25 Aralık 2022

Black Magick Ch. 07


Nick wiped the last of the cum and pussy juice off his face, staring past his mother’s sopping wet hole into his father’s intense gaze. He was scared out of his mind. But he felt oddly brave, too, as though getting laid in such a dirty manner had resolved something for him. What that was, he still had no idea.

He shifted his weight, feeling really uncomfortable. What a nightmare, being caught by his father having sex with his mom! But Nick had somehow managed to get away with it again, just like when he was punished for stealing his mother’s sex toys. He couldn’t believe his luck.

“Ah, Mom, Dad? Is it ok if I go to school now?” Nick asked, picking up his clothing and trying to cover himself. “It’s probably about lunch time. If I leave now, I can get to 5th and 6th period.”

“I’ll give the school a note tomorrow saying that you had a sudden case of the flu,” Susan said, causally stroking her pussy. “If you were seen leaving the house now, it might cause some unwanted rumors. And I’m sure missing one day of school isn’t going to hurt a man of your caliber.”

“Mom, it’s Elisabeth who’s the genius, not me,” Nick exclaimed.

“You don’t give yourself enough credit,” his mother laughed, pushing her breast up so that she could flick her tongue against her nipple. “Besides, it seems you could get quite an education right here.”

“I don’t think I understand you,” Nick replied nervously. He didn’t like where this was going one bit.

“Please!” his mother replied, spreading her legs in front of him. “You could stand to learn a lot more about sex. You have a nice, healthy eagerness, and with a little stamina, you might make a really good lover. But you really lack a lot of know-how. And so, I intend to give you a special lesson. Why don’t you take your father’s place in the chair for a while, and I’ll use him to show you exactly what I mean.”

Nick gasped. It was really too much for him. He didn’t want to watch his parents have sex. No son would what that! Eew! That was just wrong. It was dirty. He couldn’t take it. But he immediately realized that he was somehow drawn to the prospect.

His mom was really hot, and seeing a cock in her would be great. Besides, being dirty could be fun. Nick would have to do a lot of naughty stuff when he started doing sex magick with Elisabeth and Amber, so he ought to get used to the idea. How else was he ever going to learn to be a real man for his little sister?

“Ok, Mom, teach me,” Nick said, throwing his clothing onto the floor and taking the chair next the bed. His father quickly shed his clothing and got on the bed next to his mother.

Nick was surprised to see that his father had an erection that was every bit as big as his own. Nick had never really seen an erect cock before, and was convinced that his own nine-inch member was insanely big.

Susan touched Samuel’s cock lovingly, as though performing a well-loved rite that she hadn’t been able to conduct for years. Samuel grunted, and Nick whimpered in pleasure. It wasn’t hard to pretend that it was his own cock she was fondling.

“You’ve probably noticed, with your little experiments in masturbation, that the head of the cock is the most sensitive part on a man. There’s a little nerve cluster here” – she gave her husband’s cock a little nibble, causing him to groan – “that really gets a guy worked up. But that doesn’t mean that you ought to focus entirely on pleasuring the head. The testicles and the nipples are often very erogenous, especially when a man is really aroused.”

Nick didn’t ever expect to have to pleasure a man. He was only interested in women, but still, his mom telling him about a man’s body turned him on. He imagined his mom’s mouth sucking on his balls, her teeth nibbling at his nipples. Imagining her touch on his nerve cluster made his cock begin to swell. He couldn’t help it. His mom talking about this was so damn hot.

“Now you know that the clit is very sensitive on a woman,” Susan said, spreading herself apart to give her son another glimpse of her absolutely fabulous pussy and tickling her clit playfully. “You also didn’t have much trouble finding my G-spot. I suppose you know about the G-spot from erotic stories and porn?”

Nick nodded so his mother continued.

“But the same principle applies to women as to men. Other regions of my body should be stimulated for optimum results. You could have increased my orgasms tenfold if you paid a little extra attention to my other sensitive regions.”

“Oh,” Nick said, feeling a little deflated. He had thought he had given his mother the fuck of a life time.

“Don’t get me wrong, you were a great fuck,” Susan replied when she saw her son’s downcast face. “You made up with earnestness what you didn’t have in knowledge. I’m just trying to be a good mom and give you a little sex ed. Besides,” she added, rubbing little circles around her prominent clit. “I know it makes you horny to hear me talk about it.”

Nick moaned his agreement. He liked that his mother wanted to pleasure him with her words.

