25 Nisan 2023

Big Sister Lends a Hand Pt. 02


Meet The Family.

Tags: [Free use][Incest][Whole Family][Older Sister][Younger Brother][Father][Mother][Kissing][Ball licking][Blowjob][Facial][Breast Feeding][Lactation][Shower Sex][Lots of Sex][Lots of Cum][Cum Play]


Set in a free use world, Another day in the life of Max and Sara Wincester. This time we get to meet the rest of the family.

Disclaimer: This is a ‘Free-Use’ story, everyone gets fucked. Don’t complain about Cheating or NTR or anything along those lines. Don’t read this story if you get upset when characters have sex with multiple people.

All characters are 18+


Max snuck into his sister’s room while she slept. At 18, he was a very inquisitive and horny teenager. Sara, who was only 20, slept soundly in her bed, completely unaware that her younger brother moved ever closer to her. As Max made it to the head of the bed, he pulled down his pants and let his erect cock flop out and hover above Sara’s face.

Max gently jerked his dick over his sisters face, quietly at first, so as not to wake her. He watched as his hand went faster and faster. He couldn’t stop himself and continued to build speed, jerking his dick even faster now as he started to groan.

Sara groggily awoke to see Max’s dick staring her right in the face, she didn’t have time to react before it ejaculated, hot sticky globs of cum coated her all over her face. She looked up at her younger brother, whose blue eyes stared blankly back at her, his dick rubbing along her forehead. Cum dripped down into her hair and onto her neck. Sara was not impressed, pushing Max out of the way, she sat up to wipe away the sticky mess.

“Fuuuck….” Max groaned, shaking the last few drops of his dick, slapping Sara in the face gently, “That was ‘so’ good.”

More little spurts of seed dripped down Sara’s face, she could taste it on her lips. Her eyes glared back up at Max. She wasn’t ‘upset’ or ‘mad,’ more so as she was annoyed. It wasn’t the first time her little brother had coated her in cum, she just wish he wouldn’t do it so damn early.

Max, now feeling bad about waking his sister, stood up awkwardly, taking a look at what just happened. “I’m sorry,” Max apologized quickly, “I didn’t mean to wake you, I was trying to be quiet… It’s just…”

Sara shrugged, noticing the faint trickle of sunlight starting to hit her bed, “It’s fine.” She sighed, thankful it wasn’t as early as she had guessed, “I was waking up soon anyway.”

She wiped her face down, pooling the viscous, white liquid in her hand. She doubted that her brother would be kind enough to bring a towel with him. Not wanting to make any more of a mess, Sara chose to swallow the remaining semen, an act Max watched in awe. Once clean, she looked again, at her clock this time, to see how early Max had woken her up.

“What are you doing here, it’s like six in the morning,” Sara questioned.

Max shrugged again, “I woke up with a crazy boner, I couldn’t get back to sleep.”

“So you figured you’d jerk off onto my face?” Sara asked, unimpressed.

Max couldn’t help but chuckle at the comment, “Well Mom’s sleeping with Dad, so you’re the only free woman in the house.”

Sara rolled her eyes, but she understood. In this world, sex was as common and as casual as a conversation. ‘Sexual Conversations’ some might call it. Any adult was free to approach one another and start a ‘sexual conversion’ how well received you would be could vary depending on person to person. Strangers on the street might approach Sara to casually grope and strip her.

If they both have the time, this could evolve into something more, Sara would often suck off various strangers while waiting at the bus stop for example. Fucking a stranger could be equated to having a ‘really interesting chat’ on the street, some people just didn’t have time for it and Sara could decline, no hard feelings for anyone involved. It was also considered rude to join in on another couples ‘sexual conversion’ without the proper etiquette, just like it would be rude to barge into another person’s conversation if you didn’t already know them.

Friends and families on the other hand had a lot more social cues to it. The closer you were to a person, the more leeway you’d give them. For example, when Sara was having a study session with her friends at college, she was more than happy to allow Jacob, who was one of her friend’s boyfriend, to fuck her while they worked. However Sara would never allow Jacob to kiss her unless they both had permission from her friend, kissing was seen as a close, loving act. Not necessarily romantic, she’d had close friends who Sara had, on multiple occasions, made out with but it all depended on the person, their relationship with each other and what they were comfortable with.

