19 Ocak 2023

Basement Party V

Ass Insertion

The basement is where we have our games room. It has the pool table and a juke box. There are two old-fashioned pinball machines too. My husband found them and got them working. Also, there’s a large screen television, where we can play DVDs or watch stuff on the internet. It’s a fun place for my son and his friends. At least it used to be. They’ve all gone off to college now. James, my son, comes to visit on holidays, and when classes are not in session. He’s even taking courses during the summer.  I haven’t worked since I was just out of college, some twenty years ago. I’m just a forty-five year old housewife now. The typical stay at home mother and wife. And it gets so lonely around here with James gone. My husband was made a vice-president in his financial firm, and he’s begun making lots of trips out of town. I get left alone more and more now. Since I have the whole basement to myself I’ve become a little naughty. My husband isn’t around enough to please me anymore, so I’ve started to collect a few sexy toys. I find they make the time pass, and make me more than happy. And along with the toys I’ve started a collection of sensual movies. I keep the movies and the toys in a cabinet down in the games room, close to the big screen TV. It has a lock, but I lost the key months ago which is not terribly important now. I can enjoy watching, and satisfy myself, both at the same time. My movies tend to be about women making love to other women, or giving blow jobs to men. I guess I’ve always been a little oral in my urges and proclivities. Another thing I enjoy watching is men and women bringing themselves to fulfillment. I mean masturbating, bahçesehir escort of course. With their hands or their toys, I like seeing both. I’m usually using one of my toys as I watch…Either a dildo or a vibrator. I have more complicated sex toys, but I usually grab something simple when I’m feeling randy and want to get off quickly. So anyway, James was back for the Thanksgiving break, and he brought his room mate from the dormitory home with him. I understood that Ted lived across the country, and didn’t really want to spend a lot of money to fly home. We were only three hours away from the university, so James brought Ted home with him. I didn’t mind in the least. My husband was home for dinner on Thanksgiving Thursday, but was going to leave for the weekend for a seminar. It was fun having James and Ted there, along with my husband. I enjoyed entertaining, and not being alone. I had become accustomed to being there in the house by myself. And I was really into giving myself sexual pleasure now. I knew I had to be careful with the boys in the house, but I was still horny. That’s how I was then. Well, on Friday after the holiday, the boys played games in the basement, and I watched some programs on TV just to be with them. But they grew tired after a few hours, and went off to bed. I was in the middle of a movie, so I said goodnight, and they went on upstairs. The movie ended after an hour. It was just after one o’clock in the morning. I wasn’t too sleepy. I was also feeling frisky. I had rather enjoyed seeing James’ friend, Ted. He was quite attractive. So I put on a naughty movie about beylikdüzü bayan escort two lesbians playing together, and I got out a vibrator to play with myself. I was wearing pajamas covered by a robe. I just discarded them. I hadn’t been wearing anything underneath the PJs. I was naked and I felt great. The boys were asleep by then, I was certain. My nipples were getting hard as I watched the two women eating each other. My vibrator was doing its work. I’d had two orgasms already, when I heard something over on the stairs. I quickly grabbed my robe from the couch beside me, and put it on as I rose. Walking over to the staircase I found Ted just getting up, as if to leave. He was cramming his penis into his undershorts. That’s all he was wearing. “Stay right there, young man. What’re you doing? I mean, how long were you there? Why’re you downstairs, Ted?” “Mrs. Ferguson. I’m sorry. Really. Can we just forget this? James’ll be really pissed. I’m sorry, ma’am” “Just tell me what you’re up to. Come on. Out with it, Ted.” “I wasn’t up to anything, Mrs. Ferguson. I was downstairs for some water and I heard something down here. I just came down to see what was going on. I’m sorry. I really am.” My nipples were still hard. My pussy was still tingling from the vibrator, and I was still aroused. I don’t know if that was wrong or not. I didn’t really think about it. What I did think about was that penis I’d seen him putting back in his shorts. “I won’t tell James anything if you don’t. But you have to do something for me. Okay? Come on down here, Ted.” He stood up, and I could see his prick was now escort beylikdüzü soft. He’d been scared. But as I took his hand I could see his pants beginning to tent out. He wasn’t frightened anymore. We walked over to the couch and I had him sit down. Then, I took off the robe again. His eyes were glued to my breasts, of course. They were nice, if I say so myself. Not huge, but soft and round. And the nipples were hard. I’m a blond and my nipples are pale pink. They’re incredibly sensitive when I’m aroused. “I see you like titties, Ted. Do you like pussy too? Is mine pretty? I keep it waxed for myself. But I bet you like a clean pussy too, don’t you Ted? You can touch it. Go ahead, touch me, sweetie.” His hands reached out and began touching my pussy. His thumb rubbed my clit. I wondered if he’d done this before. Maybe he’d just watched porn films. His other hand was putting a finger in my slit. It was so wet and his fingers just slipped right in and began moving in and out, finger fucking my cunt. Nice. I moved forward. I wanted something else. “That’s good, Ted. I like it. But I want something else. You know what I want, don’t you Ted? It looks nice, doesn’t it? Would you like to taste me, Ted? Go on. Taste my pussy.” His hands now moved to my ass and he squeezed my cheeks as his mouth went to my pussy. Oh, it was ready. His tongue went right to my clit and licked it like a popsicle. I was creaming so much. I grabbed his head and began fucking his face with my cunt. My juicy pussy was getting what it had needed for so long. “You’re a good boy, Ted. Jesus, that’s so fucking good. Eat it baby. Eat that pussy.” He was enthusiastic, I will say that. My head was thrown back as I kept creaming juices for him to lick up. I was moaning with passion. My hands began squeezing my tits and then pinching the nipples, and I kept coming. At last my legs were about to give out. I’d got what I’d needed for months. I pushed Ted away.

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