“I’ll izmit escort use your father to give you a blow by blow account of everything you did right and wrong. You might see something that you didn’t catch, and it would be really kinky having you here to watch.”

Nick was so horny now that he really wanted to stay and watch. Who was he to turn down free porn, even if it was his parents? It felt really weird, but who was he to be picky? He’d just fucked his mom, and that beautiful cunt of hers was so damn appealing. Now that he had given in to his darker desires, no amount of moralizing could stop him. He was invincibly dirty now, and loving it.

Nick watched in suspense as his mother laid herself back down on the pillow, like she had before he had entered her, and his father began to climb on top, supporting his weight on his elbows just as his son had done only minutes before.

It was so wrong, so absolutely evil, but Nick couldn’t take his eyes off of the sight before him. Every moment, every sensation drew him in and made him shiver with desire. He wanted to climb on top of his mother again and thrust his cock into her. He wanted it to be his cock that pounded away inside of her, not his father’s. By what right did such a cad possess such a beautiful woman? And why did he have to come home now, right when his mother was most vulnerable to his desires?

Nick shivered, his hand savagely pumping his cock. His mother pounced on his father so he toppled back, his member still buried deep inside of her while she straddled him, forcing herself up and down on him.

Nick heard tapping on the glass outside and looked to see Elisabeth and Amber standing out in the back yard. Elisabeth motioned for him to step outside, and Nick reluctantly began to put on his clothing.

His mother was fucking his father like a wild woman, but she looked up when Nick moved.

“Uh, there’s something I need to take care of outside, Mom. If I’m not back soon, can we continue this another time?”

Susan laughed and continued bouncing up and down on her husband’s cock.

“Any time you like,” she said with a little wink. Nick got up and left the room.

What was Elisabeth doing outside, he wondered absently.

The moment he closed the sliding door behind him, his sister pulled him by the arm into the bushes by the swimming pool where Amber was waiting, fidgeting absently with the dildo that filled her pussy underneath her pleated skirt.

“Where have you been?” Elisabeth exclaimed. “Amber and I went to check on you at lunch to make sure you were still wearing your butt plug, and your teacher said you never showed up. So we got worried and cut class to see what happened. Mom didn’t find out about the sex toys already, did she?”

Nick nodded, and both of the girls’ eyes widened. “But I think it’s ok,” he added quickly. “She wasn’t mad. She just thought it was time to have the old birds and bees talk, that’s all.”

“And that took four hours?” Elisabeth asked, her eyes narrowing, so much like her mother’s.

“Yes,” Nick said, hoping his sister would have enough courtesy to drop the subject. He didn’t really want to mention fucking their mother to his baby sister.

Elisabeth moved closer, her nose nearly brushing against Nicks, making his lips part in longing. She took a deep breath, inhaling like a bloodhound following a scent. Her eyes closed softly and the expression on her face was almost erotic.

“You’re no longer a virgin,” she said with a slightly evil grin. “Does that mean you grew a set of balls while we were at school?”

Nick gulped and tried to look innocent. He didn’t like the way his sister was looking at him. Next to him, Amber moaned sluttily, and Nick realized that she just had an orgasm from thrusting the toy in and out of her pussy.

“You can’t possibly know something like that from smelling me!” Nick stammered, mashing his foot into the ground nervously. “It’s not possible.”

Elisabeth laughed loudly. “I can tell a virgin a mile away,” she giggled. “I’ve eaten the seed of sixty-nine virgins over the last month, including yours, so don’t give me any crap.”

Amber giggled, pushing the dildo in and out of herself.

“Nick’s just shy,” she said. “He doesn’t want to tell us who got his cherry. Frankly, I’m a little jealous. But it’s not fair, I was hoping to be Nick’s first. I’ve known him longer than anybody.”

“Not longer than me!” Elisabeth exclaimed, with a slight pout.

Nick blushed bright red. Amber just said that she wanted to have sex with him! His cock began to tingle at the thought of it. Perhaps he could have them both, his mom and his sister’s best friend, two women, whenever he wanted. Maybe if she knew he was fucking so many people close to her, Elisabeth would get jealous and want to get her own piece of the action.

Nick found himself stroking his cock absently through the material of his pants. How long has it been since he felt like he had a perpetual hard on? He couldn’t remember, and was beginning not to care. His life was too izmit escort bayan good to him now. What did he have to be nervous about?

He had just gotten laid! Elisabeth and Amber were now his equals. He could join their coven or not, whenever he felt like it. The breeze on his skin was intoxicating and he looked at the two girls with new longing.