There was also more specific etiquette involved depending on the circumstances. Sexual preferences were respected, Sara was fine to be fingered by the two cute senior girls during orientation week, even if she would consider herself bi-curious at best, but knew Max Bomonti Escort nor her father showed any such interest in other men. There were also numerous social rules about romantic relationships versus casual sex, not getting in peoples way while they worked, or forcing someone to do something they disliked. Basically, it all summed up to, respect people, don’t be rude and make sure everyone has fun.

Max’s wake up method was an obvious example of how closer relationships would allow leeway to more intruding ‘sexual conversations’. Had simply anyone on the street walked into Sara’s bedroom and came all over her face, then she would be well within her rights to be upset. However as it was her family, and her ‘annoying’ little brother to boot, what would have been considered a social faux pas was little more than two siblings arguing with each other.

She noticed that Max was still squirming in her presence, this meant that he wasn’t done using her body. Sara didn’t even have to say anything, she simply sighed and removed her shirt, exposing her magnificent tits. Max swallowed excitedly, looking her over. His gaze then trailed up to meet hers. She couldn’t help but lick her lips.

Sara smirked seductively, she didn’t like to admit it, but she enjoyed all the attention. Placing one thumb into the side of her panties, then slowly pulled downwards until the cloth dropped down to her knees. Max slowly approached her, sitting down on the bed while his hands ran along the curves of her breasts, causing Sara to giggle slightly. He grabbed ahold of one of them, squeezing gently.

After several moments of sensual groping, Sara assumed a position that she was used to at this point, leaning all the way forward and settling her face right between her brother’s legs, looking up at him with her best ‘fuck me’ eyes as her tongue made its way over Max’s sweaty balls. Max was struggling to find words as he felt Sara started to nibble her lips against his sack.

“Fuck, Sara…fuck, fuck,” Max moaned, one hand lovingly brushing her hair.

Sara smirked at the noises Max made but made no effort to slow down, her tongue and lips worked all over his balls. Her breath hitched every once in a while as she sucked on him.

Max was struggling to stay focused. Every little nip and suck Sara made caused his heart rate to increase and his breathing to speed up. He wanted her to never stop. Sara knew Max very well, they had barely been fucking for a few months since he became a legal adult, yet she knew exactly what he liked. What started as a ‘gross joke’ from Max had since become an unspoken rule between them, a sister’s place was sucking on her brother’s sweaty nuts.

Max let out another groan as Sara’s hand made its way to his cock, giving it a loving squeeze before starting to pump and stroke it. All the while not letting up on his balls, the room was filled with all kinds of slurping and sucking sounds, heavy breathing and moans coming from the pair. Both were lost in their own little world.

After what felt like forever and nothing at the same time, Max broke out of his bliss-filled state. He turned back down to look at Sara, she continued to tongue fuck his nutsack, his balls in her mouth, licking and sucking like the best porn stars he knew. He wanted to cum, on her specifically. Instead, Max reached down to grab a hold of Sara’s head, he was ready to blow his load for the second time this morning.

Just then, their mother entered the room with her usual scowl. A tired frown set on her face. It was clear that she had been woken up by the siblings all too loud noises. This didn’t stop Max however as he ejaculated, more thick globs of cum fell down onto Sara’s forehead for the second time this morning.

Max let out a loud moan as he cummed, he tried to keep control over himself but it was no use, he was already so sensitive and the sudden sight of his mother, a rather attractive older woman, only added to the sensation. Sara, still more than a little cock-hungry, refused to stop giving Max a few more loving licks, even after noticing her mother’s presence.

“Could you kids not fuck each other so early in the morning?” Their mother groaned, she made no reaction to seeing her own children giving and reviving oral sex, it was a rather common occurrence in the household, she just wished they wouldn’t start so early.

“S-sorry Mom” Max moaned, his legs shaking from the recent orgasm, leaning into Sara’s back for support.

“Shorry Muphm” Sara moaned through a mouthful of Max’s balls, still determined to keep sucking for a little while longer.

Their mother simply rolled her eyes, annoyed but otherwise dismissive, she then walked out of the room, muttering under her breath about ‘children’ and ‘rabbits’. The door slammed shut behind her leaving Max and Sara alone in the room, they both panted, unable to speak.

Max was the first to speak once he caught his breath. “Fuck sis…” He sounded very impressed, “When did you become such a nut slut?”

