14 Aralık 2022

Ben and Julie Ch. 05


Part 5: Into The Work Force

Ben felt that it would be a good idea for them to remain in the Des Moines area for a while. His concern was the way the farm business was being conducted.

Julie, since Ben was so deeply covered with the farm, began work with a Des Moines law firm. Her specialty and major in college had been financial law. Julie accelerated quickly and was able to accomplish the goals she had set for herself while she was in college. Her bosses were very pleased with the manor she handled business and especially her litigation skills. Julie became known and respected within the first year they were there, and was soon booked to the maximum and her time was scarce for anything other than work.

At the onset, Ben and Julie had decided to live at the farm. But, with the work she was doing, she had very little time there since she was working from very early to very late. They decided to take one of the condos at the hotel in Des Moines so that Julie would be able to stay over and not spend the time driving back and forth.

Ben was so hammered when he got into the farm business that he hardly looked up, so when he was able to put the books down he had no time for anything but sleep. This arrangement worked for the time it took Ben to feel comfortable with the family business. The only thing about it was two years had passed, and Julie had become a very sought after financial attorney.

Ben was tired and wanted a break, and Julie had a very lucrative offer in Myrtle Beach. They discussed the good and bad about the idea of moving there, but could not come up with much against relocating to the golfing capitol of the world.

Ben had always loved to play golf so this would be the absolute dream come true for him. While Ben would be exploring and enjoying his love for golf, Julie would be moving into a position with a firm there that promised to keep her well challenged for as long as she wanted to keep working.

Both families agreed that it would be good for them to get on their own and establish their own lives and not be so tied down to the family businesses.

So, when Julie and Ben moved to Myrtle Beach they had been married for almost three years.

Julie launched immediately into her new career move, and Ben began getting them established with the creature comforts of their own home.

They both loved the home Ben had located on one of the exclusive golf courses. It was not enormous, but was plenty big to handle what ever entertaining that they planned for the time being. The golf club was exclusive enough that it enhanced Julie’s reputation, and was exclusive enough that Ben was in a virtual candy store.

After they had been there for almost two months their neighbors put together a surprise house warming for the young newly weds now living in their exclusive little community.

The party was fun and it gave the two of them opportunity to scope out possible playmates for the future. The harvest appeared to be endless with all the young trophy brides hanging on the arms of much older men, and the young studs with the rich older women on their arms. Ben was immediately drawn to the young golf pro and her assistant that seemed to be especially eager to do whatever she was told immediately at the time she was asked to do anything.

The party was fun and they filed away in their minds all the future conquests they planned to explore.

Julie’s new job was everything she had hoped it would be. She had an immediate work load and was accepted into the firm immediately when she arrived. Her boss was a very attractive woman that appeared to be in her mid thirties. Rita just had that appearance of a successful woman that was not accustomed to settling for anything less than what she wanted.

The firm handled clients from all over the United States and especially in the islands off of the Carolinas and off of Florida. Rita spent much of her time traveling so it was somewhat of a task for Julie to really get to know her. So, when Rita asked Julie to accompany her on one of her trips to the Caribbean, she jumped at the chance.

They were to leave on Thursday and would not be back probably until Monday or Tuesday. Julie was excited at the thought of traveling to an exotic place and just what might be hidden beneath that business shell Rita seemed to be in at all times. Ben was excited about Julie’s trip as well. He was completely behind her in anything she decided to tackle. And besides that, there was bound to be some very exciting stories to relate when Julie returned.

On Thursday morning Julie was picked up at their house by the company limo. All of her bags were loaded by the driver, so all she had to do was load her gorgeous, but businesslike body into the rear seat.

