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Chapter 2

Almost twenty minutes after arriving, Kyle came out and headed toward the park as well. Both Julian and Wyatt headed toward him to meet him.

“Hi Kyle, how are you today?”

“Not bad, you guys?”

“Pretty good. We”re glad that you came out, we wanna talk to you?”

“Oh, what about, you almost never talk to anyone?”

“I know, most people irritate me, I”m too logical and they”re too emotional, I find them draining. But, I think the three of us have something in common, and we wanna talk, so, let”s go sit down.”

“Yes, we do, I wondered if you”d seen it, I”ve known it about you two for forever.” He grinned.

“Good, thought so, knew you”d of course know the signs.” Julian said, and then led the way over to a nice tree, so that they could sit in the shade.

“So, how long have you suspected that I wear diapers?” Kyle asked.

“Four or five years now I guess.”

“Yeah, same, and your parents just never bothered to potty train Wyatt either.”

“Actually, that”s pretty much all on me, since I kinda raised Wyatt, because our mom works so much, and our nanny kinda wasn”t a real big help.”

“Ah, I see. And what about you, why do you wear diapers?”

“Same reason, just love them. Honestly wouldn”t be able to go to the washroom anyway, I”d totally haveta train myself. What about you?”

“Full time bed wetter, I actually do have an issue, something doesn”t work in my head to tell me not to wet. I just grew to love my diapers, and by the time I was nine, I wanted to wear them all day, and by ten I was.”

“How”s your dad feel about it?”

“Not a clue. Not even sure he knows. Hell, not even sure he knows who I am most days. He”s too busy for a kid, and after my mom died when I was eight, I almost never saw him. It”s a good thing my mom left all her money to me, since Dad clearly didn”t need it, so that I can buy what I want and need, and he never knows a thing. What about your mom?”

“Yeah, that”s good, as for our mom, we had no idea if she knew anything either, but a few days ago, she confronted us, and we now have no secrets, but then, she”s a full on diaper lover as well. Apparently so was our dad.”

“Wow, really?” Kyle groaned.

“Oh yeah, and guess what, she wants another baby boyfriend, and she doesn”t mind that you”re only fifteen, so, if you wanna have sex, she”d totally rock your world.”

“You”re not kidding, are you?” He asked, having had to adjust himself.

“Nope. The problem, though, is that she works like twelve to sixteen hours a day, so she”s worried that that”d be hard on a relationship.”

“That”s about what my dad works as well, so I”m kinda usedta that.”

“Wanna come spend the day with us, we”ll happily change your super soggy baby bum for you, and you can join in changing us as well.”

“I”d like that, but, I”m not gay, at all, but I know you are, aren”t you?”

“Yep, I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover.”

“Me too.” Wyatt added.

“And I think you two are closer than brothers are really supposed to be, aren”t you?” Kyle grinned.

“Yeah, but obviously you can”t say anything about that anywhere.”

“I won”t, no worries. Let me just go pack a few things, I”ll be right back.”

Kyle took off and was back only a few minutes later, and as soon as they were together, they headed back to the boys” house.

“So, what do you do to keep yourself so fit Kyle, you have a great body?” Julian asked as they walked.

Kyle is tall, pretty close to two meters already, maybe even slightly over, he is slim and fit, with good muscles already showing, he has dark brown hair and eyes to match, and the hair above his lip, though still fine, looks like it will be just as dark. He has a strong nose and bold chin, nice shapely face, and even has freckles on his cheeks. He is really good looking, and the boys think their mom will just adore him.

“I play rugby most often.”

“Rugby, what”s what?” Julian asked with a perfectly straight face.

“You don”t know, it”s a sport, kinda like football?”

“Oh, is that the one with the white ball, you throw it into a hoop high in the air, you run around a bunch of things called bases, the players all wear big pads and pretty much wrestle half the time, and when they get a home run they yell hole in one?”

Kyle just stopped and stared at Julian, just shook his head, and then burst out laughing. “I can”t tell if you”re being dead serious and truly have no idea about any sports whatsoever, or if you”re just yanking my chain.”

“That was good. I actually despise most sports, and I couldn”t play any of them to save my life, I”ve never watched or learned any of them, so, no, I really don”t know, but I do know that was at least five sports worth of descriptions.” Julian giggled.

“And here I thought you didn”t have a sense of humour.”

“I do, just most people don”t getta see it. So, how do you do in sports wearing diapers then?”

“I just don”t wear to practices and games, though some days I damn near piss my pants because of having to remember I”m not diapered.”

“Oh. Just don”t think I could do that, but then, technically speaking, I was never peepee potty trained anyway.”

“I really don”t liketa, I”d rather just wear all day, every day, but that”d be really hard to hide. I think almost everyone in school knows I wear anyway, but I”m not sure anyone on my team does.”

“Oh, so clearly none of them go to your school then.”

“Most of my team are adults, the ones who are in school still, no, they”re not from mine.”

“Oh, you must be pretty good then.”

“Yeah, you can say that.”

“I just did.” Julian grinned brightly.

“Yeah.” Kyle snorted.

“Do you have any friends, we never see you with anyone?”

“No, they just think I”m too weird, not only do I wear diapers like a baby, but I think you and I are much alike in that most people irritate me. They always whine and cry about everything, how life isn”t fair, how everyone hates them, so on and so forth. When they”re like that and I ask them why not fix the problem then instead of whining ceaselessly about it, they think I”m an asshole. Whatever. Like me, I have a dad who couldn”t care less about me, so fucking what, so, I use him to get me through school and keep me fed, I don”t let that get me down. No one says he hasta love me, or that I haveta love him, he may be my father, but he”s not my Dad.”

“That”s pretty much exactly how I feel.” Julian said.

“Same.” Wyatt added.

“Good. Wow, nice place.” Kyle said, because they were walking in right then, and because it is such an open floor plan, the entire kitchen and living areas are easily seen as they enter.

“Thanks, we really like it, and starting in just a week or two, a construction company”s coming in to put in a kick ass pool and workout centre for us. It”s gonna be so much nicer than having to walk to the pool every few days like we liketa do.”

