22 Mayıs 2023

Beside the Pool


The Beginning of a new Relationship.

This is more of a love story. Very light M/s. We’ll see where this goes.

I’ve purchased a set of butt plugs just for you. I know you have reservations about using them, but I want you to be able to enjoy being fucked in the ass. The training these butt plugs accomplish is well worth the effort. I’ve selected the smallest size.

Now, please get on all 4’s for me, arch your back and push your lovely ass up. I see you turn to watch what I’m doing, but you can’t see exactly. I open the package of butt plugs and take out the smallest one. I bring it down in front of you so you can see its size. It’s really not that big, little one. Telling you to lick it, you can feel the texture and make it easier to insert. Then I slide it through you pussy. You are so wet even though you are fearful. I know no one has ever tried anal with you, but I think you will do fine, little one. I have certainly noticed how you like a finger or two in your ass while your pussy is being finger fucked. I take my fingers and scoop up some of your pussy juices and smear them on your rim. Rubbing my finger around your rim, I hear you moan. So, I push my finger on your puckered hole. Telling you to relax, I keep pushing until my finger pops in. You give a little gasp and tense up, so I just hold my finger in place while you acclimate. I keep encouraging you to relax, talking to you tenderly. When I feel you relax, I start moving my finger in and out slowly and then wiggle it to open you.

Bringing my finger out, I dip it back into your pussy, adding a 2nd finger as I gather more juices. I’m so pleased you are so wet! Sliding my finger back up to your bum hole, I gently push them inside, stopping to you let you relax, then slowly fucking them in and out, then wiggling them as I did before to help stretch you. Following the same routine, I add a 3rd finger. You moan. I slide my fingers out and push the butt plug at your entrance. I feel you tense up again, but keep pushing. I let you know when it gets to the biggest part, but keep pushing through your resistance. Whispering for you to relax and open for it. I know you’re scared it will hurt, but you will like the fuller feeling it will give you. Finally, it pops through and your muscles close around it. It looks so good there. I pull it out and push it back in. You are my Good Girl!! I am very proud of you! Giving your bottom a smack, and hearing your small gasp, I pull you back and into my arms turning so you’re sitting in my lap facing me. I take your face in my hands and pull you forward giving you a passionate kiss. In a few days, you will be ready for the next size bigger. You pout as I’m sure you don’t believe me.

Later, I watching you sitting by the pool in your bikini reading your book…adjusting your position from time to time, as the butt plug makes you uncomfortable. I think you will be nice and wet all of the time. I have a big smile on my face thinking about you in that condition!

I walk out to the pool where you lie on the lounge. You stop readying to look at me. Asking if you would like me to rub lotion on you so you don’t get too much sun, I sit down on the lounge with you. You nod, and I reach for the strings at the sides of your bikini and pull them, untying them. You raise your hips so I can pull them from under you. Then, I reach up and help you pull the bra part over your head. Starting with your feet, I start licking, then up your calves, your thighs, down to you inner thighs, lapping your bum all the way up to your clit, then your lower tummy to your tummy button, up your ribs, across each breast and nipple, up the top of your breasts to your neck. Changing to kisses when I get to your face, I kiss your cheeks, your nose, your chin, your eyelids and your wonderful sexy lips… that’s to start with…

I have licked all the lotion off your front…I mustn’t leave your back…I wouldn’t want to make it feel left out…I ask you to turn over. you look at me…knowing that to me you will be more exposed than you have been already and you have the butt plug buried in your sweet ass…I’m smiling at you…waiting for you to comply as you work through the thoughts flashing through your mind. Your body makes the decision for you and you turn over. Your back is every bit as enticing as your front. I gasp as I see the butt plug…you’re worked up enough for the muscles to be clenching and unclenching. Oh, how I want to spank that beautiful ass. Surprising you, I lean down and kiss each of your cheeks. You jumped a little, expecting my hands to be rubbing each cheek in preparation for a spanking. Anadolu Yakası Escort My kiss turns into a tongue licking and travels down your thigh.

