26 Mart 2022

BBC part II. “Anthony”


BBC part II. “Anthony”well i hope you guys ( or girls) liked my last story , its been a while since my last post , haven’t done much lately but i do have something good for you guys, it happened like 3 days ago. something i honestly didn’t see coming and was so much fun..After what happened last time, i didn’t go to the gym for a few days, guess i was embarraced with Dave cause of what happened , silly yes but i felt that way, anyways, i started going to the gym again as usual, i saw Dave lifting with his buddies ( which are mostly black guys) he gave me this weird look when he saw me and so did a couple of his mates, one of them , his name is Anthony, he is the hottest guy, i mean i had seen him a bunch of times before but he never seemed to pay any attention to me, so i assumed he was straight, he is tall , fit as fuck and a very handsome guy, anyways, i really didn’t pay to much attention and kept on with my day. Dave came to me and said hi, we talked the usual silly things, nothing really relevant, when de said bye he told me he had a great time and was looking forward to having me again, i smiled and looked at his package and said ” well i had a great time as well, and yes im looking forward to next time” .Days went by and one day i was at the showers after my workout , it was pretty late so the changing room and the gym was pretty empty, so i had a shower and took off my towel in the room while i looked for my clothes in my bag, completely naked . i like the feeling of being naked it feels so free , anyways, i didn’t realized one of Daves friends (Anthony) went into the changing room while i was putting my tight boxer on, he saw me and i saw him but didn’t say anything at all, he took of his shirt , he is a very tall guy , 6’2 i would say , for me is very tall, his torso is slim but muscled with a big tribal tattoo on one side of his chest, and a beautiful hot 6 pack. his body was truly amazing , i couldnt help to stare at the mirror to see his body, i was so into looking at his body that i didn’t realize he was looking at me through the mirror , i got surprised and looked away, all of a sudden he said ” do you like what you see boy?” i couldn’t believe he was talking to yenimahalle escort me and specially that he said that, i felt my cock getting hard ,i couldn’t help it, i said ” excuse me? ” he responded ” i only asked you if you like what you see through the mirror?” ” its ok i didn’t mean to scare you” i got blushed and said ” well you do have a nice tattoo and i can tell you are doing a good job here at the gym” he said to me ” thanks but i asked if you like my body?” i looked at him surprised , as he told me ” its ok andy i know, and don’t worry i won’t tell anybody” i got a bit embarraced and asked him if Dave had told him, he said well yes he did, we had a bit of a conversation about Dave and the gym, he finally said ” well boy are you gonna answer my question or not” and i laughed and said “yes i do like your body , you are a very sexy man”, he bit his lip, which was so fucking sexy, his face was good looking as well, he suddenly dropped his pants and i could he his huge bulge thorught his boxers, i mean it looked huge, i guess he could see the surprising expression on my face , he laughed and said ” well you have a nice little body , but it would look better without that boxer of yours, just saying” he then walked into the shower and said “imma take a shower , but i won’t lock the door ” i knew exactly what he meant. My heart started beating so fast, my cock was rock hard and my mouth was so dry from the impression and excitement of what was happening, i couldn’t believe it, this super hot guy that i had seen a bunch of times before at the gym but he never saw me , again, i thought he was straight , i knew he was a close friend with Dave, and he was actually inviting me to join him at the shower.. i didn’t know what to do..i saw his underwear on top of the shower , i heard the water running , i sat for a while thinking of what should i do.. i heard him in the shower and pictured him naked and wondered how big could he possibly be.. so i said to myself fuck it , and walked right into the shower, but first i locked the door so nobody would come in , took off my boxer , opened the shower door and there he was , gorgeous black fit man naked taking a tunalı escort shower . i saw his cock , wasn’t hard when i opened the door but even like that it looked fucking HUGE, thick, with a big head, i was hard as a rock.He grabbed my arm and pulled me in and started kissing me very softly and gently, then more roughly as his hands touched my toned body and went straight to my smooth ass, he squeezed it and i could feel his cock growing harder pushing my flat belly, he squeezed one ass cheek with each one of his big hands to spread my hole open, and played with his fingers doing circles around my ass hole while he kissed my neck, my mouth and my ears . He carried me in his arms to kiss me more and started to play with his cock rubbing it with my asshole, i could feel it was a massive cock, i hand’t seen it yet but i could feel it was a monster cock..He finally put me down on the ground and pushed my head to the floor so i got on my knees.. i saw that monster cock, i would say it was 8.5″ to 9″ thick and with a massive head, it turned me on right away, i looked up to him like a little slut and licked the tip of his cock as i stared into his eyes, then i closed my eyes and put his massive cock into my mouth , i could barely fit it in, but i loved it , i sucked him slow and went deep throat on him , i mean as long as i could, i couldn’t swallow that whole massive cock but i got a good part of it in my throat, i could taste his precum all the way at the back of my mouth , i started to suck him fiercely , very passionate and stroking the rest of his shaft with my hand, and his balls with my other hand, i could tell he was loving it because i could taste a lot of precum, i licked his shaft all the way to his balls which i sucked as well and then went back to lick his cock all the way to his head, as if i was masturbating him with my mouth, he grabbed my head with his 2 big hands and started facefucking me very hard, i was gagging filling his cock with my spit as his cock thrusted in and out of my mouth. He pulled me up to kiss me more then he turned me around to kiss my neck, then my back going down to my ass where he stopped , he spanked my ass with his both hands tandoğan escort to open my cheeks, and i felt his tongue right there in my asshole going in circles , up and down , in and out . he was very aggressive and skilled, which i liked , i started to moan as i felt one of his fingers going inside me while his tongue was still eating me out, he put then 2 fingers, then 3 fingers inside me.. it felt so good, he said ” do you like it boy?” i said yes keep going .He stood up and rubbed his cock against my smooth boy ass while he grabbed my neck and kissed me, he then grabbed his cock and tried to put it inside me , i could feel his massive head trying to get into my tight little asshole it was a struggle he was too big for me, but then i felt my ass stretching , only his head was going in , just his head, and he stopped there to kiss my back and neck while his dickhead was stretching me , i felt pain and pleasure at the same time, as time went by much less pain and more pleasure, he took his dick head out and made me suck it which turned me on so much, he said ” taste you ass boy, taste your tight beautiful ass” so i did, i sucked his dick head and spitted on it , i stood up and went to his ear, licked it and said “i want you to fuck me , but please not so hard”, he said “ill go easy on you”. So he did, he started fucking me real slow, not so deep and very slow , he then went deep, i loved it, he fucked me there standing in the shower harder and harder as i was moaning , he put his hands on my mouth and said “shh remember where we are” as he kept fucking me non stop . i heard a noise outside and got scared , so i asked him to finish quick, he bent me down and fucked the brains out of me while covering my mouth as i sucked on his fingers, he said he wanted to cum, so i got on my knees and he came all over my face and mouth i loved it, his cum tasted delicious i jacked off while he was cumin all over me and came as well to a glorious orgasm.. We came out of the showers he kissed me and said “i like you Andy , we should get together with dave or alone and do this better” , i said i couldn’t agree more. so we went our separate waysI still can’t believe what happened that night, im honestly still shocked and horny about it, i only wish he wouldve fucked me more , but i know ill get to that .hope you liked my story , i really enjoyed it , hope i made you guys hard 😉 feel free to comment on anything positive or negative stuff. see you next time !

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