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Subject: BIRD AND DOG 3 This follows Doug from Sheltered in Place : ) Reach out with your comment, suggestions, dirty stories and fantasies. Love hearing from you guys! Please take time to support Nifty for maintaining this great site we all love! BIRD and DOG 3 by makinbaconnaked I jumped out of Bert’s truck, looked down and saw my pants were unzipped and my cock only made it halfway in. I stuffed the little big guy back in my underpants and stumbled to my car, buttoning up on the way. As I started to drive off I realized – `I am NOT sober’. Not drunk, but stoned and still recovering from a knee buckling orgasm. My head was spinning and my legs were tingling. If I wasn’t sober then neither was Bert. I couldn’t let him get on the road like this. I looped around the gazebo and parked behind his truck again. I pulled two bottles of water out of my trunk and was going to toss one to Bert but when I got to his car door he was gone! `Dangit Bird.’ Always running off. I looked left to the gazebo. It sat on a wide circle of grass with shrubs at the base. The sun had set just before we got to the park so daylight was fading fast. Where’d he go? I didn’t have my glasses. To the right, set back a ways, was the bathrooms. It was a small stone building with ivy growing halfway up it, surrounded by trees. I could see the light from the long rectangular windows at the top of the wall. I saw a silhouette head into the men’s room. I put the water bottles in my back pockets and walked towards it. As I got closer, the sound of tree crickets chirping and katydids calling back and forth got louder. The opening had a wood timber portal and the word `MENS’ was carved into the cap stone with a small light above. Once you stepped through, there was a door painted glossy brown with the word MEN written by hand in a thick black sharpie. The door opened with a lurch and closed behind me with a long drawn out creek. I had been to this bathroom before but never at night. “Bert!” I whisper shouted. The first little room had dry stacked stone walls with a baby changing table on the back wall, to the left there was a door frame, with no door that opened to the rest of the bathroom. During the week, young dads would stop their stroller runs to change dirty diapers. One guy had his little tike on the change table and the boy was pissing in his father’s face. Made me laugh and remember how my son Adam always did the same to me. He waited til I had his diaper off then his little willy would go off like a water fountain. A fat little baby with a big smile while he tried to squirt me in the eye. It always made me laugh. I smiled thinking about it when I saw those dads. I walked through the door to the second chamber. A large tiled room that smelled like piss and disinfectant at the same time somehow. On the right there was a vanity from end to end with three sinks. Straight ahead was an opening to the third room with the toilet stalls. On the left there was a urinal trench that ran the length of the wall. There was one man standing at the piss trough wearing cargo pants and boots. “Bert?” He turned around. It wasn’t Bird. I nodded then turned to let him piss in peace. The ceiling light made a buzzing sound that echoed over dead quiet. The light made everything look dingy. I was heading for the toilet stalls when I heard a pop and a thump, then a ball skidded across the floor and hit my sneakers. It was Bert’s fucking dog toy. From his butt! Oh god. I quickly picked it up. It wasn’t as wet as I thought it would be – a little damp but not sopping wet. It was about 3″ in diameter, half yellow, half blue with nubs all around. Just then there was a short, wet, rhythmatic fart, followed by a grunt, then a single wet fart followed by another grunt. It was Bird. I stuffed the dog toy in my front pocket and walked towards the stalls. I parked my butt on the toilet and I guess, force of habit, pulled down my pants and underwear. In each partition wall there was a hole open to the other stalls. I knew what it was because, well, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I made use of one in college. I was a senior and didn’t have a girlfriend at the time so I had purple balls. One day after varsity wrestling practice, the fellas started talking about this `Calhoun Cocksucker’. It was the first I heard but apparently in the basement bathroom of Calhoun Hall this guy posted up in a stall to suck dick all afternoon. A few of them had been. They wondered who it could be and joked that they each thought it was the other. After that they decided, `what the hell’ and after practice they went together to get their knobs polished. It became a bit of a tradition but I was too shy to join in. But by midterm my stress and horniness had reached a breaking point. I told myself I needed fresh air. Then I told myself I needed to take a piss. Calhoun Hall wasn’t clear across campus but I had to pass four or five buildings to get there. I acted oblivious to my intention and walked on with aching balls. When I finally got there instead of using a urinal I stepped into a stall next to one that was already occupied. I could