“Gee, Bostancı Escort I don’t know” Sara responded sarcastically, cleaning herself off, again. “Maybe it’s from that entire month where you kept making me lick your balls.”

Max chuckled at her response. “I told you that you’d enjoy it!… Eventually.” Max retorted.

They glared at each other for a moment but soon broke out into giggles. There was no resentment from either side, simply two siblings who enjoyed playing ‘games’ with each other. They eventually calmed themselves and after a few minutes, they stopped. Max then climbed into the bed with her, there was still a few hours until sunrise. Max even took the time to initiate a short but sweet make-out session, a new, but not unwelcomed development in their relationship, before the two siblings quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms.


The sun rose a few hours later, Sara quickly fell into the same old routine as per her normal, or more accurately, Max fell into her.

Sara was jolted awake by the sensation of a hard cock slamming into her. Max had woken up a few moments earlier and had decided to put his morning wood straight to work. Sara groggily opened her eyes to see her little brother, staring back at her and fucking her at a rising pace. Sara attempted to push herself up while rubbing the crusts out of her eyes. Max immediately grabbed hold of her hips as he rolled Sara onto her back and yanked her back into him.

Sara gasped as she slid deeper onto her brother’s dick, Max groaned loudly, his eyes squeezed closed. He moved his hands to grab hold of Sara’s ass as he rode her roughly. He kept slamming into her without warning or care of Sara’s half-awake state. Sara’s moans grew louder and louder as she slowly woke up, her hips bucking forward in response, pulling herself further up onto Max’ shaft.

As Max continued pounding into her, his head fell backwards, lost in the moment. He let loose a deep primal growl, He felt like he was about to explode.

Sara looked up at her brother with wide eyes. “G-good morning Lil bro” Sara moaned as Max continued to relentlessly thrust into her, “Are you trying to cum inside me?”

Max only responded with a similar growl as he sped up his pace. Sara wasn’t new to ‘wake up sex,’ it was quite a common occurrence, especially whenever she slept with a guy. Once the initial shock and grogginess faded, Sara was just as involved in the fucking as Max was.

“Oh Fuck! That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck your sister!” She moaned out, egging him on.

Max responded by placing his hand onto Sara’s throat, she let out a sensual moan as he gently squeezed. Max knew exactly the right amount of pressure to choke her sister erotically. He ran his tongue across her tits and up her neck and he continued to fuck her into the bed. Sara couldn’t help but enjoy Max being so rough with her as she felt herself getting closer to the climax she so craved.

“Max! Oh my God! Please, please, Max! I’m almost there!” Sara called out in between breaths, she was now panting from the intense pleasure.

Max could feel Sara’s body tensing up and clenching around his cock. He began slamming into her, increasing the tempo he had going on in her body. The friction was starting to drive Sara crazy, as her body became tighter and tighter around her brother’s dick.

Sara didn’t take long to reach her limit. She screamed loudly in pleasure as her body convulsed with pleasure, surrendering to the orgasm. Max held tightly to her body, not wanting to give up his prize. With a final surge, Max came, too, releasing hot cum into Sara’s warm cunt.

Max’s whole body shuddered as he released into Sara. She clutched onto his surprisingly muscular shoulders with everything she had, her head thrown back in ecstasy. As soon as Max finished emptying himself inside her, he collapsed next to her in exhaustion. Both lay in silence, exhausted from the intense sex.

As she felt the warm flood of semen filling her pussy, Sara knew she didn’t have to worry about being impregnated, with modern medicine being what it was, accidental pregnancies were a thing of the past. In a world of ‘free use’ sex, creating a child could only be achieved by either the very determined, or the very stupid, Sara was neither.

“Wow,” Sara panted, “I can always count on my little brother to wake me up just right.”

Max snorted and giggled quietly to himself. He loved when Sara talked like that to him, he loved it when they shared intimate moments together, whenever they were alone, especially since they weren’t allowed to do that when their parents were around.

While a ‘close’ relationship with your family was common, it was generally expected most people would also look for a close relationship outside of the family. While not illegal, it was ‘highly encouraged’ not to get romantically involved with one’s immediate family. Their parents were both fine with the siblings non-stop fucking, but would probably frown if they ‘only’ fucked Esenyurt Escort each other. Regardless, Max couldn’t help but harbor a ‘small’ crush on his sister.

“Come on little bro, let’s go downstairs and eat breakfast,” Sara said, sitting up and stretching her arms above her head.

