22 Mayıs 2023

Becoming Lisa’s Pet Ch. 03


Saturday woke me with a soft, rosy glow of dawn streaming in through the window and a moment of disorientation, until I remembered that the arm wrapped around me from behind belonged to Lisa, and that her body was the reason why I felt rather warm. It felt good to wake up like this. The full night of restful sleep had also alleviated my worries and insecurities somewhat, so I greeted the day with a lot of energy. The alarm clock read six sharp.

I tried to gently extricate myself from Lisa’s – no, from my Mistress’, just thinking that brought a blush to my face – embrace, but the moment I moved, her fingers wrapped around my boob and softly squeezed it. Which made me instantly aware of my nakedness.

“Morning, little pet, how did you sleep?” Her voice purred in my ear, making me smile.

“I slept wonderful, Mistress. I hope you did too?”

“I did,” she confirmed, and her index finger started to circle my nipple, eliciting a soft moan. “But we’ve got no time to dawdle, there’s so much to do today.”

“What do you have planned for today,” I asked, not having any plans myself for today, and after a thought, added, “Mistress?”

She pulled me over to my back and smiled, a carefree, infectious smile. “That, my pet, is for me -” she stressed that by pointing a finger to herself “- to decide, and for you -” this time that same finger came to rest on my lips “- to be surprised by.”

I opened my mouth to voice my protest, I did like my days to be planned ahead, but she shushed me before I could utter a single sound. Instead, I became hypnotized when her finger started to trace the outline of my lips, a soft caress like butterfly wings, and it made my skin tingle.

“Let’s have breakfast,” she suggested, getting up from the bed, “you’ll hop to the bakery and I’ll fold away the couch.” With that, she gave me a soft slap on my thigh that left a nice tingling sensation.

I jumped up from the bed, quickly fetched something to wear from the wardrobe and went into the bathroom, but just when I was about to close the door, Lisa commanded with a sweet voice: “Leave it open, pet!”

“But… but I need to pee… and shower!” I stuttered, blushing like mad.

With a few quick strides, the door handle was ripped from my hand and Lisa was standing in front of me. Her eyes were squinted to small slits and seemed to sparkle, and she grabbed my chin, making me look directly at her face. I gulped and tried to look away, but she would have none of that.

“Chrissie,” she hissed, “that was not a request!” Her grip was becoming painful as her finger nails started to dig into the soft skin over my jaw. “You told me you wanted to play our game, so you’ll follow my rules, not yours. Or we can stop playing altogether. What will it be? Obey and have fun?” Her other hand rubbed over my left nipple, then trailed slowly down over my chest and stomach until it cupped my pubes. “Or do you want things back like they were last year?”

My knees wobbled, and my breath hitched. I felt small, powerless compared to her, and it aroused me. My hands trembled, and I became aware that I was trying to grind my pussy against her warm and soft fingers.

“Well?” She prompted and made me gulp again.

With a meek voice I admitted defeat. “I – I’m sorry, Mistress. I’ll do as you ordered.”

She continued to stare into my eyes, searching, and I felt even smaller as I waited desperately for her acknowledgement. Then the corners of her mouth moved slightly upwards, and she let go of my jaw and instead stroked my cheek.

“That was the right answer, pet. But you’ll need to be punished for misbehaving, don’t you?”

Her other hand left my pubes, and the cool air reminded me of my nudity. I nodded hesitantly.

“No, no, no! That won’t do at all! I want to hear it from you!” She had her hands on her hips, her right hand tapping impatiently.

“Y-yes,” I stuttered, “yes Mistress.”

“A whole sentence!” She barked, and it made me feel like a small school girl that got reprimanded by her teacher.

“I need to be punished, Mistress!” I cast my eyes down to the floor while I could feel her gaze on me.

“Better.” It was almost a whisper, like a spoken caress, and I smiled. “Yes, you need to be punished. But first you’ll take care of yourself in the bathroom. And leave the door open. Or let me amend that,” she said with a giggle, “leave all doors open. Now hurry!”