I take my time, licking all the lotion from your body…occasionally pulling on your butt plug…not pulling it out, but pulling enough so you feel it going in and out. I have to get my hands on your cheeks. I love feeling how soft they are, how the butt plug looks as I push and knead them. Leaning down to whisper in your ear “good girl”, you squirm. I give you a quick slap on your cheek, to give you a preview of what is to come and hear you whimper and gasp, but, reluctantly, I have to stop all this. We can’t have you exposed to the sun for long.

I reach for the lotion, squirt a healthy glob on your back and start massaging and rubbing it all over. Taking my time, I keep squirting lotion as I move down, taking a lot longer on your cheeks. I lightly touch the butt plug as I move around it, hearing you gasp each time I do. Your cheeks feel so good in my hands. Spending several minutes enjoying myself, kneading and squeezing those delectable globes.

Slowly, I move down your thighs. All the way to your toes, those lovely toes. I work lotion between your toes and all over your feet. I sit up to look over my handiwork, checking to make sure I hadn’t missed any spots, rubbing here and there at possible gaps in the lotion. You squirm and jump not knowing where I will touch you next.

Dropping my hands to your inner thighs, I reach in with my fingertips and feel how wet you are. Pushing deeper into your folds, I push a finger inside you. You moan as I just push my fingers in with a quick in and out…mmmmmmmmmm. Putting my finger in my mouth, sucking your juices off, making me moan as I taste you. Shoving my finger back in and out of your pussy, I put my finger to your lips and watch as you draw it into your mouth and suck your juices from it. You stare at me as you suck on it slurping all the juices from it. I tell you “Good Girl” making you blush, but you don’t stop licking until my finger is clean.

As you can tell, I’m having a whole lot of fun with you! My mind is working overtime, trying to get as much time with you as possible. Mmmmmm, you have no idea where my mind is drifting right now. I will let you in on where I want to take you soon.

I need to leave you for a few minutes. I need time to think and test my feelings for you. I will be back soon.

You look so lovely lying there. Your luscious ass calls to me, literally…giggle…I lean over you, and grab your ass with both hands. You jump and squeal. I give you two quick hard slaps and tell you to turn over. I need to get lotion all over your front. I say good girl and kiss you. Your lips are so soft. Our kiss deepens and our tongues entwine.

Taking your hands, I lift them over your head and have you hold the top of the lounge. Breaking our kiss, I say “stay”. I sit up to take a few moments to drink in your body…my eyes roaming over you. I know it makes you squirm and blush, but I love looking at you knowing you’re mine.

Yes, I have made up my mind what I want. That was why I left you for awhile. I had to stop, to contemplate, to weigh the pros and cons, to find a way to convey my feelings to you and how to present my proposal to you for us. I hope you appreciate the turmoil I went thru, how important you are to me, how much I love you and want you, hoping you feel the same way and will accept my proposal. I’ve decided to just come clean and tell you all at once, but, first, I need to get lotion on your front. I can’t let your delicate body get too much sun!!

Rubbing lotion all over you is going to be so much fun…we have special lotion for your face, so I will begin there. Looking into each other eyes, I’ll put some on your cheeks, work in and get your cute little nose, around your jawline, back to your ears, on your earlobes. I ask you to put your hair up. Rubbing lotion all around your neck…you have a beautiful neck…so many possibilities…ah hem.

You are such a distraction!! Changing lotions, a generous squirt into my hand, I reach up and rub the lotion into your arms, to your armpits. then working down to your collarbone, rubbing across the tops of your breasts, along the sides of your breasts, then under and back to rub it all over your breasts, letting the palm of my hand brush your nipples. You know how much I love to play with your breasts. I probably spend more time than is necessary, but I am a very thorough person…giggling…I moan while I continue to rub the lotion Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan into your breasts. Each time my palm brushes your nipples, you gasp. It takes all my will power to not lean down and suck those little buds into my mouth.

