15 Mayıs 2023

Bo’s Dumb Luck – Part One


The year I graduated from a school in 1987, I started working at the hospital full time.I was born in 1969, and the Woodstock gen was my parents; I grew up to excellent music, the smell of some pot and incense, and pretty loose morals. There were disciplines out there I follow. I believed in some; I do not believe in others.Dad is a mechanical engineer. Mom called him “your smart mother fucker”, mom was always kissing dad; in return, dad was ever feeling her up, and they had lots of affection to each other.I should tell you about Becky. She is my dad’s second cousin and she learned computers in the five years she was in the Air Force. Mom and dad seemed to like her a lot. She has been passing info about all matters of sex to me.They had this connection with Becky. They were close. Becky had been showing me how much she cares for me for years; she had loved me better than a sister could. She is my muse, teacher, and as of last year, lover.One night she came into her house where I was working on a game. I got the game working, so to reward myself, I looked at some porn. Becky had live orgies loaded in one of her hard drives.I had my dick out but had on the headphones. I didn’t hear her come in. She watched me stroking my dick. She had been on a date and had a few drinks. She stripped naked. I saw her with her hands on her side. I was caught red-handed.She pulled me out of the chair, then to her bed; we got into a 69 and she sucked me off while she fucked my tongue. Then I was fucked hard and fast and when she passed out, I went home. We never talked about it again till last year.Mom and dad knew, they were all on board; they wanted her fucking their son, to teach him how to please women. She was doing just that.She never locked the door; she would strip, and after the first time I knew to meet her, and we would fuck till I came in her, and then eat out her pussy till she would cum. She told me just how and why to lick. She taught me always to make her cum.After working at the hospital during the summer while I went to school, I scored a full-time job. It was a big campus, lots of people; it was a cool job, with all the folks you meet, so many nurses, doctors, secretaries, all the different staff. Some people took note of the new kid in maintenance and his willingness to be kind to people.I was without thoughts of long term objectives. I looked for shorter goals to get the computer game released and keep the job at the hospital as I learn how to fix things (for they had excellent insurance), build games for a living, and listen to Becky.Soon word gets out. You know how to do kumköy escort bayan things grown men charge for, like hang a door, wire a switch, and run a cable to get TV in your bedroom, so people would ask if I could come by and fix this or that.Once word got out that I knew how to pleasure a lady with my dick and my mouth. I had a few girls ask me to fix things – mostly fix their horniness.With my job, you are on your knees a lot, with the type of work I do. There was a nurse, Mary; her nurse uniform was regulation, but hers were tailored. She would walk up to you, smile, then ask questions about her needs or equipment needed. She just smelt so good.She wore hose with a garter belt, which I think are sexy. Mary had an incredible body like a brick shithouse. She is thirty-seven and looks twenty-seven. That lady would call a work order over the phone, and you would get a call to do it within minutes.I was under a bed, placing a cord for a pain pump. Mary saw me getting down, and she went into the bathroom for only a minute. She then came right up so I could see up her skirt, and she looked at me and smiled and dropped her panties indiscreetly; they landed on my chest under my chin.I saw what they were, right away, I put them to my nose and took a big hit, and she smiled and opened her legs; her pussy was right there! She smiled at me then walked out, I put them in my pocket. The tech came in with the pump.I plugged in the power cord, Mary came back in and set it up then smiled at me, she put her finger on me, whispered, “See you later,” she was gone. See me later? What does that mean?I got up, her panties in my pocket, and about an hour later, she came by a hall station she handed me a note, folded, it said, “Are you wearing them yet?”I looked at her and said, “Wearing what?””My panties.””No”She looked at me, poked her lips out in a pouting motion.”I want to see them on you,” and walked off, close to the end of her shift change. I went into the bathroom, and I took out the panties. I opened them up, and a note fell out in them: “put me on”.I had never worn panties before. To me, that was kinky. I liked kinky, like when Becky told me to always drink my cum, I thought it was kinky, but I started drinking it. When I jerked off, I would shoot it in my hand and lick it off. I got used to my cum; in the past years, I must have drunk gallons; I look at it like recycling.Well, I took off my boxers and put her panties on. The feel was excellent. They fit damn, this was nice,I got my pants and shoes on and went back out to her station. She saw kumköy escort me coming and walked toward me; she got to me when we were in front of the big storeroom.She said, “The item is