“I bet, but why not ride, that”d be way faster and easier.”

“Never learned how, our dad died before Wyatt was even born, and before he could actually teach me.”

“Oh, my mom taught me. I”d be happy to teach you two?”

“We”d really like that?” Both boys said as one.

“Cool, all you”ll haveta do is get bikes and helmets.”

“Maybe we can go and do that tomorrow then. Any idea how much something like that costs?”

“Couple to a few hundred for a reasonable bike, couple to a few thousand for a really good one, then about a hundred for a helmet.”

“Okay, so I”ll write a note to my mom, asking her to increase the limit on the bank card so that we can get what we need and not haveta worry.”


“So, are you a soggy baby boy?”

“No, I got changed just before leaving the house. How about you two?”

“Same. Wanna strip down to just your baby diaper with us, we”re gonna, so, you”re welcome to as well.”

“Absolutely. I love going around in just my diapers, but I always haveta make sure that I have my robe near, but at least I can hear the garage door opener from just about anywhere in the house, so my dad”s never caught me like that.”

“Yeah, we were the same, but now we don”t even haveta worry about that at all.”


And so, standing in a circle, so that they can all see each other, they strip down to just their slightly soggy baby diapers.

“Wow, you”re fucking hot.” Julian and Wyatt said together.

“Thanks, so are you two, and I”m not even the slightest bit gay. Man, you two have amazing bodies already.”

“Thanks. So do you.”

“So, what are you packing in your diaper anyway, you show a decent lump, even in a diaper, even at my hardest I don”t show that much?” Julian groaned.

“I think I”m just over fifteen centimetres long, and it”s gotta be seven around now, but I”m damn near two and a half centimetres across at my thickest.” He says proudly.

“Wow, our mom”s just gonna love you. I bet you can diaper fuck her real good with that. I”m only like ten centimetres long and maybe half your thickness, but I have grown a bit already recently.”

And with that, the lump in Kyle”s diaper grew, a fair bit.

“Oh, um. You think so?”

“Oh yeah, and she wants it clearly as much as that now extra large bulge says you do. By the way, she likes sucking baby soothers, and I think she”s gonna love your baby soother, a lot. Wyatt and I loveta suck each others baby soothers too, it”s so nice.”

“Wow, I hope she lets me breast feed then.”

“I bet she will.” Wyatt giggled.

“I know she will.” Julian grinned.

“Wow. I”ve dreamed of that for so fucking long.”

“Were you dreaming of a woman, or just any girl who”d baby you and be your baby?”

“Really, any girl, but, I”ve kinda dreamed of a mommy baby as well, a lot.” He grinned.

“Good, then you may very well get that soon. I”m gonna email my mom instead and let her know the good news and ask her to open up the bank card.”

Julian took off and emailed his mom right away, telling her pretty much everything. When he came back, the three of them just sat on the couch and talked, getting to know each other for well over two hours. They all really like each other, since they are shockingly similar in many ways. When it was time to start thinking of dinner, they all went to the kitchen and worked together to make it, then sat down and ate, and then cleaned it up when they are done.

“Well, it looks like you”re every bit as soggy as we are, so let”s go get super soggy baby bum changes, shall we.” Julian said.

“I don”t think it”s a good idea to let you two change me, I see your looks, and I don”t want anything with either of you.”

“We”re just hungry to see another gorgeous baby boy, and older too, we promise not to do anything sexual, we know that”s not what you want, and really, that”s not what we want either, we love only each other, we just really like you. This”ll simply be good baby friends helping each other out. Wyatt and I won”t even stroke each other like we usually do, so to make each other cum, which makes taping up our baby diapers much easier, and we won”t stroke you either to make you cum, so to make taping you up easier as well. I trust you must haveta at every soggy baby bum change?”

“Yeah, and if you can promise, I guess so, I”ve kinda always wanted someone else to change me, and I have no problems changing you two either.”

“I”m guessing that when you shoot, that you don”t lick it up, since you”re not gay.”

“Not only gay guys enjoy drinking up cum, I actually love mine, and have gotten my baby milk at nearly every soggy baby bum change since I started cumming when I was twelve.”

“Fuck. That made me crazy hard.” Julian groaned.

“Me too.” Wyatt also groaned.

“Yeah, and you both have pretty good sized bulges already, even through such wondrously soggy baby diapers.” Kyle grinned.

“Thanks.” Julian smiled brightly at the compliment, and Wyatt nodded his agreement.

Julian led Kyle up to their bedroom, and then he was urged up onto the bed first. Julian and Wyatt grabbed all the diaper change supplies, and threw it onto the bed to join the nice gloriously thick diaper that Kyle had grabbed from his bag. Both Kyle and Julian wear the exact same diapers, only they are different sizes, and this is the ultra thick night time one. Finally Julian and Wyatt reach in at the same time and each take a side and release the tapes on the seriously sexy older boys diaper, and remove them, both of them going the extra step of reattaching the tapes back onto the back of the diaper, so as not to ruin the show when the time is right. Finally they pulled down the front, and exposed Kyle”s much larger erection to the hungry gaze of the two younger and very curious gay baby boys. Kyle can see the hunger in their eyes, but can also see the restraint as well.

“Fuck, the desire to bend down and suck you “til you can”t possibly cum any more is insane.” Wyatt groaned, both boys having to adjust their very hard baby bones.

“Same. I”ve never wanted to suck another boy more than I do right now. Wow, you”re amazing.” Julian said in agreement.

“Thanks.” Kyle said, blushing a little, every boy likes having his equipment praised, but it is still embarrassing none the less.

Together Julian and Wyatt cleaned Kyle up, and removed his soggy diaper, slipped a fresh one in it”s place, only Julian also added a diaper doubler, something that Kyle has never tried before, but likes the thought of, and then they very tenderly and gently lotioned and creamed him up. The boys are being very careful to not lotion and cream too much, but that does not help the fact that Kyle is raising insanely fast to possibly his most powerful orgasm ever. Just before he can cum, though, the boys pull up and tape closed his double thick diaper.

