21 Mayıs 2023

Black Lesbian Love Stories


“Yasmeen, um, when I see you, I feel things, and I honestly don’t know what to do about that,” Jannah Kafando said softly, her voice barely above a whisper. Standing there with her hands in her pockets, clad in a long-sleeved red T-shirt featuring the smiling face of U.S. President Barack Obama, blue jeans and black Timberland shoes, her long black hair carefully hidden by the Hijab which she always wore while outside, Jannah indeed looked beautiful. Her chocolate-hued skin glistened as the late afternoon sun bathed her in its gentle light.

“It’s alright, babe, you know that I’m here for you,” Yasmeen Rahim whispered as she stepped forward and tenderly embraced her friend Jannah. The six-foot-tall, athletic young West African Muslim woman trembled ever so slightly, then finally let go and embraced Yasmeen with all of her might. Jannah stiffened, and then, slowly, hesitantly, she took Yasmeen’s lovely face in her hands, and looked into her friend’s golden brown eyes. Yasmeen smiled but said nothing, for Jannah’s eyes told her more than her lips could ever say…

From the moment Yasmeen first laid eyes on Jannah, she knew that she would be someone special in her life. A year ago, they met at a meeting of the campus chapter of the Ottawa Minority Women in Engineering Club. In a room packed with South Asian, Arab and Latin American women, along with a few white ladies, Yasmeen and Jannah were the only ones of their kind, after a fashion. They came from different worlds, yet soon discovered they had much in common.

Yasmeen was born in the City of Toronto, Ontario, to Amina Ali of Marrakesh, and Omar Kensington-Rahim, a Jamaican-born immigrant who converted to Islam. Born of a Moroccan Arab mother and Afro-Caribbean father, raised in Toronto, the world’s most racially diverse locale, Yasmeen seemed destined for struggle from the get-go. Standing five feet eleven inches tall, curvy, with light brown skin, long curly black hair and golden brown eyes, Yasmeen is every bit the daughter of two different worlds, and quite the overachiever.

Having moved to the City of Ottawa to study civil engineering at Carleton University on an academic scholarship, Yasmeen Rahim is exploring life in the Capital, while secretly struggling with reconcile her Islamic faith and her growing attraction to women. Like many Muslim women with same-sex desires, Yasmeen hid her true feelings and went along with the norm, until she met Jannah…

Jannah Kafando was born in the City of Solenzo, Burkina Faso, and moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, in order to study engineering at Carleton University on a much-coveted international scholarship. The daughter of poor farmers, Jannah demonstrated an aptitude for mathematics which attracted the attention of Josephine Fehr, one of a few Canadian instructors at the Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dialousso. Mrs. Fehr saw Jannah’s genius, and encouraged her to study abroad, even helping her with the application process.

When Kurtköy Escort Jannah Kafando first set foot in Ottawa, Ontario, the young Burkinabe woman experienced a brand new world. In this strange, wonderful and at times dangerous place, Jannah’s long-repressed attraction to women, something she viewed as haram or dirty because of her Islamic upbringing, came to the forefront. Nevertheless, Jannah ignored her desires and focused on her engineering studies at Carleton…until she met Yasmeen Rahim, the beautiful Canadian Muslim gal with the fearless smile. That’s when Jannah’s resolve began to crumble…

Yasmeen and Jannah stood in the middle of the snow-covered Quad, mere steps from the MacOdrum Library at Carleton University. Located at the center of metropolitan Ottawa’s largest university campus, the Quad was usually a busy spot but that afternoon it was all but deserted. All around them, the last dredges of the Ontario winter raged, but the two young women seemed immune to its effects, so lost were they in their own world.

“Thank you, Yaz, ” Jannah said softly, and then in a bold, completely unexpected move, she pressed her lips against Yasmeen’s. stunned, Yasmeen kissed Jannah back almost reflexively, and then, the two young women held each other and grinned. Hand in hand, they resolutely walked the few steps leading to the library, and took the elevator to the third floor, their favorite spot.

“Well, my afternoon got brighter since you got here,” Yasmeen said as she grabbed the chair next to Jannah’s, and the two of them huddled in front of a computer. Yasmeen watched Jannah as she logged onto the school website, and uploaded the civil engineering assignment she’d been working on to her professor’s inbox. That particularly piece of business over and done with, Jannah was free to focus on more important things.

“Oh I know, my dear, love the way you look in them sweatpants, by the way,” Jannah whispered, and with that, she laid her hand on Yasmeen’s lap, and the other gal held her breath. Grinning, Jannah leaned closer, and Yasmeen planted a kiss on her lips, and the two of them giggled after coming up for air. Jannah tenderly stroked Yasmeen’s long, curly black hair, and smiled at her.

“We’ve got to stop, we’re in public,” Yasmeen whispered, and Jannah casually shrugged. Leaning closer, she licked Yasmeen’s hear, and told her that she didn’t give a damn what anyone thought at this point. Shaking her head, Yasmeen smiled and got up, and Jannah followed her to the elevator. Moments later they exited the campus library, and walked toward the University Center building.

“I’m through worrying about what people think, I’m a Muslim, I’m a black woman and dammit, I like girls, and I’m not ashamed,” Jannah said, and Yasmeen looked at her, nodded in agreement and all the love she felt for this strange, beautiful young woman and foolishly repressed came to the surface. Clasping Kurtköy Escort Bayan Jannah’s hand firmly in hers, Yasmeen kissed her on the lips. Together they walked through the Atrium and made their way to the residence buildings.

