20 Aralık 2022

Birds, Bees and Booze Ch. 06



After all the sex in the last several hours, including most recently fucking each other on the kitchen counter, my daughter and I were truly sexually spent for the time being. The poor girl, who had been a virgin just the previous day, was now quite sore in her tender pussy. My balls were thoroughly drained, and amazingly my dick was a bit sore, too. I had no complaints whatsoever about my wife’s wonderful smooth pussy, but nothing had prepared me for just how impossibly tight my young 18-year-old daughter was.

We remained naked, as was our promise, and threw together a lunch of sandwiches and chips no differently than had we still been no more than daddy and daughter. Over lunch Cait pondered about what might be on Netflix or Hulu, and after cleaning up from lunch we went to the TV room to find out. We took turns binge-watching a few episodes of the show she liked (Orange is the New Black), then episodes of one I liked (House of Cards). We cuddled the whole time, enjoying the sensual feeling of pressing our nude bodies together, yet not letting it automatically lead to sex. On occasion, my cock would grow mostly erect, and she would smile at it, sometimes pat or stoke it lightly, but only in a kind of absent-minded way while we watched TV.

Another thing we promised one another was to let each other watch as one or the other went pee. Twice during our shows, I had to pee, and twice she had to go too. The second time for both of us was at the same time, so we had a little fun with that. Instead of taking turns on the toilet, we went to the big shower in the master bathroom, and while she sort of squatted and started squirting directly into the drain, I stood near her and aimed my stream toward the same target. It was funny and weird and erotic at the same time. We giggled so much that we kept missing the target and peeing on each other’s feet and legs. When we were done I turned on the water so that we could rinse off.

I also got a full erection as we rinsed off, and Cait offered to give me a BJ or stroke me to get me off. It was tempting, but I told her I wanted to “recharge my batteries” a bit more until she was ready to take me into her pussy again. She smiled.

“Won’t be long,” she promised.

The binge-watching burned away several hours, and we were both surprised to find, that it had gotten dark. It was time for yet another meal, but I suddenly realized there wasn’t much left to eat in the house. Way, way before even the slightest thought of sexual happenings between my daughter and me, I had sort of planned out the weekend of having a nice meal and The Talk on Friday, which we did, then going out to dinner and/or a movie tonight. I mentioned as much to Cait.

“But that would mean putting on clothes,” she said, making her tone sound mockingly pouty.

I laughed. “Well, we can order a pizza or Chinese. We’d only have to be dressed for a few minutes to collect and pay for the food.”

“Sounds like a plan, Daddy, but you get dressed for that. I will stay naked and hide behind the door.”

I laughed again. “So naughty.”

We settled on Chinese food, because Cait always thought it was cool to eat directly out of the boxes like they always do on TV. While waiting for the food to arrive, Cait suggested we have a drink.

“Seriously?” I asked. “A drink drink?” I nodded toward the bar.

“Yes. Make me another cocktail.”

“I’ve created a monster.”

Cait sauntered nakedly over to the bar and then leaned against it, seductively jutting out her hips and ass toward me, giving her butt a little wiggle.

“Pleeeeeeease, Daddy?”

My cock twitched. I stepped over to the bar, but before I got behind it I gave my daughter’s ass a nice playful slap.

“Ooooo, Daddy! You can do that anytime!”

I grinned in anticipation and said, “Go fetch us some ice, my love.”

I made another gin martini for myself, and a Lemon Drop for Cait this time. We were suddenly in a setting almost identical to the previous night…only we were now naked, of course.

Cait apparently realized this herself, because she said, “Seems like it’s time for another round of the Birds and the Bees.”

I allowed myself to stare openly at her large tits. “So beautiful…”

“Daddy,” she said playfully, “my eyes are up here!”

“Ha!” I retorted. I raised my glass, she did the same and we clinked. “Okay, ask away, pumpkin.”

“Besides me and Mom, how many lovers have you had?”

“Not many,” I said, honestly. “I only had sex with three women before I met your mom. We got together in college and never looked back.”

“So that’s over twenty years with just Mom. You didn’t fool around?”

She asked that rather casually. I asked, “Would that bother you if I had?”

She pondered. “I don’t think I would like it, no, and of course that would be a horrible thing to do to Mom. But I know guys are pigs.”