“Fuck, that was the most amazing soggy baby bum şişli travesti change ever, and near the end, I wanted to tell you to let me cum.” Kyle admitted.

“I know.” They both said. Then Julian added by himself, “We wouldn”t do that to you, that”s why we stopped when we did, that”s not for us to do. We can make it the best soggy baby bum change ever, and make you feel incredibly good, but we”re not allowed to make you cum.”

“Thanks. I might haveta excuse myself for a minute once you two are diapered.” He grinned.

“And we”re likely gonna need you to leave us for a minute as well, though I”m betting like us, it won”t even take you a whole minute.” Julian giggled.

“God no.” Kyle said.

“I doubt I”ll need more than five seconds.” Wyatt giggled as well.

“Same.” Julian and Kyle both laughed.

Wyatt was urged up next, and the two older baby boys then proceeded to changing him just as well, and how he held off from his baby boygasm, was due mostly to the bigger boys knowing when to stop more than anything, but he desperately needed to. Finally it is Julian”s turn, and he too damn near came his hardest to date.

“Fuck, that was almost too much.” Julian groaned deeply once he is all taped up.

“Now you know how I felt. You two really do have amazing bodies, and your dicks are spectacular as well, which is something I can honestly say I”ve never thought before, but Julian, you”re already larger now than I was at your age, so, I think you might end up with a real good piece of equipment. Even you Wyatt, you”re a pretty decent size for such a little baby boy.”

“Thanks.” Both boys said brightly.

“Now, if you”ll excuse me for just a minute, I really do needta go to the bathroom.” Kyle said, and then turned and left.

Julian and Wyatt jumped onto their bed, attached themselves at the lips, and started kissing and petting each other, and as surmised, they lasted at best five seconds. The problem was, though, that once simply was not enough, and they ended up cumming a further two times before they felt that they are good to go and not have a sex clouded mind. Granted, they hardly consider this a real problem either. Just as they are exiting their bedroom, Kyle is exiting the bathroom as well.

“Ah, good, you took as long as we did. We ended up having to cum three times in order to go down, I hope you did as well?” Julian asked.

“Yeah, pushed my baby diaper down, latched on, aimed into my hand, and I think I shot my largest load to date, and almost certainly the fastest too, damn near passed out from the intensity of it in fact. I then jacked off twice more, and added another two really good loads to it, and then slurped it all up.” He grinned brightly.

“That”s hot, and damn near made me hard again.” Wyatt giggled.

“Me too.” Julian said.

“Yeah, was pretty hot, that”s for sure.”

“With cumming that much, it”s probably for the best that our mom can”t have babies any more, I bet you”d make her pregnant your very first time.”

“I”d wear a condom.”

“Probably wouldn”t help, you”d probably blow it off.” Julian laughed.

“I damn near woulda tonight, that”s for sure.” Kyle giggled.

“I bet.”

“How come she can”t have babies?” Kyle asked as they headed back to the living room, and when they sat down, Julian told him.

“Oh, that”s too bad, not that she can”t have babies, “cause that”s probably for the best, I honestly don”t want kids.”

“Neither did she, but our dad talked her into it. She says it”s probably for the best that she can”t have more kids, but that she woulda rathered not go through the cancer scare and all that.”

“No shit.”

They sat around for a little while longer, talking, joking, laughing, getting to know each other even more and better, and they all really like each other, so this is coming far easier for all three than they ever experienced before.

It is a mark to show just how horny she is, that at least a full four hours sooner than she normally leaves the hospital, when Tammy arrived home, actually shocking the boys.

“Mom, what are you doing home so early, you”ve never come home this early before, ever?” Julian asked in shock, but then, he saw his moms looks directed at Kyle, and he knows. “Ah, I see. If you could get pregnant, we”d have twenty to thirty babies running around in nine months.” He giggled.

“Um, yeah. Hi, I”m Tammy, and you”re fucking hot.” She groaned, looking right at Kyle in all his sexy soggy diapered glory.

“Wow, so are you, and if you”re diapered and soggy, then I can”t wait to see you like that as well.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Oh, good. I”m Kyle, I”m a virgin, but I don”t wanna be.”

“And I”m what some call a cougar, and you look like mighty fine prey.”

And with that, without even saying anything to the boys, Tammy led her prey to her bedroom, where the boys are certain that they are not going to be sleeping for many hours.

“Wow, she”s horny. She never even looked at us.” Julian giggled.

“No shit. I know you still think I”m too young and small, but I”d really like for Kyle to not be the only one losing his virginity tonight!” Wyatt said pointedly.

“I know, and you know I want that so much as well, but you”re not ready. You can still only easily manage just my middle finger, and I know that “til quite recently, it was always a little uncomfortable for a few minutes.”

“I know, but I can take it, and I just know it”ll feel amazing to feel you slip your hot hard gay baby diapered dinky deep inside me where you belong.”

“I know you can take it, I could quite easily work you “til I can slip in, but that”s not truly what we want, and we both know it. We both know that it”ll hurt you, and tomorrow you”d really be in discomfort, maybe even pain, and I won”t do that to you Baby. There”s not one person on this planet that I love more than you, there”s not one person on this planet that I wouldn”t sacrifice for you, myself included. You could very easily make sweet gay baby diaper love to me, we both know I can take you easily, but I don”t want that “til we”re both fully ready for it Baby, I want for us to both lose our virginity together, one after the other, “til neither of us can go any longer, and though I truly hate wetting the bed, I fully expect that that night we both will, because we”re likely to pass out before diapering each other like we deserve.”

“Yeah, I know. It”s just, I love you that much too, and I truly do wanna feel you buried inside me. Could we maybe start sucking and fingering each other, and I want you to start using two fingers inside me now please.”

“I know Baby, I feel how much you love me every time you look at me. I”d really like that, but, the problem is, I”m too tall in comparison to you for us to suck each other at the same time, and that”s what I wish we could do so much.”

