28 Nisan 2023

Bex and Daddy Show Off


Bex was so excited! Daddy had a secret room, and he was going to show it to her tonight!

Bex was a recent divorcee who had moved back home to heal. Soon after she couldn’t resist her urges anymore and had come on to her hunky father. He had surprised Bex by saying yes! And then Bex had told her Daddy what her mother had shared with her before she passed on; that her folks ‘played games’ together, sexy adult games. Bex had learned of her parent’s love of BDSM role-play and had found that it excited her too!

Once Bex had confessed her lust to her Daddy their relationship had changed in just the way she had hoped. She was now her Daddy’s sex slave, and she loved it!

That very first night he had taken command of her. Ass in the air she received first his tongue, then the flat of his hand as he spanked her and finally his magnificent dick. Bex had cum like never before, legs shaking, obscenities flowing from her beautiful mouth. She and Daddy both loved dirty talk, it especially made Bex feel so naughty!

Then there was the time Daddy had brought his lover Misty along to play. Bex learned just how much better a woman could be at eating pussy. Daddy had had her in his favorite position for her, tied hand and foot with her butt in the air. Misty had give Bex multiple orgasms with her talented tongue all while being fucked from behind by Daddy! It was so sexy, so naughty, so perverted being eaten by not just a woman, but a woman who also knew her Daddy’s cock intimately, and who was also being fucked by her Daddy at the same time! No wonder Bex couldn’t stop cumming that night!

Well tonight Daddy felt Bex was ready. They rushed through dinner, took quick, separate showers, met in the living room. There Daddy showed Bex the correct panel to push on the parquet wall and voila! Part of the wall slid soundlessly aside revealing a narrow staircase leading down.

At the bottom of the stairs was Daddy’s playroom. There was a bed of course but also a desk, a weird contraption like a huge hula-hoop, tables full of toys and other things she couldn’t quite make out.

Daddy took Bex in his arms and kissed her passionately. She moaned into his mouth, feeling his cock beginning to stiffen against her. Her cunny started leaking juice down her legs. She had no idea what was coming Girne Escort but she couldn’t wait to find out!

Daddy led Bex to the circular bondage frame set up in the middle of the room. “Alright, princess, give me your wrists.” Daddy’s voice was thick with excitement.

Bex stepped into the rig and gave Daddy her wrists, felt the cuffs go on. Without prompting she spread her legs next and Daddy bent down and fastened those to the frame as well.

Bex was amazed. Her mother hadn’t said anything about this! She was quivering with barely suppressed lust. He nipples jutted out proudly from her firm breasts, her thighs were being coated with a thin film of juices from her gushing cunt.

Daddy walked over to one of the tables and came back with a flogger.

“Does Daddy’s princess want to be flogged? Should Daddy whip those cute buttocks of yours, hm?” He walked around Bex as he spoke, considering his next move. “Or would you like Daddy to pay some attention to those titties?”

He stopped in front of her and took in the gorgeous sight. His very own daughter, naked and bond for his pleasure. And not only did she love it, she had been fantasizing about him for years! His vision reddened with lust as he raised the flogger.

Bex couldn’t wait to start pleasing her Daddy! She knew with every slap of the paddle came pleasure for them both. Her new situation thrilled her down to her toes, and she had a feeling Daddy had more surprises in store for her. He was holding the satin flogger, thousands of thin satin cords bound at the handle, only a few inches long. It was one of her favorites because Daddy had to be close to use it. She loved smelling his musk as he became more and more aroused.

He brought the instrument down across her chest and Bex felt the delicious sting. The feeling it gave her nipples almost made her cum on the spot. But Daddy wouldn’t like that, oh no. Bex squirmed and moaned her arousal.

Thirty minutes later and Bex’s whole body was on fire. Daddy had really gone to town on her; he’d brought over nipple clamps, a clit stimulator, her favorite paddle and more. All the while Daddy’s cock had been hard as a rock right in front of her, making her want it as it swung and bobbed. He had left her pussy empty today and Magosa Escort she was now desperate to have it filled with something, anything.

“Oh God, Daddy, I need your cock so much, please Daddy please, can your princess feel Daddy inside her?” Bex pleaded with Daddy, sobbing with need.

