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my name is Helen now 38 and divorced I and my ex husband share the care of Pamela (15) and Vicky (11) the girls used to stay with me all week and my ex had them every weekend , he picked them up on the friday and I brought them back home on the sunday this was an arragement that both suited us . One sunday on the return from picking the girl up I had to take a detour as the road I ussually use was close following an accident I never used or know that road and it didn’t take long for me to be totally lost I knew my car was low on petrol and I was hoping that the next village will have a station open but lady luck was not on my side that evening and after going thrue several villages all the petrol station we drove past were closed I was started to get worried and was hoping that the next village brought us more luck but I didn’t make it there the car started splutterring and jerking and then come to a stop and there we were in the middle ot the coutry side not knowing where to go . after waiting for what seems hours for a car to come by us it became obvious that this was a very quiet road so me and the girls decided to walk on leaving our car behind in search of petrol . After 10 minute walk we could see what look like a farm with light on inside so we decided to take thelittle dirt track that leaded to it hoping that the farmer will have a spare can of petrol to sell to us . once we reach the farm my first thought was how undity and dirty it was then a couple of huge dogs came running towards us barking like mad , the 3 of us just stood there very scared thinking that they were going to rip us to pieces but jus before they got to us a strong male voice shouted
both dogs stopped in there track and just laid down on the floor I look towards were the voice came from and could see a man he must have been in his thirty’s and he was coming towards us as he came closer it was apparent that he was a farm worker his clothes were torn in places , he smelt like he didn’t have a bath for a long time ,he must have been in his late 20’s .
what are you doing here ? what are you after ? was all he said
I went on to explain that we run out of petrol and that we were wondering if we could buy a can of it to make it to the next station
come inside he barked at us
and we followed him to inside the house
the interrior was even worst than the outside it was dirty and very untidy but that I did not care all I wanted was petrol so me and the girl could get home .
once inside he became more human he introduced himself he was David and this was his fathers farm who was out with his younger brother he was expecting them back very soon and that his dad might be able to help us .
within half an hour we heard the dogs bark and David said that must re his dad and john back home and sure enought within a few second we heard a car stopping just outside .
the door open and John and hid dad walked in
neither Dad they broke down and are looking for petrol so they can make it home David replied
THATS RUBBISH !!!!! shouted the Dad I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT WOMEN ARE LIKE !!!!!! YOU !! pointing at me ON YOUR KNEES !!!! and I did so CRAWL Ankara escort OVER HERE !!!!!! and again I did once i reach him I looked up and i could see that he had his dick out of his trousers NOW SUCK ON THAT AND MAKE SURE TO MAKE ME FEEL GOOD IF YOU WANT TO WALK OUT OF HERE ALIVE BITCH !!!!!! I could not beleive what he was asking me to do in front of my daughters and he must have guest my thoughts . JUST SUCK ME WHORE THEY CAN WATCH AND LEARN !!!! I was horrified by the thought that Pamela and Vicky were about to see their mum sucking this man but I had no choice
I knew what to do my ex use to love me doing that to him but it was a sexual act that I did not like at all appreciate but there I was on my knees with this man’s cock in my mouth and sucking like mad I wanted this man to come as quick as possible so we could get out of here
I must have been sucking his cock for 5 minutes or so and i knew he was about to come he just took his cock out of my mouth and shouted
i knew I was about to be raped so I was not going to make that easy for him I just turn round to him and told him to fuck off and that there was no way I was going to undress for him or anyone else . he just laught and replied look lady I’m going to empty my balls and I don’t give a shit where so it’s either you or one of them I’m going to fuck , your choice ……
I could not beleive that this man was even thinking of having sex with one of my girl if I did not complied i did not much of a choice I took all my clothes off and then just lay on the kitchen table with my leg wide open hoping that once this man had his wicked way with me he’ll let us go
that man just stood there staring between my legs then put both his hand on my cunt and with parted my vagina lips
John just run upstairs and within 30 second came back with the vaseline in his hand and handed it to his dad who just took a big doloop of it and smeared his cock with it
that will help miss was all he said before he push his cock in my cunt in one violent move .
He was fucking me for about 5 minutes and I knew looking at his face that he was about to come and I started to feel the familiar sensation of an orgasm building up inside me .
He stop and shouted at the boys to bring the little one over to him he made her kneel on the floor so her face was level with my cunt and she must have had a perfect view of this man’s cock going in and out of me .
He just grunted took his cock out of me and aimed it at Vicky’s face and blew his load all over it .
I never seen such a big load and Vicky was covered in sperm
He turn round and said to John that it was his turn to jhave fun with the whore
John came over and with no preparation plunged his cock deep into me he was slighty smaller than his father and I was now well lubricated so the pain was bearable he just started to fuck me when the father turn round and said to John ever wondered what fucking a woman’s arse is like ? Now is your chance to find out son .
Two powerfull arm turn me round and put me on my bellie
I was screaming I never had anal sex before but I knew that was about to change
I could see John putting vaseline on his dick and with no warning spread my arse cheeks apart and put the head at the entrance of my shit hole and pushed
he had difficulty but that didn’t stop him pushing and soon I could feel the head entering me
It’s Ankara escort bayan fucking tight dad !!!!