“I know, but we”ve tried, and I”m still just too small and you”re just too big, so it doesn”t really work, though just licking the tips of each others diapered dinkies is kinda hot, and that we can just barely do. We can easily go one after the other, though, and I love it when I getta lay on you anyway and pet your peepee while you make me feel better than any other can, and I love it when I scooch down and suck you and you do the same to me.”

“Yeah, I love that too Baby Bro, I”ll agree to starting using two fingers tonight, and we can suck and finger at the same time this time, but only if you go first and make me feel as good as you always do.”


They headed to their bedroom, holding hands like lovers. Julian climbed onto the bed first and laid on his back, spreading his legs and bending his knees to open himself up fully for Wyatt to get what he wants and needs. Wyatt then climbed on top of his big baby brother and worked until he has his face pressed right into Julian”s nice soggy diaper. They have always loved the smell of each other, though until quite recently, they only enjoyed this naughty pleasure surreptitiously while the other was either asleep, or in the case of each others soggy diapers, while the other was not in the room to witness it. Now, however, they love to press their noses into each others soggy diapers, preferably while they are being worn, and enjoy them even more this way.

Wyatt sighs deeply from the scent of his beautiful big baby brother, and then presses his nose even deeper, not only sniffing deeply, but playing with Julian”s erection buried inside, thus causing Julian to moan and sigh himself. Julian reached over to the end table and grabbed the baby lotion that is there, that is all that they ever use as lube to make things glide easier and more comfortably, and though they had talked about getting proper lube, they have not, because not only does the lotion work just fine for them, but it smells so wonderful as well. When Julian set the lotion down where Wyatt can grab it, he saw it, and grinned brightly, knowing that Julian truly wants what is about to happen, possibly almost as much as he himself does, but probably not.

Of the two baby boys, Wyatt is certainly the more bold and sexual one of them, and he has dreamed of doing all this for longer than even Julian has, he figures since he was two for sure, but possibly even earlier. Julian, however, knows that Wyatt would have enjoyed all this shortly after being born, because he was always impossibly hard during every soggy baby bum change, but only if Julian changed him, if their mom or nanny changed Wyatt, his little peepee was always soft, it was and is only ever hard for his big baby brother. It was not even that Julian attempted to pleasure his baby brother, it is simply their bond has always been there, and they truly have loved each other deeply since well before Wyatt was even born.

Wyatt pokes a hole in the seat of Julian”s soggy diaper, something that they have only done to each other a few times now, grabs the lotion, and prepares his fingers to pleasure his loving big baby brother how he deserves. As soon as Wyatt is ready to slip his fingers in, he pulls his face away only enough to pull down the front of Julian”s diaper with his other hand, and then as he slips his fingers inside Julian”s diaper, to find his hot, moist, wanting, and waiting hole, he goes down on his brother, and sucks him all in. Julian is still small enough that Wyatt is able to take his balls and dick into his mouth together, but he knows that it will not be too much longer until he can no longer do so, because Julian has already started growing, and his little baby balls are starting to not be so little, and he feels that inside of a year, he will no longer be able to take both in at the same time any longer. Until that time, though, Wyatt plans to enjoy his brother as fully as he can, as often as he can.

Julian moans deeply from the feel of his baby brother slipping his finger inside him and sucking in his entire preteen package. Like all boys, Julian had dreamed of having his dick sucked, but when he finally had it happen, it was pure bliss, nothing had ever felt better, and Wyatt has become an amazing little dick sucker, and does things to Julian that he is certain are not actually supposed to happen.

Starting with just the one finger, so as to loosen and relax Julian, because he does not want to hurt his so very loving big baby brother either, Wyatt very gently and tenderly makes single finger love to Julian, who of course loves this so much, and is moaning and sighing, panting and gasping. Of course, having his hot little gay baby erection sucked masterfully at the same time is not hurting matters any at all either, and as such, Julian is raising rapidly to his baby boygasm.

Two minutes, maybe, is all that Julian managed to last for, it simply feels too good to contain, and so, explodes in the first orgasm of the night. As soon as Julian”s orgasm let him go, the other thing that exploded from Julian that Wyatt was hoping for, he drank down greedily. It is the same every time, as soon as Julian cums, he pees, though Wyatt really is not any better. Wyatt loves to talk to Julian about sex for at least two hours before bed, thus keeping him super hard, so that he is not usually peeing his diaper, because he loves the flavour of Julian so much. Keeping as much of Julian”s delicious pee in his mouth as he can, Wyatt continues to suck him.

Now that Julian has cum once, he has become even more loose and sloppy in his baby bum, and so, Wyatt slips another finger inside his brother, and it slips in easily and all the way. In all fairness, Julian is certain that Wyatt could very easily slip his entire hand inside him, he has been practising for years already, and has been able to take four of his own fingers inside himself since he was eight, but he had never allowed Wyatt to see this, because he knows exactly what Wyatt would demand.

For three more orgasms, Wyatt happily sucked and made slow sweet finger love to Julian, both feeling that they are getting the best end of this deal.

“Wow, you”re just so amazingly good at that Baby, thanks. Now, let me give you the kisses you deserve for making me feel so amazing, and then I hope I can make you feel at least half as good as you just made me feel.”

“You”re welcome.” Wyatt smiled brightly, and then did go up and receive the kisses that he loves almost more than anything else they do for and to each other.

Wyatt has always loved kissing Julian, even before it started becoming sexual, and they started using their tongues, just kissing and being kissed by Julian has always made him feel incredible. It was shortly after Wyatt turned four, that Wyatt himself started using his tongue to kiss his big baby brother, and Julian allowed it, but then, he loved kissing his little baby brother every bit as much.

After a good ten minutes worth of kissing, which is so very deep and loving, Wyatt rolled onto his back, pulling Julian with him, telling him that it is his turn, and that now he needs his release.