It felt strange to do my morning wash while being watched. Or, probably being watched. After my second glance towards the door I was admonished to keep my eyes to myself, and although it was hard to do so, I focused on the tasks at hand. Brushing my teeth in the nude was a new experience, and the knowledge that Lisa’s eyes were free to watch my every move kept that tingly warmth between my legs alive. As I brushed the minty foam over Ümraniye Escort my teeth, I had a bit of time to reflect what was happening.

Which didn’t mean that I was able to make heads or tails of it. I only knew that Lisa had, over a few hours, changed from hated bitch to erotic goddess. That those secret erotic daydreams I’d had over the summer had become a possibility. That things which were embarrassing and humiliating and the complete opposite of the norms I had brought up with were turning me on incredibly. And although my emotions were jumping all over the place, my life had won an intensity I hadn’t thought possible.

I studied my face in the mirror, which looked just the same as it did the day before, and found it hard to believe this was not just a dream. Then my bladder made itself known again, and a knot of dread formed in my stomach. I’d have to pee in front of Lisa. I closed my eyes and forced myself not to hyperventilate. With trembling fingers I reached for the beaker and rinsed my mouth.

A loud slap, followed by a stinging pain in my butt cheek made me jump and gasp, and brought me back into reality.

“What’s taking you so long?” Lisa inquired sharply. “Get on with it!”

The truth of the moment washed over my skin like an ice-cold shower. I almost started to protest once, then twice, then a third time, before the wonderful throbbing in my pussy and nipples illustrated the futility of it. I walked the few steps to the toilet on shaky legs, lifted the lid and sat down demurely, while the heat on my face and upper chest felt like little pin pricks.

“Knees apart.” Lisa had followed me and was now standing in front of me, just an arm’s length away. My heart beat like mad. “Wider!”

My thighs trembled as I opened them further, forming a right angle between them. Still, it was not enough for her liking. Suddenly, her hands were on my knees and forcefully pushed them apart, until it became almost painful. I whimpered.

“Now, now, don’t hide that pretty pussy from its Mistress, my pet. I want to see it in all its glory while you do your disgusting thing.” Her fingers let go of my knees, and a look into her face told me that closing them would be a bad idea. I nodded, wide eyed, in silent understanding. Lisa laughed, a happy, satisfied laugh, and roughly grabbed my boobs. Though they weren’t big, I could be proud about their firmness. Lisa started to knead them like pieces of dough, and I winced. Then she grabbed my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and forcefully pulled them to the side. It hurt, and my view got misty.

“I’d never have thought you to be so submissive,” she told me with warmth in her voice, “I bet you’d do anything I told you if I promised to touch that naughty twat of yours, wouldn’t you?”

Her words sliced through me, but I was unable to deny it. “Yes, oh god yes, Mistress, please touch me there.” The memory of last night rushed back, the rush of feeling once more building itself up.

“You’re such a dirty little slut. My horny lesbian slut.” Her fingers roughly twirled my nipples. “Oh how I’ll love to control you. I’ll make you so randy you’ll almost explode, and then you’ll do the most embarrassing things so I’ll allow you to cum. You’ll be my plaything, my toy, my pet.”

I moaned, the painful sting in my captured nipples transforming into waves of heat.

” I want you to look down at your snatch and watch yourself pee. I could order you to stick a finger into your yellow piss and lick it clean.”

My head shot up, and I almost panicked and started to plead with her not to do that to me.

She smiled warmly. “Don’t worry, I’ll not make you.” Then she winked. “Not today. Now pee!”

I gulped. I felt ashamed, every fiber in my being was protesting against performing such a lewd act, and my mind associated peeing with anything but not eroticism. Still, the knowledge that I gave up control over such a personal act made my skin tingle and my heart do drum rolls. I stared at my soft, rosy folds, my peripheral vision filled with image of my stretched and squeezed nipples. I tried to pee, but I couldn’t let go with all the tension in my body. The impatient tapping of Lisa’s boot on the floor tiles told me I was taking too much time, but the small wave of fear of what she might come up with as punishment for dawdling did the trick.

It started as a small trickle, small golden drops of urine that hit the water in the toilet, but quickly became a gushing torrent. In the back of my mind I registered that Lisa was telling me what a good little slut I was. A tear rolled down my cheek. How could I debase myself like this? And still my nipples throbbed and my pussy creamed.