“Let’s go skinny dipping,” he said, pulling off his shirt and pants and tossing them onto a patch of grass. His cock stuck out in front of him like a flag, but neither girl laughed.

“But Mom and Dad are both home!” Elisabeth protested. “We’ll get busted, for sure.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure. Mom and Dad are pretty busy, if you know what I mean,” Nick said with a little shrug. “Come on, I’ll help you strip.”

“Wait a minute. You were just in Mom’s room. I thought she was making you help carry in Dad’s luggage or make the bed. That was what you were doing, wasn’t it?!”

Nick shrugged. “Look in the window if you don’t believe me,” he said. “But at any rate, that clothing has to go. I can’t stand the thought of your pussy muscles clutching that huge dildo under that innocent-looking skirt of yours. It makes me want to fuck your brains out.”

Elisabeth blushed bright red, and suddenly looked both very embarrassed and very modest.

Amber giggled. “Elisabeth is still a virgin,” she explained, thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy and then hungrily licking the juices off her fingers. “I’m a virgin too, for that matter,” she added, continuing to ravage her own pussy.

“But… but…” Nick stammered. “But she’s blown sixty nine guys. And not one of them came back for more? And what about that whole candle thing? That was far from innocent.”

“None of that matters, magickally,” Elisabeth said, recovering herself slightly. “And I don’t really want to talk about that. Of course, you’ll have to penetrate both of us when you become a member of our coven, but we’ll talk about that later.”

“So getting laid was all I had to do to prove I’m a man!” Nick exclaimed, his voice full of laughter. “That sounds like something out of the Stone Age.”

“I don’t know,” Amber said seriously. “You’re different somehow, Nick. I knew you had strong magickal potential. You seem to have broken down some sort of mental barrier or something. I can feel it radiating everywhere. It’s like you’re producing pheromones like crazy or something. I can’t stop playing with myself.”

Elisabeth nodded in agreement. She seemed to have lost her voice.

“Well, let’s go swimming!” Nick said, staring down at his erection. “As you can tell, I’m dressed for it!”

The girls laughed and consented to let Nick help undress them.

Nick didn’t even bother to stop himself from nibbling at their breasts when they came loose from their shirts or from fingering the soft skin of their bellies and cunts. And it was as though the girls were enchanted. They moaned and gasped as they felt his touch. That made it easier for Nick to bite back the little irritating voice that told him to behave properly and to feel guilty. He wasn’t going to worry whether what he did was wrong or not. He wasn’t!

“Do you think your parents are still at it?” Amber asked while Nick slid her knee socks down her ankles and added them to the pile of clothing on the grass. “I think I want to see that. That is, if you and Elisabeth don’t mind. They’re your parents, after all.”

Elisabeth laughed. “I’m surprised Dad still knows how to have sex! I don’t think anyone’s been allowed near him for ages. It’s a miracle is cock hasn’t dried up from disuse.”

“He could have been cheating on Mom while he was away,” Nick replied reasonably. “Things like that happen all the time.”

“No he wasn’t!” Elisabeth said. “Dad’s not interested in anybody or anything, only himself. That’s why he works so much!”

“Come on, let’s go look,” Amber interjected, grabbing the others by the hand and dragging them towards the house.

They pushed away the pool chairs under the window so they could all peer in at once, and what they saw was amazing.

Susan Stuart was laying on her back, her legs wrapped around her husband’s neck as he hungrily ate her pussy, as though enjoying a large steak. Susan’s hips were pushed up into the air so they didn’t contact the bed at all, and she moaned and writhed, clutching at her breasts desperately, giving them the attention they obviously desired.

The window was slightly open and they could hear their mother’s voice.

“I’m going to have to teach Nick a lesson for stealing my sex toys,” she gasped. “I’m going crazy, trying to stimulate everything at once without them.”

Nick ducked his head down so there would be no chance of his mother seeing him. He thought he had a pretty good idea of how his mother was intending to punish him.

Elisabeth giggled and gave Nick a superior sort of look, which irritated him. Amber, who was still looking into the bedroom window, was staring open-mouthed at the scene that unfolded in front izmit sınırsız escort of her.

“Wow,” she breathed softly. “Your mom sure knows how to fuck!”

“Yeah,” Nick sighed dreamily, and then covered his mouth quickly.

Both girls looked at him suspiciously and then quickly looked away, as though purposefully choosing to ignore his remark.