Julie was quite the sight to feast your eyes on that morning. She had selected one of the new tailored suits that her mother-in-law had bought her at the exclusive boutique in Des Moines. It was business black and did a real justice displaying Julie, but maintaining kocaeli escort bayan a business like motif. The skirt was mid-length, but split far enough that it was comfortable maneuvering her gorgeous ass and long shapely legs. The jacket was strictly business attire, but the camisole she wore beneath it spoke nothing but pure sex. The high heels and the thigh high stockings completed her outward appearance to the population around her. Under all of this was very little. Julie chose a very skimpy black bra and had once decided on a small black thong, but had since decided to go without anything covering her luscious honey pot. Julie felt very excited about her appearance. She was dressed professional enough for business, but sexy enough to keep her senses sharp and ready. After watching Julie disappear around the corner in the limo, Ben looked around and began to put together what he would occupy his time with while she was away. For starters he would play a lot of golf. There were a lot of small chores he would do his best to complete while she was away, but for now he loaded his clubs and headed for the golf course.

He had not contacted anyone, so he just went on down to the pro shop to see who was around. When he arrived there was hardly anyone around. He went into the bar and grabbed a Bailey’s and headed for the practice tee. There was no reason for a rush, he was just there to practice his swing and enjoy life.

After about half of his Bailey’s and a half a bucket of balls he decided to sit for a while and watch the other two golfers as they practiced. The gentleman that was hitting balls was not very good, but he had seen him around a lot and seemed like a really nice guy. The woman with him had that look of someone who was just learning, and doing it for some other reason than wanting to play golf.

At first he did not notice any particulars about them, but soon began to appreciate this fine looking woman bending and stooping in front of him. They both spoke kindly when they realized Ben was there, and Ben thought her attitude changed rather blatantly after she realized Ben was watching her practicing. The young man watching the bar came over and asked if Ben wanted another Bailey’s. Ben told him sure and asked the couple practicing if they wanted to join him. The gentleman looked up at her and they nodded to one another and walked over to where Ben was sitting.

When they arrived at the table introductions were made and Ben found the brunette was actually the gentleman’s niece. Andi was there visiting her aunt and uncle for the summer. She had never been to Myrtle Beach, and quite frankly was bored as hell.

Well now, this put a different light on the subject. Ben began to look on this young lady in a different light. Andi sat down next to Ben and her uncle sat across from her. When their Bailey’s arrived they toasted new friendships and began to get acquainted.

Andi jumped right in and began talking to Ben like she was starved for a conversation with anyone younger than a dinosaur. As she sipped her Bailey’s, and as she talked, she really began to warm up to Ben. She all but ignored her uncle so he just dropped back and listened to their conversation. Ben would do his best to include him in the conversation, but each time he did she just found a way to come between them and place herself between them. As she talked Ben began to realize how attractive she was. Andi had nearly black eyes, beautiful teeth, and wonderful full lips. Her hair was brunette in color and was cut in the old Dorothy Hamil style. Her hair was thick and shiny and had a real sexy way of bouncing while she talked. She would flash her gorgeous smile and flash those black eyes at Ben when ever she wanted to make a point, or was she just flirting?

They sat and talked for quite a while and had several Bailey’s. So, as they loosened up, it was like they were old friends.

Ben found out that Andi’s little sister Candi, was at home and probably was not even awake. She spent her time either sleeping or laying in the sun. Andi thought it was rather tacky for Candi to lay out by the pool all day with golfers hardly able to continue when they saw her on the deck.

Andi’s uncle began to get restless and asked her was she ready to go. Ben stepped in and asked Andi if she would like to play a round of golf.

Andi jumped at the chance to do something other than hang out with her ancient uncle, and begged him to go along with the idea. He thought for a minute, and then agreed that it might be a good idea for her to be with and get to know some other people on the property.

Ben loaded Andi’s clubs on his cart and they headed for the first tee. By this time Ben was noticing more and more about this young beauty sitting beside him in his cart. Andi had a beautiful body. She was 5’2 or so nice full breasts and hips. Her legs were not long and shapely. They were full figure cheerleader legs with muscles very visible and tight.

When at the first tee Andi asked Ben what the wager would be. Slightly kocaeli sınırsız escort astonished he said he really had not really given it a thought. Andi suggested they play a dollar skins game. Ben was ok with that, but did mention she would have an advantage on most tee boxes because she would be playing from the woman’s tee. Andi countered with an idea that they either both play from the men’s, or they both play from the women’s tee.