Finally, it slowed down to a trickle again and stopped. Lisa let go of my tortured nipples, and as the blood rushed back, Ümraniye Escort Bayan I gasped from the intense stinging.

Her index finger tilted my head up, and she smiled warmly at me. “That was fun, pet. I didn’t know one could blush all over like you just did. Now let’s shower!”

I think I did a double take. “Shower? Together?” I squeaked, the possibility to see her naked making my heart flutter, and felt like a fool.

Lisa giggled. “I’ll be right back, go on into the shower and see that it’s comfortably warm.”

I wiped, and flushed, and rushed into the shower. I played with the faucets to get the water flow to the right temperature. I’d never have believed how complicated a simple task like this could get, but in my lovesick state I was unable to decide whether it was too cold, or too warm, or just right. At last the decision was taken from me along with the showerhead. I’d been so focused that I had completely missed that Lisa had entered the shower until her hand reached over my shoulder and snatched it from me. I think I forgot to breathe when I turned around and, for the first time, saw my Mistress in all her glory. Her boobs were bigger than mine, where mine resembled apples, hers were like small melons, and her aureoles were perfect, a soft red color and wide enough so I wouldn’t be able to wrap my thumb and forefinger around them. In the middle stood hard nubs, glistening from the moisture like small marbles.

My eyes roamed downwards. Her belly was toned, her waist narrow, and I couldn’t help but lick my lips when I looked at her bellybutton. I’d have loved to kneel down and explore it with my tongue. Then I discovered the small triangle of red hair above her pussy, finely trimmed and shaved, like an arrow that pointed down to her altar.

I hesitantly drew my eyes away from her beautiful body and looked up again when I felt the water cascade over my head. Lisa had put it into the holder so that the warm spray hit both of us. When she leaned forward I almost didn’t dare to believe it, but her gaze locked on mine and her lips ever so slowly inched closer and closer. The water pattered on her skin, and I held my breath. Then her lips touched mine, soft and warm, and flocks of butterflies started to dance over my skin. I moaned and fell into her arms. It felt perfect.

Like all perfect moments, it was over much too quickly, and while I was still getting back my breath she had stepped to the side, out of the spray, found the washcloth and soap and put them into my hands. “Wash me,” she whispered and turned around.

With shaky hands I reached out and started to soap up her shoulders and back. Slowly, softly I covered her upper body with a fine sheen of foam, working my way down to her buttocks, which were well toned from running and doing sports and looking so soft I felt a desire to run my tongue over it. Lisa, meanwhile, was washing her hair and humming a slow tune. I sank to my knees and started to work the washcloth reverently over her bum and down her slender legs. This was not just washing her, to me, this was an act of worship, almost mystical. I brushed over her calves and ankles, and she turned around. I made sure to wash each of her small, beautiful toes, clean carefully between them, trying my best not to tickle her, then I started my way back up. A quick look at her face showed me she was smiling. A smell of roses, lavender and sweet lemon filled the air, befitting my queen.

I washed her hips, and stomach, and the front of her shoulders, getting back on my feet. Then I held my breath, unsure for a moment if I could dare to touch her there, but then the memory of our embrace came back, and my clothed hand started to trail slow circles over her breasts.

She closed her eyes and stopped humming, her lips parted and she breathed deeply. “Good,” she whispered without looking at me, “make sure to clean them well.”

I did that, I drew small and wide circles, sometimes just barely brushing her nipples, sometimes rubbing over them, and her breathing became heavier and shorter. From time to time I gave them a soft flick with the edge of the washcloth, which made her pull in her breath. Suddenly she gripped my hand and guided it down between her legs. She didn’t let me turn my arm, so I sank to my knees again. For a moment it felt strange to touch another girl there, but then I could feel her mound under my fingers, could feel the tender flesh of her outer lips press against my hand. I started stroking her, and, hearing her breath hitch, I got bolder and applied a bit of pressure with my index finger, parting her lips bit by bit. I could feel my finger run over her hardened clit and made sure to flick it as good as was possible through the washcloth, eliciting a tiny squeal of delight each time. Her hips started to sway, and each movement of Escort Ümraniye my hand was met by her pussy pressing against it. Then both of her hands clamped forcefully down on mine, her knees buckled and I had to drop the soap to steady her with my other hand on her hip. A long, purring moan escaped her throat, and her face ran through a kaleidoscope of emotions. It was breathtaking.