I chuckled. “Well, you’ll bursa escort be happy to know that I was perfectly faithful to your mom this entire time.”

“That’s great, Daddy,” Cait said. But then she suddenly straightened, causing her tits to giggle, and grinned. “But wow, that means I’m the only girl you’ve had since you’ve been with Mom!”

I looked at her carefully. Oddly enough, it simply didn’t register to Cait, or she simply didn’t equate to it, that I was cheating on my wife—with her!”

I responded to her direct statement: “That’s right, pumpkin, just you.”

She stepped around the bar and leaned up on her tip-toes to kiss me. “That’s awesome, Daddy. I’m a lucky girl.”

“I think we’re both quite lucky, baby,” I said as the doorbell rang.

I set my glass down, ran to the kitchen for to put on my robe, then went to the door to deal with the food delivery. On my way, I passed the bar again, and now Cait was behind it. She had taken a large bottle of gin and a large bottle of tequila and strategically placed them so that her breasts were censored if the delivery guy looked over at the bar and saw her standing there.

Which he did.

It was a scary yet thrilling moment. While signing for the food I noticed the delivery kid, probably no more than 20, look over toward Cait. She, in turn, simply stood there and grinned back. I was thankful to see that her nudity was obscured by the bottles—she could have easily been wearing a low-cut cocktail dress. I’m sure the guy was trying to piece together our situation. I was in a robe, I had this young woman with me. It would never occur to him that he was in this moment witnessing a completely incestuous relationship. I gave him a good tip and got him on his way as quickly as I could.

When the door closed, I locked it and set the bag containing the food on a side table. I turned, slipped out of my robe (drawing applause from Cait), then picked up the food again. I enjoyed the view of her finally emerging from behind the bar. No matter who much I got to see her nude little body, it always took my breath away.

I cleared my throat and asked, “What was that all about?”

“That was soooo scary! My heart is still racing! But was it funny?”

“Yes, pumpkin, it was funny.” I gave her a kiss, then gestured the TV room with the food. “Hungry?”


We stuffed ourselves with MSG while watching more Netflix. At one point during a show, I glanced over at her, and I noted she had a perpetual booze-induced grin on her face. It was funny, I was now having an incestuous relationship with my own daughter, but I found myself concerned about whether I should allow her to keep drinking. As a compromise, after that first cocktail I limited her to strictly beer or wine, no more Scotch for sure!

When we finished dinner, we leaned back together on the big couch. Although the show we were watching wasn’t quite over, on an impulse Cait picked up the remote and clicked the pause. She leaned her head on my chest and looked up at me. I allowed a free hand to reach down and play with her adorable round bottom while I looked right back at her.

“Tell me about those other girls,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“The three other girls, before Mom.”

“Really? You want to hear about them? That was so long ago.”

“This is part of my education,” Cait said. “I’m really curious to know what they were like, what you did with them, how they made you feel.”

Any guy will admit, if he’s being honest, that he feels pretty macho when he gets a chance to brag about past lovers. Yes, men are pigs. But I really did not have an extensive sexual history, certainly not compared to some of my playboy buddies.

I sipped some beer and said, “Okay, what would you like to know?”

“Just start with the first one. Tell me about the time you lost your virginity.”

I laughed. “Oh my, we’re going back to the Dark Ages.”

She tickled me. “Oh, come on Daddy, you’re not that old!”

I smiled at her. She was 18 now, and I was 45. When she turned 38, still in her sexual prime, I would be 65. Would we still be lovers then? Would I still be “not that old?”

“Okay,” I said. “Let’s see…I had just turned eighteen, she was the same age. Her name was Shannon. It was a classic summer camp fling. We were both camp counselors. Prior to that time, I had only kissed another counselor the previous summer camp. I was a late bloomer when it came to sex. I was so innocent. Like you.”

“Innocent, you say?” She suddenly licked my nipple, causing me to start. “Not so innocent any more, Daddy.” She winked, but she wanted to stay on track: “How did it happen? How did it lead up to intercourse?” It was funny to hear her use such a formal term.

“Well, it really did start out quite innocently. There were several evenings, a bunch of us just hanging out around the campfire. Shannon and I got to talking, and we always seemed to be sitting next bursa escort bayan to each other each evening. One night she grabbed my hand, and that’s all we did that first night, just hold hands.”