see `air jesus’ hiking sandals and feet. I was just there to take a whiz right? The guy next door could just be taking a shit, right? But the lure of the Calhoun Cocksucker had drawn me in. I pulled out my dick and let out a fat stream of piss. As I’m pissing two fingers appear at the bottom of the glory hole and then, “Hey Mister.” “Sir… Sir.” He keeps going back and forth between his eye and his two fingers in the hole. “Please…” and then he put his mouth up to the hole. His lips matched the color of the toilet stall partition except for the scruff all around. Pink lips with an even pinker tongue wagging me over. It took me a minute to turn towards the hole, but long story short, I let the Calhoun Cocksucker do his thing. After he sucked every bit of stress out of me he wouldn’t let go. You know those old ATM machines you stick your card into but then it won’t return your card? It was like that. He held on and went for round two… and then three. Everytime I came I shook the partition and nearly tore it off the wall. 30 mins later he finally cut me loose and I walked back to my room completely drained. As much as I wanted it to be a one time thing, I went back maybe 4 or 5 times between midterms and finals. I never felt anything like it and he was always so grateful to see me, or see my dick. I pounded his tonsils. He was escort izmit the only one that got my nut that semester. The last time he did something completely wild. He told me to turn around and he tongued my butthole! No one has done that since. I wanted to ask the fellas about it. Was he eating everyone’s butt? Did anyone find out who he was? – But now I’m sitting here on the toilet with my pants gathered around my ankles, looking over at Bert’s feet in his hiking sandals. His dog toy peeking out of my front pocket. “Hey Mister… Sir..” I heard him say through the partition. Sitting here I knew after all this time – Bird was the Calhoun Cocksucker. Is that possible? He was a freshman when I was a senior. I’d have drinks with him after getting sucked sometimes. I remember hoping the guy giving me head would hurry up cause I had to meet my brother. Would he keep me there til the last minute on purpose?? Must have been a hoot for him when we actually met up. Next time I looked over it was just sandals with no feet in them. I leaned up to look through the glory hole. Bert was lying back on the toilet with his butt hanging off the front. His shorts were around calves that were lifted up. One hand held onto a barefoot while the other… well… he was digging in his butt with a rayovac industrial flashlight. You know the kind – black and yellow and about 9″. I saw it in his glove box when he grabbed the lighter. Now it’s making sopping sounds as he fucks himself. What the heck! I shifted and Bert looked towards the hole. “Sir… Mister…” All the while toying out his own hole. Sop. Sop. Sop. “Please sir. Come into my stall. Just open the door and fucking deal with this. I’ll be such a good boy.” He raised his legs straight up to give me a better view. He held the flashlight away while his butthole gaped open about the size of a ping pong ball. I’ve never seen a male butthole before. It started sputtering and he quieted it by stuffing the black head back inside him. Well the Calhoun Cocksucker has definitely graduated. When I didn’t make a move Bert got off the toilet, lowered down, spread his knees and stuck his feet and then plump white butt under the stall. He was holding on to the flashlight sticking inside him. “Please sir.” `Poor Bird’ I thought and felt sorry for him – naked on a bathroom floor asking a stranger to do what his wife wouldn’t. His nut sack was on the floor and the smell of his ball funk was knocking me out! But I grabbed the big end of the flashlight anyway and pushed it into my little brother. I was just holding it there when he grabbed my wrist and showed me how he wanted it. He had me fuck the head in and out until his hole was gaping. Then he made me give him long strokes. After all that he showed me he wanted it faster. From his guidance I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to treat it like a pussy. To beat it up like a pussy. It was a big flashlight but it might as well have been a dildo with long ridges along the yellow shaft and thick raised ridges all around the black head. I know how to handle a pussy. I learned right the first time. I was 15. At night I would go to the bathroom to run into my dad’s freshly fucked dates. The third time I `accidentally’ ran into the girl in black panties with beautiful breasts, she was over my surprised act and said `come’ere kid’. I don’t know how many times she came that night. It had to be like 10 or more with my dad. I heard her. But I guess she needed her pussy rung out one last time. She pushed me against the sink, backed onto my dick, rocked back and forth until her pussy exploded. She sprayed me – with her juice, my dad’s cum, all of it just dripping on my balls and down my legs. Her pussy spasmed around my cock while I pumped a big teen load to replace my dad’s that she’d just pushed out. From then on I could never cum unless I made the girl squirt and wouldn’t stop until she had. So