22 Mayıs 2023

Brandi , Mary


My roommate Dave had lost his job and seemed in no hurry to get a new one. I’d paid the bills for a month and then given it up as a bad investment. He’d ended up moving back in with his parents. I’d let Mark and Brandi move in after he was gone. All I can say is it seemed like a good idea at the time.. It was a very enjoyable time. I worked third shift and Mark worked first shift. Which for me meant that I got to spend time with Brandi and her son Billy. Brandi is a real looker . She stands five foot three inches tall, has yellow flaxen hair that hangs to her shoulders, and a D-cup chest on her small body. The rest of her body is fairly average except for her eye’s. One is blue and the other is brown. It gives her a very exotic look. Her bottom is also great, it’s one of those heart shaped ones that us guy’s love so much.

All in all I was enjoying life. It helped a lot that as far as money went, Mark paid his share of the bills. First roommate I’ve ever had that has done that. Then one day they bring home this stray kitten. Her name was Mary and I’ve never truly been sure where they found her. She was about five feet six inches tall with reddish brown hair. Her eye’s were blue and one was a little cockeyed. She was a little more flat chested than Brandi, and her butt was fairly flat but she was a very nice girl.

When I walked through the door that Saturday afternoon she was telling Mark and Brandi about the love of her life. His name was Brendan and they’d only met a couple of times. He was tall, strong, good looking and they would have been the next best thing to Romeo and Juliet. They had been in love and it was wonderful.

I was pretty impressed with Ümraniye Escort this guy until I found out that he was dead. Brendan worked at a Circle K. One night some guys had come into the store to do a beer run. That’s where you grab a case of beer and Hightail it to your car where you drive of at a high rate of speed trying to drink all the beer before the cops catch you. It seems that Brendan had jumped a guy doing a beer run and the guy had pulled a gun and shot him in the chest killing him. I was really sorry for her until I learned that they’d only met two days before this guy was killed.

The really great part about being in love in a situation like that is that you can call it perfect love, You don’t know anything about the other person and you are free to romanticize about it. You don’t know if they snore, hate children, listen to music you hate or even if they are really in love with you. You can create your perfect lover. And that is precisely what she’d done.

We all went out for dinner and had a really good time. When we got back we pulled out the cards and began playing. While we played cards we talked a lot. We found out that Mary was looking for a place to live but of course she didn’t have any money. I’m not really sure how it all came about but we all agreed that she could move in and keep the house up in return for rent. She’d sleep in my bed while I was working. Then Mark got us out into the living room and we started playing around. I got to play with Brandi and Mark got Mary. Which is when it hit me that this was Marks goal. To bang Mary. Well Brandi had ideas of her own and pretty soon our little necking session turned Ümraniye Escort Bayan into her giving me a blow job. Right after that I took Brandi to bed. We tired each other out and went to sleep. I felt her leave the bed about midnight, she went into hers and Marks room and then I heard her little feet heading for the living room. I grinned to myself and went back to sleep.


I tried to be really quiet as I left Jay’s bed. He’s a real light sleeper. I crept out of Jay’s room and opened the door to my room. I expected to See my husband Mark and Mary in bed together. I was surprised I found Mark asleep all by himself. I had to stifle my giggle as I realized Mary had turned him down. She told me earlier she was a lesbian, and I’d just somehow forgotten to tell my husband. I shut the door and crept down the hallway to the living room. I looked in and sure enough there was Mary on the couch. I was in luck though. Judging by where her hands were and her body movement she was in the middle of masturbating. I crept around the corner and made it all the way to the edge of the couch before she noticed me. Even in the dark I could see her face go bright red as she realized I’d caught her. I knelt down by her side and forestalling the need for words I leaned over and gently stuck my tongue in her mouth. She must have been on the verge of an orgasm because that simple act sent her right over the top.. She clenched up and started moaning. I took advantage of the situation and pulled the blanket down exposing her tits. They looked pretty good although smaller than mine. But right now her nipples were rock hard, I Escort Ümraniye leaned down and bit one of them fairly hard. I thought Mary was going to leave the couch. I pinched the other one and felt her start to buck as her orgasm overtook her. When she was spent she laid back and looked up at me. I couldn’t really read the look in her eye’s. But she said nothing as I removed her blanket and spread it on the floor leaving her naked and exposed on the couch.

I gently tugged on her and she slid down to the blanket on the floor. I knelt beside her and started running my tongue all over her body. I’d kiss her and then trail my tongue down between her breasts and into her belly button. Women are so much more fun than men. Almost every area of their body can excite them. I find it a real turn on to play with belly buttons.

I licked the inside of her thighs and began to rub her body with my right hand. I took care to stay away from her breasts and her clit. I wanted this to last. I continued to work on her until she’d passed the point where she could stop and slid onto her. My thigh between her legs, hers between mine. I began to rub my thigh on her sex and as I kissed her I invaded her mouth with my tongue. She began to squirm beneath me and her thigh began to rub back and forth between my legs as well. I speeded up the pace and with my tongue still in her mouth I laid my full weight on her and took both her breasts in my hands. The combination of my weight holding her down and all the stimulus I was providing really drover her over the edge. She even arched her back picking me up with her and as she came down her leg roughly fondled my sex and I cam as well. Her hands grasped my head and held me to her lips as her tongue explored my mouth. Our bodies crated friction as we rubbed together and the feelings of bliss just rocked me again and again. Finally both spent I tucker her back into her couch with a very chaste goodnight kiss and headed off to find my husband.

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