“Awwww,” Cait said, “So cute.” She shifted slightly so she could take my hand, and we intertwined our fingers.

Enjoying the memories this was bringing up, I continued. “The next evening, we held hands again, and then I asked if she wanted to walk along the river. She agreed, and we got up and split from the group. As soon as we were out of eyesight of the group we locked lips and started making out like the clumsy horny teenagers we were.”

Cait leaned up and put her lips to mine. We kissed for a few minutes, our tongues intertwining. When we broke, she said, “You’re a good kisser, Daddy.”

“Thank you, baby. I don’t know that I was all that good back then, but fortunately I don’t think Shannon was any more experienced to know the difference. So, we made out for what seemed like hours. Over the next couple of days, things progressed to a lot of petting. She had very large breasts for her age, and I was obsessed with them.”

“Are my breasts big, Daddy?” Cait asked. She turned to jut her tits up toward me. I cupped one and hefted it.

“They are, pumpkin. They’re huge, actually. I can’t get enough of them!”

“So, this Shannon made you a boob man!”

I chuckled, “Yes, I suppose she did. I’m glad your mom has large breasts, and you!”

“Mmm…keep squeezing my boobs, Daddy, and keep going with the story.”

“Okay, where were we…I remember, a few days before we ended up going ‘all the way,’ we found ourselves in a large grassy field. It was a clear, warm night, and we were laying down on the grass. It was tall enough to obscure us from anyone walking by, unless they stumbled right over us. We were in the middle of one of our long, long make-out sessions. Up to this point, we had definitely felt each other up, but mostly over the clothes, and she had yet to go anywhere near touching my crotch. We did a lot of grinding, my crotch against hers, but no more than that.”

“Poor thing, you must’ve had serious blue balls!”

“Oh yes,” I laughed, “but again, I was young and innocent, so it was all fun, not really frustrating. And fortunately, I wouldn’t be suffering from blue balls long on this night. We were making out, as I said, and then I felt Shannon’s hand going lower and lower, and finally she brushed it over the front of my pants. It felt so good!”

“I bet it did,” Cait said, and she moved her legs so that the side of her naked knee was now brushing back and forth against my semi-erect penis.

“I thought I had died and gone to heaven just having Shannon massage my erection through my jeans, but to my amazement, she eventually started digging her hand inside my pants. For the first time, I felt a hand other than my own touch my penis.”

“Hurray!” Cait said cheerfully. And she also reached down and gently touched my penis. I started growing hard.

“Shannon felt around down there for a while, and she let me start feeling her up under her shirt for the first time. It wasn’t long before I got my hand under her bra and started feeling my first tit ever.” I massaged my daughter’s breast again as I said this. “We fumbled around like this for a while, then things progressed further: Shannon started fiddling with my belt and zipper.”

“Lucky boy.”

“Yes, oh yes,” I said, sighing as Cait closed her slender fingers around the head of my cock, tugging ever so gently. “I helped Shannon get my pants and underwear down around my ankles, and for the next several minutes I died and went to Heaven as Shannon started stroking and pulling and rubbing on my teenage dick. I remember looking up at the bright stars in the sky, just luxuriating in the feeling of a soft female hand masturbating me.”

“Like this?” Cait asked, starting to stroke me with a regular rhythm now.

“Yes…yes, baby, just like that.” I let me head drop back onto the cushion as I reveled in Cait’s stroking touch. I struggled to continue my story: “I was now as eager to feel—and see—more of Shannon’s private parts, and she made no protests to me eventually getting her shirt and bra off. In the bright light of the stars I studied every inch of her creamy breasts, and I instinctively dove in on her perfect, hard nipples.” As I said this I got one of Cait’s hard nipples between my fingers, and I squeezed a little.”

“Oh, Daddy!”

“I also pushed my fingers down the front of Shannon’s pants, under her panties, and—very clumsily, I’m sure—I started fingering her.” I moved my other hand from Cait’s butt, a little lower, until I could push into her moist pussy with my finger.

Cait moaned and writhed in pleasure. Breathlessly she said, “Keep going.”

I knew she meant that both physically and narratively, so I went on. “Shannon undid her pants to allow me a little less restricted access, but on this particular night escort bursa they weren’t going to come off.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“No, it’s okay, baby,” I said. “I really didn’t mind, and honestly I didn’t think sex would happen that night. It was definitely nice enough to feel her keep stroking me. As she did she got better and better at it, especially when I put my hand over hers and gently guided her on how I liked to be stroked, how I liked the skin of my shaft to move up and down just so.”