after Bert showed me how fast and how hard he wanted it, I knew to give it to him harder and faster than he asked for. He held his buttcheeks with both hands. His tan hands were such a contrast to his milk white butt that hadn’t seen a day of sun the whole summer. Even the blonde hairs on his buns were almost invisible. “Use me sir. Punish my butt.” So I gave him the fucking business. He was backing it up while the fine hairs on his butt stood on end. “Yes please. Thank you sir.” He was getting tougher and tougher to penetrate as the pressure built up in his ass. I could tell his pussy was about to squirt. But what does that mean when its a man’s ass? He pushed the toy out forcefully and exploded in a series of loud wet farts. Pop. Pop. Poppop. Pop Pop. His pucker opened and I thought he was going to push out a turd. `Oh god. Is this what gay sex is?!’ But instead he groaned as white cream squeezed out. “Geeeeeeuuuugh. Nguuuuuuuugh” He was cumming out of his ass. I stuck the flashlight back in a bit and he creamed his toy. I’ve seen a pussy cream. Hell I’ve creamed a few, but I would have never thought a man’s butt could do that. He was catching his breath and I knew we were just getting started. His butt would need a sustained beat down – a long hard dildo fuck. I decided to suck it up and give my baby brother what he needs. “Stick your hand inside me Sir.” `Aw, come on Bird.’ I had to bite my tongue. He was always taking it one step too far. But before I could even think about what to say or not say, the stall next door on the other side of him shut and locked. Bert slipped forward off the dildo/flashlight and pulled his butt in his own stall. Finally relief from his musty ballsack. I was holding the rayovac covered in his ass cream. It smelled like a fresh farm scent. I looked through the glory hole and what I saw was mesmerizing. Across berts stall was a huge black cock hanging halfway down the partition wall. My mouth watered at the site. I didn’t get to look at it for long cause Bird grabbed the dark knob and sucked his way up the shaft til his lips were on the hole. A mass of manhood lodged in his skull, chest heaving but getting no air, finally he had to choke out a breath. He grabbed on to the member with one hand and sucked on what could have only been half of it. His other hand reached and dug around in his butt with his three middle fingers. Loud sucking sounds filled the bathroom. “Gnunk gnunk gnunk gnunk.” Bert pulled back and there was a string of slobber connecting his lips to the midnight cock izmit escort bayan bobbing at eye level. “Sir… come into my stall” As the cock retreated back through the hole Bert chased it until his eye was glued to the hole. When he realized the guy was coming over, he yanked off his shirt and kicked off his shorts. He was buck naked, on his knees and knuckles like a dog waiting for his master to come home. The door opens and to my complete surprise – I knew the guy! We met during my workout sessions in the park. His name is Crowbar. He’s a dark skinned African American personal trainer in his early 30s. He trains all the finance bros at lunch and couples in afternoon. He keeps trying to get me to train with him but all his workouts are so new-fangled. Like twisting while running while weaving in and out of little traffic cones in the grass. Agility training he calls it. No thank you! He was wearing his usual clingy nylon training shirt that shows off his chest and shoulders. He has tattoos down his arms but he’s so dark you can barely make them out. He was wearing his typical grey training sweats and with black nike shoes. Bert nestled into Crow’s balls and looked up with a reverence and gratitude I’ve never seen before. “Thank you sir. I’ll be your boy. Anything you want… Anything.” Crowbar’s dick was as big as Bert’s head. Big, black, wide, uncut and shaped like a torpedo with a slight downward curve. I’d seen his swinging bulge before but now I saw the real thing up close. Although I think Bert had the better view. Haha. Bert pulled the foreskin over the head with his mouth and then gave deep throat head the best he could. His eyes were watering and he kept belching up thick throat spit. The way Crow face fucked him made me want a redo. All the times Bird sucked me I never got to make a mess of him like this. All the while my mouth is making involuntary sucking motions, like a baby rooting around for a tit. Bert’s lips were so pink on that shiny black dick. What did that dick taste like? Crow only let it go on a few minutes before he lifted and turned Bird around. “Thank you sir. Use me please.” Bird was so obedient. What I saw next was I think the horniest thing I’ve ever seen. I had a front row seat to my baby brother’s butthole obliteration. AlI could see was a white muscle bubble and a coal black horse dick pulling and pushing a stretched out ass ring. He was calling out in his short staccato moans I’d heard so many times. But I’d never seen it. Never saw my dad’s dick sawing in and out of him. The stall Crow had abandoned was soon occupied by another man. He was crouched down on big meaty knees looking from his gloryhole in on the interracial fuckshow Bird and