1 Ağustos 2021


Anal Fucking

BeginningA summer a few years my mum was offered use of a friends beach up the coast. It fronted onto a small secluded beachwith only a few neighbours and a small shopping centre.My friend Mickey went with us so I’d have some companionship for the few days we were to be there and mum couldjust relax and enjoy the solitude.Well anyway it was a nice place a bedroom each big lounge kitchen spacious bathroom and its own pool too.After we arrived Mickey and I headed sown to beach with nothing more than our speedos and towels, Played in the surfawhile lay in the sun and then headed back. When we got back mum had left a note saying she had to get back home for a bitwould probably be back in the morning. There was plenty to eat and nearby shops so canlı bahis we would be fine by ourselves and toldto have fun. oh boy did we have fun.Snooping round the longue roo we came across a few discs with out titles, there was a big screen tv with a dvd player so we decided to check them out…glad we did.Still only dressed in speedos we sat back on the 2 seater couch opposite and settled down to watch. What we saw were two boysaround our age and naked . At first just playing in the water but when they got to their towels things started to hot up..Laying down side by side turning to each they began to kiss their hands gently stroking each others cock.Neither of us made any attempt to turn it off and I must admit it was bahis siteleri very hot to watch, had never seen anything like and though it was gay sex I was certainly aroused and my cock was straining in my speedos. Looking over at Mickey saw him watchingintently,a very prominent bulge too. I just had to get my cock out for a wank.I stood up and slipped out of my speedos my cock springing out and rock hard much better unrestrained. Mickey was watchingme seemed to want to say something and then did the same. Sitting close to each other watching the screen and happily stroking ourselves more and more turned on. After a while we glanced at each other and both reached for the others cock. It was like anelectric shock, the bahis şirketleri touch of another boys hand was heaven and we settled down to stroke each other till we came.Ourrubbing was ever faster as we felt each other throbbing in our hands moaning loudly and loving the experience much better thandoing it solo….. then we both cum…more intense than I have ever had a stream of cum shooting high and covering my hand…not my cum this time though another boys and mine covering his, The best orgasm I’d ever had.We lay back enjoying the sensations we had just experienced, I licked Mickeys cum from my hand and found I liked the taste and wanted more, he licked mine too…not a word had been spoken.After awhile we decided to shower,,together .We started soaping each other exploring our bodies but paying particular attention to our cocks which were soon hard again.putting my arms around Mickey I drew him to me…our cocks touched together and we began to kiss our tongues deep in each others mouth.

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