15 Mayıs 2023

Blackmailing Cheating Cheating Cheerleaders – Chapter 2


My Office – Tuesday Afternoon“That stupid, bitch!”  Katie yelled as she paced through my office.  “I’m going to kick her ass so hard her children will feel it.  What a FUCK-up.”I winced my ears closed and hoped in vain that people outside my office would not hear her outburst.  I am a high school guidance counselor so outbursts are common, but it was the topic of the outburst I wanted to keep quiet.Katie is a favorite student of mine, and as of recently, one of two sex slaves I had blackmailed into pledging allegiance to me, their master.  Katie is a cheerleader with a tight body and a beautiful face.  She is very smart to boot.  If ever I had a student crush, it was Katie.  She almost threw her college dreams away helping her friend Mackenzie cheat on the SATs.  I gave the girls an ultimatum: become my slaves and take a two-week trip after graduation, or I would expose them as cheaters and they would both lose their shots at college.  They each wisely chose submission.I vowed to myself that I would not touch either of them until our trip.  Both girls are of legal age, but touching before the end of school was reckless and unnecessary.  If I waited, I could use them in every way imaginable.  I continuously thought about what I was going to do to them.  I was literally making a list.I was preparing them for the trip with assignments here and there.  They had to shave all body hair, get on birth control, exercise, and eat right.  None of these things were a hardship and they complied.The problem was that I was constantly on edge.  I had not been sleeping well.  Between the fantasies of two sex servants at my command and worrying about my immoral actions being exposed, I was unwell.  I needed rest.  I needed to release my pent-up sexual frustration. Graduation was still five weeks out.  Thankfully, some good fortune fell in my lap.First, some back story.  Since the day I blackmailed the girls into being my pets, three major events have happened.Event One – Katie’s father was laid offThis all but sealed Katie’s fate that she could not afford college. It also jeopardized the leverage I had over the girls. They cheated on Ankara bayan escort the SATs, but that is not a crime.  Colleges would merely rescind admissions offers.  That’s it.  If Katie was not going to college anyway, she now had nothing to lose.Mackenzie still had her shot at higher education, but the leverage over my slaves had diminished.  Previously, their fates were tied together as their bodies would soon be.  Now, everything was based on Mackenzie’s future alone.  If that fell through they could take a slap on the wrist for cheating and destroy my career.It may seem like I don’t care for these girls but I really do.  I fully intend to degrade and humiliate them for my pleasure alone but I also protect them like a father.  They will be mine for a short time, then I will release them.  They will be free to live their lives. The news of the layoff was disappointing because Katie is so special.  It makes a small town proud when one of our own succeeds.  Katie was a shooting star.  She was going places and I truly wanted her to flourish.Event Two – A miracle for Katie – scholarship money came inShortly after her dad’s layoff, I got notification of a need-based scholarship available to a student from our high school.  As I read the description I almost cried; Katie fit the mold perfectly.  Katie and I completed the application together with haste.  I was a guidance counselor fiercely fighting for his student’s future.  This was me at my best.  I am good at my job and want all my students to succeed.  Neither of us mentioned anything about my “side hustle” in which she was my obedient sex slave.  Our haste paid off because it was soon announced that the scholarship money was hers.  She was back on her way to State; college-bound and very grateful for my help.Event Three – Katie’s friend, Mackenzie, tried to seduce and blackmail meThis brings us to Katie’s outburst.  I had just explained how Mackenzie had gone rogue and attempted to seduce me and record it on her phone.  I had footage of them cheating so Mackenzie tried to get her own footage.  I caught her in her plan to Escort bayan Ankara blackmail me. Katie was pissed.Katie is always three steps ahead.  She had smarts and class.  Today, however, she was not displaying much of her usual class as the rant over Mackenzie’s actions raged on.  “She would never have pulled this stunt if her brain was as large as her thighs.  I could kill her…”Her tirade of pacing and cursing about Mackenzie abruptly stopped.  “Oh my God, NO,” she looked at me and sharply objected shaking her head.  I had not spoken in several minutes and did not know what on earth she was objecting to.  Tears filled her eyes.  “Please don’t do this, Mr. V.  Kenzie is a dumb slut with no FUCKING brain.  And what about my scholarship?  We just got that…that was a win for us, you and I, Mr. V.  please…”I might normally have caught on to her train of thought but I was sleep-deprived and on edge.  Thus, I was totally confused as to what Katie was talking about.  Before I could inquire, she plopped down on the chair in front of my desk with her legs spread wide.  It provided me with a generous view of the light blue panties under her skirt.  She was still upset.  Angry with me, it seemed, but she was now somehow very determined.  She bit her lip in irritation and looked me in the eye.  She shot daggers at me with a hateful stare.  I hate to admit that I was intimidated by this confusing fit of anger.Without blinking, she reached over to my desk and grabbed a binder clip.  In a smooth motion, Katie popped out her left breast and affixed the binder clip directly to her nipple.  I knew very little about my slaves’ bodies yet.  I would have time to explore every inch later.  One thing I learned is that Katie’s nipples are extremely sensitive.  Her eyes narrowed slightly and her breathing grew louder but her determination did not waver.  If only I could not figure out what it was she was so resolute about.“Are you saying that you don’t want any more of this?  Hmm, Mr. V.?”  Katie began the same process with her right breast, popping it out.  She was resolved to maintain eye Bayan escort Ankara contact with me.  Since she was not looking at the bowl as she reached, she accidentally grabbed one of the small binder clips – the tiny ones that don’t get wide and really have a bite to them.  She did not back down from her menacing stare nor correct her mistake.  I watched as she placed the tiny clip directly on her right nipple.Her breathing grew heavier still – almost a low growl of anger and pain.   “A, I…” is all I could reply.  Suddenly, it occurred to me.  Katie incorrectly thought I was going to send in the evidence!  Of course.  She was angry that Mackenzie had just ruined her hopes at college.  In Katie’s mind, Mackenzie violated our master/slave agreement by trying to blackmail me.  She had of course.  My conditions were clear: I demanded complete and immediate obedience from both slaves at all times.  Mackenzie’s actions were way out of line.  Unbeknownst to Katie, I had a different plan.Now I understood.  Katie’s very quick and natural conclusion was that both their college dreams and therefore futures were down the tubes once again.  This year had been an emotional roller-coaster for Katie.  Her prospects of college kept waxing and waning.Unfortunately for her, it took me a while to catch up.  Katie sat with binder clips hanging painfully from her nipples, legs spread and panties exposed.  She was trying to convince me not to send in the evidence.  Cunning Katie was using the one and only card she had – appealing to my dominant sexual appetite.  Smart girl. She was punishing her body for my pleasure to remind me of what I would be losing if I sent in the evidence.Katie continued.  She set both feet up on her chair giving me an ever-better view of her panties.  “And what about it, Mr. V.?  Are you really going to say goodby to two weeks pounding on this…?”  Still staring, still shooting daggers, she reached down and pulled her panties aside.  The motion tugged her right labia, opening her up ever so slightly.“Do these pussy lips look lonely to you Mr. V?”  Reluctantly, my eyes dropped again to her shaved pussy.  They did.  They looked so lonely. She reached into the bowl again for yet another binder clip.I tried to speak up but I had lost the ability to talk. Katie asked spitefully yet somehow playfully, “Would you like your slave to punish her pussy for you…?  What do you think…on my lips, or straight on my poor,…lonely,…clit…?”

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