Crow were putting on. God, was he just as horny as me watching this? I grabbed both my nipples with opposite hands, my forehead leaning on the partition. I was happy for Bird. He was finally getting what he needed. But also weirdly jealous! I grabbed my balls and dick in one mass. Just smashing them together while still rolling my nipple. I was so confused. I didn’t know which of them I wanted to be. What would I do with that big black dick? I would lay waste to every pussy in my path. I’d fuck a mother and her daughter in the same bed. I’d fuck a girl then I’d fuck her boyfirend while she watched. Make him understand what a real man felt like. On the other hand I wanted to experience a man so complete, so endowed. I wanted to be Bert. Not get fucked… but maybe just hold it. I can’t even get in a soapy finger in the shower… where was Bert putting all that cock? He just kept saying, “Fuck daddy…. So big. So full… ugh… fuck me daddy… thank you dad.” holding on the toilet seat with both hands. Fuck. Dad ruined Bird. Turned him into a toilet room cockslut. By now his legs were shaking and his words dissolved into nonsense. And then it happened, Bird creamed Crow’s cock. He grunts, creams and then lets out a shot of piss from his drawn up pecker. Three more times: “Gnuuugh” short piss. “Geeeeeeeeung” a long piss. “Uuuuunnnnngg” a long stream of piss followed by a medium stream He came out on the other side of that buttgasm hungrier and more pliable and so Crowbar just murdered his pussy. They probably only fucked for 10/15 minutes but time slowed down and I looked on in hypnotized fascination. Bert’s neighbor on the other side was watching too and obviously stroking. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Crow finished in Bird but he wasn’t done with him by far. They had drawn an audience. Besides me and Bert’s other peeping neighbor, outside the stall was a pair of work boots and a pair of wide feet in birkenstocks. Crow opened the stall door, “Come get some of this.” Boots and Birkenstocks crowded into the stall. Boots who stepped in first was a young italian looking kid (a little older than my son Adam, so maybe 20-22). His boots were rubber tipped probably covering a steel toe. He had on workers cargo pants with black knee patches. His shirt had a reflective decal with the local utility company logo on his left pec. He had a two way radio on his belt and rubber tipped work gloves sticking out of his pocket. Boots was stroking and looking around in horny disbelief. When he saw how many eyes were on him, he pulled up his camo neck gaiter to hide his face. Too bad his most distinct feature was his eyes. They were big and brown with long lashes and thick dark eyebrows on top. “Load me bro.” Bert said, holding his wet cheeks apart exposing his hole. Boots proceeded to give Bert an assertive fuck that had more youth and energy than Crow but but not the command or focus. Bert was hanging on to Crowbar’s neck just happy for more dick. Birkenstocks stepped up behind Boots to play with his nipple. First over his shirt, then he reached underneath showing us Boots flat furry tummy. “Yo Mikey!” Boots radio went off on his waistband. “How long is this shit your taking?? We got work to -” Mikey Boots turned the radio off and kept fucking. Birkenstocks was a beefy daddy in his mid 50s with massive arms and hands the size of hamhocks. He had Mikey Boots little nip between his thick fingers. The other hand he reached in his pocket and pulls out a little brown bottle. I had no idea what it was and Boots was clueless as well. Birkenstocks holds it to his own nose, inhales and then holds it to Boots nose. Boots takes a long inhale then flushes, reaches for but hesitates, then kocaeli anal yapan escort finally grabs hold of Crowbar’s massive manhood. Crow flexed his dick letting him feel the power. Mikey Boots eyes were darting around. This was all new to him. Crow held Bert by the throat while deeply kissing him. Bert was moaning into his mouth while taking it up the butt from Boots. Mikey doesn’t last long and unloads into Bird with a few strained grunts. When he turns to leave he runs into a wall of thick daddy. “You came here to piss right?” Birkenstocks said. His voice was a deep bass with a bit of a drawl. “Yeah” Boots. “Here” and the thick daddy stuck some fingers in Bert and held him open just enough. Mikey Boots filled him up with like a liter of piss. Bert was going absolutely crazy. “Oh my god. Thank you. Thank you.” “Wooooooww. Nasty ass white boy” Crowbar said. “I’m a good boy, Sir” Bert said looking up pleading. “You a nasty. ass. white. boy.” Crow said, staring him down while slapping him in the face with every word. “Yes Sir” Face red and butt filling up with pee. Poor Bird. All he wanted was for someone to tell him he was a good boy but Crow wasn’t there for that. After Boots turned Bird into a urinal he disappeared into the night. Birkenstocks steps up to the plate and kneels down so Bert’s butt is at eye level. He sniffs his little bottle and then runs his hands just barely over the fine wet hair on Bert’s buns. The touch gave Bert a shiver and a shake that ended in a wet fart right in daddy Birkenstock’s