“Well, sweetie, I’m glad you’re feeling so open, because I could just eat you up,” Yasmeen said, laughing, and she playfully slapped Jannah’s rather large, shapely derriere. Jannah laughed and cocked an eyebrow, both pleased and surprised by Yasmeen’s boldness. She and Yasmeen reached Storm House, one of the campus largest residences, and they rode the elevator to her apartment on the third floor.

“You sure got a messy place,” Jannah said, grinning, as she took a look at Yasmeen’s apartment. Yasmeen shrugged, then pulled her darling Jannah close, then kissed her on the lips. Desire shot through Jannah and at once she felt a deep yearning for Yasmeen, who caressed her gently, and then, slowly, the two of them began undressing one another.

“Hot damn you’re beautiful,” Yasmeen whispered, licking her lips while feasting her eyes on Jannah’s gorgeous body. The tall, dark-skinned young Burkinabe woman looked absolutely stunning, with her long black hair flowing on her shoulders, her perky breasts almost standing at attention, her curvy yet fit body glowing in its natural beauty. Yasmeen briefly felt envious, then her eager hands reached for Jannah, who welcomed her wit open arms, and lips.

“Right back at you,” Jannah said, and she caressed Yasmeen’s large, firm breasts while kissing her. Yasmeen caressed Jannah’s thick round ass, and her hands roamed all over the nubile beauty before slipping between her legs. Jannah gasped as Yasmeen’s fingers slid into her already wet pussy, and she looked into her lover’s eyes, and saw a burning desire there.

“No worries, beautiful, I’ll be gentle,” Yasmeen promised, and she drew Jannah to the carpeted floor, and just like that, they began making love. Taking her sweet time, Yasmeen licked every inch of Jannah. Starting with Jannah’s lips, Yasmeen kissed her full and deep, then licked her throat while gently caressing her breasts. Jannah shuddered as Yasmeen’s knowing hand slipped between her thighs once more, and this time, Yasmeen slid two fingers into her wetness.

“Oh fuck, just like that, please,” Jannah whispered, and a smiling Yasmeen nodded, then licked a path from Jannah’s breasts to her belly, and finally, spreading Jannah’s thighs wide, Yasmeen paused. Locking eyes with Jannah, Yasmeen smiled and blew on her pussy, and Jannah held her breath as Yasmeen winked at her while fingering her wet snatch.

“Babe, you haven’t felt anything yet,” Yasmeen promised, and with that, she buried her lovely face between Jannah’s shapely chocolate thighs. Grinning, Jannah closed her eyes and allowed herself to relax at last while Yasmeen pleasured her. Sliding her fingers deep inside Jannah’s pussy, teasing her clit with her tongue, Escort Kadıköy Yasmeen soon had the woman she referred to as her “West African goddess” on the verge of ecstasy.

“Oh damn, you’re killing me,” Jannah squealed, and the young Burkinabe woman’s body shuddered violently as Yasmeen’s magic touch and expert lovemaking unleashed a torrent of gripping sensations on her. Yasmeen stabbed Jannah’s clit with her tongue and twisted her fingers this way and that inside of her, and that’s when Jannah lost it and simply cried out with wild abandon, orgasmic at last.

“So, how was it?” Yasmeen asked, much later, as a glowing Jannah lay in her arms, worn out but smiling after hours of lovemaking. Jannah looked at Yasmeen and instead of answering, she gently touched her lover’s lovely face, tracing a path from her cheek to her lips, and smiled contentedly. Without another word, Jannah grinned and then kissed Yasmeen on the lips.

“Yasmeen, that was frigging awesome, thanks babe,” Jannah said haltingly, and then she playfully tickled Yasmeen’s ribs until the other woman burst out laughing. Playfully they wrestled, rolling about on the carpeted floor of Yasmeen’s apartment, until Jannah found herself on top of her beloved. Looking into Yasmeen’s eyes, Jannah saw a burning desire, and something more, true affection, and even some kind of love.

“Trust me, Jannah, it only gets better, my dear, and we’ve got all the time in the world to explore,” Yasmeen said, and Jannah grinned naughtily before she kissed her on the lips, and then fastened her mouth to Yasmeen’s left breast. Yasmeen smiled as Jannah, a quicker study than she thought, began making love to her. Opening herself up, Yasmeen welcomed Jannah’s touch. Jannah smiled, then buried her lovely face between Yasmeen’s thighs and began licking her pussy.

For the first time in ages, Yasmeen simply let go and allowed herself to enjoy another woman’s touch. Yasmeen had been with quite a few ladies before she met Jannah. Those encounters were always furtive, involving closeted young women from similar backgrounds. The last one was a Somali gal whom she met at a Muslim community event, believe it or not. Jannah was different, and not just because she was new to sex with women. This Burkinabe beauty was a newbie but completely unafraid…and Yasmeen loved her for it.

“Fuck, you’re in my spot,” Yasmeen squealed, and she cried out as Jannah worked her magic on her. Jannah looked into Yasmeen’s face as she fingered her, rubbing her thumb against her clit while burying three fingers inside her cunt. Yasmeen was as wet as the Atlantic ocean, and Jannah didn’t let up, fingering and teasing her until Yasmeen begged for mercy. Only then did Jannah slowly, very slowly pull her fingers out of her.

“I got it like that, babe,” Jannah said, and she kissed Yasmeen on the forehead. Yasmeen took a moment to catch her breath then looked at Jannah, amazed. This gal was full of surprises, to say the least. Wrapping her arms around Yasmeen, Jannah pulled her close and kissed her passionately. Yasmeen tasted herself on Jannah’s lips, and the two of them exchanged a smile. Neither of them said anything, for there was nothing more to say. When the right one comes along, you simply know…

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