I let go of Cait’s nipple with the one hand to cover her hand around my cock. I guided her into a slightly different manner of stroking that matched better to how I would have been jerking myself off had I been alone.

I said, “I don’t know quite how long I lasted, but the moment itself seemed to last forever, at least in my memory as I look fondly back on it. Of course, it did not last forever, and eventually I started feeling the sensation of getting ready to cum.”

Cait started stroking me faster, more firmly. And I felt my balls tingle.

“Shannon herself seemed to get more and more excited about the fact that she was going to make me cum, and she started pumping her fist faster and faster.”

Cait sped her jerking, and I started gasping in pleasure.

Breathlessly I said, “While Shannon kept stroking me, I moved so that I was now straddling her. I reached down and played with her tits as she jerked off my raging erection just over her stomach.”

In time with my story, I shifted and threw a leg over Cait. Her legs were closed, and I straddled her while she stroked me, faster and faster, with both hands now, a blur over my throbbing cock.

“Finally, I could take no more. I didn’t warn Shannon, but I know she felt me starting to tense up and convulse as I began to ejaculate.”

“Yes,” Cait said, “Yes! Tell me!”

“Oh god,” I said, feeling my own pending orgasm. “I came and came, I squirted my cum all over Shannon’s tits and tummy. I just exploded all over her.”

“Yes!” Cait said again, “Show me how you came, Daddy. Let me see you cum!”

“Oh baby,” I cried out, “I will show you! I’m cumming—oh fucking god I’m cumming!”

An instant later I felt nothing but pure pleasure as my cock jerked in Cait’s hands, and I squirted several long, thick, warm ropes of semen in lines across her naked torso. My cum blasted all over her heaving tits, between them, and down along her stomach.

“Oh god!” Cait cried out, watching each blast of my cum. “Look at you cum, Daddy! So much cum!”

It was definitely a lot of cum, I had to admit. How was I producing so much! It was like I was my teenage self again, and the intensity of cumming all over my daughter was heightened but the fond, wonderful memories of being with Shannon, my first lover as a kid.

Cait instinctively knew to slow and eventually stop her stroking as my orgasm subdued to the point where only a residual amount of semen oozed from the tip of my dick. I let myself collapse again at her side, and we both lay there, breathing heavily, basking in the moment.

Between breaths, my daughter said, “That was amazing, Daddy! And you haven’t even fucked her at this point yet!”

I laughed, “No, not yet.”

“So, when did it happen?”

“Not long after, a couple of days later, in her tent.”

“Do tell!”

I glanced at Cait. She had made no move to clean my sticky semen off of her, and I was perfectly okay with that. I said, “We progressed with some mutual masturbation the next couple of nights. We never really talked about it, but we seemed to both realize this was very likely going to lead to actual sex. I remember being slightly worried, because I didn’t have any condoms.”

“What did you do?”

“A buddy of mine, with whom I was sharing a tent on boys’ side of the camp, had condoms. He had started having sex with his girlfriend in school a few months prior to this point. I asked to have a couple, and he was happy to give them to me.”

“Lucky you.”

“Yep. He also helped me arrange the friends we had made there, including Shannon’s tent-mate, to go enjoy another evening campfire, which gave us the privacy to go into her tent and then…”

“Your first time.” Cait reached over and touched my now-flaccid penis. “Tell me.”

I shrugged. “Not really much to tell, actually. It was awkward. It was quick. It was awesome. We got naked in her sleeping bag. It was rather dark, so I couldn’t see much, but it was an amazing feeling to finally press my naked body against her naked body. We made out and fondled and grinded for a while. Then I finally reached for the condom wrapper.”

“I’m so glad we don’t have to use condoms,” my daughter said, absently. Perfection.

“I remember having trouble putting it on correctly. Shannon just lay there and waited for me to figure it out. I eventually got it on, my first time ever wearing a rubber, then started moving between her legs. Shannon helped guide me to her opening, and I pushed in.”

“Was your penis as big back then as it is now?”

I gave her a cocky grin. “Pretty much.”

“Poor girl, I know how she feels,” Cait said, and we both laughed.

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