face. He couldn’t help it. A splash of piss, ass cream and I guess there were a few loads in there too. Who knows what combination of all three splashed across Birkenstock’s moustache and nose. He gasped in awe. It was like he just got baptized and was having a religious experience. “Fuuuuuuuck little buddy” he said, licking his lips trying to gather all the gravy. And then, well, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it but his hand disappeared inside my little brother. Slowly but completely. “Fuuuuuuuck.” came from the guy peeping the scene through his glory hole in the other stall. “God damnnnnn” Crow added. Bert was making guttural noises as he shat out the gigantic paw followed by a loud gush of Mikey Boots piss. He had one foot on top of the other, both hands on either partition wall, rocking back and forth feeling overwhelmed but ultimately deciding he was empty and needed more. “Please dad make me your puppet” Birkenstocks obliged and fisted him into a fucking froth. With his free hand he grabbed hold and smashed Bert’s balls. “Thank you daddy. Trash this pussy please. Just wreck it.” “That’s the plan son. Gonna make a mess of this pup cunt.” Bert hummed. Desperate. Horny. Appreciative. Crow shifted to see better but wound up blocking my view. All I could see was shiny black buttcheek pressed against the hole for a minute or two! I was missing everything so I closed my eyes, leaned forward, and licked his buttcheek through the hole. It had the desired effect. He was startled and moved from blocking my view. I could taste him on my tongue – dark and salty. Damn. (Side thought: I need him to be my trainer.) When I re-established visibility, everyone was taking part in a sort of horny communion passing the little brown bottle around. The last person handing it back managed to spill some right at my feet. It hit me in a rush. What the fuck. – Everything around the edges fell away or maybe everything came to the center. The chorus of tree crickets on a summer night was under the buzz of the ceiling lights with every other sound layered on top. The sloppy sound of a big meaty hand pounding puffy butt pussy. Birkenstocks humming around Crowbar’s huge black dick now at full mast. Bert blubbering around the cock of his neighbor through the glory hole. I guess he joined the party during the black butt eclipse. The main smell was fresh piss over the smell of stale piss. Sweaty balls and cum were in the mix but the best smell was Bert’s butt cream which floated on top of everything. Seeing a thick hairy arm buried in Bert’s smooth white butt. Bert’s copper fuzzy forearm against Crowbar’s smooth dark midsection. The whole scene – sight, sound and smell… it was just male on male perfection. Everything made sense. All these men enjoying themselves in the most basic and honest way. Now I understood what Dad and Bird were up to all those years. This is how Adam and Austin spend their time too. Austin getting his little butt busted every other day. Fuck. I can’t even imagine watching that. – The effect of the spilled liquid tapered off but now I felt a part of the scene I was spying on. Bird kicked his sucking motion into high gear and was rewarded when his neighbor howled then fired off down his throat. Bird whimpered swallowing another load of semen while daddy Birkenstocks was just wailing him – punching him square in the butt. Bird is gushing piss but this time from his drawn up dick because his bladder’s getting pummeled. The horny scene is more than Crowbar can take and so he let’s go of his second load right across Birkenstock’s thick moustache. Birkenstock, baptized for the second time and manhandling himself, milks out his daddy load. I’ve been stroking and pinching my nipple the whole time and finally splash the partition with a load that is bigger than what Bird got earlier I think. Everyone’s panting and weighing a possible round two when Bert’s phone starts to ring. I knew the ringtone. It was Sasha (his wife). I knew he knew too and that it was not a call you let go to voicemail, not at this hour. Thus the special ringtone. He scrambled for his shorts, digging out his phone racing to pick up in time. The next call might be a FaceTime. He got it. “Hiiiii honey,” Bert said, catching his breath. I could hear Sasha through the phone. Standard wife checking in while her husband is naked in a toilet stall dripping cum from every orifice standing a puddle of piss that got fisted out of him. “I’m still here with Dog, I mean Doug…” That was true but he didn’t know that. He stepped his piss soaked feet into his hiking sandals and reached for his shirt. Crowbar and Birkenstocks made their exit at some point. “The twins sleeping alright?” He managed to put on his shirt while giving an “uh huh” here and there. “Alright honey, well I’ll get on the road soon. Be there in a bit” then he hung up and bent over to pick up the rayovac flashlight standing on end next to my feet. He shoved it up his butt to the hilt before pulling up his underwear and cargo shorts. He leaned down to my glory hole “Thank you sir. Maybe next time I’ll get to suck you.” And then he left.

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