This greatly embarrassed Nick, and he felt he had to say something quickly.

“Come on,” he said, taking his sister’s hand. “Let’s go swimming already, before they finish.”

Amber jumped down from the chair and followed them, giggling merrily.

“You’ve already got us naked, Nick,” she said seductively, rubbing her large brown breasts on his torso. “Do you need to get us wet too?”

“The wetter the better,” Nick laughed and pushed her into the pool. Elisabeth jumped in after Amber, laughing wildly. Nick was a bit afraid that his parents would hear them, but he tried not to let it bother him. They were probably too enthralled in sex, he thought dreamily. He knew he would be, under the circumstances. His mom was just so hot, and her wet pussy was so desirable. His cock twitched. If he didn’t control himself, he’d explode before he could even jump in the pool.

Besides, Elisabeth and Amber were both swimming laps naked, and they were the hottest girls he could imagine.

Amber’s black hair was hovering on the surface of the water. It seemed miraculous that it didn’t immediately sink, but fanned out like a mermaid’s, following her around as she swam, like a dark bride’s veil.

Elisabeth coiled her red hair up into a makeshift bun and was swimming underwater, the outline of her white skin distorted by the surface of the pool. Nick wanted to grab her ass as he watched it move. He wanted to have his hands around it, to press his finger against her rosebud.

Why not? He’d fucked his mom. Why couldn’t he play with his sister?

He jumped into the pool and caught Elisabeth by the leg. She tried to pull away half-heartedly, but it was all just a game. In a moment, he had her around the waist and pressed his mouth against her neck.

She gasped, and the sound made his loins tingle.

“I want you, Elisabeth. I want you desperately,” he breathed. His hard cock poked between her butt cheeks. “You are so precious to me, Elisabeth, my sweet little sister, the little slut. You make it so hard for me to resist you.”

His sister wiggled around and kissed him on the lips. His cock pushed up against the entrance to her pussy, making both of them moan.

“No fair, no fair!” Amber exclaimed, swimming over to the two of them. “I want some too! You can’t leave me out.”

Nick laughed.

“I was so intimidated by the two of you. I didn’t realize how much you both wanted me,” he said knowledgeably.

“In your dreams!” Elisabeth scoffed, swimming over towards Amber and kissing her firmly on the lips and neck. “You’ve got a strong magickal potential and a nice cock, that’s all. Don’t you ever think I’ve got my panties all in a knot over you!”

Nick just laughed.

“I want to join your coven,” he said. “I want to develop my power and I want to fuck you both, so it seems like the perfect option for me. So, will you tell me how to join or are you going to make me guess?”

Elisabeth laughed. “I’m not so worried about magick now that Dad’s home. I figure I can make him notice me without any more supernatural power.”

“Well, I guess that’s too bad for me,” Nick said. “I was looking forward to it.”

“How selfish are you!” Amber said to Elisabeth. “You can’t stop doing magick just because you think you’ve gotten what you want. What about me? What about what I want? I’m you partner, and I say we need to keep going. At this rate the Devil himself will soon be taking orders from us! Can’t you see how important it is? Can’t you see how much happier everyone is, how much more powerful Nick’s gotten by just hanging around us?”

“It wasn’t hanging around us that did it to him. He went and screwed Mom while we were in class. Isn’t that the truth, Nick?”

“It is,” Nick replied, his voice firm but only a little above a whisper. “Mom asked me to fuck her, so I did. It was fun and I don’t regret it,” he added with a little more resolution. “But I think you’re being a little too mean to me, Sis.”

“Yes, cut him some slack, for crying out loud,” Amber added. “It’s not his fault you’ve been corrupting your house with black magick. It’s not his fault you’ve been using spells beyond your capability to channel your darkest desires. And now you want to stop doing magick? Don’t you realize that unless you become more powerful you risk being pulled into the Abyss alive? Didn’t Nick tell you how he saved you the other night?” She took her friend’s hand. “Let’s keep at it, Elisabeth. With Nick to help, it will be extra fun, so there’s really no reason to back out! Come on.”

“I guess you’re right,” Elisabeth said, shrugging her shoulders. “But if Nick wants to join our coven, I say we give him an initiation he’ll never forget.”

“I’m with you on that,” Amber said, licking her lips. “I can hardly wait for nightfall. Just the thought of having your brother all to ourselves makes me all tingly. If I’m not careful, I’m going to have to get down on the ground and masturbate.”

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