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Subject: Biking-2 Dear Readers if you like this story please donate to Nifty. They provide a rare service for free and if you want to help resources like this stay online for everyone to enjoy I am sure you can spare a few dollars. Disclaimer: This is a fictional story including sexual acts between men, teenagers and boys. If you are not into that or it is illegal for you to read please leave now. All others please enjoy. Comments welcome at ota Biking Chapter 2 When I woke up Jeremy had rolled away from me and was lying flat on his back. I leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. With his eyes closed he started smiling. He rolled onto his side and moved backwards until his body was touching mine in a perfect spoon, His Back was touching my chest and ass was pressing against my cock. He stretched his legs so they would touch mine. I put my arm over his shoulder and pulled into a hug. with his left arm Jeremy grabbed my wrist and led my hand over his stomach down to his crotch to show me his cock was hard and then guided it to rest on his belly. I kissed him on the neck and felt my cock harden between his buttcheeks. Jeremy tightened his butt a few times as if he was trying to grab my cock with his cheeks but then relaxed. His breathing got slower and he was beginning to fall asleep again. I kissed him on the neck again ‘Wanna go biking?’ He nodded his head but kept his eyes closed. With a swift motion I pulled the blanket off of both of us ‘Then let’s get up’ Jeremy turned around in the spoon with a grunt and forced his right leg in between my legs. He put his arm around my waist and pulled his upper body in so his head was resting against my chest. I could feel his cock press into mine. I caressed the back of his head with my hand. His stubbly hair had become much softer over night. I guess it had just grown a tiny bit. Jeremy opened his eyes and looked up to me. I gave him a gentle kiss on the lips ‘Good morning’. ‘Good morning’ ‘Let’s get up’ I said It was as if flipped a switch. The cute sleepy naked black boy turned into a (still cute) Sonic the hedgehog. He jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to relieve his bladder. I followed him and handed him a new toothbrush while he was still sitting on the toilet. We brushed our teeth and washed our faces. I suggested to take a shower after the bike ride. We got dressed. I did wear my bike jersey again and Jeremy wore his freshly washed clothes. We headed into the kitchen and I made two protein shakes for us. ‘Better to have breakfast after cycling’ I said ‘This tastes great’ he replied ‘like a vanilla shake’ We went to the garage and I explained my old bike to Jeremy. The gearshift was different and also the riding position was a lot more upright. We started riding and after 5 minutes Jeremy proclaimed ‘Wow – I love this bike – it rides really well’ ‘If you say so’ I smiled We started on the round. After about 20 minutes on the road we reached my morning tour highlight which was a small forest with a lake at the center. Mostly we were paddeling fast but relaxed but Jeremy engaged me into a few sprints which were fun on the forrests soil and while he tried really hard to beat me he didn’t stand a chance. ‘Wow you are really good’ he said ‘I wish – but the difference is really the bike’ I responded. ‘I don’t think so’ ‘Let’s switch’ We switched bikes and raced again. Jeremy still didn’t catch me but kept up much better. We stopped and he was panting. ‘Number one – you are really good – Number two – I might love your old bike a little less after riding your new one’ ‘I know what you mean’ I said Jeremy peeled off his t-shirt which was soaked with sweat. His brown body was glistening with a golden glow in the light of the rising sun. ‘What?’ he asked ‘Everything I could say would sound cheesy and not express my emotions’ I smiled He raised his arm and smelled his own armpit ‘I am going to smell cheesy soon and you just washed my clothes’ ‘Follow me I have an idea.’ I pushed my bike into a thicker part of the forest. The sunbeams coming through the trees looked almost magical. Jeremy followed me. After about 5 minutes we reached the lake. Coming out of the forest there was a small strip of grass leading up to the water. The sun was rising directly in front of us and created a million reflections on the lake. I dropped my bike and sat down on the grass and Jeremy sat down next to me. ‘This is beautiful’ he said He moved right next to me put his arm around my waist and his head on my shoulder. ‘Wanna go for a swim?’ I asked ‘Sure’ We got up and Jeremy was facing me. ‘I really like your bike jersey’ He reached out and touched my chest. With his flat hand he slowly circled down over my chest to my stomach and then finally to my cock which was already throbbing and waiting for his hand to find it. ‘I really like your cock too’ he said giving it a squeeze. He reached up and pulled down the zipper of the jersey. He rolled the top part over my shoulders and down to my hips. Then knelt pulling down the pants manisa escort to my feet and I stepped out of them. My cock was dangling right before Jeremy’s face. He put his left hand on my hip and with his right hand he reached for my balls. He inspected my cock with his eyes just being an inch away. He slowly massaged my balls. He put his tongue out and licked carefully over my cockhead as if he was trying to test the flavour. I guess he didn’t get anything so he opened his mouth and pushed it over my cock and sort of just held it there for a few seconds before sliding further up and back a few times. He pulled away ‘It doesn’t taste like anything but it feels good’ ‘Sure feels good to me’ I said He made a motion to continue but I stopped him. ‘Let’s swim’ He got up and I knelt down in front of him. I unbuttoned his jeans and revealed his underwear. They were white jockey briefs with thin blue horizontal striped. He was hard and his cock was kept in an left upward angle by the brief. I gave his cock a squeeze ‘I like your cock too’ He laughed. His jeans were so skinny and he was wet with sweat I had to sort of roll them down together with his underwear and then he had to raise each leg for me to pull them off. Since his cock was now right in front of my face I returned the favor and gave it a few licks and a few seconds of sucking. That boy’s sweat tasted good. ‘Let’s go’ I said and ran towards the lake Jeremy was very quick and passed me within seconds running into the water. He started jumping ‘Whoa – it’s cold’ It was true it was cold but I tried to be manly and walked over to him and put my arms around his naked wet body. He leaned against me and I could feel him shiver. ‘Come on we need to keep moving to get warm’ I started swimming and he followed me. We got adjusted to the temperature after a minute and were just splashing around. ‘I have never gone skinny dipping before’ Jeremy admitted ‘There is a first time for everything’ I said Jeremy laughed ‘You are my first time for everything’ I gave a cheesy smile ‘I am so honoured’ He laughed and splashed me with water and I laughed too. We got out of the water and lay down on the grass naked to let ourselves dry. The sun had risen hire and it was quite warm now. Jeremy got his phone out of his jeans rolled over to me and took a selfie of us and showed it to me. ‘Thank god it only shows our upper body’ I said ‘Yes’ he smiled cheekily ‘but I will always remember this moment as it really was’ His smile was so warm and honest. Every Moment with Jeremy seemed like one I never wanted to end. After resting for a while we got dressed and got back on our bikes to finish the tour. A little plan formed in my mind and I took a detour so we finished our round at the bike shop where I had bought my new bike and my jersey the day before. We drove inside and were greeted by Tom the owner of the shop. ‘Hello boys what can I do you for’ ‘Hi Tom this young man’s name is Jeremy and he has a birthday coming up’ I said ‘I was wondering to upgrade my old bike to make it as good as my new bike?’ Jeremy’s stared at me with an open mouth. I smiled and I could see his eyes were becoming a bit watery. He leaned the bike against a pillar and came over and gave me one of the tightest hugs I have ever received ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’ I felt a bit embarrassed in front of Tom and slowly shoved Jeremy off me. ‘So what do you think Tom?’ I asked ‘You are in luck’ he said ‘The frame is pretty much the only thing that isn’t crap on that bike. We could replace everything else with nicer components’ ‘So how much I am looking at?’ I asked ‘Well your bike is a manufacturer equipped bike so I don’t have exactly those parts but something similar will run you about 600 dollars’ Tom paused ‘But?’ I asked ‘Or you could invest a little more and I can set you up with the very best parts from last season which are now on sale but your old bike will be a lot better than your new bike’ ‘Even better!’ I said ‘How much?’ ‘Around 900 for parts and labour’ I frowned a little and Tom added ‘And for 900 I can add a really nice lock’ ‘Hmm I don’t really need a lock – How about a jersey for Jeremy’ I said and Jeremy’s face lit up with excitement ‘Deal!’ said Tom and I confirmed ‘Deal!’ ‘How long will it take?’ I asked ‘I am not busy today – So if you come back im 3 hours it will be ready.’ ‘Sounds great. Do you want to try on a Jersey?’ I asked Jeremy He nodded ‘I leave you to it and will start working on the bike’ said Tom We browsed the Jersey section and Jeremy picked a few to try on. He would go into the change room and then model every jersey he tried for me. Everything looked good on him but he finally tried an all white jersey which just some short red sleeves and a red label on the chest saying ‘Specialized’. The tight white fabric contoured and contrasted his body in an incredible way. I think my jaw dropped and my dick got hard at the same time. Jeremy looked at my crotch, just said ‘This one’s the best’ and let his hand briefly slide maraş escort down from his chest to his cock. ‘I agree!’ I said ‘I am hungry – Wanna have breakfast’ I looked at my watch which was showing 10:30 already ‘or brunch?’ Jeremy nodded We found Tom and told him that we would take the white jersey that Jeremy was still wearing. Tom also lent us a bike to go back home and return later. We arrived back at my place and I made scrambled eggs and avocado toast with tomatoes for our breakfast. While I was cooking Jeremy hugged me from behind ‘I cannot believe you are giving me that bike’ ‘Believe it! I never use it anymore and I am happy to know you will ride it’ ‘I really don’t know how to explain it to my mom though’ ‘Hmm – how about you leave it here then for now and you just come over when you want to ride it?’ I suggested ‘I might come over a lot’ ‘Anytime’ I said and put the eggs on two plates while Jeremy was still hanging on my hips ‘Come sit down and eat’I said We sat at the counter and ate our breakfast then Jeremy said ‘Let me teach you how to skate!’ ‘Sure let’s try’ ‘But you have to wear long pants and shoes with flat soles’ he said ‘Let me get changed then’ I said and got off my chair I went up the stairs to the bedroom and Jeremy followed me. I was going to take off my bike jersey but he had other plans ‘Wait’ Jeremy pulled down the zipper on his white jersey and rolled it down all the way so he was basically just wearing the pants part. His abs looked somewhat more prominent know contrasted by the white pants. He came close to me and slowly pulled down my zipper and rolled down my jersey in the same way as his. Then he put his arms around me and pressed his naked chest into mine and his crotch against mine. He was moving from side to side so the little hump he cock made was flipping over shaft on each move. He put his head on my chest and I put my arms around him. We were sort of slow dancing with our cocks rubbing against each other. Jeremy knelt down and traced the outline of my cock with his index finger. Then he pulled down my jersey over my knees so my cock was sticking straight out. ‘I wanna finish what I started’ he said He held on to my hips and put his mouth over my cock. Then he slowly started moving forward and back. He stopped for a second and let my cock go. He licked his lips to make them wet and then he went down on my cock again. He put one hand around the my shaft and and moved my foreskin in sync with his mouth. He built up a lot of spit and soon his mouth and hand were sliding up and down my well lubricated cock with ease. He stopped for a second looked up at me and smiled and then went at it again. With his other hand he pushed down his pants and his 3.5 inch rock hard dick popped out. He started sucking my cock again and jerked himself off at the same time. It’d didn’t take long and he started moaning which sounded funny with my cock still in his mouth. He let out a litte ‘ugh’ and started sucking my cock really fast. I looked down and Jeremy shot his load while still sucking me. He cock was pointing up and he was bending it inwards so his spurt of cum hit him under his chest and then ran down his stomach back to his crotch. He only had that one shot but cum was oozing out of his cock and ran down on the underside over his hand and down to his tight little balls. The white cum looked so sexy on his black balls it sent me over the edge. ‘I am gonna cum too’ I said just in time and Jeremy pulled his mouth off my cock and pointed it towards his chest still jerking me off. ‘Fuck’ I said out of breath and shot my load. My first spurt landed on his left pec and ran down to his small reddish nipple. He was still jerking my cock so my second shot hit his shoulder and ran over his arm. He kept jerking and squeezed out more cum from my cock that was just dripping to the floor. Finally Jeremy stopped jerking my cock and bent forward to lick a little bit of cum from my cockhead and his finger. ‘Sorry I didn’t eat your cum’ he said. ‘Haha, don’t worry about it’ I held out my hand and pulled him up from the floor ‘let’s take a shower’ We went into the bathroom and I washed him again like I did last night but today he also washed me afterwards. He played with my cock and balls quite long but it Felt nice so I let him. We dried ourselves and got dressed. I put on some jeans and converse chucks which were the only pair I had with a flat sole. We went outside on the street in front of my house which doesn’t have a lot of traffic. Jeremy position the skateboard in front of me. ‘Put on foot on the board’ he instructed me and I put my left foot on the board ‘ok you are regular’ he said ‘regular?’ ‘Left foot we call regular – right foot we call goofy’ he explained ‘Put your left foot over the screws of the front truck and parallel to your right foot’ I did. ‘just lift you right foot up and put it back down and try not to push so the board won’t roll’ I did that too ‘now do the same thing but put you right foot on the screws above the rear mardin escort truck of the board and then step back down’ I did that a few times until he seemed satisfied ‘now lean slightly forward – put your right foot a bit ahead of the left then push until they are parallel and lift your foot up to the board’ I did that and amazingly I was rolling forward on the skateboard albeit only a few feet till it stopped. Jeremy made me do that a few times and then tought me how to step off the board while it was still rolling and how to stop it from rolling away with my foot. Then he told me how to make the push a bit longer and roll longer and faster. After 30 minutes or so I could roll down the street – stop – turn the board around and roll back. I thought my legs were well trained but the muscles on my left got tired quickly. ‘Wow it’s quite exhausting’ I said ‘Just for the first few days – you can try to ride switch – that means the other leg in the front and push with your left’ ‘I am ok’ I said ‘enough for the first day’ ‘Ok John, you did well for a first timer’ ‘Let’s go pick up the bike’ I suggested Once again we changed into the jerseys and rode back to the bike store where Tom was already expecting us. He really only had kept the frame. Everything else was new. The bike was even lighter than mine and the wheels and components even looked more premium. Jeremy and I both took the bike for a little spin around Toms Yard and it felt like a completely new bike. So smooth to shift and pedal and so light and fast. Tom had done a great job. We took a ride which was a shorter version of my evening route and were back at my house around six pm. We just sat at my kitchen counter and had a glass of water when Jeremy’s phone buzzed. ‘My mom will be home at 8 – I need to go home soon’ he said with a look of dread on his face ‘Everything ok?’ I asked ‘Yes everything is fine – I just wish I could stay with you a little longer’ ‘Yes me too’ I stood up and spread my arms and he jumped off his stair and gave me a super tight hug again. I put my arms around him and squeezed him tightly. ‘Are you coming to the skate park tomorrow?’ he asked ‘Sure – or you could come here first and join me on my afternoon ride?’ ‘Oh yes – that would be great – when should I be here?’ ‘Around 4:30?’ ‘yes!’ Jeremy collected his things and changed back into his normal clothes. While we were packing he came back three times for another hug and each one felt tighter that the last one until we were finally and the door to say goodbye ‘I will miss you’ Jeremy said ‘Me too but we will meet tomorrow, right?’ ‘Yes but still’ he looked sad. ‘Well text me when you get home and we will say good night later’ I suggested ‘yes’ there was a faint smile. I opened the door and gave him a little slap on the butt ‘Let’s go’ He gave me a final little hug ‘bye’ Then he rode off on his skateboard. I watched him till he reached the corner then I went inside. Wow what a weekend. I collected our glasses from the counter and put them in the sink. Then I got our jerseys to wash them and held up Jeremy’s to my nose but it smelled like nothing. My house seemed so empty suddenly and I felt something I didn’t feel like a long time. I felt lonely. Ding Dong. My doorbell rang. I went down and opened the door. It was Jeremy and he was crying ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked and caught him in my arms when he let himself sink into me. ‘Nothing is wrong but I felt so sad to leave and I have to tell you something’ ‘oh – what is it?’ ‘I think I am in love with you’ he said ‘Wow that’s a big word for a twelve year old’ ‘But it’s true’ he insisted ‘Are you sure it’s not just the new sex and new bike that make your head spin?’ ‘No no it’s not that – well maybe a little – but remember when I fell and broke my skateboard’ ‘Of course I remember’ ‘When you helped me you looked so worried – like you really care about me’ ‘of course I care about you’ ‘I knew you were watching me – That’s why I always practice close to you – but that day you took care of me and then you gave me a skateboard and you told me to wear my t-shirt and not to get injured’ ‘I remember’ I said ‘When I am with you my stomach feels weird and my heart feels like it’s being squeezed – and I felt sad when you left every day even before this weekend – that’s why I think I am in love with you’ ‘Jeremy – I came to the skatepark every day just to watch you. And before when you left I felt so lonely – and this morning when I didn’t want to say the cheesy thing my heart felt squeezed just like yours – so I guess I am in love with you too’ Jeremy held on even tighter to me. I pushed him back a little and kissed him on the forehead. He leaned forward and kissed my lips. ‘But you still have to go home’ I said He seemed much better ‘I know – but now that I said it I feel ok’ I kissed him again ‘ok then’ He picked up his skateboard and left again and once again I watched him drove off My heart also felt light now. Light and happy. Around 10 pm I got a message from Jeremy ‘Home safely – had a good talk with my mom – will tell you about it tomorrow.’ ‘Ok looking forward to tomorrow then’ ‘Me too – Good night’ he wrote followed by three red hearts ‘Good night’ I sent three hearts back … Other stories by me: Bangkok to Bali Paintings of Cusco Frenchie

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