Julian is only too happy to kiss his way down Wyatt”s tiny toned little body, until he too has his face pressed right into his baby brothers delicious smelling baby diaper. He too plays and sniffs for a few moments to truly enjoy this naughty pleasure, that they beylikdüzü travesti both enjoy equally, before he too pokes a hole in the seat of the diaper, inserting the finger that he had already lubed with baby lotion, and just as he starts to tickle his baby brothers tiny little baby bum hole, he pulls down the front of Wyatt”s soggy Pampers baby diaper, and engulfs him fully as well, and three seconds was all it took for Wyatt to screech and cum powerfully, and then, as soon as his baby boygasm let him go, he too peed in Julian”s happily sucking mouth.

Julian also savoured every delicious drop of sweet baby pee that he could, for as long as he could, as he continues to suck and finger Wyatt. The only difference is, that he did not insert his second finger yet, he needs to loosen Wyatt up just a little more for that, but he is getting there, and shortly before his second orgasm, Julian started slipping his second finger in as well, and that was what caused Wyatt to cum harder than he ever has before.

By the time Wyatt is cumming for his fourth time, Julian is able to slip both his middle and index fingers, so his two largest, as far inside Wyatt as he can get, and not once did he hear or otherwise detect any hint of discomfort on Wyatt”s part, and he was carefully watching and listening for any of the telltale signs. Finally Wyatt”s hot little diapered dinky shrank down after his fourth cum, and he sighed even deeper than he has ever done so before.

“Fuck me, that was amazing. One finger always felt great, but that was way better, and I don”t even feel the tiniest bit tender like when we started, and I know you got all in, because I could feel your fist pressing into my soggy baby diaper every time you slipped all in.”

“Yeah, didn”t expect you”d be able to take two so soon, so easily, but you did, and you”re right, I had them all the way inside you.”

“Guess I was just really ready, and maybe in a week or two I”ll be able to take three of your fingers, and then that means we can finally make love like I”ve dreamed of since before I was born.”

Julian just laughed. “Yeah, we”ve always loved each other since before you were born, and though I had no idea what I wanted and needed at that age, I think I was already starting to understand it, and I think you did too shortly after you were born.”

“We needta change each others ruined baby diapers, and I”d really liketa be triple diapered please?”

“Oooh, we”ve never done that before. What are you thinking?” Julian asked.

“One of our regular diapers with a doubler in it, and a whole buncha holes poked in it, and then one of our night time baby diapers over top of that.”

“Why not use two of our night time baby diapers?”

“I”m afraid that the outer one won”t tape on or cover up the inner one!”

“Oh, I think we can take care of that easily enough, you grab all the diapers, I”ll go grab a couple other things.”

“I think we should remove our ruined baby diapers, so that diaper gel doesn”t end up all over the place.”

“Good point Baby.” Julian giggled, and so, they remove each others ruined baby diapers, and naked, they both go to get what they need.

Wyatt grabs all the diaper supplies from their closet, while Julian saunters naked from their bedroom and to the kitchen to grab a couple things. He grabs a good sharp knife from the knife block and a roll of packing tape from the utility drawer, and heads back to their bedroom, to find Wyatt already in diaper change position. He grabs one of each of their diapers and pokes hundreds of holes in them with the knife, then sets it aside. He then takes Wyatt”s diaper, adds a doubler to it, and then tapes it on him, then adds the second diaper and tapes that on as well. He then has Wyatt get up on his knees, and tapes it on real well with the packing tape.

“Wow, now this is fucking awesome. Maybe we should try two diapers and two doublers next time.” Wyatt groaned after reaching down to feel all the wondrous bulk.

“It looks awesome, and I bet it”ll look and feel even better once so fucking wet it”s dripping, and I believe they”d call that quadruple diapering, which sure, and I bet Kyle would loveta try it with us as well.”

“Oh yeah, now let me get you diapered like the amazingly good gay baby boy you are.”

They traded places and Wyatt happily diapered Julian to match, and he too reached down and felt it once it was all taped on, stating that it truly is amazing.

“Wanna go get lots to drink before bed Baby?” Julian asked.

“Oh yeah. What you fed me from your baby bottle definitely wasn”t quite enough.” Wyatt giggled.


They headed to the kitchen and drank two large glasses of water each, before heading to bed, where they curled up, kissed lovingly for several minutes, before whispering to each other how much they love the other, and then falling fast asleep.

When Julian and Wyatt got up the following morning, they enter the kitchen in just their triple thick and already good soggy diapers, to find Kyle already there as well, only he appears to just be double diapered.

“Good morning Babies?” He smiles happily to them, looking very sexually satisfied.

“Good morning. You look happy this morning. How long have you been up?” Julian asked.

“I don”t think happy actually explains just how I feel this morning. I”m exhausted, I”m sore, I”m so fucking drained I feel like a wrung out sponge, and I feel better for all that than words can possibly say. I woke up when your mom left just before six, but I passed out again “til just a few minutes ago, I just got here myself. It”s already after eight, I thought you said you guys never sleep past six?”

“Good. You needed it, and no, we rarely sleep later than that, but we probably went to bed fully two hours later than usual as well. Wyatt wanted to upgrade to two fingers, and we played for nearly three hours, so, yeah, we slept in. Of course, he didn”t want you to be the only one losing his virginity last night, but we”re just not ready for that yet, so, we upgraded instead.”

“Oh.” Kyle blushed cutely.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about. I bet if you asked our mom to finger fuck your baby bum as she”s sucking you, she would, and I bet you”d enjoy it every bit as much. Not only gay guys enjoy that, trust me, your prostate feels fucking fantastic when poked and prodded, especially while being sucked. You probably wouldn”t enjoy more than one finger like we do, but I bet you”d enjoy it none the less. We know everything there is to know about what you two were doing last night, just like what we can and will do in the future, so, you never needta feel that you”d embarrass us.” Julian pointed out.

“Not usedta talking like or about this?”

“Fair enough. How wet was moms diaper with all your cum this morning?” Julian grinned evilly.

“More than her pee.” He blushed, but grinned.

“Good. Can”t wait “til I getta pump Wyatt”s hot little gay baby bum so fulla cum that he pisses from his ass more than he does from his baby peepee.”