Max nodded and got up, adjusting his clothes and followed Sara downstairs.


Sara and Max sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Their mother also joined with them in the middle, as the three ate bowls of cereal.

“Didn’t think I could get you to cum so early in the day.” Max sighed happily, speaking to Sara.

“I’m as surprised as you are,” Sara joked back, “You usually only care about yourself.”

“Hey!” Max scoffed, “You know I hate doing anything that requires restraint.”

Their mother simply shook her head and smirked. “You kids keep fucking like rabbits so early and we might have to kick you two out.” Their mother teased.

Sara and Max laughed, Sara knew her mother was exaggerating, but the idea of moving out with her brother lingered in her mind. The three of them continued to chat until their father came downstairs to join them.

Their father was shirtless and wearing sweatpants. He was also a rather attractive man, no model or anything, but still handsome, at least Sara thought so. He’d often oversleep on weekends, so it was a rare occurrence to see him awake for breakfast. He walked by Max, patting his son on the head before moving to his wife giving her a loving peck on the cheek, then he stood behind Sara.

Grabbing her shoulders softly and gently moving his hands down into the open neck of her shirt to grope two nice handfuls of her breasts. This was paired with a long, deep and loving kiss. His tongue working against Sara’s. The two of them began making out passionately in the kitchen.

Her father was the first man Sara had ever kissed. Back during her 18th birthday, her father did his duty as the closest man to her and introduced her to all the wonders and pleasures of ‘sexual conversation’. It was reasonably common for parents to kiss, fondle and fuck their children once they come of age. Though it was also a rare treat in Sara’s eyes, ‘Daddy’ was often so busy and Sara had Max to ‘take care’ of.

Max watched on with enthusiasm as his father groped and fondled Sara, His mother simple continued to eat breakfast as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. It didn’t take long before Sara pulled her father’s cock was out. She got to work, sucking and licking on his dick.

“Daddy!” she moaned, adding a ‘whine’ to her speech that Max had coined ‘Princess Voice,’ “I love the taste of your cock!”

Their father groaned loudly, his cock was throbbing.

“Sara!” he groaned, “Baby! You little devil…you’re killing me…”

She kissed the tip of his dick softly. “Are you going to give me a nice, creamy reward, Daddy?” she begged, making the most submissive puppy eyes at her father.

Her father’s eyes widened at the sight of her face. She was too cute to deny. She had a ‘special’ way of acting with him. He couldn’t say no to his ‘princess’ as she constantly asked him to take better care of her and to treat her well.

“Please daddy, you promised!” Sara whined, Her father had only come down for breakfast, but he did remember promising that he’d give her more attention next time he had the spare time.

He couldn’t hold back anymore, with a sigh, her father placed two firm hands on the back of Sara’s head. He pulled her down and started to mercilessly face fuck her and Sara loved it.

She loved being dominated by men. It was her biggest weakness, living in a ‘Free Use’ world didn’t automatically make anyone submissive, but Sara certainly was. Max, her Father and every other guy that she was relatively close to her could always rely on triggering her submissive side. She might act like a brat at times, especially to Max, but give her a good, rough dicking and every single time she would smile like an idiot.

Max continued to watch with awe as his sister’s mouth was being used as a cunt. He barely noticed that his mother had also made moves to get intimate with him. He couldn’t stop staring at his sister, once she realized he was watching, she gave him a wink as she went about to gag harder on her father’s cock. Her eyes were filled with lust as she licked her lips into the fleshy part of this cock. Max felt butterflies form in his stomach, she looked amazing. While he watched on, Max’s mother wrapped her hand around his now exposed cock, he was happy to also be receiving some ‘parental motherly attention’.

Nobody spoke as the kitchen was filled with moans and groans, both Max and his Father were on the verge of cumming thanks to the respective women in the room. The father was the first to blow, shooting a hot glob of sticky cum all over Sara, in her mouth, on her face and even into her cereal bowl. This was followed by Max, who ejaculated right into his mother’s hand.

Both women had the proudest grins on their faces as they cleaned themselves up, Their Father walked off, nonchalantly to get a drink. Both mother and daughter sat silently, playing with the fresh cum that they had just milked, the older woman rubbing semen off her hand into a napkin while Sara lapped up the remaining spillage that had ended up in her breakfast. All in all, a great start to a wonderful day.

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