Her body shivered and jerked for almost a minute, then she took a deep breath, opened her eyes and smiled down to me. “Well done, little pet. What a perfect way to start a day.”

I smiled back, happy with her praise, and when she extended her hand, I grabbed it and let her help me to my feet. She picked up the fallen soap, took the washcloth from me and guided me out of the warm spray with my back facing her. “Let’s get you cleaned up too, I’m hungry. Wash your hair!”

I did that and waited for her tender touch while she soaped up the washcloth. Though when the touch came, it felt nothing like I had anticipated. One of her hands steadied my shoulder with a hard grip, then the other started to scrub roughly, almost painfully, up and down my body. In a few seconds she was done with my backside and had turned me around. I tried to voice my protest, but just at this moment her clothed hand squeezed my right tit hard, and all I could do was whimper. Quickly, almost frantically, she rubbed over nipples. It hurt. But in a good way. My hands were still massaging the shampoo into my hair, and the position made me feel vulnerable. I breathed harder.

Then her hand was between my thighs, scrubbing just as hard over my pussy and clit, and I started to shake in a mix of lust and pain. “Oh god!” I exclaimed, my breath was trying to overtake my racing heartbeat now, and any second I was going to climax.

I hadn’t even realized that I had closed my eyes, but suddenly the wonderful pain between my legs was gone. A moment later, icy water cascaded all over my body and made me shriek and try to pull away.

“Please stop!” I cried out, but Lisa only shoved me back towards the shower’s wall and held me there with one hand, rinsing me down with ice cold water. I started to shiver and stared at her with wide eyes. “Please!” I begged, “please stop, Mistress!”

“I’ll stop once I’ve rinsed away all the soap, silly,” she answered me in a patronizing voice while the shower head delivered thousands of painful needle pricks to my breasts, “now hold still, and it will be over in the blink of an eye.” She pointed the spray to my pubes, and it felt even worse. I started to bawl, but thankfully, finally she turned off the water.

She softly caressed my cheek. “Now, now, everything’s fine, my pet. Stop crying.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening, what I was letting her do to me. Still, there I was, dripping wet, cold, working through the last sobs that shook my body, yet reveling in the feeling of her hand on my cheek and almost desperate for her to start again, to bring me to that orgasm that had so narrowly eluded me.

I was still dazed and on autopilot when she pulled me from the shower stall and quickly dried me down with a towel, and only became aware again when I found myself back our room, Lisa sitting on her bed, wearing a terry cloth bathrobe, and myself standing before her, still naked.

“I’ve already picked some clothes for you,” she casually pointed the end of the bed where I could see some fabric, “and I also wrote you a list of what to get.”

I looked at the items. No, I corrected myself, at the item. All I could see was my yellow mini dress. I had it for some years now, and while it still fit me around, I had grown an inch or two since I had last worn it. And it had been quite short before.

“Mistr…” I started to say while picking up the dress, but she interrupted me before I could complete the word.

“That, and a pair of shoes, is all you need to wear.” Her eyes dared me to object.

I gulped and nodded demurely, then I slipped the dress over my head. It was, luckily, quite old-fashioned – Amber liked to call it my “sixties-dress” – and had wide shoulder straps and didn’t show any cleavage, so it was no problem to wear it without a bra. But, just as I had feared, it just barely went below my buttocks. I’d have to be careful, I realized, any quick movement or small gust of wind and I’d expose my lower body. I felt heat shoot into me cheeks.

Under Lisa’s watchful eyes I put on a pair of low-heeled sandals that matched the color of the dress, fetched my purse and picked up the shopping list.

“I’ll be right back,” I said, trying to sound carefree and failing miserably, and when Lisa just watched me with a lifted eyebrow, I softly added “Mistress.”

She nodded, and I left our room, self-conscious out of fear of exposing my near-nudity. My body hard warmed up now, and as the dress brushed softly against my nipples, I realized that the interrupted climax had made them extremely sensitive. The feeling of cool air between my legs didn’t help either, and as I walked down the stairs, slowly and carefully to keep my modesty, every step made me more and more excited.

* * * To be continued * * *

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