28 Mart 2022

Breaking in the new house


Breaking in the new houseSuch a long day and I was so happy to be home. In my mind I was thinking a nice hot bath and jammies and TV. I walked in my house to see the light on my phone blinking to tell me I had a message. Checking it, I had a nice surprise. It was Randy, my “fun buddy”. His brother had come in town and left him keys to a house that he had bought. Randy was going to do some remodeling on it for him. “Come on over and give me some ideas” he says. I told him to let me get a shower and I would be over. I heard his evil giggle and he tells me that the master shower is a huge on. Big enough for 2 with room to spare.. What a good idea I thought and I told him I would be there in 20 minutes..I got there, walking in to see an amazing house. It did not need alot of work. Some painting here and there and a new floor in the kitchen was about the extent of the hard work. His brother had bought in one load of furniture and Randy had spent the day putting things in place. Of course, he made sure that the bed was set up, nice clean sheets and all. “Hello… Where are you?” I called out.. I walked to the back of the house and heard the shower in the master bath running. “I’m in the shower.. waiting on you” I heard. I opened the door to the bathroom and found a huge shower with my naked hot “buddy” in it.. He slid the curtian back and türbanlı yozgat escort invited me in.I walked back to the bed and tossed all my clothes on the bed. I walked back to the bathroom. Sliding the curtian back, I see him stroking his hard cock. ” I have missed you alot”, he says..With work and all I have not had a chance to see him alot lately.Stepping in the shower, he pulls me in for a long kiss and starts rubbing my breasts. I love rubbing his hard chest. He has awesome muscles. Running my hands down his body, I get to his hard cock. Taking nice long strokes, I start massaging it. I love hearing him moan and tell me that he loves it when I do it just right. I feel his hand slowly slide down my stomach to my wet pussy. He opens me up and starts to rub my clit. He knows just how to drive me nuts with just doing that. The water from the massager feels great as it is pounding on us. I mention that to him and he tells me that he has a wonderful surprise. He reaches up and pulls the massager down and turns it to a powerful stream. He pushes me back to lean against the wall and tells to me to put my foot on the seat. I do as he asks and he takes the massager and holds to where the powerful stream is pounding on my clit. OMG.. This is amazing. He is sliding 2 fingers in my wet türbanlı yozgat escort bayan pussy as the massager is making my clit twitch. It is feeling amazing. He turns me so that I am facing the wall and bends me foward. He reaches around with the massager and is still holding it on my clit as he slides his hard cock in my pussy. He is so hard by this time that I know that this is going to be amazing. I feel him push all the way in me. Ohhhhhhhh yessssss I say.. He is feeling so damn good. He starts pumping harder as the massager is hitting my clit just perfect. “How I have missed you”, I hear him say. I can so tell by the force that he is fucking me with. We continue this hot session until we both cum so hard that our knees are weak.”I am about to cum” he says.. With that we both explode with what seemed a gallon of cum each. He tells me not to be to tired he has another surprise for me. We step out of the shower and dry off. As I start to pick up my clothes, he tells me to leave them and come with him. We walk down the hall and to the kitchen to the sliding door. He opens it and I see a bubbling hot tub. ” I take it that you have plans for the tub” I say. “Oh yeah, you could say that” I hear him say with that evil laugh. He lays his towel on the side of the tub and climbs türbanlı escort yozgat in. He sits on the seat and lays his head back and tells me how good it feels. I toss my towel on his and clmib in. Sitting beside him, we start kissing and petting. Sliding my hand down his stomach, I get to his cock which is nice and hard again. He tells me that it needs my attention so bad. With that I stand up and straddle him. I sit with my back to him and reach down and guide his hard cock into my pussy. I sit down slow, taking it all in my pussy. He pulls me back and starts rubbing my tits. My nopples ars so hard by now. He rubs them until I am so crazy with lust. He lets them go and tells me that he thinks that I will love something that he has discovered. He pulls my back back against his chest and reaches down to my clit. He opens up my lips and rubs my clit. I am so damn hot by this time that I want to cum again so bad. He slides us over a little and I feel one of the jets hit my clit. He moves his hands and holds open my lips so that the jet pounds on my clit. OMG.. It is mind blowing. He is pounding up and down with his hard cock in me as that jet is pounding on my clit. “Oh baby.. I want you to cum on my cock” he says. “I am about there baby” I tell him. With that he starts slamming me up and down on his cock. Within a few minutes, we both cum again. Again it was a huge load that felt amazing. He sat back to catch his breath with me laying against him. His cock was still in me at this point and was still feeling so hot. We stayed in the tub for about 2 hours, just resting and relazing. His brother and his family won’t be here for 2 months.. You can bet we will be using his tub again!!!

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