort between my legs. I bent over a little to give him better access. His warm wet tongue felt great and was doing a good job of cleaning me up. I was standing in the middle of my yard and decided to get down on my hands and knees in the grass. This exposed both my ass and pussy to him and he licked me in both. I was really enjoying this, being naked in nature with my dog, but I wondered if it was a wise thing to do. My gates were locked and my house was locked, but I guess someone might look over my fence. I decided this was my yard and I was going to do what I wanted in it.

I called his name and patted my lower back and ass. He stopped licking me for a moment and I guess he was understanding what that meant. He hopped up onto my back and wrapped his forelegs around my waist. He moved in closer and I felt his pointy cock searching for my pussy. I didn’t have to help him much this time and he hit the mark on his own. He started to rapidly drive his hot hard cock in me. My pussy was wet and tight but he was stretching me and making good progress. I got down on my elbows and let him pound me deep. My big boobs were hanging down and the tips of them were brushing the grass. They were swinging back and forth as he fucked me. I wanted to cry out and talk dirty but I thought the better of it. I mean one of my neighbors could be out on their patio right now.

He was fucking me good and I felt more like his bitch out here in the yard then I did in the house. I felt his knot press at my lips and I knew he would try to shove it in me soon. I started to relax and let it happen. I had my eyes closed when I heard something. It was a dog barking. I was my next door neighbors dog and it was right on the other side of the fence barking at us. My dog really didn’t like it and they would usually run up and down the fence line trying to prove who the big dog was. All of a sudden my dog slid off my back and pulled his cock out of me. He ran over to the fence and barked back.

Damn I thought, I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I hadn’t cum yet. I stayed on my hands and knees hoping he would come back to me. It was my ovulation time again and I knew I smelled good for him. His cock was still red and hard and sticking out of it’s sheath. I whispered his name trying to get his attention. He finally looked at me and I patted my ass. I guess he got the message. Fucking a bitch in heat was better then barking at another dog. He trotted over and sniffed me first then hopped back up on me.

I angled my hips so he could just re-enter me. If he couldn’t after taking a few stabs at it then I would help him. After all a female dog could reach around and guide a male. I felt him poke and thought he was almost there. My knee slipped a little on the grass and my hips went lower. He trust forward Ankara escort bayan and got his cock in me. The problem was it wasn’t in the right hole. He had shoved his cock into my ass. He had gotten a surprising amount into me on that first shove. I froze for a moment not know what to do. He pushed and pushed his cock into my tight asshole. This was not anything I had expected to happen. I have had anal sex before of course but this felt very different. Maybe he would pull out in a minute and find my pussy again.

I just stayed still and let him pound me in the ass for awhile. It was actually starting to feel pretty good and I wonder what it would feel like for him to cum in my ass. His cock was very deep inside me now and it looked like he was enjoying it too and wasn’t going to pull out. Either I had to get him off me or let him finish in my ass. He shoved harder and I felt his knot press into me. Was he actually trying to get that thing into my ass? What would that be like? It had been in my pussy and we had been tied for a few minutes. It had eventually shrunk down and even though it hurt a little it came out. Now he was attempting to get it inside my ass.

The warm sun had caused me to start to sweat and I was feeling so dirty and bad. Something inside he said to just try it, just to see if he can do it. I reached back with my hands and spread my ass cheek more. I could feel it pushing into my sphincter. I tried to relax it and even pushed back some. It was really stretching me and it burned some. I rotated my hips some and pushed back into him right as he shoved hard. I guess my asshole involuntarily relaxed enough because I felt his knot pop inside of me.

As soon as it happened I said out loud, “OH FUCK”. I said it both from the feeling and the realization that this might be bad. My dog quit stroking his cock in me and stayed still. I could feel his knot swelling in me and I also felt a warmth start to spread deep inside my guts. He must have started cumming in me. I heard something. It was a voice. It was my neighbors voice. She had been outside in her yard. She was just on the other side of the fence now. She called my name. She must have heard me. If I was silent she might come investigate. I said hi to her. She asked me if I was alright. I guess she thought from my outburst I might have hurt myself. I said I was fine I had just tripped over something.

Here I was naked in the grass with my dogs cock in my ass and I was having a conversation with my neighbor. She said I should come over sometime for coffee, she had some new pics of her grand kids. I said I would soon but I need to get my “to do” list for today. She said not to work to hard and laughed then I assume walked back to her house. While I had been talking to her on my hands and knees I had not been paying attention. My dogs knot was now fully Escort Ankara swollen inside my ass and it felt huge. He had slid off of me and we were butt to butt now. There was no way he could pull it out in it’s present state and I had doubts he could even if it shrunk some. There was nothing I could do but wait.

Even he kept turning around and looking at where we were hooked together wondering what was taking so long. He would give some tugs on his cock but it was stuck fast in me. My guts felt really bloated from his cock and the large amount of dog cum he had deposited in me. I should have never let him get his knot in me. That was a big mistake and now I was paying the price. I was getting a little scared now. I had to think of something soon.

I looked around my yard in a panic trying to see if there was something to help me. I thought back to when I was a girl and I had seen two dogs tied in my front yard. My dad had used a water hose on them. For some reason that worked because the male pulled free of the female. I saw my outdoor faucet that was on the brick wall of my house. It had a hose attached to it. It was better then nothing and worth a try. The problem was it was about 30 feet from me and I was on my hands and knees naked in the middle of my backyard with a dogs cock stuck in me. Somehow I had to make my way over to the valve.

I didn’t want to freak my dog out. He might panic and rip his knot out of my ass causing lots of damage. I slowly tried to crawl a little toward the house. I wanted him to walk with me and not resist. I made it about 5 feet when he pulled hard and I sto
pped. I talked soothingly to him to try to calm him down. He stopped pulling and I went a little farther. It seemed like I was almost there yet I was so far away. I managed to get a few feet away and the finally I was able to touch the valve. Slowly and carefully I turned it until the water came on. I didn’t turn it on full blast. I prepared myself because I knew he probably would start to pull hard.

I took the hose and did my best to aim it at where we were joined. The water was surprisingly cold and I was getting all wet. I guess the water ran down my ass and started to splash onto the base of his cock. It startled him and he started to pull. I gritted my teeth and tried to help push him out of me. Somehow I guess the cold water made his knot shrink down. He pulled hard and my asshole was able to open up and even thought it hurt like hell it finally popped out of me. We were finally separated.

I dropped the hose and just stayed still. My dog went over to the shade and licked his cock. I wondered if it was as sore as my asshole was. I was wet and even though I was still in the sunshine I shivered. I turned the water off and stood up on shaky legs. I felt a little cramp in my bowels and I squatted down. I hardly had to push and a huge amount of dog cum poured out of my ass. I looked at my dog and told him that was the last time he would have anal sex with me. He looked at me and I chuckled.

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