Softly sighing, I have to stop and get lotion to other parts of your body. I’m hoping I can finish before I lose control…giggling…I know I am wet and I can see you are wet. I didn’t know rubbing lotion on someone would have such an effect on me! I think it’s because that someone is YOU!! hmmmmmm…You always have this effect on me.

Squirting more lotion in my hands, I finally move down over your ribs, across your tummy, your lower tummy, rubbing in the lotion completely as I go. I squirt a stream of lotion down your right leg, rubbing down in the crease of your leg to your inner thighs, back up to the tops of your thighs and down to your knees. I listen as you sigh, your eyes closed behind giant sunglasses…(not sure when you put them on)

I’ve been busy with lotion. lol. Working down your shins, to your ankles, I squirt another stream on your left leg and follow the same pattern. Rubbing and massaging the lotion into your skin, not missing anything. Remember, I said I was thorough.

You must realize now there is only one part of your body that still needs lotion. I could feel your anticipation rising as I rubbed down the creases of your legs…squirting lotion into my hands, I start at the top of your mound, work my way down over your labia, making sure they are completely covered…pushing on the insides of your thighs, I signal you to spread your legs. Oh, my good girl!! You are so wet!!

I double check to make sure I haven’t missed any spots. Finding your wide brimmed hat, I place it on your head so your face is shaded. Leaning down, I kiss you, deeply, passionately. Our fire ignites and you moan into my mouth. I don’t touch you at all while we kiss. I don’t trust myself.

When we finally break our kiss, I look into your eyes, lower your arms, and tell you that you can go back to reading your book for 15 minutes without changing the position I have you in, and that I will be in the house waiting for you. I don’t tell you where I’ll be waiting. You are not to move or touch yourself in any way. I hear you groan and just smile at you. I get up and give you a playful tap on your nose with my finger and walk back into the house.

I can see your body trembling and hope that you can make it 15 minutes. Oh, my little one, what do I have planned for you? mmmmm…I’m afraid you will be waiting much longer than 15 minutes to get any type of release. We have a lot to talk about. Now, to choose the room I will be waiting for you.

I haven’t watched you at all other than turning around when I get into the house to make sure you’re following my commands. I laugh because you have a finger in your mouth toying with it as you read. I guess I should have thought of that…hmmmmmm…I will need to think of a suitable punishment for that as I would count that as touching yourself, since you’re sucking and licking it. I find the room I want and busy myself getting it ready for you.

At the end of the 15 minutes, you get up and reach for your cover, then hesitate wondering if you should put it on or not, deciding to carry it with you into the house. Good call! You haven’t really been reading since your mind has been reeling with what is going to happen and you need to cum. Just walking could cause that to happen, so you force yourself to walk slowly, hoping you don’t have to look long for me…

I am relaxed and waiting for you. I didn’t hear you come in the house, but I can hear you going from room to room. I giggle thinking about you wondering where I am and what is going to happen next. Obviously, you think I’m in a bedroom. You’ve checked all those.

I have mercy on you and start running the water in the tub. It’s getting a little cool. I hear you move towards the big bathroom. You knock on the door and I say “come in”. As you open the door, you see me in the big square tub. Your face is flushed and you look a bit irritated and uncertain. You just stand there staring at me. hmmmmm. I don’t think this is what you had in mind. No matter, I smile at you and ask you to come closer to the tub.

You throw your cover in a chair off to the side and stand by the tub. I tell you it’s time for my bath and I also need to be shaved. I slip out of the tub and sit on the back of it spreading my legs so you can shave my pussy. I have all you need spread out Escort Anadolu Yakası on a towel next to the tub. You hesitate just for a moment and I wonder why, since this is something you’ve done for me before. hmmmmmm. But you kneel by the tub, pick up the shaving cream and get started. When you’re finished you take a warm washcloth and remove all the shaving cream. I have you make sure you didn’t miss any hairs by running the tip of your tongue all over my pussy. You shave my legs and armpits and i slide back into the water. I absolutely adore having someone shave me.