“Fuck, that just made me insanely hard.” Wyatt giggled, cupping his well diapered package.

“Me too.” Julian giggled.

“With as big as you”re already getting, I”m betting no later than twelve and a half for you. I was almost thirteen.” Kyle laughed.

“Thanks. So, what would you like for breakfast?”

“Not a clue, but I”m starving.”

“Us too. Wyatt, I think I”d like a baby bottle this morning, so, why not get all three of us a baby bottle of apple juice, then make a triple batch of tea, while Kyle and I get breakfast.”

“Okay Baby.” Wyatt said happily and went about his chore, passing out the bottles as soon as he has them done.

Kyle only grinned, and took the offered bottle and started sucking from it with the other two, as they started getting stuff for breakfast. As soon as their bottles were empty, Wyatt took them all back, and refilled them, since they still have several minutes for their tea to be ready anyway, and they all drank them down as well. As soon as their tea was ready, they all started sipping and enjoying that, and then shortly after that, they sat down to eat. Finally they cleaned up all their mess.

“Well, Wyatt and I needta do our schoolwork for the day, so you can feel free to play or do whatever while we”re working. After we”re done, our diapers are likely gonna needta be changed, so, we can change each other, and then head out to buy bikes.” Julian said.

“Okay, will do.”

When the boys were done their schoolwork, they went and got Kyle, who happily came to their bedroom so that they can all change each other. None of them came, but all of them are painfully hard, and Kyle groaned extra deep when he found out how well diapered the two little baby boys are, and how much they plan to be again in the near future, which he says he will happily share that with them when the time comes. Once more, they all needed a little personal time as soon as they are all in fresh baby diapers, but they had all been very well sexually satisfied the night before, so, they only managed two orgasms this time before they were all satisfied and soft.

While getting dressed, Julian asked where the best place to go for bikes is, so, Kyle told him. Julian thought it prudent to check the account to see if their mom had remembered, and she just loaded five thousand onto it, and had the limit temporarily removed for the day, to allow them to do whatever they need. Julian grinned, stating that he knows what to do with any excess after buying the bikes.

Once dressed and ready to go, they all head for the long walk to the store that they want, and talked happily the entire way there.

“Wow, never knew there were so many options.” Julian said in awe when they walked in.

“This hardly even scratches the surface. Now, because we live in a city, and neither of you seem the sort to wanna do any sorts of tricks or do much if any offroading, I suggest just good quality road bikes. If it helps, I have this model here, and I really like it. I bought it two years ago now, and it”s been super reliable, comfortable, and easy to ride. You could easily get the next size down version of this one Julian, and it”s only five hundred dollars.”

“Okay, what about for Wyatt then?”

“I think they have a version in his size as well, but I don”t see one, so, let”s go ask.”

They went and asked, and were told that, yes, they do have one, that it just came in, and is currently being built, so, they went and looked at it, and Wyatt says he really likes its colour, so says it”s perfect. Julian decided to go with the same one, but there were three colours to choose from, so chose his in an electric blue that he likes. They then looked at the helmets next, and they each chose one that fits well, looks nice, and has good ratings. They looked at all the other accessories, while waiting for them to finish Wyatt”s bike, but decided not to take anything else at this time.

If the guy was surprised that it was Julian paying, and not Kyle, he never showed it, but for some reason when Julian came up to pay, he never even thought for a second that it would not go through, he just had a good feeling about Julian, and he was right. So, since the boys need to learn first, they just walked their bikes home, talking happily as they do so again of course. As they passed by his house, Kyle went in and grabbed his bike as well.

“So, how do we do this?” Julian asked.

“Easy.” Kyle said, and then for an hour, he told them everything that he can think of, showing them on his bike everything that he means.

Then he gets them both on their bikes, telling them not to worry about gears and whatnot just yet, just get comfortable with riding first, and using their brakes, which was at least ten minutes of his lesson. First he just has them kind of run with their bikes, to get used to the feel of how they move, while not even pedalling, teaching them in this way. Then Julian first, he actually gets him going, running to keep up to him, to help, and within half an hour, Julian is riding all on his own. Kyle then does the same for Wyatt, and inside of half an hour, he too is riding all on his own. They are able to stop and start, and they can even use their gears now, and know how and when to do so.

“Thanks, that was a lot easier than I thought it”d be.” Wyatt said happily.

“From what I understand, the older you are, the easier it is. Most kids use training wheels “til they”re about four, and then almost all kids are riding by themselves by the time they”re five. It”s not hard to do at all, it”s just simply understanding how and why, which is why it”s easier when you”re older, because I can explain it all, and don”t haveta teach your body the moves, because you know how to control your body better the older you get. My mom started teaching me when I was two, and I think I remember her telling me I was riding without training wheels well before I turned four.”

“Thanks though.” Julian said.

“No problem.”

“Now, we have lotsa money in the account, and an open limit, there”s some things I”d loveta buy, so, let”s go look at a few things.” Julian grinned.

“What?” Wyatt asked.

“I definitely wanna get some more diapers, some really good thick diapers and doublers, even more so than the good ones we already get, and I think I kinda want a dildo and a butt plug.”

“Fuck, I”ve been wanting those for a long time too, can I get some as well?” Wyatt groaned.

“Of course, I just hope they have ones small enough for you is all.”

“Don”t care, just want them, even if they kill me.”

“I won”t allow it Baby.” Julian laughed.

“Yeah, I know.” Wyatt pouted cutely.

“What the hell is a dildo, and why the hell would you want a plug in your ass?” Kyle asked in shock.

“Oh, you have no idea. A dildo is pretty much just a fake dick, but I so totally want vibrating ones, I”ve read that they”re even more enjoyable. As for the plugs, being straight, you might not understand it, but it just feels so good to have something inside our gay baby bums, that I just wanna feel it istanbul travesti more. The plugs I want also vibrate, though, for the same reason, it”ll just feel so fucking good.”

“Oh. That just seems so wrong.”

“But oh so right.” Both Wyatt and Julian said together.