in here; look at this.” I walked in she commented, “Well young man…” Mary pulled up her skirt. She was pantiless with a shaved beaver, and it was beautiful,I pulled down my pants. Mary came over and said, “Well, let me check about the size, we’ll see what you think.”Do you like the way they rub you, Bo? She shook me, she was snapping her fingers, “Snap out of it, young man.””Oh yes, they feel sexy.” I was still thinking about her pussy.”I don’t know why men would not like to wear them more.” “They do feel good, don’t they?”I looked her straight in the eyes; she was lovely. “They do feel better than any underwear I have had on.”Mary said, “Okay.””I am sorry I lost my mind thinking of your sweet looking pussy.””Honey, how do you know how I taste?”I pulled up my pants and tucked in my shirt. My dick was standing straight up. She felt it twice; she smiled and said, “Oh yes, that will do nicely,” while she squeezed my dick.Then she put her finger in her pussy, and then put her finger in my mouth and said, “Taste me.” It was like nectar. “If you do as I ask, you will be rewarded.” She smiled and gave me a peck on the mouth.”That is some sweet pussy.””I know, dear, and if you listen to me, I will wrap you in it.””You will?””We will see if the size is right.” Mary’s perfume was a mixture of pussy and the scent of Chanel.I walked back to the maintenance complex through the courtyard. Mary was about five steps from the top when I caught her eye,I blew air thru my lips like a whistle, “Man, that is an impeccably built woman.”This doctor-looking fellow looked up and said, “You certainly are right.” He had a big smile and thanked me for fixing his light in surgery the other day.”It’s my job, sir.”He patted my shoulder. “Sir, shit, that is what you’d call my dad. I am Bill.””I am Bo.” We shook hands. We walked along. He said. “That nurse looks like you would want to stick your tongue in her.” I chuckled and he asked, “What you think is funny about that? “Dad would say, ‘Fuck her first, that way you know how you are eating after’.””You got a good point there.”The next day Mary handed me a small package: seven pairs of panties and a note; ‘Open it up alone.’ I got outside, and they were the nice silk panties, with the day of the week on each.I showed my mom. She laughed and said, “Son be careful around her. She will no dought, give you good sex, but she may be a dominatrix,” escort kumköy and laughed, “any more questions, ask your dad.”I told dad the story. He said the same thing. “You could end up with a ball gag in your mouth, tied up, and gang-banged with a strap-on. Yes, she could lead you to a room and there could be a room full of people ready to take a turn at fucking your ass. The strap-on is fun if you like anal play.” Dad smiled. It sounded that he knew! He looked it up on the computer and showed me. “What do you think?” Dad clicked on a couple of BDSM sites. “Dad, that looks like it could hurt.””Yeah, that looks rough. I would hate for you to go thru something like that. It can be nice also, if the motion is slower, it can feel good, but the Dom your mom talked about could hurt you. Son, she could just want to fuck your brains out. Becky told us she was teaching you about all things woman. Maybe she ought to teach you about boys too.””Well, I think I am a heterosexual dad, son, you want to know about men ask her. Just ask her.””Okay, dad.””You seem happy since she’s been fucking you.””Dad, she is excellent.”He smiled and looked off and said, “Yeah, Becky is a hottie. You stay close to her. She loves the shit out of you, Bo; let’s not waste that.””She’s been helping me for years, dad.””I know, son, I asked her to teach you; I have been running a blocking motion on your mom.”Then he switched to another site; it showed a man taking it from a woman. The dildo was a nice big size. “Dad, will something like that hurt going in?””Probably not, these folks look like they have done this before. Son, have you watched any anal play?”They looked like it was fun; my dick was getting big, right there in front of my dad. He said. “Yeah they are having fun.” I looked at him. “Son I been to orgies before. Go see Becky.””I will call her.””Take those panties, show her the panties.””Okay, thanks, Dad,” As I left my dick was stiffening; what is wrong with my dick? Why is it getting hard?I walked down the sidewalk. I still had on Mary’s panties, and they did feel good – I was getting a boner. Shit what the fuck is happening to me? I was glad no one was out to see me, I was stiff as bone china!At the end of the block, Becky stood, a twenty-five-year-old, a second cousin of dad’s. She was a hottie. She had been teaching me to write computer code for years. She told me I was a natural. She’d learned it for five years in the Air Force. She had on a middy tank top and a short pair of shorts.She’d told me we would also learn about sex. Well, she told me a lot already in the past years. She had been talking to me about sex for years; somehow, somewhere, somebody struck a deal, so she was my muse-teacher-lover.She put her arms around me and gave me a good hug, the type the girl rubs you with their body, and she felt the boner and said, “Your dad said it was going to be good!” She laughed,

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