22 Mayıs 2023

Boat Ho


“This summer we will see significant activity, including multiple carriers.” Admiral Gary Roughead.

The above quote has nothing to do with the story, I just thought it would be funny to have quotes by Navy people.

It was six or 1600 in military time when Seaman Recruit Alexis Lundz returned from PT. She loved working out alone, she felt that the group PT sessions in the morning weren’t cutting it and she wanted something more. Her roommate Seaman Apprentice Cindy Smith was still sitting at the desk reviewing a seamanship book.

“How was your exercise Alex,” Cindy asked.

“Good,” she replied as she peeled off her sweatshirt.

“Any plans for tonight,” Cindy asked, “I may go to the club or whatever.”

“No, I don’t like the base club” she replied as she plopped down on her bed.

“You wanna get a tattoo.”

“Maybe,” Alex laughed, “not tonight though. But before we leave next week.”

Cindy looked towards Alex as she stripped down to her underwear. Cindy had been cataloging Alex’s movements and little quirks. One she noticed was that Alex ran her fingers through the waistband of her underwear. This turned Cindy on and wondered why she did it as often she did. Alex grabbed a towel and slinked into the bathroom.

“Shit,” Cindy said under her breath.

Alex slowly shut the door to the bathroom, or the head in nautical terms; she looked at herself in the mirror and gave a little smirk. She ran her fingers through her sweat soaked bob of auburn hair. She removed her bra and she suddenly felt relieved. Her breasts were rather large for her frame and she found it difficult to deal with them sometimes. Her nipples were very proportionate to her breasts. She was glad they weren’t too big or small. She remembered some of the other girl’s breasts from the showers at boot camp and how she was proud of her boobs. She slid her hands up to them and quickly tweaked her nipples. She ran her fingers through her boot camp issued underwear and pulled them off quickly. She turned her attention to the shower; she slid the curtain back turned the hot water on. She ran her sticky fingers under the hot jet of water and realized it was time. She pulled the shower thing and jumped in.

Before grabbing the soap or any other cleaning agents she stood there allowing the water to just touch her. She closed her eyes and ran her hands through her hair. She kept them on her head for what seemed like an eternity. She opened her eyes when she heard the door open. And figured Cindy was just coming in to use the bathroom. She ignored it and reached for her soap. She worked the bar to her left armpit at first slowly working it over the stubble that had formed over the past couple of days. She followed suit by working on the right armpit. But she noticed that the curtain was pulled back a bit. She figured she might have forgotten to close it. She turned completely around only to reveal Cindy was in the shower with her.

“Oh,” Alex said in a low tone as she dropped the soap.

Cindy let out a slight smile. Alex stood transfixed at her roommate’s Maltepe Escort naked body. It was not unlike hers, strange and gangly 18 year olds. Alex did the first thing that came to mind and covered her breasts with her arms. She took a step back into the shower jet and stood under the warm water. Cindy stepped forward and ran her hand along Alex’s cheek. Alex stood in shock wanting nothing to do with the situation but she felt trapped.

She cupped Alex’s face and slowly moved in to kiss her. Alex pulled back for an instant but she was unable to avoid the kiss. It started out normally, their lips touching, softly, but Cindy pushed her tongue into her mouth. Cindy did most of the work, Alex didn’t want to reciprocate and use her tongue. She barely did when Cindy pulled away. Cindy then slid her hands down Alex’s arms. She gripped her forearms and slowly pulled them off her breasts. Alex dropped her arms and looked at Cindy, she could tell her roommate was nervous. Cindy moved her right hand to Alex’s shoulder. She ran her hand to her neck and slowly down her sternum. She slid her hand over to her breast and leaned in and kissed the top of it. She moved her mouth to the areola and ran her tongue on the sensitive part before finally engulfing the nipple with her mouth. Alex got lost in the moment and let go. Cindy slowly sunk her teeth into the erect nipple.

“Stop,” Alex yelled as Cindy pulled away, “just stop.”

Alex pulled the curtain back and got out of the shower. She completely ignored toweling off and ran straight to the main room. She put on a t-shirt and her sweatpants. She then got on her bed and lay there. She heard the shower stop. But Cindy did not come out immediately. She came out nearly dry and dressed in her underwear. They exchanged looks as Cindy entered the room. Alex did not want to say anything.

“I’m sorry,” Cindy said as her voice cracked.

“It’s,” Alex started before trailing off.

Cindy went back to her desk as Alex continued to remain on the bed. She didn’t want Cindy to be mad at her. They’d been through a lot the past few months. Both were 18 and were away from home for the first time. From the horrendous first few days of boot camp to their apprenticeship training, she and Cindy helped each other reach the challenges of one of the most pointless military training exercises. But in a few short days they’d be separated. The thought of going to a ship without knowing anyone really annoyed her and she felt that Cindy must feel the same way. She looked over to Cindy as she continued to read her book. They were both alone, but Cindy had acted out first. Alex kept playing the shower incident over and over again in her mind.

The next day things were back to normal. Reveille at 0400, PT at 0430, breakfast at 0530, class at 0600, liberty at 1300; all in a day in the Navy. Alex hit the gym at 1400 and tried to ignore the events of the previous day. But they were too strong. They interfered with her workout; every time she got into a good groove the image of Cindy kept popping up in her mind. Maltepe Escort Bayan She had to let go and give in or ignore the advances of her friend. She cut her workout short and returned to the barracks. She worked herself up for the confrontation with Cindy on the walk back. She thought of the things she’d say or do to her.