“You”ll forgive me if I don”t partake in that with you.”

“Of course not, you sick twisted pervert.” Julian giggled.

“Thanks, coming from you, I”ll definitely take that as a compliment.”

“Good.” Julian giggled more, even Wyatt snorted and giggled.

As soon as Julian has the computer turned on and logged in, he went to a diaper website first, and for well over an hour, they looked at all the options. He asked Kyle what he wants for himself and for their mom, and so, he put in his order, and Julian added what he and Wyatt want, but because this is a diaper lovers website, there was nothing that would truly fit tiny little Wyatt, but that did not stop Julian from buying him things anyway, only they will probably fit Julian better, but, even then, the smallest diapers they have will still be too big for Julian, but he is okay with that. He did order more diapers from their regular supplier anyway, so that they have their regular ones anyway.

Next they went to the sex toy website, and oh, Kyle learned a lot. He also found that there are several play things for straight couples, and so, Julian even added a couple things to the cart for his mom and Kyle to enjoy together, which he is certain they will. However, what he added to the cart for he and Wyatt to enjoy was way more, but Julian still fears that even the smallest toys they had will be too much for Wyatt to take yet, but Wyatt says he does not think so, and will happily prove it.

“Wow, we spent a lot of money today, but I think we got lotsa really great things, even Mom will enjoy some of them.”

“Even me too, and I never woulda thought that some of that stuff existed, even for proper guys.”

“Proper, and what exactly is that supposed to mean?” Julian asked menacingly.

“Oh, you know, not sick and twisted and gay, like you, you disgusting pervert.”

“Oh, you mean fun.” Julian perked right up and giggled.

“Yeah.” Kyle snorted.

“I just can”t wait for all that to come in now.” Wyatt said happily, enjoying the older boys teasing each other.

“Me neither.” Both said as one.

The next several days went by, and not once did Kyle go home, other than to grab things. He never even went to school, which he should have been doing, but, he had decided, since Julian and Wyatt do their schooling at home, that he would like to as well, and so enrolled in that, and even though he was supposed to get his fathers signature on things, he just forged it, and officially quit school. Now they all do it together in the mornings. It took four days for their diapers and toys to all arrive, and when they did, they all groaned, and that night, not one of them, Tammy included, ended up diapered for bed, though technically they were still diapered, but diapers with rather large holes do not tend to hold any wetness, because they all passed out totally after two hours of amazing diaper sex. Julian and Wyatt, though, at an impressive nine orgasms a piece, from just licking the tips of each others erections at the same time, while dildo fucking each other, had passed out so totally, that even though they peed on each others faces all throughout the night, neither woke up until damn near nine am the following morning.

“Fuck, what a night.” Wyatt groaned when he woke up, Julian already awake, he had just done so himself.

“No shit. That was amazing. We desperately needta go have a shower, and then we”re quadruple baby diapering in our new mega thick baby diapers Baby.”

“For sure, but only after a kiss.”

“We both stink.”

“Yeah, and you smell delicious to me, I never think you stink.” Wyatt sighed, and then sighed deeper when he turned around, and pressed his face into Julian”s arm pit, and sniffed it deeply.

“Same.” Julian said, and then kissed his baby brother how he deserves.

After getting cleaned up, they headed to find Kyle, to offer to change him at the same time. They found him still in a very wet and messy bed. There was a note on the end table, so, Julian grabbed it and read it.

“Good morning you gorgeous hunk of baby stud, you didn”t wake up with the alarm, and I didn”t have the heart to wake you up, thanks for last night, that was the most amazing sex I”ve ever experienced in my entire life. I”m still so tired and sore, I damn near called in sick, but being love sick truly isn”t a good reason to call in sick. You”re gonna need a shower though, you dirty baby boy, but I think you smell amazing, and I wouldn”t go anywhere if I were you, I think most people will know from the way you look what we did last night, I look the same way, but at least I”m allowed to, you”re supposed to be innocent, but fuck, after what you did to me last night, innocent you most certainly are not.”

Julian chuckled and gave the letter to Wyatt to read, and he too chuckled. While Wyatt was reading it, Julian started trying to wake up their well sexed friend, and it took damn near ten minutes for him to do so.

“Fuck me, what a night.” Kyle groaned when he finally came to, to see the two younger boys standing over him, giggling, then the note was passed to him to read.

“So, what”d you do to her then?” Julian asked.

“We made love in so many positions it wasn”t funny, and she even used the dildo I bought for her on me, and wow, I came so hard it looked like I white washed her face, never knew it”d feel like that. It was after midnight the last time I saw the clock. Fuck, am I wet, messy, tired, sore, and happy.”

“I don”t know when we passed out, but it was late, and we weren”t diapered either, and considering I still see mom”s wet and destroyed diaper on the bed, I”m guessing she passed out as well.”

“I certainly don”t remember diapering her, and considering I”m not, well, I am, but my dick”s still poked out the front of it, I”m guessing she musta passed out too, otherwise I”d be diapered. I”m gonna go for a quick shower.”

“Okay, just make it fast, and then meet us back in our bedroom, we”ll diaper you up like the good baby boy you are.”


The two little baby boys had enough time to get everything ready, and Wyatt was almost diapered when Kyle finally made it, so, he joined in and helped Julian to finish taping him up. Kyle was urged up next, and considering how well satisfied they all are from the night before, none of them are hard. None of them are fully soft either, mind you, but they are not hard. Finally Julian hopped up last, and got his very well deserved and shockingly thick quadruple baby diaper.

“Fuck, it”s even more wonderful than I dreamed it”d be. Now, we”re all extra hungry and thirsty, so, let”s go get stuff to fill us and our diapers up Babies.” Julian said once he is well and properly padded like they all deserve.

They each ended up with three baby bottles of apple juice, and three mugs of nice tea this morning while they ate, and then did their school work. Shortly after they finished lunch, they had a knock on the door, so, they all put on their robes and went and answered, finding their contractor, Nathan, there.

“Good afternoon Boys, I have your permit, so, I wanna put that up, and then I”m hoping to go over some final things, then go out and start marking everything for the excavator.”