Don’t worry it will go in just keep pushing John !!!!
and pushing he did the pain was worst than I expected at first but once all his cock was inside me it was ok .He started fucking my arse and within 2minutes withdraw turn torwards Vicky and shoot his load over her face .She was till dripping from the first coating she received and I could see that the 2nd load was not as big as the first one but it was still impressive and my little girl was crying being humiliated like that
The farmer didn’t give a shit and turn round to Paul and say to him . Now it’s your turn to fuck that piece of meat
then to me he said I hope you are ready for what’s coming woman
Paul dropped his trousers and the biggest dick I ever seen popped out it must have been 14 inches long and as thick as my wrist
I shouted and screaming saying that there was no way I was going to take that inside me but the farmer just laughed and replied oh yes you will
Paul stood in between my legs and I was praying that he wasn’t going to try to butt fuck me and it was a bit of releif when I felt his cock at the entrance of my pussy
he started pushing and he was struggling to get inside me but slowly the head was inside me and the pain was terrible but it made no difference to him he carry on and soon had about half of his monster dick in me and he started fucking me with each push his cock was getting burried deeper into me and soon had about 3/4 in and he kept pumping . I could not beleive that the pain was soon replace with the sensation of an orgasm buiding and I knew that very soon I was about to come and I needed to come I never felt so full in all my life and I was enjoying the sensation
Paul carried on fucking me and I soon exploded into a huge orgasm shouting to the boy to fuck me to fuck me hard and he looked and me with a grin on his face took his dick out aimed at Vicky and like his dad and brother came all over her face .
Look like that whore enjoyed that said the farmer I wonder if her daughters are cock loving bitch like her .
I screamed that they would have to kill me first to leave my daughters alone and that they now had what they wanted and just to let us go please .
We only started miss said the dad and I’m getting fed up of all your screaming now boys tie her up and make her shut up !!!!
both boys took me off the table like if I didn’d weight anything and put me on all four in the corner of the kitchen tying my wrist to a metal ring attached to the wall one of them then force a ball in mouth and tie a piece of fabric over my mouth I could hardly breath and only had partial view of the kitchen
I could hear my daughters crying and then the farmer voice
take those clothes off now !!!!!
I could hear the sound of the girls getting undress
well boys look at what we got here thats 2 fine example of young whores in the making
Are you virgin ?
Yes !!! I heard both girls reply
Thats not going to last first you ( he must have been talking to pamela ) lick off all that cum from her face
I heard pamela licking her sisters face and the thought of it made me feel sick
thats good girl and make sure you don’t miss any I don’t want to be fucking a girl with a face like that
now go over to your mum so she can see the both of you losing your cherries
my daughter came into view , both nude and stood in front of me
get on all 4 !!!!
they did they were still crying but that did not seem Escort Ankara to matter to the farmer and his son
John !! fuck the small one and if you thought the old bitch arse was tight get ready to fuck an even tighter pussy make sure you use plenty of vaseline
John stood behind my crying daughter and was putting a huge blob of vaseline on his cock then crouch behind Vicky and open her tights apart before pushing his cock between them and slowly pushed his cock torwards her virgin hole and pushing
Vicky was screaming so I knew he must be entering her
Fuck dad that is tight !!!! don’t think it’s all going to go in
It will John just take your time !!!!
I just got the head in and it won’t go any further !!!
thats the hymen boy!!! one good push and you will be thrue
John gave out a huge push and Vicky screamed tears were running down her face
I’m in dad !!!
I told you son now just fuck her while I take care of that one !!!! pointing to Pamela
John !!! you can fuck the old one your cock is too big for those young bitch you’ll kill them .
And sure enought the farmer position himself in between Pamela legs and aimed his cock at her pussy and in one swift move impaled her and then withdrew his cock
You no virgin girl you not so prim and proper like you want your mum to beleive you are !!! are you ?
No !! Pamela answered
No what ?
I’m not a virgin !!!
well then I’m going to fuck you in the arse !!!
No !!!! not there that will hurt !!!
well if it does it does !!! and with that he applied some lube on his cock and pointed it torward her little arse hole .
In the meantime Paul was behind me and was fucking me again I could feel his huge cock feeling me up and I knew that he must be almost all in but I did not care anymore and I let him get on with it my mind was on my daughters Vicky was getting screwed by John and I could tell by her face that she was in pain but that didn’d bother the farmer’s son he just kept on
Pamela was just about to get a dick in her arse and by the way she was cringing I guess the farmer must have put some of his dick into her little starfish , then with one big push all his dick disappeard into Pamela bum’s
She screamed with pain but the farmer just look at me and say towards me
I love screwing virgin arsehole and it make it better to do it in front of her mummmy !!!!!!!
I felt sick and I knew that our family will never be the same after tonight I just wished that our ordeal was going to be over soon but I knew that this was a part of our life that none of us will ever forget
Paul was the first one to come and i could feel what felt like a gallon of spunk filling me up , I wasn’t on the pill anymore and my first concern was to get pregnant by one of those filthy farmer
John then made a huge grunt like noide and I knew he must be coming inside Vicky
Then a couple of minutes later the farmer just shouted I’M COMMING !!!! and emptied his seed into Pamela’s arse
Now whore we done for the night I’m going to show you where you are sleeping and if tomorrow you are good I might give you enought petrol to go to the next village where there is a station .
His word hit me like a hammer
You don’t expect us to stay here all night do you ? we need to go home !!!!
Not tonight lady but maybe in the morning !!! and he just laught
they took us upstairs and took us to a room that must be ussually used as a storage for grains and locked the door behind us
we just cuddle up in a corner all 3 of us in pain after all the abuse we just suffered and crying
I don’t know what time I went to sleep but both girls were sleeping with there head on me wondering whar tomorrow is going to bring !!!!!!

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