When she got back Cindy was still at her desk reading the same book.

“Hey,” Cindy said as she looked up from the book.

Alex just smiled at her and sat on her bed. She unlaced her shoes and slid them under the bed. Her socks came off next, she was surprised her feet were in good shape and had not been destroyed from the demands of boot camp. She dumped the socks in her dirty clothes bag. Cindy looked back at her once or twice. Alex walked to her own desk and pulled out a copy of Cosmopolitan she bought when she first got there. She flung it on the bed. She finally removed her sweatpants and sweatshirt. Cindy looked over as she stood by the bed in her boot camp issued underwear. Alex slid her fingers through her panties as usual. She sat on the bed and turned her iPod on and finally lied down and began to read the magazine.

“I’m going to shut the blinds,” Cindy said as she took her eyes of her book.

“Go ahead,” Alex replied, “just turn the light on.”

She watched as Cindy closed the blinds shutting out most of the natural light. They smiled at each other as Cindy turned the main light on. Alex bent her legs and gave her friend a quick show. Cindy went back to her desk while Alex continued to taunt her. But she decided to stop for a second. She actually began to read an article, but soon she heard the clank of Cindy’s belt hitting the floor. She knew her friend was getting undressed. She pressed pause on her iPod as she saw Cindy’ shadow over her. She took her earbuds out and kept reading the magazine. She felt Cindy get on the bed. She slid her hand up her thigh. Now both hands were at her waist. Cindy slid both her index fingers into her friend’s panties. She started from the back and worked her way to the ends. She slightly pulled them back and let go. A small snapping sound was produced. Alex pushed the magazine off the bed as she jutted her ass into the air. Cindy gripped both sides of the panties.

“Alexis Marie Lundz, Division 317, last four: 9430,” Cindy said in a low voice as she read the stenciling on the panties.

“How’d you know,” Alex asked as they were finally removed.

“Guess,” Cindy asked.

Cindy flung the panties across the room. They both looked as they landed on the ground by the door. Alex worked her bra off after the panties hit the ground. Alex placed her ass in the air while sliding her hands under her head as she placed her ear on her right hand. Cindy could smell the slight sweat odor coming from Alex’s cunt, she didn’t cringe; she actually enjoyed the smell. She placed a hand on either cheek and moved her face towards her pussy.

“Fuck,” Alex sighed as Cindy’s tongue made contact with her pussy.

Cindy slowly started licking Escort Maltepe slowly and finally slid a finger into her wet vagina. She pulled it in a fast pace. This drove Alex nuts, she enjoyed the rapid pace as it made her pussy wetter. Cindy licked her a few more times. Alex gripped the sheets and dug her teeth into her hand. Cindy decided to take a risk. Alex’s asshole was staring at her. She couldn’t resist. She leaned in and dug her tongue into it.

“Yes,” Alex yelled.

“Not too loud,” Cindy warned.

“Sorry,” Alex started, “I wanna turn over.”

“Yeah,” Cindy laughed.

Alex turned over and looked directly into Cindy’s eyes. She reached up and grabbed the back of her neck and gave her a kiss. This was the kiss that Cindy wanted. They kissed for a few seconds. Alex pulled back and leaned in and began to suck on Cindy’s right nipple.

“Suck it,” Cindy said softly as she ran her fingers through Alex’s sweat addled hair.

Alex fell back on the bed. Cindy worked her way back down Alex’s tight body. She looked at the small patch of pubic hair that was above Alex’s vagina. She ran an index finger through the small dark square. She worked two fingers into the tight space. She started slowly and worked up a good rhythm finger fucking Alex. She finally leaned in and began to tongue the clit. Her pussy became more and more wet with every lick and thrust.

“Shit,” Alex said biting down on her finger.

“You like that,” Cindy asked.

“Yes,” she said digging her teeth deeper into her finger.

Cindy finally went back to working on her tight asshole. She was able to get a finger in with only a little spit.

“The shocker,” Cindy laughed.

“The fucking shocker,” Alex replied pulling at her friend’s hair.

Cindy furiously finger fucked and licked the tight pussy. Alex couldn’t take it. Her body began to twitch and convulse. She tightly wrapped her legs around Cindy’s head for a second. Her right leg shook uncontrollably as she tried to lower it to the floor. Cindy pulled her fingers out of Alex and shoved them in her mouth. She then fucked her with her other fingers while Alex tasted her juicy pussy on Cindy’s fingers.

“I’m gonna,” Alex started.

Alex’s pussy exploded and sprayed Cindy.

“Oh my god,” Alex said out of breath.

“Fuck,” Cindy replied as she pulled her fingers out of her.

Cindy stood up and helped Alex of the bed. They stood there and look over each other’s naked bodies. Alex looked down at the bed and looked at the large wet stain on the sheets.

“Shit,” Alex laughed.

They didn’t exchange many words after that. Stacy led Alex to the shower and they finally had that shower that they wanted. They kissed a few times in the shower but didn’t go any further than that. The next couple of days were bland and pretty routine. They learned about silly Navy things and other crap. But they did end up getting the tattoos they talked about. Both got matching “hearts and stars” on their inner left wrist. They both promised to build on them. They found a photo booth at the mall and took some pictures.

Cindy left early on the last day of their training. Bound for the east coast on for the USS John Murtha. Alex remained for most of the day and sat on the bed where they shared some intimate moments. When she found the photo booth pictures she cried.

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