Uh Oh! Ben began to smell a hustle developing; he just smiled and said never mind, let’s just play.

The day was gorgeous and it seemed for the longest time they were the only two people on the course. Ben was slightly surprised at the level of golf she played. After all, she appeared she was totally bored when he saw her on the practice tee earlier that day. They played neck and neck through the first nine.

When they turned the corner to the back nine Andi suggested they up the ante. Ben, by this time, was beginning to get away from the golf anyway, so he stated they would play for whatever wager she wanted.

The sight of her bending at the waist to tee up had started the old juices to flowing. She was wearing a short white golf skirt with only the skimpiest of panties that flashed each time she bent to tee. He also got a good look up the front of the skirt when she squatted to line up a putt.

Several times already she had caught Ben looking up her skirt, but only grinned at him and continued with what she was doing. It seemed each time she got into the cart she was putting more and more pressure from her gorgeous left thigh into Ben’s right thigh. Once when they came over a hill and the cart leaned to the right Andi grasped Bens right inner thigh for balance just below his now semi erect dick. This was especially interesting since she did not release her grip until they reached the area where their golf balls were located and got out of the cart. Ben wondered if she had felt his slight erection creeping down his trousers.

His question was answered shortly after they moved to the fifteenth tee box. Andi had asked Ben to stop by the restrooms located between fourteen and fifteen. They both relieved themselves, and boy did Ben need the relief. Ben noticed she stopped and put something in her bag as she came by the cart, but did not realize what it was until she bent over to tee her golf ball.

When Andi bent over to tee her golf ball she noticeably bent more completely from the waist and did not bend her knees at all. This allowed Ben a perfectly glorious view of not only the entire length of her gorgeous muscular legs but a clear view of her completely shaved swollen pussy lips forcing themselves from between her luscious inner thighs.

Her legs were tanned all the way up, but those pussy lips were almost black. That was her panties she put in her bag! Ben’s dick was immediately starting to grow.

Andi busted that ball right down the middle of the fairway and a very respectable distance. Ben could not remember a time he had tried to tee a golf ball with a growing hard-on. This was almost impossible. To add to his condition, when she passed him coming off the tee box, she placed her right hand on his forearm, looked him in the eye with a mischievous grin, and told him it was his move.

Ben moved to the center of the box and bent to push his tee into the ground. When he turned back toward the cart to take his practice swing, there she sat in the cart with her right leg crossed over her left so tightly Ben could see all the way up her skirt to the round bottom of her right cheek. He nearly gasped out loud. Andi just smiled and flashed those gorgeous black eyes.

Ben somehow hit a decent tee shot. When he entered the cart she was sitting there with her right leg crossed over her left and he had no choice but to slide his entire right side against this gorgeous young woman that was driving him crazy.

When Ben drove away from the tee box Andi slid her left arm around Ben’s neck and her right hand up his right leg until she reached his engorged member. She grasped his dick with what felt like a velvet vise.

When he looked down at her he could see a very small wispy patch of hair at the top of her legs. The look in her eyes was a mixture of mischievousness and desire. Ben almost came apart. Then as if he could stand any more she nuzzled his neck and began to place small wet kisses on the side of his neck.

Ben stopped the cart and turned his head toward her just in time for her to plant a deep wet hot tongue almost down his throat. His left hand grasped her right full breast and he could feel her nipple straining against the material of her short top. Ben’s heart was racing. He had nothing on his mind but getting this luscious young woman in a position he could explore and devour her young tight body.

Ben turned from the fairway and headed toward home, but Andi turned the wheel the other direction. She said her house was closer. Ben did not argue a sound he just kept his foot on the izmit anal yapan escort floor and tried to keep his eyes and mind on his driving. She was eating him alive.

When they arrived at her uncle’s house, she directed him to the back and around to the pool house. They literally jumped from the cart and ran inside.