Her cunny was a void that needed filling, it was pulsing and hollow and she wished, oh how she wished she could tell Daddy to fuck her but she was a good slave, she waited for whatever her Daddy desired.

Daddy was torturing himself as much as his sexy daughter. Just looking at her was a huge turn on, add the knowledge of taboo lust and he was off the charts. It was finally time for his surprise, he judged.

“Bex princess, look at Daddy now. I want you to watch carefully.” When he saw he had her attention, he held up his cell phone and found an app, pressed a button.

Lights, hung on the walls, focused bright beams on the frame containing his daughter/slave. Tiny red lights began blinking around the room as hidden cameras, previously just recording, went live.

Oh God! though Bex to herself! He’s showing this to people! Her initial embarrassment made her squirm against her bonds. Daddy gave her a wicked smile. He turned to face the cameras. “Here she is, everyone!” he said.

Enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen!” He faced her again and ran a hand down her cheek. “God you’re gorgeous. So sexy. You make me so…” he trailed off as he sank to his knees in front of Bex’s wet crotch. He attacked it like a starving man, licking and sucking, thank god he looked up to say, “Bex, I want you to cum for me!”

Bex gladly obeyed, she had been waiting, teetering on the edge of orgasm for what seemed hours. Her pussy grabbed her Daddy’s tongue and pulled it inside of her as she climaxed over and over. Body shaking in the restraints, nipples pulsing in time with her cunny, head thrown back, she was the picture of Lust. She heard Daddy whisper against her cunny, “remember, they’re watching” and her mind soared to new heights of bliss. The thought of total strangers watcher her own Daddy eat her pussy was so erotic she almost passed out. Thank God Daddy had told her she could cum! She loved her Daddy so much!

She felt her ankles being freed and Lefkoşa Escort opened her eyes. Where was Daddy?

Daddy was behind her, picking her up by the hips, arms still bound above her, and ramming his monster erection into her tight, tiny little hole. Bex didn’t think she could cum anymore but Daddy proved her wrong again and again.

Daddy had been thinking about this for a month now and it had finally come together, no pun intended. Old friends and new, all part of the circle he and his wife had formed, watching his daughter’s debut. All completely trusted and most with incestuous relationships of their own!

He had grabbed his daughter by the hips and was now fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Her pussy kept rippling along his cock and her moans of delight were like music to his ears!

“Oh God, Bex, you’re so fucking hot!” Daddy gasped as his eight inches drove her insane with pleasure.

“Oh Daddy, yes! Fuck me! Fuck your little girl! Fuck me in front of all these strangers!” Bex yelled out. Her Daddy’s thick tool felt so wonderful inside her she could just melt!

“Oh Bex, you’re so tight, your cunt feels so good on Daddy’s big cock!” he yelled with her. “Keep cumming for Daddy, Bex! Daddy’s almost there!”

Hearing Daddy say he was ready to cum drove Bex higher than she thought possible, her mind and body throbbing as one around Daddy’s wonderful tool. Fresh floods of pussy juice lubed his throbbing cock as he started shooting his thick seed into her depths.

“Cumming, Bex! Daddy’s cumming in your pussy! Keep cumming for Daddy! Cum on Daddy’s prick like a good little girl!” Daddy thrust his hips into Bex’s crotch again and again, jets of sperm being swallowed by her heat.

“Oh, Daddy! Yes! Yes Daddy, keep me cumming for you, always cumming for her big strong Daddy!” Bex panted. Her body was glowing with sweat, flush spreading up her chest to her ears, cumming for her Daddy was everything she had ever wanted and more!

Finally Daddy had enough. He gently helped Bex down from the frame and laid her on the bed, tenderly caressing her face once more. Bex was completely spent, limp as a rag doll. She watched as Daddy went over to a table and type something on a keyboard. The red lights began winking off one by one. He returned to her side and gave her a smile of such tenderness that she melted inside.

“How was tonight, little one? Enjoy yourself?” Daddy asked softly.

Bex didn’t have the energy to say a word. She just smiled at Daddy and wriggled in his strong embrace as she drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued…

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