21 Mayıs 2023

Bewitching Maid


It was another night in the luxurious house and like every other night he had fallen asleep. Lady Riberi, lay unsatisfied on the queen-sized bed and sighed. Her small but curvy body ached for the sensitive touch of skilled fingertips, thus her new husband failed in his attempt at giving pleasure. She decided to sleep a wink if she could and closed her deep blue eyes.

With the sunlight in her eyes, Bernadette woke up. She felt titles were lost somewhere during the night and she woke always as Bernadette, the pretty 25 year-old Welsh girl, rather than lady Riberi, wife of a French lord. Her husband had taken off already, busy as he was. After a couple of minutes Ina, the maid, came in to serve her lady. She was the only Welsh in the household, save for Bernadette, and thus closest to the lady of the house.

Ina had spent the whole night with her ear on the door to the master’s bedroom. She had been prepared to hear the sounds of their lovemaking, but alas, none had come. Worried for her mistress, she was determined to interfere and help, in any way that she could. So in the morning she went to wake the lady.

– Is that you Ina?

– Yes milady. It is morning and the sun awaits your presence to shine.

– Ah my lark, how lovely you sing to bring me joy in these mornings. If only Franc could loosen his grip on obligations and bring me joy the way you do…

– Perhaps it is not my place to ask…

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– Is master not a generous lover as he is a generous lord?

– His ignorance makes me weep. These lonesome nights must come to an end.

– Should I fetch you a bath then, milady? It’ll help you relax.

The red-haired maid took her lovely brunette mistress and helped her soak off her worries in the tub. Ina’s hands rubbed Bernadette’s back, applying slight pressure on the shoulder blades and then moved forward to the cleavage. Bernadette closed her eyes as her maid massaged her supple breasts. She knew she was getting excited, but the words just wouldn’t leave her rosemary lips. In a minute they were covered by Ina’s soft and full lips. The lady dared only to let out a small moan, which was assumed by the maid as an approval and an invitation for more. Luckily for her, this assumption proved to be right. So she fetched towels and after wrapping her lady in them, she carried her back to her bedroom. Between her strong arms Bernadette felt so light and small.

Trying to enjoy this newfound excitement, Bernadette lay back on the bed and unwrapped the towels around her curvy body. Her breasts moved slightly as she breathed in and out and her nipples were getting hard just with the anticipation of the experience. Unknowingly her hand started caressing her belly as she gazed seductively Pendik Escort Bayan in Ina’s eyes.

Seeing her lady like that got Ina also very hot. She went to the door and closed it, while muttering a few words under her breath. Convinced they were safe now, she let her brown dress fall down. Perhaps her hips were not as wide as Bernadette’s, but her ginger colored pubic hair didn’t seem to hide anything. The maid grinned as her hand went down and in her, as if she wanted to put on a show for her lady. Her pink pussy was already wet and her finger pleasured her very much.

Watching this Bernadette tried to mimic Ina. Her hesitant hand slowly reached her pussy and explored this pleasure further. When her hips began to move up and down instinctively, she knew she was doing something right…

Ina watched her lady and fingered herself at the same time. Somehow it felt incomplete – she needed to be closer to Bernadette. Quietly she moved to the bed and sat next to her. Bernadette followed her with her eyes, but her hand never left her pussy, continuing to pleasure her. With a smile, Ina pushed her hand away and replaced it with her own. Even if she was scared, Bernadette didn’t object – she felt heavenly and wanted to get more of it as time passed.

Ina had strong senses and she picked up on Bernadette’s curiosity and burning desire. Wanting to fulfill her wished, she moved Escort Pendik her body down, till her lips were in level with Bernadette’s love hole. She could feel her watching as her tongues wandered on her crotch, her thighs and finally on her pussy. The lady couldn’t take the excitement anymore and started coming, for the first time in her life. It was pure bliss, a cherished moment. Ina was also quite happy with herself, because all she wanted was to make her lady happy.

– I know this will stay between us, so I’d like to say `thank you`, my lovely lark, for bringing me more joy than I have ever known.

– It is not only my duty, but also my wish to make you happy, milady, so should you be indeed, I’ll always be around.

– This is very much appreciated Ina.

– As for my lord… Should you want him to be more joyful, I could perhaps be of help.

– And how would that be?

– I could prepare a drink that will free him of dull thought and visions, so that he might show you his deep love.

– A drink, you say?

– Aye, milady, nothing harmful…

– Are you going to mutter words over it, like you did with the door?

– Milady is most careful and if it isn’t too bold, I will –as you said- mutter a few words, that will strengthen the effect of the drink.

– Very well, my little witch. Go prepare what it is you need to keep my husband’s desire awake. Should you fail, I’m afraid it’ll be up to you to accompany me more often, like today.

Bernadette was grinning as she spoke that last sentence and this grin filled Ina with joy for herself and love for her lady. But still she headed down to her room to prepare the drink for the lord, as she promised…

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