Ben grasped this luscious piece with both hands around her head and neck and kissed her as deeply as was possible. While doing this, Andi was opening the front of his trousers and allowing his engorged member to leap out into freedom. It was a short freedom though, because she had grabbed it with both hands and was massaging from bottom to top.

Ben released his hold on her head and grasped her shirt at the bottom and peeled it from her gorgeous torso. Her breasts heaved out like they would devour Ben in one lick. He then ripped his own shirt off so he could feel those jet black rock hard nipples against his burning skin.

Ben was moving her now toward the king sized bed in the middle of the room.

When they reached the bed, he continued to push until she fell flat back on her back. He jerked her golf shoes off both feet and lifted her gorgeous muscular legs straight up and back as far as they would bend. Ben dropped to his knees and slid her back to the edge of the bed. He then sucked her entire shaved swollen woman hood into his mouth. When his tongue found her clit she almost levitated from the bed. She grabbed both of her breasts and trapped both black nipples between the tips of her fingers and the heels of her hands.

Andi began to build a low murmur that erupted into a thunderous thrashing orgasm.

Ben came up for air, and while there on his knees he feasted his eyes on this young trembling combination of woman and girl.

When he released the pressure from her legs, she let them down and moved herself onto the bed and more toward the headboard.

Ben started to get up but felt someone touch him on the back of his shoulder. He whipped his head around only to find who he assumed was Candi, Andi’s little sister. She did not seem very little standing there in a pair of cut-offs and a t-shirt that was not long enough to cover her belly button. As a matter of fact she was almost an exact replica of Andi, only with long blond hair instead of the short jet black hair.

When Ben finally met her gaze, she reached out with her right hand and said that she was Candi, Andi’s twin sister. She was sorry if she startled him, but she could not stand just to watch any longer. Ben had sat down now and was on the floor, when she leaned over to shake his hand he had a perfect view of her right breast and dark colored nipple. This must be a family trait he thought.

He did not release her hand immediately so she had to step forward and re-establish her balance. Ben was eye-ball to eye-ball with another set of those dark colored pussy lips. These were just peeking around the seam of her cutoffs.

Candi smiled and asked if it was alright for her to join him on the floor. With a grin he pulled her on down and on top of him. Ben could not believe his good fortune. Here he was in this pool house with this gorgeous set of twins, not really sure what might be in store for him in the next few minutes.

He immediately scooped her around and under him to a position where he could gaze into her flashing black eyes. He wasted no time in getting his right hand on her left breast and feel her now taught dark nipple.

When he was lowering his head down to engulf her full lips, he felt someone nudging his right leg, like trying to move it out of the way. He just unconsciously moved his leg over and back and out of the corner of his eye saw Andi take his swollen manhood into her mouth. When he crammed his tongue into Candi’s mouth he felt Andi almost swallow his entire dick.

Ben was the one that almost levitated at that time. While pulling Candi’s shirt up and exploring her mouth with his tongue, Andi was working his tool over like he had never had before. Together with the tongue and suction action she had a slight hum that created a low vibration to the head of his dick. This had him turning wrong side out.

Finally he gave up and gave in to his inner screaming and released his grip on Candi and rolled over on his back. As soon as this happened Candi was up and peeling those soaked cut-offs off and out of her gushing pleasure patch. Ben was on his back with Andi engulfing his swollen member to the hilt in her mouth and Candi now was straddling his face begging for what he did to Andi.

As she lowered her swollen lips to his face he raised and sucked her entire pussy into his mouth and began running his tongue up and down the slit, careful to give her clit plenty of attention.

He could feel his juices beginning to form and was thinking he was about to blow the back of Andi’s head off from the inside when he began to feel Candi thrash and moan.

Her orgasm was coming and it was going to be enormous. She let a scream escape then ground her pussy into his face so hard he thought he was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, but the action on his pole kept him going. Candi gushed and gushed until the nectar was running down his neck and even into his ears. She could not stop. She was on what seemed to be an eternal orgasm.

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