You reach for a pouf and start to cleanse my body. I am in heaven! I relax and let you take over. You pull the shower wand down and wet my hair, lather in the shampoo, then rinse it. You ask me stand up. Using the shower wand, you thoroughly rinse all the soap and suds from my body. I step out of the tub and let you dry my body with a big fluffy towel.

I tell you to take a quick shower and meet me in the living room. You give me a questioning look, but get in the shower. You haven’t said a word to me except to ask me to turn or move a certain way. I know I’ve left you hanging since I finished rubbing suntan lotion on you. Soon you will hear what I desire.

As you walk into the bedroom, I see how uncertain and frustrated you are. I feel awful for keeping you in suspense for so long. (But that is a fleeting thought.) I’m already lying on the bed and I open my arms and invite you to join me. Good grief, my good girl!! You pounce on me! Yikes!! I wasn’t expecting that, but I like it! With you on top of me, I wrap my arms around you and hold you close and start smothering you in kisses. I feel all your pent-up emotions releasing as you give in.

I roll us over so I can look at you. Looking into your tearing eyes, I see your love for me bursting forth. I love you so much. Kissing your tears away I whisper “good girl” to you. I feel so much love for you. Even though, I know I will frustrate you, embarrass you, and tease you, I’m glad to see contentment in your eyes now. I need to tell you what I’m thinking. I lean up and smile and tell you we need to talk for a bit. I think you already have figured out what I’m going to say. I don’t usually beat around the bush and I see no reason to start now.

I tell you I love you. I am a romantic and I love making love to you. I will always want us to be lovers, but I also know we want more than that. I tell you I noticed you had called me Miss Carol when I had you “worship my shrine” yesterday. That so excited me and I knew we would be able to take this further. I do want to have an M/s relationship with you. It will have to grow with us and I would really like to explore that. I can only tell you I love you and will never hurt you permanently.

I want it to be a loving M/s relationship. not strict, but what we make it. I will do my best to make you happy, but you will need to let me know what you want and like and make suggestions as we explore. You know I have a sadistic side, I do like teasing and embarrassing you…giggling…and I enjoy spanking you. So, what do you think? Is this the way you want us to go? if not, I’m absolutely fine with how we are. I love you so much, I want you to be happy.

Mari: My heart leaped with joy and excitement when you said you had something to say to me and that you were going to just say it. I didn’t dare get my hopes up.

I love you so much. I want to belong to you, Miss Carol

Yes!! Yes!! Oh, my love, yes, Miss Carol!! I want that too. I want to gift my love and my submission to you. I love you so much!! I don’t feel worthy of you Miss Carol, but if you will have me, then I am yours!!

Carol: Then, you may call me Mistress.

Mari: Yes Mistress!! My Mistress!! My heart is pounding!! I am so happy.

I loved shaving you, and looking up and seeing you smile approvingly down at me and hearing you tell me what a good girl I am, Mistress.

I really wanted you to ”own” me Mistress. I haven’t felt this way ever. I did want to be your slave, but I was too afraid to admit it, and too terrified to ask you for fear of being rejected and messing up our relationship. I just hope that I can measure up to your expectations.

Carol: You alone give me the right and power to own you. You honor me by giving yourself so freely to me. I accept you as my slave, pledging to take care of you, love you, and protect you. I promise to never harm you permanently. I promise to do my best to make you the best slave you can be. Even punishing you to help you reach that goal.

Mari: I know you will be good to me. I trust you to take care of me and not to hurt me except when you need to punish me. I trust you to not do any permanent damage to my body. Knowing that we belong to each other and what we have is so special.

You have inspired me too Mistress…I never ever dreamed that we would be in this type of love and relationship.

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