“Oh, excellent, that was faster than expected. Come on in and we can go over everything for sure. Would you mind if we stripped off our robes so that we”re more comfortable, we don”t normally wear clothes inside.” Julian asked.

“Oh, um, it”s your house, if that”s how you”re most comfortable, then sure.” He said, going instantly hard.

And so, all three boys shrugged off their robes, exposing themselves in their mega thick baby diapers, only just barely showing that they are wet yet, and that is when the poor man came so hard he did not even make a sound as he crumpled to the ground, passed out cold. It took five minutes for him to come to again.

“I hope it was better for you than it was for us.” Wyatt giggled.

The poor man stuttered and blushed massively.

“It”s okay. We knew you were gay, and so are we, well, except Kyle, but he”s sick that way, likes sex with females, like how disgusting, right.” Julian said, smiling brightly at the still blushing man.

“Why are you all diapered?” He groaned.

“We”re diaper lovers. How long have you dreamed of that? I know you lusted after Wyatt and me, we could tell we made you so fucking horny, I”m willing to bet you went home and jacked off furiously with visions of us in your head.”

“Oh, um……” He said, still blushing furiously.

“It”s okay. We don”t mind. Technically speaking, Wyatt and I are brothers, and we”re too different in age, yet we”re still baby boyfriends, and Kyle”s only fifteen, but he”s our diaper loving mommies baby diaper loving boyfriend. So, trust me, your thoughts and feelings here are welcome, but, as much as I know you wish you could take both Wyatt and me to our bedroom and fuck us “til you couldn”t possibly fuck us any more, sorry, we only love each other, and don”t care to share with others.”

“Really.” He whispered.

“Absolutely. So, from the reaction you had to seeing us all in diapers, and I don”t detect any diaper bulge on you, that tells me that you”re a closet diaper lover, that you”ve dreamed of just this sorta scenario, but that you”ve never partaken!”

“No, well, I do wear diapers at home, and I”ve dreamed of having a hot little gay baby boyfriend, but I”m too scared to wear diapers outta the house, and what I want is so fucking illegal it”s not even funny.”

“Yeah, we all know all about that, no worries. How old would you like your baby boyfriend to be?” Wyatt asked.

“If you were willing, I”d definitely fuck you, you”re really fucking hot, but then so”s you”re gorgeous big baby brother, and if he were gay, I”d do the same to your friend, preferably one after the other, “til I”m either empty or dead.” He admitted with no small amount of groan.

“Good. Do you know any boys you suspect might even be a gay baby boy diaper lover?” Kyle asked, not at all disgusted with being lusted after by a man.

“Yeah.” He blushed.

“Oooh, who?” All three asked as one.

“My son.”

“You have a son, how, and how old is he?” Julian asked.

“He”s eight and a half years old, he still wets the bed every night, and he doesn”t wear Pullups. I taught him how to change himself when he was six, because my desires were causing me to wanna do too many bad things to him. From what I hear some nights, I”m not entirely convinced he wouldn”t want it anyway, and I have gone in and checked on him, and to fix his diaper after he passes out, and let”s just say, he seems to enjoy lotioning his cute little baby bum hole every bit as much as I enjoy doing so to myself. As for how I had him, well, it wasn”t entirely willing, though she didn”t technically rape me, because I did allow it, but there was a fair bit of coercion on her part to do it. I think she knew I was gay, and so, she goaded me into fucking her, probably trying to see if she could turn me. Yeah, that only made me realize just how gay I really am. I”m only just barely thirty years old now, and I wasn”t ready to admit anything then, but I did after, so, she did help in that regard. She disappeared after that, and I knew nothing of my son “til he was three months old, when she contacted me and told me, and asked me if I wanted him, since she couldn”t do it. I never even thought about it, I said yes instantly, and yes, I did have him tested, and he is mine, even though I woulda kept and raised him as mine anyway, I”d always wanted children, but knew I”d never get one any other way.”

“Well, at least she didn”t full on rape you, that woulda been horrible, but, in the end, it really did work out for the best it sounds like.” Kyle said.

“Yeah, and even though I truly despised having straight sex, I wouldn”t change a thing.”

“That”s good. Would you liketa bring your son here, so that we can free the gay baby diaper lover from him, and make him so hot for daddy that he comes home and fucks you “til you”re both passed out?” Wyatt giggled.

“Fuck, that damn near made me cum again.” He groaned.

“Good.” Wyatt and Julian said together, though neither would complain about taking his soaked underwear and cleaning them, and yes, there is a wet spot now showing on the front of his pants from how large the load was.

“Do you think your mom would mind?”

“No, not at all. Fuck, she probably won”t even know he”s here, and only Kyle telling her when she gets home would alert her any at all, she works a lot.” Julian said.

“Today”s Friday, would you like me to bring him after school?”

“Sure.” They said.

“Okay, thanks. Well, let”s sit down and hammer out some final details for colours and whatnot.”

For damn near an hour, the four of them sat at the table, and while Kyle tried not to help, the other two always asked his opinion as well, and so, he often gave it, and they all really liked each others ideas. Finally Nathan headed outside to start marking off everything so that the excavator would know where to dig.

“Well, my son”s gonna be home soon, so, I”m gonna go get him and get him packed up to bring him here.” He said when he was done.

“Okay, pack to have him spend the whole weekend then, so that we can free him fully.” Julian said.


“And while he”s away, get yourself all the baby accessories you want and you both need, and your assignment tomorrow is to diaper up, and go out on the town and have fun, take a diaper bag, and happily change yourself and leave the super soggy diapers right on the top of all the garbage cans for all to witness.” Julian said.

“Oh, um, I don”t think I can do that.”

“You can, and you should, do it for your son, he”s gonna need to see no shame from you on that, he”ll start to learn it here, but he”ll needta see it at home as well. I guarantee you, if he loves diapers as much as you think he does, after this weekend, he”ll never peepee in a potty ever again.”

“Okay.” He said, and then he was gone.

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